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City of Tampa CRA Meeting

Thursday, March 13, 2014

9:00 a.m. Session


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09:06:45 >>FRANK REDDICK: We are going to call the CRA meeting to

09:06:47 order.

09:06:48 I defer to Councilman Cohen.

09:06:50 >>HARRY COHEN: Thank you very much, Mr. Chair.

09:06:52 It's my pleasure this morning to welcome pastor Bruce

09:06:57 Thomas, a native of Florida, having been born and raised in

09:07:02 Kissimmee.

09:07:02 He graduated from Florida Southern College in Lakeland with

09:07:05 a B.S. in political science and in Willmore, Kentucky.

09:07:14 He is married to Lynn Price Thomas, and they have three

09:07:18 children.

09:07:18 Good morning and thank you for joining us.

09:07:20 Please rise for the invocation and the pledge.

09:07:22 >> Let us pray together.

09:07:26 Almighty and gracious God, at the start of each day we pause

09:07:30 and give you thanks for the many blessings, the blessings of

09:07:33 your creative world, the blessings of life itself, the

09:07:36 blessings of community, civil order and peace.

09:07:39 We give thanks for opportunities to serve and the privilege

09:07:42 of responsible citizenship.

09:07:45 May we always be mindful of those less fortunate who haven't

09:07:49 the means or ability to improve their conditions.

09:07:51 We give thanks for city government who is responsive to the

09:07:55 people they govern.

09:07:57 Guide those whom we have selected to represent us to fulfill

09:08:01 their sacred oath with integrity and honor.

09:08:04 We give thanks for the freedoms we enjoy in our nation and

09:08:07 the men and women who sacrificed and will sacrifice much to

09:08:11 protect that freedom.

09:08:13 At the same time, we give thanks for our way of life, the

09:08:17 peace we enjoy, our freedom.

09:08:20 We remember others around the world who live in regions torn

09:08:23 with war and civil conflict.

09:08:26 We pray for peace, and also pray that our union will

09:08:32 continue to be a beacon of hope and freedom to all people.

09:08:35 O God, you know our every needs before we ask and our

09:08:38 ignorance in asking, yet we are not so self-sufficient that

09:08:43 we fail to seek your help.

09:08:45 We ask now your blessings on these proceedings today.

09:08:47 Guide these councilmen and women to make decisions based on

09:08:51 fairness for the general good of the residents of our city.

09:08:54 Grants them wisdom.

09:08:55 Grant them courage.

09:08:57 Bless them with your steadfast love and abundant mercy, we

09:09:04 pray.

09:09:04 Amen.

09:09:05 (Pledge of Allegiance)

09:09:24 >>FRANK REDDICK: Let me state for the record that

09:09:26 Councilwoman Mulhern will not be able to attend the CRA

09:09:30 meeting.

09:09:30 >>MIKE SUAREZ: Here.

09:09:38 >>YVONNE CAPIN: Here.

09:09:39 >>CHARLIE MIRANDA: Here.

09:09:40 >>HARRY COHEN: Here.

09:09:41 >>LISA MONTELIONE: Here.

09:09:42 >>FRANK REDDICK: Here.

09:09:50 Bob.

09:09:50 >>BOB McDONAUGH: I would like to point out that you have

09:09:54 copies of your annual report.

09:09:55 It was not on the agenda because we didn't have it back from

09:09:59 the publisher in time but I am quite sure that you will be

09:10:02 happy with the quality of it.

09:10:04 And the project that it highlights in our various CRAs this

09:10:11 year.

09:10:12 We start out with an update from one of our areas.

09:10:14 And today we are fortunate to have Abbey Herns who is going

09:10:18 to talk about the Channel District.

09:10:20 >> Good morning.

09:10:30 Abbey Hern, board member of Channel District CRA advisory.

09:10:39 Lots of things are happening in the neighborhood right now.

09:10:42 Sky tower is clearly under construction.

09:10:43 The Port Authority is working with a consultant for a draft

09:10:48 on the new master plan.

09:10:50 Residents in the park, and we have act new animal hospital

09:10:57 open at the Ventana.

09:11:01 Nice to see the retail going up as well.

09:11:03 Aquarium has raised 10 million of its 15 million goal.

09:11:09 It is now constructing the than learning center.

09:11:14 About 500 people attended the Gasparilla music series.

09:11:22 And the district is looking for opportunities for the

09:11:26 streetcar for increased hours.

09:11:32 We had a great meeting last night.

09:11:33 We are planning for a neighborhood forum for input for

09:11:38 improvements in the area and that would include pedestrian

09:11:40 safety, facade and landscaping improvements, events in

09:11:45 public places and neighborhood identity and signage.

09:11:47 And one of the public space events that we are hoping to

09:11:51 support is the summer series of entertainment and fireworks.

09:11:55 It should be a 16-event program.

09:12:05 We are very excited about things happening in the Channel

09:12:07 District.

09:12:07 And thank you.

09:12:10 >>FRANK REDDICK: Thank you.

09:12:12 Any questions?

09:12:14 Any questions, comments?

09:12:15 All right.

09:12:15 Thank you.

09:12:16 >>BOB McDONAUGH: Just a quick update on some of the events

09:12:24 taking place in the various districts.

09:12:29 We had roughly 15,000 people attend the Gasparilla music

09:12:32 festival this weekend in downtown.

09:12:34 This was the first year for a two-day venue and apparently

09:12:38 worked very well.

09:12:39 Interestingly enough, I checked with the mayor's office and

09:12:44 our customer complaint department, we had zero be complaints

09:12:48 about noise.

09:12:49 Very positive thing.

09:12:50 Yes.

09:12:51 This Saturday is the River Green Fest again at Curtis Hixon

09:12:55 park.

09:12:55 And starting the 19th is the Gasparilla international

09:12:58 film festival.

09:12:59 Again, this is another home grown event that has really

09:13:03 grown over the years.

09:13:05 And what's interesting about it is they spread it out over a

09:13:09 variety of venues which allows people from all around

09:13:11 downtown and the city to enjoy different places.

09:13:16 It took the Tampa Theatre, bistro, Ybor City, Muvico, Ybor,

09:13:23 benefit the Tampa Museum of Art, HCC Ybor, and the theater.

09:13:30 Again I encourage folks to participate in this.

09:13:32 It's really growing.

09:13:34 And has somewhat of a national prominence.

09:13:36 We get people from all over the country, including film

09:13:39 makers.

09:13:42 Just an update on a couple of projects.

09:13:45 Abbye mentioned sky house.

09:13:47 We received a couple of complaints about it, a new pump and

09:13:54 the contractors built a soundproof box around it and the

09:13:57 residents seem to be pleased about that, also received a

09:14:00 couple of complaints.

09:14:02 Contractor responded saying made sure no one did that so

09:14:08 they have been very compliant with our rules so far.

09:14:11 And in Drew Park, we have now being installed along Grady,

09:14:19 and Lois Avenue continues with that very intensive

09:14:22 construction project.

09:14:23 And we have received some complaints, and our staff is

09:14:27 working as best as we can with the businesses along Lois to

09:14:33 try to minimize impacts to people's businesses.

09:14:36 >>FRANK REDDICK: Any questions for Mr. McDonaugh?

09:14:45 All right.

09:14:45 >>BOB McDONAUGH: In your book is the quarterly report for

09:14:49 financing.

09:14:53 I believe you received a copy of that a couple weeks ago.

09:14:56 But if you have any questions or concerns, I would be more

09:15:01 than happy to get back to you on that.

09:15:02 >>FRANK REDDICK: Are you seeing any financial growth?

09:15:17 >>BOB McDONAUGH: They are comfortable they will see a

09:15:22 growth in properties, and depending on which district we are

09:15:24 talking about, anywhere from 1 to 2% to probably 7, 8%.

09:15:30 So there will be some growth this year.

09:15:32 Again, we get the final numbers in June.

09:15:35 And they come out with the estimates in June so we'll have a

09:15:38 better idea.

09:15:40 But based on market sales and increases, they seem to think

09:15:48 we will see some increases in the amount of money each of

09:15:50 the CRAs have.

09:15:51 >>FRANK REDDICK: Other questions for Mr. McDonaugh?

09:15:55 >>BOB McDONAUGH: Again, the save our homes, in the area of

09:16:02 commercial properties, we see more growth in dollars than we

09:16:07 do in areas that have mostly residential, again because you

09:16:10 have a cap of 3% on increase in the property taxes.

09:16:13 So values were taken very far down and it will take them

09:16:17 awhile to grow them back to where they were.

09:16:21 >>FRANK REDDICK: We don't have any questions for Mr.

09:16:30 McDonaugh, so that should be a sign when we get to the

09:16:35 regular meeting we shouldn't have many questions.

09:16:41 All right.

09:16:42 Bob, we go to public comments.

09:16:46 Anybody that wishes to speak at this time is welcome to come

09:16:50 before us and speak.

09:16:51 You have three minutes.

09:16:52 State your name, address, and speak for the items on the

09:16:59 agenda.

09:17:02 >> Simms, East Tampa partnership.

09:17:08 I want to thank you, Bob, for all the hard work you do. I

09:17:11 am standing before you this morning because there has been

09:17:14 some confusion in reference to my term limit as chair of the

09:17:17 East Tampa partnership.

09:17:18 Since the confusion happened, we asked Sal Territo to give a

09:17:24 legal rendering as to the concern, as I was elected chair in

09:17:29 2011 to be the chair for East Tampa partnership.

09:17:34 And to my understanding when I was reelected again in '13,

09:17:39 that I would be serving a two-year term, as well as my

09:17:44 counterparts that are on my executive board, we feel that --

09:17:48 and I speak for them as well -- that they want to call a

09:17:51 special called meeting to discuss the issue, because since

09:17:54 the election, it's been brought to be my attention that I am

09:17:57 serving just a one-year term as the chair as the second term

09:18:02 so that is the confusion that everybody was confused about.

09:18:05 Since then, we understand that Mr. Johnson had related to

09:18:10 Mr. Sal Territo that we have elections every year in the

09:18:14 East Tampa partnership, which is not the case.

09:18:16 We have two-year elections to elect the chair, vice chair in

09:18:20 our community.

09:18:23 There are many issues that are surfacing in reference to

09:18:27 this where I was contacted by a gentleman, a CRA update, and

09:18:41 the first thing the gentleman stated to me that I would be

09:18:44 making a statement to the public that I would be stepping

09:18:46 down in September.

09:18:46 Again, this is all new and confusing to the whole process.

09:18:51 And so today I would like to give clarification.

09:18:55 I understand there's a four-year term limit that has been

09:18:58 presented to me by staff.

09:19:01 I looked to the predecessor before me that spent many years,

09:19:13 about two consecutive terms which would have been a total of

09:19:15 four years.

09:19:16 And so, again, just a little confusion on CRA.

09:19:21 I know this board has, I guess, the autonomy to modify the

09:19:26 term limits if possible, because at this time, there's a lot

09:19:29 of things we are trying to do in East Tampa, and I want to

09:19:32 thank the people of East Tampa, and two-thirds of our

09:19:38 community, and just continue at the end of the day, whatever

09:19:46 the feeling of the board is I would honor that.

09:19:48 >>FRANK REDDICK: Let me ask you a question before if any

09:19:52 members would like to speak on this.

09:19:54 Let me ask you, what's your bylaws state?

09:19:57 >> Looking at what Sal sent me the section of our bylaws it

09:20:02 says you can serve a term of four years as a CAC member --

09:20:14 and to my understanding,.

09:20:18 >>FRANK REDDICK: Now, when I served on the east Tampa

09:20:22 partnership, it's my understanding that the chair served a

09:20:32 two-year term, and then you had to step down.

09:20:37 Now, have you all changed your bylaws since the time I I --

09:20:44 >> About 2000.

09:20:48 >>SAL TERRITO: There are bylaws and policies.

09:20:51 Both have a four-year term limitation on there.

09:20:53 Unfortunately what happened here is he was elected for a

09:20:55 two-year term as chair, and then it runs into the one year

09:21:01 they had to serve on that particular committee.

09:21:03 In order to change that they have to change the bylaws and

09:21:06 your policies because both have the same four-year

09:21:09 restriction in there.

09:21:10 >>FRANK REDDICK: So you just got reelected a few months

09:21:16 ago, right?

09:21:18 >> Correct.

09:21:20 >>FRANK REDDICK: And what you are saying, and what I am

09:21:22 going to hear, open up, that means you can serve one year,

09:21:28 if your term is September 2014, is that correct?

09:21:31 >> At the time of election it was not presented to us.

09:21:37 >>FRANK REDDICK: The last question I would raise on this,

09:21:41 and open it up, is that I'm concerned when I saw a listing

09:21:46 of all the people that have come off in 2014, and the ones

09:21:52 who remain until 2015.

09:21:58 It seems to me that the system has to be changed, because

09:22:03 there's too many people coming off that board.

09:22:07 There's too many people coming off that board in 2014.

09:22:11 And the concern is the lack of experience of people who --

09:22:22 the term expires 2015, and we used to, when I was there, we

09:22:31 used to make it where this didn't happen.

09:22:33 So I don't know where the changes took place.

09:22:35 But I think we need to do it in conformity with the -- and I

09:22:46 have a cold and I'm trying to get it out -- but to put in

09:22:49 conformance with this board and the local community action

09:22:54 board, because you have got the whole board coming off in

09:23:02 2014 based on what I'm looking at.

09:23:05 And that shouldn't happen.

09:23:09 Until -- that's a concern.

09:23:14 I'm sorry.

09:23:15 You want to come up and speak?

09:23:18 >>MIKE SUAREZ: Actually, I didn't ask.

09:23:22 Do you want me to say something?

09:23:24 [ Laughter ]

09:23:26 >>FRANK REDDICK: I thought you were --

09:23:29 >>LISA MONTELIONE: I think it's befuddling why we have

09:23:31 expiring term limits all at the same time, and staggered

09:23:35 term limits seem to be what might be more appropriate for

09:23:42 looking to change the charter, you know.

09:23:48 I just find it interesting and a lot of people I talk to

09:23:51 when they ask about the election or, you know, the terms

09:23:53 find it very curious that we would perhaps have an entire

09:23:58 turnover, and with so many people coming off the board of

09:24:04 the CRA advisory.

09:24:06 I see shaking heads over there, so maybe we need staff to

09:24:10 shed some light.

09:24:10 >>SAL TERRITO: It's the way the CRA committee bylaws are

09:24:19 written and the way the East Tampa community revitalization

09:24:22 partnership was.

09:24:24 Why that is not happening, I don't know.

09:24:26 It may just be happening, the small group of people that

09:24:30 came on in that particular stagger are the ones that are

09:24:34 leaving there.

09:24:35 Were staggered terms in both.

09:24:37 I'm not sure why it didn't stay that way.

09:24:39 >> Ed Johnson, CRA manager for East Tampa.

09:24:48 I just want to make sure we set the record straight.

09:24:52 When chairman Reddick was a member of the East Tampa

09:24:57 revitalization partnership, we had nine members, when you as

09:25:03 a group established the single community advisory committees

09:25:09 with a different makeup of who was going to represent the

09:25:13 communities, it was increased to 13 members at that time, in

09:25:18 your CAC policy, and our East Tampa bylaws, we entered into

09:25:24 staggered terms.

09:25:25 So annually, at election time, every year, we have six

09:25:30 members one year, seven members going off the following

09:25:34 year.

09:25:36 This current election coming up, we will have six members

09:25:40 going off.

09:25:40 And that's the reason why we have it, because you generated

09:25:44 staggered terms, and we are abiding by those staggered terms

09:25:49 annually.

09:25:54 And the comment that Mr. Simms made about chairmanship --

09:25:57 >>FRANK REDDICK: Let me interrupt you for a second.

09:26:07 The question that is asked this morning is what are the

09:26:10 terms for the executive board member?

09:26:13 I didn't -- vice chair, chair, I didn't serve in two years,

09:26:21 for two-year terms do they get reelected or are they having

09:26:25 an election every year?

09:26:27 >> The confusion is the chairmanship.

09:26:30 The rules read that the member of the advisory committee or

09:26:34 the revitalization partnership cannot serve more than two

09:26:39 consecutive two-term terms for a total of four years.

09:26:42 That's for member, not chairperson.

09:26:45 Chairpersons are elected annually at election time.

09:26:50 Whoever is sitting in that seat can either reconfirm or a

09:26:54 new chairperson is elected.

09:26:56 In Mr. Simms' case he is completing his third year as the

09:27:00 chairperson of the advisory committee and the East Tampa

09:27:04 partnership.

09:27:05 And his board year is up this September 30th.

09:27:11 He started his tenure as a committee member October 1 of

09:27:17 2010, and he was reinstated again October 1 of 2012.

09:27:24 So his four years will be up, by the bylaws, September

09:27:28 30th of this year.

09:27:29 >>FRANK REDDICK: So his committee membership would be up.

09:27:34 >> That's correct.

09:27:35 >>FRANK REDDICK: If his committee membership is not up then

09:27:38 he can serve --

09:27:40 >> That's correct.

09:27:40 >>FRANK REDDICK: That's the thing.

09:27:43 All right.

09:27:46 Sal, do you have anything else?

09:27:47 >>SAL TERRITO: No.

09:27:48 >>FRANK REDDICK: Mr. Simms, what I suggest you do is go to

09:27:54 your executive board and ask your executive board to waive

09:28:00 the bylaws rules, or make a recommendation to amend the

09:28:03 bylaws so that --

09:28:08 >> Right.

09:28:09 And in reference to the other interpretations, City of Tampa

09:28:17 policies -- it's in reference to number 7.

09:28:26 It also talks about the modification.

09:28:27 And I guess that's what he's basically saying now, is the

09:28:30 modification to be elected chair, and I was the person that

09:28:35 was elected chair in the community group with the CRA board.

09:28:43 >>SAL TERRITO: The citizen committee policy set by the CRA

09:28:52 board would have to be amended as well as the bylaws to the

09:28:56 organization, because they both have that.

09:29:00 So I think what the chairman is recommending is you go back

09:29:02 to your board and find out what their feelings are, and if

09:29:05 they are in agreement then you have to come back to this

09:29:07 body and ask them to modify their policy as well F.for some

09:29:11 reason they are not in agreement then I guess the issue is

09:29:13 over.

09:29:13 >> And I'm okay with that.

09:29:15 Thank you, sir.

09:29:15 >> Good morning.

09:29:24 My name is Sigrid Tidmore, Executive Director for community

09:29:29 stepping stones in Sulphur Springs.

09:29:32 Tiff pleasure to be here this morning with our production

09:29:34 director Kathleen McCabe and operations director, Robert.

09:29:40 And I am going to let my students introduce themselves.

09:29:42 Give your first names, if you would.

09:29:44 >> Sarah McCartney.

09:29:49 >> And this is actually one of our teachers, so I don't want

09:29:53 you to think she's a student.

09:29:55 >> My name is Marcina Matthews.

09:30:05 >> My name is Anthony.

09:30:07 >> We are here this morning because we teach life skills in

09:30:10 our after school program, and one of the life skills that we

09:30:13 emphasize is gratitude.

09:30:14 And we have some gratitude for you this morning.

09:30:23 We are here to thank you very much for supporting us last

09:30:27 week in a unanimous resolution to the county commission to

09:30:33 give strong consideration to preserving the 100-year-old

09:30:37 buildings that stand on the city-county campus at Community

09:30:42 Stepping Stone.

09:30:43 Kathleen is going to come up, if she can start with council

09:30:52 member Montelione, we are going to invite you to select the

09:30:58 stone that speaks to you that our students have

09:31:04 demonstrated.

09:31:07 You can use this as a paperweight on your desk and remember

09:31:11 how much it is appreciated.

09:31:12 We are all here because of our students to learn about

09:31:15 civics and key governments in action.

09:31:20 Do any of you students have anything you want to say before

09:31:26 our three minutes is up?

09:31:28 >> Thank you, guys, for your time.

09:31:34 The stepping stones for ten years, and it's a historical

09:31:46 building kind of like this is an historical building, and

09:31:50 they want to tear it down.

09:31:52 And we want to keep it and restore it.

09:31:55 And we have used the arts to beautify our building.

09:32:02 And we are also willing to put in the money to restore our

09:32:08 own building.

09:32:09 And we would like help to support our cause.

09:32:14 (Bell sounds)

09:32:16 >> Anybody else?

09:32:20 That was it.

09:32:21 That was our three minutes.

09:32:24 I just want to say thank you.

09:32:26 >>FRANK REDDICK: Mr. Suarez has a comment.

09:32:29 >>MIKE SUAREZ: When I saw you with the basket I thought it

09:32:32 was going to be scones.

09:32:36 I hadn't had breakfast this morning.

09:32:38 Thank you very much.

09:32:40 [ Laughter ]

09:32:41 Thank you very much for the show of appreciation.

09:32:44 We understand all the things that you all do over at

09:32:47 Stepping Stones.

09:32:48 We are very appreciative of what you do.

09:32:50 It's an important program.

09:32:52 And I think that the county is probably going to do

09:32:54 something to compromise with you all.

09:32:57 >> And it only helps that we are not alone, and they say

09:33:06 yes, we are working together.

09:33:07 So thank you very much.

09:33:07 >>FRANK REDDICK: Let me raise one question.

09:33:45 >>> Mr. Chairman, members of the Community Redevelopment

09:33:47 Agency, I'm Al Davis of 3717 east wilder.

09:33:56 Mr. Chairman, my comments are going to be very brief,

09:34:12 Mr. Chairman.

09:34:13 I did hear the comments concerning the East Tampa situation.

09:34:18 I'm not too surprised by that, because back in the days that

09:34:25 the bylaws were being developed and ultimately approved by

09:34:32 this agency, I argued for some change at that time.

09:34:41 Couple that with your CAC policies, it could cause some

09:34:54 confusion not withstanding.

09:34:59 And I'm understanding now that there may be some

09:35:01 recommendations that they would try to revise the bylaws?

09:35:11 Am I understanding that correctly, chairman?

09:35:16 >>FRANK REDDICK: I didn't hear your last part.

09:35:18 Would you restate it?

09:35:20 Restate your last part.

09:35:21 >> Is East Tampa people, are they to come back to this board

09:35:30 with possibly a revision to their bylaws?

09:35:34 >>FRANK REDDICK: Yes.

09:35:36 And if they choose to do so, they can come back here and

09:35:39 recommend to us the modified -- to be in conformance.

09:35:50 >> And the community advisory committee, there could be some

09:35:55 confusion in terms of what has precedence in terms of the

09:36:03 number for the advisory committee, as well as their term of

09:36:13 service and the term for which they may have to locate --

09:36:23 rotate off of the board again.

09:36:30 Mr. Chairman, you know we have the facade program.

09:36:32 (Bell sounds)

09:36:34 Oh-oh.

09:36:36 And who may I speak with to get a holistic view of what our

09:36:47 investment is into this program and how it may affect our

09:36:54 local community redevelopment area?

09:36:59 I want to stop there, Mr. Chairman, because I'm out of time.

09:37:03 (Bell sounds).

09:37:05 >>FRANK REDDICK: Reach out to Mr. Ed Johnson.

09:37:09 Reach out to Mr. Ed Johnson.

09:37:11 >> Is that just for the East Tampa or the total program?

09:37:23 >> I'm pretty sure he can work with Bob McDonaugh,

09:37:29 everything for the whole city.

09:37:30 >> Thank you, Mr. Chairman.

09:37:32 Best wishes to you all.

09:37:33 >>FRANK REDDICK: Thank you.

09:37:35 >>> Good morning.

09:37:37 Linda Saul-Sena, 157 Biscayne, Tampa.

09:37:40 I'm passing out information on the Florida Trust for

09:37:43 Historic Preservation, the flat card which is the

09:37:48 save-the-date card.

09:37:49 Minarets to mid-century modern.

09:37:51 This will take place in Tampa a month from now, mid May.

09:37:54 The City of Tampa's CRA districts contain several historic

09:38:00 buildings which is benefited directly from the work of the

09:38:03 Florida Trust.

09:38:04 Ybor City, all of the clubs have received hundreds of

09:38:08 thousands of dollars from the trust.

09:38:11 University of Tampa's building, Plant Hall, has received

09:38:14 well over a million dollars.

09:38:15 City Hall has received money.

09:38:20 The Florida trust, the advocacy organization that gets the

09:38:25 legislature to give money into a pot of grants for historic

09:38:29 preservation.

09:38:30 It's an honor to the City of Tampa that they selected Tampa

09:38:35 as the site for the annual conference this year, May

09:38:38 15th to 17th.

09:38:39 I'm here today because I had requested -- the county has

09:38:44 funded this conference $30,000.

09:38:47 To date the city has not funded it at all.

09:38:50 The administration declined, and they suggested that perhaps

09:38:54 I approach you all as the CRA with two specific areas,

09:38:59 downtown and Ybor City, have very specifically benefited

09:39:02 from the money that's been advocated by the Florida trust.

09:39:05 We expect 200 to 300 attendees at this conference which will

09:39:10 be located in downtown Tampa.

09:39:12 I have now sent the materials to Mr. McDonaugh and his staff

09:39:16 to consider funding this.

09:39:18 The county has given us $30,000. If we could just get a

09:39:22 thousand from the city I feel like it would help us.

09:39:25 I mean, we need to be participants.

09:39:27 As you see in last year's conference materials the city of

09:39:30 St. Augustine gave $20,000.

09:39:32 So I want our city seal to be on the conference materials.

09:39:36 I want the City of Tampa to be recognized as supporters of

09:39:39 historic preservation.

09:39:40 You have all individually and collectively supported

09:39:42 preservation.

09:39:43 And I hope that you as a CRA board will direct your staff to

09:39:46 support this conference.

09:39:48 Thank you.

09:39:48 >>LISA MONTELIONE: Thank you, Mr. Chair.

09:39:54 In light of the recent discussions that we have had over a

09:39:57 few of the different historic properties that we have in the

09:40:03 city, I think it's pretty timely.

09:40:09 I need to hear from Mr. McDonaugh about the budgets -- I

09:40:13 mean, it's such a late date that we are being asked to see

09:40:20 if there's any wiggle room in our budgets to provide.

09:40:26 I think you are absolutely right.

09:40:28 I think that it's a bad message to send that when we pride

09:40:37 ourselves on the history of Tampa, and we talk about the

09:40:40 history of Tampa so much, and it's publicized as one of the

09:40:44 assets we have by visit Tampa Bay and by our EDC and so many

09:40:56 different tourism groups to come here and appreciate our

09:40:58 historic assets and our culture, then we are not providing

09:41:03 any support for one of the biggest conferences, you know, in

09:41:09 the region for historic preservation.

09:41:11 Thank you for bringing the dates to my attention.

09:41:13 I do plan on attending.

09:41:15 Just recently I had mentioned how there are other cities

09:41:19 across the country who have historic preservation groups

09:41:26 that is an arm of the city government, or the county

09:41:28 government, that actually stands ready when a structure is

09:41:34 in jeopardy.

09:41:35 And they have the team in place.

09:41:38 They can do evaluations.

09:41:39 They can assemble contractors or those that can secure the

09:41:45 property, and we don't.

09:41:47 We don't -- we have historic preservation board.

09:41:51 We have historic preservation groups that operate

09:41:53 independent of the city.

09:41:55 But we don't have -- I guess what I would call a rapid

09:41:59 response team.

09:42:00 And every time an historic property comes into the light by

09:42:06 the mode yeah or by someone in the community that this is a

09:42:12 pending tragedy that we are going to lose a property, we

09:42:15 have to reinvent the wheel every single time.

09:42:19 So I think it's something that we need to look into

09:42:23 establishing so that we have some rapid response when

09:42:29 something happens, and we have a team of people that are

09:42:32 standing by ready, willing and able to assist the property

09:42:35 owner.

09:42:36 So Mr. McDonaugh?

09:42:42 >>BOB McDONAUGH: Ms. Saul-Sena made her request yesterday.

09:42:46 >> Yes, I said it's a late date.

09:42:48 >> Michael will bring it up with his CRA board who normally

09:42:52 looks at supporting events that come here to Tampa.

09:42:57 Just as an example, we gave $5,000 to the Gasparilla music

09:43:03 festival, 15,000 people downtown.

09:43:07 The Gasparilla film festival no longer requests money from

09:43:10 the CRA because they felt like --

09:43:13 >> They are holding off.

09:43:14 >> Yes.

09:43:15 So Michael's group will take a look at that.

09:43:19 >>LISA MONTELIONE: And will that have to come back to the

09:43:21 CRA for approval?

09:43:23 >>BOB McDONAUGH: No.

09:43:24 They have a budget that's approved for events.

09:43:28 So they will take that under advisement.

09:43:29 >>LISA MONTELIONE: Thank you.

09:43:39 >>YVONNE CAPIN: Can they also look at budgets for

09:43:40 advertising or marketing?

09:43:42 Could it also possibly come from there, also?

09:43:45 >> Downtown has no budget for advertising or marketing.

09:43:49 Ybor City does.

09:43:51 And I will talk to them about that as well.

09:43:55 >>LINDA SAUL-SENA: I apologize for come at this late date.

09:44:04 It was my assumption that the administration would choose to

09:44:07 fund it.

09:44:07 But the deal is that I will apply through Michael hatchet

09:44:12 and here, and we will here by March 6th. The conference

09:44:15 is the 15th.

09:44:17 Our materials will all be printed.

09:44:18 I wanted the city's seal to join everybody else's on the

09:44:23 material.

09:44:24 I said March.

09:44:26 >> Excuse me, did you say March?

09:44:26 >> I meant May.

09:44:28 [ Laughter ]

09:44:29 Yes, May.

09:44:32 I have actually raised $70,000 from individuals, law firms,

09:44:38 architects all over the community.

09:44:39 The only significant entity that hasn't put any money into

09:44:44 this at this date is the City of Tampa.

09:44:46 I spoke with Mr. Pardo at the Ybor City event the other

09:44:50 night.

09:44:51 He felt that Ybor would be able to contribute.

09:44:53 There are two specific events that would be appropriate in

09:44:56 my opinion for the city to sponsor.

09:44:58 One is the free event at the Tampa Theatre where we are

09:45:00 inviting any preservation neighborhood and civic

09:45:03 organization to attend for free for awards ceremony.

09:45:06 And the other event is a welcome to the city at the Italian

09:45:09 club.

09:45:10 So any participation would be helpful.

09:45:14 >>YVONNE CAPIN: This is very important to our city to have

09:45:18 this conference here, and to be able to showcase our

09:45:24 historic places.

09:45:27 And I'm sure that they will find funds.

09:45:32 I'm sure of it.

09:45:33 Thank you.

09:45:33 >>> I'm Kimberly Overman.

09:45:43 I live in northeast Seminole Heights.

09:45:45 And I'm actually here on behalf of the Heights.

09:45:50 On February 18th an electrical fire burned down most of the

09:45:54 historic building in Seminole Heights, which in turn

09:45:59 destroyed the Domani Bistro, and A Modern Line, and the

09:46:05 majority of the works of two local artists that work and

09:46:08 display and sell their work within our city, one of which

09:46:11 was Robert Wagman and the other Terry Clast who has done

09:46:18 murals on several of the schools in our district.

09:46:21 The impact and loss of these two businesses to the Heights

09:46:26 community is great, as they were an integral part of the

09:46:28 vision of the future of these neighborhoods.

09:46:33 But fortunately, another equally integral part of our

09:46:36 community wasn't lost in the fire.

09:46:38 In fact, it's something that has always been part of the

09:46:41 neighborhood.

09:46:42 As a consequence, we have actually put together one, two,

09:46:46 three, four, five, six events that are occurring over the

09:46:51 next three weeks.

09:46:54 In 30 days the communities among the urban core Heights

09:46:59 neighborhood.

09:46:59 Seminole Heights, southeast, south, Hampton Terrace,

09:47:06 individuals from East Tampa, individuals from Sulphur

09:47:07 Springs, have all worked together to put together these

09:47:10 events.

09:47:11 There's a dinner Friday that's sold out so you can't go.

09:47:16 There's a dinner Monday at Ella's restaurant, the seafest

09:47:22 that we have four chefs in the areas that are competitors,

09:47:28 are collaborating together to put on a marvelous benefit

09:47:31 dinner.

09:47:32 There are still tickets available if you would like to

09:47:34 participate.

09:47:35 There are Creative Loafing deals that are going on to be

09:47:39 support the businesses in the Heights area, as well as

09:47:41 downtown area, as well as Ybor.

09:47:45 There is a festival, the Bonanza festival March 22nd where

09:47:51 we have seven bands.

09:47:55 We have invited the fire department, to ask them to show up

09:48:02 to say thank you for saving the homes and businesses around

09:48:05 that particular fire.

09:48:07 And we are also having a benefit on April 6th following

09:48:10 the Seminole Heights home tour that is going to take care or

09:48:15 raise funds for the artists that lost their work, held at

09:48:19 the Florida community and it will follow the Seminole

09:48:23 Heights home tour and that is also a fundraising benefit.

09:48:27 The neighborhood, the businesses in this community, and all

09:48:33 the people that have taken risk to help grow the businesses

09:48:36 in the urban core.

09:48:38 So we are looking to support them.

09:48:39 And we invite you to attend and support these efforts.

09:48:43 Thank you so much for your time.

09:48:45 >>FRANK REDDICK: Thank you.

09:48:47 Next.

09:48:47 >> I'm Ed, Ed Tillou from Sulphur Springs.

09:48:57 Just a quick situation.

09:49:03 Here are the things that are happening in CRA, downtown, the

09:49:09 sign about the Kennedy visit was finally fixed but I thought

09:49:11 it was funny, shall surely prosper.

09:49:18 East Tampa, that roundabout hasn't been expanded.

09:49:24 It's not all that great.

09:49:26 But the thing is when you ride the 12 bus.

09:49:29 But the thing is, it had on it the date 1911.

09:49:33 So remind you of that.

09:49:39 The neighborhood got really interested, and West Tampa.

09:49:43 Now it's because it was a rerouting of 7 bus.

09:49:47 And that's a nice little neighborhood.

09:49:49 And you know that I'm interested in food festivals.

09:49:56 And this is one I spoke about when they were trying to get

09:49:59 started.

09:50:00 I think it's reached a high water mark now because it's just

09:50:07 gotten too commercial.

09:50:08 But the thing is you had 6,000 people over there, and I

09:50:11 guess it was a little bad for Lincoln Gardens, and probably

09:50:14 some of the things they feared.

09:50:16 But Joey Redner's father, Joe Redner, lives over there now,

09:50:24 so maybe he will, you know, intercede or something like

09:50:28 that.

09:50:29 But the thing is that this is a festival of sorts.

09:50:35 Most of all actually just a carbonated thing, but the

09:50:46 problem is the carbonated things, soda has become the main

09:50:52 beverage at meals, and that really should be corrected, and

09:50:56 it should be corrected with a festival that will help with

09:51:01 of the iron deficiency many women have, and the other would

09:51:06 be a festival to incorporate Florida orange juice.

09:51:13 Now, I have been researching Florida orange juice.

09:51:15 And what I find is that actually Jacksonville has a better

09:51:19 climate for oranges, specific type of oranges from Sicily.

09:51:24 And I thought it was kind of interesting, Sicily and

09:51:27 Jacksonville have a similar climate.

09:51:28 Right here it's actually warmer than Sicily.

09:51:31 But most of Europe is actually pretty cold.

09:51:36 And that's a resource that's really got to be stretched, and

09:51:40 on the economic development front.

09:51:42 And there needs to be a facilitation of snow birding.

09:51:49 Snow birding of businesses down here for the cold months,

09:51:53 which is January to March.

09:51:54 (Bell sounds).

09:51:59 >>FRANK REDDICK: Thank you.

09:52:01 All right, anybody else wish to speak at this time?

09:52:06 All right.

09:52:07 Mr. McDonaugh?

09:52:16 >>BOB McDONAUGH: The Tampa Heights civic association has

09:52:19 nominated John Tennyson to represent the organization on the

09:52:23 Tampa Heights CRA as the ex-officio.

09:52:26 So you will be getting that for ratification.

09:52:29 I believe you have that already.

09:52:30 >> Motion.

09:52:35 >> Second.

09:52:37 >>FRANK REDDICK: Motion from Mr. Miranda.

09:52:39 Second by Mr. Suarez.

09:52:40 Any discussion?

09:52:41 All in favor?

09:52:42 Opposed?

09:52:42 All right.

09:52:42 >>BOB McDONAUGH: Thank you.

09:52:44 And we also have a facade grant request, which is in Drew

09:52:52 Park at the front of this building located on south Avenue.

09:52:55 With the CRA contributing 36,000 and the owner putting in

09:53:00 $45,000, and dressing up the front of this building which is

09:53:05 fairly well traveled.

09:53:06 >>FRANK REDDICK: Motion from Mr. Miranda.

09:53:10 Seconded by Mr. Cohen.

09:53:11 Any discussion on the motion?

09:53:13 Seeing none, all those in favor say aye.

09:53:15 Those opposed?

09:53:19 Thank you.

09:53:20 >>BOB McDONAUGH: That conclude my report, sir.

09:53:22 >>FRANK REDDICK: Anything else to come before us at this

09:53:24 time?

09:53:26 Any audience participation at this time?

09:53:28 Seeing none, Ms. Montelione, new business.

09:53:31 >>LISA MONTELIONE: I have a draft of a letter here that I'm

09:53:37 having revised.

09:53:39 Unfortunately, I just got it this morning.

09:53:41 And some of the wording in this letter needs to be

09:53:46 customized to reflect the board of the CRA.

09:53:50 But last week during City Council, you heard from Jeremiah

09:53:56 KERR from the Ybor youth clinic.

09:53:58 We had a very successful event over the weekend, and they

09:54:01 are now applying for a grant and have asked for a letter of

09:54:06 support to a company that grant application.

09:54:10 So unfortunately it's being revised now, but I would like to

09:54:17 ask the CRA for their endorsement of a letter of support to

09:54:20 accompany the grant application for the Ybor youth clinic.

09:54:23 And then later on tonight when we meet as City Council I'll

09:54:26 be asking for a letter of support to also come from the City

09:54:29 Council.

09:54:29 >> What is the grant for?

09:54:36 >>LISA MONTELIONE: To continue their work.

09:54:38 It's the family planning services Department of Health,

09:54:41 Hillsborough County community health office of health equity

09:54:44 that has issued the grant proposal, and they are applying so

09:54:52 that they can have a greater system of care through the USF

09:54:57 pediatric and adolescent HIV program.

09:55:03 Thank you.

09:55:04 >>FRANK REDDICK: Mrs. Montelione made a motion.

09:55:09 Seconded by Mrs. Capin.

09:55:10 Discussion on the motion?

09:55:11 All those in favor?

09:55:13 Those opposed?

09:55:14 >>LISA MONTELIONE: Thank you very much, board members.

09:55:16 Those all I have.

09:55:21 I take it back.

09:55:23 It was covered up by my book.

09:55:29 Back in -- let's see, this was February 13th, CRA

09:55:32 session -- we had asked for a number of documents to be

09:55:38 provided to us for our review.

09:55:41 That was the tri-party interlocal agreement, the management

09:55:44 agreement between the CRA and the administration.

09:55:46 I had some discussions with staff.

09:55:50 And they asked that I also amend that to include the other

09:55:53 documents that would be pertinent to the conversation.

09:55:56 And that would include the citizens advisory committee and

09:55:59 the financial policy documents.

09:56:01 So I would like to amend the motion that was originally made

09:56:05 on the 13th and ask for those other documents.

09:56:10 I would also ask if we can move -- the discussion was

09:56:13 scheduled for April 10th, if we can move that to May

09:56:17 8th when we are having another discussion on basically

09:56:21 the same topic.

09:56:22 >>FRANK REDDICK: Discussion on the motion?

09:56:27 All those in favor of the motion?

09:56:29 Opposed?

09:56:30 >>LISA MONTELIONE: Thank you.

09:56:31 Now I'm done.

09:56:32 >>FRANK REDDICK: Okay.

09:56:33 Mr. Miranda.

09:56:35 >>CHARLIE MIRANDA: Thank you, Mr. Chairman.

09:56:36 I guess the University of Tampa baseball team is in some

09:56:40 CRA.

09:56:43 They are downtown somewhere.

09:56:44 They got 20 wins and one loss.

09:56:46 And, no, I did not pitch that game where they lost.

09:56:49 I also didn't pitch any of the ones that they won.

09:56:52 But if you want to be see good baseball, go see them.

09:56:54 You are going to be surprised.

09:56:55 >>FRANK REDDICK: Mrs. Capin?

09:57:00 >>YVONNE CAPIN: None.

09:57:01 >>MIKE SUAREZ: Thank you, chair.

09:57:02 If Mr. Miranda was pitching it definitely would have been

09:57:05 the world's oldest freshman out there.

09:57:08 But --

09:57:13 >>CHARLIE MIRANDA: Look at your hair.

09:57:15 And you are calling me a freshman?

09:57:17 [ Laughter ]

09:57:18 >>FRANK REDDICK: Motion to receive and file.

09:57:21 >> So moved.

09:57:23 >>FRANK REDDICK: Any discussion on the motion?

09:57:25 >> Motion to receive and file all documents.

09:57:31 >> Motion from Mr. Miranda.

09:57:33 Second from Mrs. Montelione.

09:57:35 Discussion on that motion?

09:57:36 All those in favor say aye.

09:57:38 Opposed?

09:57:39 All right.

09:57:39 We stand adjourned until we reconvene in five minutes.

09:57:47 >> (The CRA meeting adjourned.)



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