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9:00 a.m. Session


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09:05:18 >>CHARLIE MIRANDA: City Council is called to order.

09:05:19 The chair yields to Mike Suarez.

09:05:21 >> It's my pleasure to introduce pastor Ken Shick, who

09:05:26 served the Hyde Park Presbyterian as pastor for 29 years

09:05:30 along with his wife Robin.

09:05:32 They have three grown sons also involved in the church.

09:05:35 Pastor Ken has been ordained for 38 years and served Winter

09:05:40 Park Presbyterian in Winter Park, Florida.

09:05:44 He teaches Bible study and directs the work of the elder

09:05:47 board called The Session.

09:05:48 Please everyone stand for our invocation and remain standing

09:05:52 for the pledge of allegiance.

09:05:54 Reverend?

09:05:55 >> Let us pray.

09:06:00 Gracious and loving God, we give thanks for these public
09:06:03 servants who give unselfishly of time and energy.

09:06:08 And we remember your promise to be with us and help us when

09:06:11 we admit our weakness and turn to you.

09:06:15 Lord, we are unequal to the tasks we face of doing what is

09:06:20 fair and right for the people of our city.

09:06:23 Help us now that we may be better than we are, wiser than we

09:06:27 know, and stronger than we seem.

09:06:31 With your help, O God, may we better understand people and

09:06:34 their needs.

09:06:37 Remind us of the sacred trust we have to find creative

09:06:40 solutions to the challenges we face.

09:06:45 Let a sense of cooperation and harmony prevail.

09:06:50 Lead us to the same fundamental vision of the city united in

09:06:54 the common cause of helping each citizen enjoy quality of

09:06:58 life.

09:07:01 And when we differ with the details, Lord, help us to

09:07:06 compromise.

09:07:06 And most of all, O God, we humbly thank you for the freedoms

09:07:11 we enjoy, and for the gift of self-government which enables

09:07:15 us to gather and to decide for the common good.

09:07:19 In your name, O Lord, we pray.

09:07:22 Amen.

09:07:22 (Pledge of Allegiance.)

09:07:57 >>CHARLIE MIRANDA: Roll call.

09:07:58 >>MIKE SUAREZ: Here.

09:08:01 >>YVONNE CAPIN: Present.

09:08:01 >>FRANK REDDICK: Here.

09:08:03 >>LISA MONTELIONE: Here.

09:08:05 >>HARRY COHEN: Here.

09:08:07 >>CHARLIE MIRANDA: Here.

09:08:07 I need a motion for the approving of minutes of the session

09:08:10 of February and February.

09:08:15 I have a motion for Mrs. Montelione, second by Mr. Suarez.

09:08:20 The ayes have it unanimously.

09:08:23 Need approval of the agenda and the minutes and the addendum

09:08:30 for today's meeting.

09:08:34 Motion by Mr. Suarez.

09:08:35 Second by Mrs. Mulhern.

09:08:36 All in favor? Opposed?

09:08:38 The ayes have it unanimously.

09:08:39 We go to public comment for up to 30 minutes for those who

09:08:45 like to speak on any item on the agenda first, and then any

09:08:47 item off the agenda.

09:08:48 >> Al Steenson, Leila Avenue, Tampa, Florida, also president

09:09:03 of the Gandy south civic association.

09:09:07 I'm here to speak briefly on agenda item number 10 and item

09:09:11 number 30.

09:09:12 Number 10, I have one thing to say.

09:09:15 I urge you, I urge you, listen to your chef of police.

09:09:18 The system does work.

09:09:20 We need to move forward on that.

09:09:22 Ever let me move to number 30.

09:09:25 And that is the resolution to confirm the appointment of

09:09:31 Mark Wilfolk as director of solid waste.

09:09:37 I understand did a national search, got to come up with

09:09:43 seven candidates.

09:09:44 The ideal person is already on the payroll, been there for

09:09:48 17 years.

09:09:48 I urge the council to confirm this.

09:09:50 I give a quick example of some of the things that I've

09:09:55 experienced.

09:10:00 As a community leader, I have had issues where we have to

09:10:04 deal with these so-called eviction piles.

09:10:09 They happen all the time.

09:10:11 I have one example.

09:10:12 I just have to have these pictures in the computer.

09:10:15 And this happened back in, I believe, July of 2008.

09:10:24 I was notified by one of our members that this was -- been

09:10:29 there two days.

09:10:34 They had already been through it.

09:10:36 I made one phone call to Mr. Wilfork at a quarter of 12 that

09:10:42 day.

09:10:43 At 1:15, the trash team was there.

09:10:51 Issue taken care of.

09:10:52 That's the kind of thing that I think we can look forward to

09:10:55 with his leadership as director of solid waste.

09:10:58 And I again urge you to confirm the appointment.

09:11:01 And I commend the mayor for making this appointment.

09:11:04 Thank you very much, Mr. Chairman.

09:11:06 >>CHARLIE MIRANDA: Thank you very much.

09:11:07 Appreciate it very much.

09:11:08 Next, please.

09:11:09 >> Pete Johnson, 510 Harrison street.

09:11:17 Number 1, as far as the red lights.

09:11:21 Please, people have a tendency to break the law.

09:11:26 We know that.

09:11:29 To fly through.

09:11:30 If you take these lights down, where do we think people are

09:11:35 not going to go right back to the same situation?

09:11:38 Enforcement of the regulations in the city have to be

09:11:42 enforced.

09:11:43 This goes for TPD, traffic, violations, code violations,

09:11:48 everything.

09:11:50 Not to enforce these rules, people then get lax.

09:11:55 It's been proven.

09:11:56 This is a reply coming back from traffic department on why I

09:12:00 cannot get with two properties cited for a violation.

09:12:08 They said they had been there for 15 years, they are not

09:12:12 going to enforce it.

09:12:14 The ordinance was done in, I think, 1998 or 1989.

09:12:20 Why are we not enforcing violations?

09:12:23 I did have a chance to talk to Mike KERR yesterday and I

09:12:30 think he will take care of it.

09:12:31 But it's the attitude.

09:12:32 Yes, the city has the right to pick which ordinances they

09:12:37 want to enforce, unfortunately.

09:12:40 But then again, that is selective enforcement.

09:12:44 We either enforce all of our rules and regulations to the

09:12:48 best of our ability, or we just give up and let's just take

09:12:52 them off the books, because they are not doing any good.

09:12:55 Thank you.

09:12:57 >>CHARLIE MIRANDA: Thank you.

09:12:57 Next, please.

09:13:07 >> Susan Long, to speak on number 4, the WalMart.

09:13:12 For me to get there, now I have to make a U-turn, or I

09:13:19 wonder my way over to 15th, come straight down 15th

09:13:23 and when I get to Hillsborough I get to Hillsborough and now

09:13:27 I get to make a U-turn.

09:13:28 Or I can go a little further east and come down 22nd street,

09:13:32 and now you can actually get to WalMart.

09:13:35 I find that it's going to be extremely awkward without a

09:13:38 median cut or a stoplight there so the people can get in and

09:13:43 out of WalMart.

09:13:44 Just this week, we seriously hurt two kids walking to school

09:13:50 on Hillsborough Avenue.

09:13:51 People run across Hillsborough all the time.

09:13:54 There is no way getting in and out of that WalMart that

09:13:59 makes any sense at Hillsborough.

09:14:01 The alternative is to exit on Mohawk, which is the south

09:14:05 side of commercial, the north side is residential.

09:14:09 My choice, I would take Mohawk.

09:14:12 Now what happens to people living on Mohawk?

09:14:15 That is a very narrow street.

09:14:18 I'm on broad which is one of the wide et streets and Mohawk

09:14:25 is significantly smaller and you are going to have

09:14:27 truckloads of people driving up and down Mohawk going

09:14:32 predominantly toward Nebraska or from Nebraska towards the

09:14:36 WalMart.

09:14:36 I think it's going to be a disaster.

09:14:38 I think the transportation routes that have been laid out

09:14:42 are a mistake.

09:14:43 We need a stoplight in front of WalMart for people to get in

09:14:46 and out of it.

09:14:47 Let's see a curb cut.

09:14:52 All have dedicated stoplights at their entrances.

09:14:55 The only exception I am aware of, and probably others

09:14:57 someplace, but the only exception I am aware of is Dale

09:15:00 Mabry just south of waters.

09:15:01 But the one north on Dale Mabry, the one south on Dale

09:15:04 Mabry, they both have dedicated stoplights.

09:15:06 We need one at this WalMart, too.

09:15:10 Thank you.

09:15:11 >>CHARLIE MIRANDA: Thank you very much.

09:15:12 Next, please.

09:15:12 >> Chairman of the Old Seminole Heights committee.

09:15:20 Today I'm back to speak concerning the WalMart project on

09:15:24 east Hillsborough.

09:15:24 I would like to state again as I have in the past, our

09:15:27 associations are not opposed to the WalMart.

09:15:34 Redevelopment of the site.

09:15:34 Because I want to make sure all of you understand that's not

09:15:37 what we are about.

09:15:40 It's not what we are about and it's not what -- the mayor

09:15:43 said it's not what we are about.

09:15:45 That was part of our message when I and some members of our

09:15:49 committee met with Cathy Coyle and Bob McDonaugh, several of

09:15:54 us obviously here today to hear the staff report on item

09:15:57 number 4.

09:15:59 But during the public comment period, we want to provide

09:16:02 some visuals which we figured that would be helpful.

09:16:10 I know you all don't get to wander to every part of the city

09:16:14 where this comes before you, and we thought that that would

09:16:17 help.

09:16:19 You will see and here the traffic at this point is our

09:16:22 biggest concern, especially with the vacated Mohawk and the

09:16:28 reliance on 15th street as the primary access point.

09:16:33 There was a traffic study done but in reality WalMart is

09:16:37 counting on more than 50% of their traffic to be entering

09:16:40 their store not off the main arterial but off of 15th

09:16:44 street and off much 19th street.

09:16:46 The bulk of that being on 15th street, which at this

09:16:49 point already has significant volume, and 19th street

09:16:52 which has almost no volume except for McDonald.

09:16:56 This is what exists there at this point for a turn lane.

09:17:01 You can see the turn lane is probably about two Hartline

09:17:06 buses long.

09:17:07 Two vehicles backed up between Mohawk and Hillsborough.

09:17:11 This was taken at 6:00 this is backed up at 5:30 or so that

09:17:24 traffic is often backed up to wilder.

09:17:26 We are now talking about adding all that extra traffic

09:17:29 there.

09:17:29 This is 19th street.

09:17:35 Are these showing here?

09:17:37 >>CHARLIE MIRANDA: Yes, sir.

09:17:38 >> This is 19th street.

09:17:39 As you see during the same time period there's virtually no

09:17:42 traffic there except for the McDonald.

09:17:46 This is the business on the corner of 15th and

09:17:48 Hillsborough.

09:17:53 Parking will not even be functional with this in place.

09:17:57 What we have as a proposal is that if WalMart is going to

09:18:03 pay for one traffic light on Hillsborough, maybe it should

09:18:05 be in the middle of the property instead of 19th street.

09:18:08 That way you can serve both eastbound and westbound traffic

09:18:12 and have minimal impact on the neighborhood.

09:18:14 And I think we need to have livable community as well as

09:18:18 development.

09:18:18 (Bell sounds).

09:18:23 >>CHARLIE MIRANDA: Thank you very much.

09:18:25 I appreciate it.

09:18:26 Next, please.

09:18:26 >> Kimberly overman, and that one of the things than we

09:18:42 discovered is that there was a traffic study done by FDOT on

09:18:46 the impact on Hillsborough Avenue.

09:18:49 And Mohawk a few weeks ago as being a street, we have a

09:18:58 challenge where there is no longer a street, but it's one of

09:19:03 the primary entrances to WalMart.

09:19:07 And that's on a city street, not an FDOT street.

09:19:12 Now, given our rules and the way our code works, with the

09:19:16 comprehensive plan, because the majority of the traffic is

09:19:20 actually three quarters of the traffic does travel up and

09:19:23 downhills bore, we now have a city street that has a primary

09:19:29 exit where most of the traffic according to the traffic

09:19:33 study will be impacted on 15th street.

09:19:38 So I do realize that we have rules about how we deal with

09:19:43 our traffic, but our current rules of addressing issues that

09:19:48 interface with FDOT that aren't necessarily protecting the

09:19:53 neighborhood and safety.

09:19:55 When we have things like a major development, a six-lane

09:20:00 road, in place, we find ourselves with these kinds of

09:20:04 events.

09:20:07 The girl was hit on Hillsborough just five blocks from where

09:20:10 we are proposing this development with no crosswalks to the

09:20:16 center of the property.

09:20:17 The center of the property, the entrance to the door of

09:20:20 WalMart where the community would be going is in the middle

09:20:23 of a five-block area, with no crosswalks designed through

09:20:28 that entrance.

09:20:29 So coming up 20th to walk three blocks to 15th or

09:20:35 three blocks south to 19th and cross at a crosswalk.

09:20:40 That's not going to happen.

09:20:43 They are going to go bolting a cross the street.

09:20:45 It's happening now with our students.

09:20:48 And it's going to continue to happen.

09:20:50 I asked TPD to provide a neighborhood study of the number of

09:20:54 accidents from twine forward of the intersection of 22nd and

09:20:59 Hillsborough.

09:21:00 (Bell sounds)

09:21:03 To give an idea of the number of accidents that occur.

09:21:05 On average we are looking at four accidents a month at that

09:21:08 intersection.

09:21:08 And that's a busy intersection and it does have crosswalks.

09:21:12 So it's going to be important to us to recognize the traffic

09:21:16 study would indicate -- and I'm almost finished -- the

09:21:19 traffic study would indicate that the load of service on

09:21:23 15th exceeds what would normally be the requirements of

09:21:27 the traffic study.

09:21:28 And I appreciate your time.

09:21:30 >>CHARLIE MIRANDA: Thank you very much.

09:21:30 Mrs. Capin.

09:21:32 >>YVONNE CAPIN: Thank you.

09:21:32 You are right on so many levels.

09:21:35 The only thing that I would question about your statement is

09:21:40 that we vacated Mohawk.

09:21:42 We did -- because I specifically asked if there was any

09:21:47 streets that we would be vacating, and Bob McDonaugh came up

09:21:51 and said, no, it has been done years ago.

09:21:54 But the rest of your presentation was right on.

09:21:57 Thank you.

09:21:58 >>CHARLIE MIRANDA: Next, please.

09:21:58 >> Bill Hunter, 202 north street in Seminole Heights.

09:22:07 I'm secretary of the Old Seminole Heights neighborhood

09:22:09 association and I'm addressing item 4.

09:22:14 Two items.

09:22:15 Mohawk to the east of the proposed site of WalMart is zoned

09:22:19 commercial to the west.

09:22:23 Is zoned commercial on the south side.

09:22:24 However, there are a great many residences on the south side

09:22:28 of this street.

09:22:29 So to say there are a lot of residences there.

09:22:35 The north side is residential and of course there are

09:22:38 residences there.

09:22:39 Our organization did a study of the traffic patterns around

09:22:42 the proposed site.

09:22:43 Using WalMart's own study, and determined that closing

09:22:47 access to Mohawk from the proposed WalMart site would not

09:22:52 appreciably deteriorate the traffic status of 15th and

09:22:57 19th.

09:22:58 And we strongly suggest you consider doing that.

09:23:00 Thank you.

09:23:02 >>CHARLIE MIRANDA: Thank you very much.

09:23:03 Next, please.

09:23:03 >> Gail Davis, 1203 east Mohawk Avenue.

09:23:15 I have lived there for 30 years, have a business there as

09:23:18 well.

09:23:19 I am the assigned representative of the Hampton Terrace

09:23:22 neighborhood association, to address the traffic situation

09:23:27 with WalMart.

09:23:28 We are working in conjunction with Old Seminole Heights land

09:23:32 use committee and all of the greater Seminole Heights

09:23:35 neighborhood associations.

09:23:37 Each of us are representing and meeting regularly over this

09:23:41 issue.

09:23:44 First I want to make it very clear that the greater Seminole

09:23:46 Heights area is not opposed to having a WalMart.

09:23:51 We welcome something like this coming into our neighborhood.

09:23:55 We are not against having a WalMart.

09:23:57 We are happy to have it come.

09:23:59 But we want WalMart to be a good neighbor.

09:24:03 And most importantly we want our city department to help us

09:24:07 out there.

09:24:10 I expect that, at the very least.

09:24:12 When I heard the last time I was here speaking that the

09:24:16 traffic department had an option of being able to do a

09:24:21 traffic study of just the neighborhood streets, and they

09:24:25 opted not to, I was amazed.

09:24:28 Why not?

09:24:29 All there was was a department of transportation traffic

09:24:34 study, and that was paid for by WalMart, which is going to

09:24:39 be to their benefit, and Hillsborough Avenue.

09:24:43 What about the artery streets that come up there, meaning

09:24:47 15th and 19th, and -- I mean, all of these streets

09:24:51 are our neighborhoods.

09:24:52 This is our quality of life.

09:24:55 Please, do not allow this project to move forward the way it

09:25:01 is currently approved.

09:25:06 And turn it into a South Howard.

09:25:09 We don't want that.

09:25:10 Please, you have an opportunity here to work with the

09:25:12 neighborhood, with WalMart.

09:25:13 Make a difference.

09:25:15 15th and 19th streets are neighborhood streets.

09:25:18 And city roads.

09:25:19 For years the city has taken a position that commercial

09:25:22 development primarily relies on commercial roads to access.

09:25:29 This plan has residential city streets being the primary

09:25:33 access and departure points.

09:25:35 We believe WalMart should be required to have a dedicated

09:25:38 traffic light for accessing in or near the midpoint of the

09:25:43 property.

09:25:43 We strongly oppose traffic access to the WalMart at 15th

09:25:49 and Mohawk.

09:25:50 If you have never been out there, you saw the pictures.

09:25:54 You have to realize that there is -- there's not a dedicated

09:25:59 turn signal going onto Hillsborough Avenue from 15th

09:26:02 street.

09:26:02 Not even a dedicated turn signal.

09:26:04 All you have is a turning lane, and then for maybe three

09:26:07 cars at the most, most of the time.

09:26:10 And in the evening, in the morning, it's backed all the way

09:26:13 out.

09:26:15 (Bell sounds)

09:26:17 Help us out there.

09:26:18 Than we request strongly.

09:26:21 Thank you.

09:26:22 >>CHARLIE MIRANDA: Thank you very much.

09:26:22 Next, please.

09:26:23 >> Adam Smith.

09:26:28 I'm here to discuss the ongoing issue with noise in the SoHo

09:26:32 neighborhood.

09:26:32 In the months since I spoke last there have been many

09:26:36 developments and to my understanding the only reason it's

09:26:38 not on the agenda is be due to act lawsuit against the city.

09:26:44 He promised me he would look into it.

09:26:46 I would first like to commend him because members of the

09:26:48 community have been now said this is the first time in three

09:26:50 years they have been leave their windows open at night.

09:26:53 Police have started to fine all the bars for breaking the

09:26:56 law.

09:26:56 Local patrons have asked bar managers why there is no

09:26:59 outdoor music anymore which previously could have been heard

09:27:02 from six blocks away.

09:27:04 Simply somebody has been complaining so they canceled the DJ

09:27:09 for two months.

09:27:10 I would like to say the problem has been solved but we are

09:27:12 far from that.

09:27:13 From two neighbors on two separate occasions warned me that

09:27:16 they witnessed bartenders telling the blames I am to blame

09:27:20 and giving my name and address.

09:27:22 People are making lewd comments on my windows and a beer

09:27:26 bottle has been shattered over my door.

09:27:28 The police need to support our local council members in

09:27:30 order to do their jobs.

09:27:32 As a community, I want to see the council stand strong and

09:27:36 not allow suits to dictate your decisions.

09:27:40 The council needs to take action immediately.

09:27:42 Please consider a quiet time for this area.

09:27:45 Banning outdoor music or soundproofing requirements.

09:27:48 I believe the residents of our community need to enlist

09:27:50 support from a department, students at USF, to poll

09:27:59 community residents on the real harm done to our community.

09:28:01 This community needs to see some action to see that the

09:28:05 residents of our community are protected.

09:28:07 Thank you.

09:28:09 >>CHARLIE MIRANDA: Thank you.

09:28:09 Next, please.

09:28:10 >> My name is Julia Von Maltzahn here today to ask that

09:28:19 council prepare a plan to address the littering problem in

09:28:21 the SoHo district.

09:28:23 More traffic is accumulating in the streets.

09:28:25 The only people who pick up the trash are local residents

09:28:28 who actually care enough.

09:28:32 The trash has been caused by the businesses in the area.

09:28:36 I would like these businesses to be held accountable.

09:28:40 The streets are littered with beer cans, beer bottles,

09:28:43 Styrofoam food containers, paper bags, plastic bags and even

09:28:47 clothing.

09:28:49 The trash ends up in our Tampa Bay and efforts must be made

09:28:52 to clean the streets.

09:28:53 Even today, there is trash from Gasparilla weekend lingering

09:28:57 along the sidewalks.

09:28:59 I suggest an adopt the road programs, fines or any other

09:29:02 solutions.

09:29:04 I want to thank you for the recent efforts made by the city

09:29:07 and the police to enforce the noise ordinance in the area.

09:29:11 It has made a tremendous difference.

09:29:15 I would like to present a piece of research that people

09:29:25 drink faster while listening to loud music.

09:29:27 >> Then all of us must be drunk here.

09:29:31 >> I am simply pointing out that the reason that they blast

09:29:43 music is not to please the crowd but to illegally boost

09:29:45 their sales.

09:29:45 Now that the council has approved a liquor license for the

09:29:48 SoHo Saloon, there have been more than eight signs on the

09:29:56 sidewalk.

09:29:57 One more saying now serving liquor.

09:29:59 This kind of signage is degrading the community, and

09:30:02 furthermore bragging about the way they view the city.

09:30:08 Just this week, I awoke to what sounded like a break-in only

09:30:13 to find that someone had shot a beer bottle at my front door

09:30:18 like a bullet which exploded.

09:30:21 I witnessed men with their penises exposed outside my house

09:30:26 while they urinate freely in the alley.

09:30:28 I refuse to be harassed in my home like this.

09:30:32 The policemen who responded to the incident said it's a

09:30:38 shame that it's a nice neighborhood and turned into another

09:30:42 Ybor City.

09:30:42 I end with one request.

09:30:44 Please be careful in the way in which you make decisions

09:30:46 involving the SoHo district, and please consider the

09:30:49 residents who have been living here long before there was

09:30:53 ever a saloon, a drink, or a World of Beer.

09:31:01 Thank you very much.

09:31:01 >> Thank you very much.

09:31:03 Next?

09:31:16 >> Cathy Francour. I live at 305 Southwestern Avenue.

09:31:20 I'm sure that noise is something you wish would quietly go

09:31:24 away.

09:31:24 So do I.

09:31:25 Each of our neighbors have their own issues with whichever

09:31:27 bar or club they are in close proximity to.

09:31:28 Mine happens to be the Drynk, which to my understanding is

09:31:31 the most blatantly noncompliant establishment all along

09:31:35 Howard.

09:31:35 I know the officers enforce plainly audible.

09:31:43 Most implied it was the Drynk.

09:31:45 After their first citation it was candidly tell officers put

09:31:51 money aside which in turn prompted them to be even louder

09:31:54 because they know they are going to take the hit.

09:31:56 Citation after citation, this is a joke.

09:31:58 Night after night the challenging officers with the noise.

09:32:02 What kind of attitude is that?

09:32:04 One that only thinks of themselves and an attitude that

09:32:07 needs to be brought under control by the city.

09:32:09 I have specifically been told by the manager that the city

09:32:11 is pitting us against one another.

09:32:13 There's no way for him to throw the party that he needs to

09:32:15 throw, pay for what's been built, to be compliant at all

09:32:18 times and keep the community happy as well.

09:32:21 Well, I know the city is working diligently behind the

09:32:23 scenes to make changes to protect the residents and it takes

09:32:26 a lot of understanding what it takes for you guys to do what

09:32:28 you do, and I applaud you for that but please remember that

09:32:31 we are suffering here.

09:32:35 Screaming until 3 a.m. on any given night, not just the

09:32:38 weekends.

09:32:39 My front door is exactly 118 feet away from the club, which

09:32:43 let me remind you, I would like to add that you get 150

09:32:48 people leaving a club at once, waiting for their valet cars,

09:32:53 playing loud music, cutting through our property, going in

09:32:56 our backyard, peeing on our fence.

09:32:58 I used to confront people on my property telling them it's

09:33:01 not a toilet, they can't cut through.

09:33:03 But now I fear for my life to approach anyone anymore after

09:33:06 the shooting over at the Kennedy.

09:33:08 And using a public thorough way and blocks it off for their

09:33:13 own personal use.

09:33:14 This is illegal.

09:33:15 The city needs to put a stop to that valet.

09:33:20 Move it to the Howard side.

09:33:21 That would alleviate much of the noise in the alleyway from

09:33:26 our windows at 3 a.m.

09:33:27 And the smell of marijuana throughout the club.

09:33:32 The city is aware of this and apparently is allowed.

09:33:35 There are off-duty officers at least now for Sunday nights.

09:33:41 If they don't smell it, what are their duties, just to

09:33:46 receive a few extra bucks to curb a fight?

09:33:49 Why can't they keep the compliance before we get woke than

09:33:53 up without a complaint from the residents?

09:33:55 Finally, I have been in my condo for ten years and I am just

09:33:58 now having noise issues?

09:33:59 That makes a statement in itself.

09:34:01 We have a club that's very belligerent to the surrounding as

09:34:05 stated in the letter I handed to you from another couple in

09:34:08 our building Jonathan Gibbons.

09:34:11 The Drynk has a relationship in place, not challenge them.

09:34:15 They chose to open in a residential area near homeowners and

09:34:19 they need to comply because they have proven to be a

09:34:23 genuine -- have a genuine lack of consideration for the

09:34:26 neighbors surrounding them.

09:34:27 Thank you.

09:34:27 (Bell sounds).

09:34:30 >>CHARLIE MIRANDA: Thank you very much.

09:34:30 >> Our condos are here.

09:34:36 When they come in they are blocking.

09:34:41 Standing here loitering.

09:34:42 We can't get through this way.

09:34:44 So that's emergency vehicles, and our public alleyway.

09:34:54 >>YVONNE CAPIN: Very quickly after this gentleman and

09:34:56 everyone has been speaking about the outdoor noise.

09:34:59 My name is Yvonne Yolie Capin.

09:35:03 I am a champion of no outdoor amplification.

09:35:08 And if you follow, you know that that is exactly what I

09:35:12 champion.

09:35:13 And you all are proving my point.

09:35:16 Thank you.

09:35:18 >>CHARLIE MIRANDA: Next, please.

09:35:19 >> Good morning.

09:35:23 I'm Carrol Josephs Marshall, board member of East Tampa

09:35:29 revitalization partnership.

09:35:31 What I am speaking about is not on the agenda.

09:35:35 We the members of economic development and land use

09:35:40 committee are publicly here to thank the mayor, Councilman

09:35:44 Reddick, Councilman Suarez, Councilwoman Montelione for

09:35:51 their commitment to speak at our East Tampa small business

09:35:59 symposium next Saturday the 29th of March.

09:36:07 We would like to invite the rest of City Council to attend

09:36:10 these events as well as entrepreneur small business owners

09:36:14 in Tampa who are looking for information to help them start

09:36:17 a business,.

09:36:28 The event will be free to all participants.

09:36:32 We have put together an extremely informative program and

09:36:37 would be honored if you would stop by.

09:36:39 The first symposium was September 21, 2013 and was a huge

09:36:46 success.

09:36:47 The symposium, to the City of Tampa by proper demand.

09:36:54 And we are expecting a more successful event.

09:36:58 There's more information for Tampa residents business owners

09:37:06 as we two forward.

09:37:08 For more information they can live in small business


09:37:12 That is

09:37:16 Thank you.

09:37:16 >> Brenda Groves. I'm president of the neighborhood

09:37:37 development.

09:37:38 I didn't know I was coming.

09:37:40 [ Laughter ]

09:37:41 >> Nothing like waking up and you are on television first

09:37:45 thing in the morning.

09:37:46 Thank you very much.

09:37:46 >> Thank you.

09:37:47 >>HARRY COHEN: Next.

09:37:49 >> My name is Alex Gilmore.

09:37:55 I am the general manager of the DRYNK, South Howard Avenue.

09:38:04 I want to express some concern about some of the language

09:38:06 used today, and to let everyone here know that we have

09:38:10 actually been active.

09:38:11 We have met with major Driskel, because we are actively

09:38:16 seeking solutions to the situations that we have in the SoHo

09:38:19 district.

09:38:21 It is frustrating at times to hear the way the businesses

09:38:27 that support as many people and families as we do in the

09:38:30 area spoken about the way they are.

09:38:33 The plainly audible situation that we are in now, if there's

09:38:39 a difference of the elements we were working with -- the

09:38:43 ordinance we were working before which was much easier to

09:38:46 comply to.

09:38:47 We do not have outside amplified music but with the design

09:38:50 of our building, it does bleed out to 100 feet.

09:38:53 It has been very difficult for not only my establishment but

09:38:56 other establishments on South Howard to comply to the

09:39:00 standards that have been set.

09:39:01 Now, that being said, that does not mean that we are not

09:39:04 trying to respect the ordinance.

09:39:06 So I just want to make everyone aware that there are

09:39:09 business owners that are getting together, looking for

09:39:12 solutions, and meeting with the city.

09:39:14 And I didn't want anyone here today to be think that we are

09:39:18 just flying in the face of it because of any other reason.

09:39:22 It's a difficult situation.

09:39:23 It definitely needs to continue to be looked at.

09:39:25 Thank you very much for your time.

09:39:26 >> Okay, I'm ed, Ed Tillou, Sulphur Springs.

09:39:40 I passed this around.

09:39:42 But I won't be speaking on that right now.

09:39:47 This is the reason I bring the volt up because it's a baby

09:39:50 step.

09:39:51 But substantial, to do something about this problem,

09:39:54 potential extinction not of all life but a good portion of

09:39:57 the humanity.

09:39:59 Okay, very quick.

09:40:02 Item 1, which I hadn't intended to speak about, but the

09:40:05 thing is I spoke at county commission yesterday, that Ed

09:40:11 Turanchik is advocating is a very wonderful idea and I think

09:40:15 contributes to a lot of jobs by a technology down near

09:40:20 MacDill for people that need jobs, bringing people in.

09:40:23 How about snowboarding businesses?

09:40:29 When it's cold up north have them move down here and then

09:40:34 pack up and go back.

09:40:35 So, anyway, the thing is that transportation can improve

09:40:39 economic development, and Turanchik seems to have created a

09:40:45 win-win-win situation.

09:40:47 With respect to Mr. Johnson's thing on the lights, yes,

09:40:50 that's very important because the traffic -- it's horrible.

09:40:56 I don't know whereby they come from.

09:40:57 We have a thing around New York saying they are New Jersey

09:41:00 drivers.

09:41:00 And people lose their licenses in New York and go to New

09:41:05 Jersey but that doesn't really account for it.

09:41:08 It's something that's developed in the past five or ten

09:41:10 years. Anyway, here is what I try to do.

09:41:13 I'm like a pointer.

09:41:14 I try to point like a bird dog.

09:41:18 That's not my favorite dog, water retriever.

09:41:25 This has a duck in its mouth and I don't think ducks should

09:41:28 be hunted.

09:41:29 But goose, yes, goose.

09:41:31 Goose pastrami.

09:41:36 It would be good if you could use beer festivals.

09:41:47 Joey Redner is going to cancel his event and that's good

09:41:50 because it shows sensitivity to the neighborhood.

09:41:52 And in terms of health education this was a very good little

09:41:56 thing in the paper.

09:41:57 It lets the younger people know about the risks they face.

09:42:00 And a new thing on that is this.

09:42:03 (Bell sounds)

09:42:05 It's kind of a new thing, yaping.

09:42:17 But the businesses, the eating places and the restaurants

09:42:19 are looking for direction.

09:42:21 You should not be smoking with these things in public

09:42:26 places.

09:42:26 But on the other hand they do have a certain benefit, and

09:42:29 there's a lot of research needed.

09:42:31 And it's a half benefit.

09:42:35 I figure lung cancer, how horrible it is, and they probably

09:42:38 do help with that.

09:42:39 But nicotine causes heart problems.

09:42:43 My professor was a cardiologist and he almost beat me to

09:42:46 death because he was against cigarettes.

09:42:51 And that's because of nicotine.

09:42:54 Nicotine ruins people's coronary systems.

09:42:57 >>CHARLIE MIRANDA: Anyone else who has not spoken that would

09:42:59 care to speak at this time?

09:43:00 >> Good morning.

09:43:01 My name is Barry O'Connor, currently a property owner in the

09:43:06 South Howard district.

09:43:07 I own the Irish Pub and Yard of Ale. We also have

09:43:12 properties in the SoHo district.

09:43:14 So I'm very familiar with the area.

09:43:18 Just briefly I want to speak on one of the status of the

09:43:24 trash pickup.

09:43:25 We currently employ employees that go out every day, pick up

09:43:30 all the trash.

09:43:33 We welcome assistance from the city.

09:43:36 95% of the pickup is not from the bars or restaurants.

09:43:42 Like the lady said, clothes, different types of items.

09:43:45 We don't sell clothes.

09:43:49 Trash is newspapers, box food, all of the different types of

09:43:54 trash.

09:43:55 So we would highly recommend that you help us with adopt a

09:44:00 road.

09:44:00 As the lady said adopt a street or whatever we can do, put

09:44:03 trash bins out in the area

09:44:05 As far as the noise situation, Alex mentioned we are

09:44:08 currently working together on the businesses on South

09:44:10 Howard.

09:44:13 I will be informing the business association so we can come

09:44:15 up with a program of how we can alleviate the noise in the

09:44:18 area, employ sound technicians come in and look at

09:44:25 conditions in each building, to help alleviate the noise by

09:44:28 turning our speakers, alleviating speakers or whatever we

09:44:32 can do to be help the residents live in a neighborhood like

09:44:36 they should do.

09:44:37 So we are working toward a better neighborhood.

09:44:39 So if you could, be in better communication with the

09:44:43 business owners so we can understand what's going on with

09:44:45 this new ordinance.

09:44:48 Thank you for your time.

09:44:49 >>CHARLIE MIRANDA: Thanks very much.

09:44:51 Appreciate it very much.

09:44:51 Anyone else who has not spoken?

09:44:53 All right.

09:44:53 I apologize to the county administrator, Mr. Mike Merrill.

09:44:58 In fact, it's 42 minutes past the time that we asked Mr.

09:45:01 Merrill to come in.

09:45:03 I'm sure that's never happened in the county government.

09:45:06 [ Laughter ]

09:45:06 And, in fact, I told Mr. Merrill, I am going to ask council

09:45:12 to make it a Mike Merrill amendment to this agenda, from now

09:45:16 on make these 9:00 at 9:30 so we can have the public for 30

09:45:21 minutes and be a little better on time.

09:45:23 But I apologize to you.

09:45:25 We appreciate your presence.

09:45:26 >> My pleasure.

09:45:28 Always happy to come down and be good neighbor.

09:45:31 So how would you like me to proceed?

09:45:34 >>CHARLIE MIRANDA: Whatever you would like to do, Mr.

09:45:36 Merrill.

09:45:36 You are here to talk about whatever you like, especially on

09:45:39 the transportation for economic development that Mrs.

09:45:43 Montelione is so much involved in.

09:45:44 >> Okay.

09:45:46 I'll just give you a brief overview because I know that you

09:45:51 have some questions, and some of you have questions.

09:45:55 The effort that's been underway that we lovingly call the

09:45:59 transportation for economic development effort, which has

09:46:04 been underway now for a little over a year, and Councilman

09:46:10 Suarez sits on that group, and the current chair of

09:46:13 Hartline.

09:46:15 And the group for those who don't know is made up of the

09:46:19 seven county commissioners, the three mayors, and Mr. Suarez

09:46:24 representing Hartline.

09:46:26 And it's been a process to really incorporate what we all, I

09:46:37 think, believe and all of us hold to be true jobs for

09:46:50 economic development.

09:46:51 And the county commission that I report to may book jobs for

09:46:56 economic development, the cornerstone of this strategic plan

09:47:01 adopted last year.

09:47:02 So the transportation for economic development efforts, or

09:47:08 TED, as we call it, it's really you can see the seeds of

09:47:12 this really in its name.

09:47:16 It's not necessarily about buses or roads or rail or trails

09:47:22 or intersections.

09:47:24 It's really about economic development.

09:47:27 How do we connect our economic development in the best way

09:47:39 to promote jobs and committee economic development.

09:47:42 That isn't just a cavalier one.

09:47:44 It really truly is as a community, you know, with you all

09:47:48 and everyone that we serve, a way to really, I think, frame

09:47:53 our destiny here by deciding ahead of time what kind of

09:47:58 jobs, what kind of industries do we want to retain and

09:48:01 attract and what is the best way to make those connections?

09:48:03 So we are looking for more jobs, better paying jobs,

09:48:06 increased value for our residents, for our businesses,

09:48:09 increase cultural and entertainment opportunities, and

09:48:14 acknowledge, and all of this through cost effective,

09:48:18 convenient, reliable, and safe mobility.

09:48:25 We all know that jobs, development are the best way of

09:48:31 proving over and over again to address poverty and crime.

09:48:34 That forms the basis for dealing with issues like

09:48:37 homelessness, and giving people affordable housing to live

09:48:43 in and dealing with the crime issue.

09:48:46 We also, in the policy group, are agreed on one thing, that

09:48:52 might sound a bit strange and counterintuitive, but it

09:48:57 really is something that everyone needs to, I think, at

09:49:00 least hear, and educate about, and that's the transportation

09:49:05 doesn't pay for itself.

09:49:07 And that includes roads, includes buses, includes rail.

09:49:14 Internationally in Europe, ace yeah, they realized this many

09:49:17 years ago, and that's the reason why, you know, for many

09:49:20 years in their district, they have robust efforts and robust

09:49:28 plans to fund transportation, because, you know, the gas

09:49:32 taxes that we pay don't cover the cost of roadways.

09:49:38 The federal government and its highways plan years ago,

09:49:41 that's why we are all looking to Washington for leadership

09:49:44 in terms of what's the next step in providing the funding,

09:49:48 the community supports infrastructure, because without

09:49:51 infrastructure we can't move goods, we can't move goods, we

09:49:54 can't create jobs, and we can't create economic development.

09:49:57 And so whether it's the fare box on the bus, whether it's

09:50:02 the fare box on the train, whether it's the intersection or

09:50:05 the road expansion, the users, the passengers, the

09:50:10 commuters, what they pay will never support the full cost.

09:50:13 And that's a critical piece of the funding issue here.

09:50:17 We also realize that we have to make better use of what we

09:50:20 have before we start looking at spending money on new

09:50:24 things.

09:50:25 So, for example, there's besides using transportation

09:50:33 systems, by using improvements to intersections to increase

09:50:36 the through-put of cars through intersections, that really

09:50:40 in the bigger scheme of things don't cost a lot of money,

09:50:43 but get you some initial short-term gain.

09:50:47 Shows those short-term gains only take you so far.

09:50:50 You can only mess around with an intersection so much and

09:50:53 get so much additional through-put.

09:50:55 But the project, how you deal with it, it is another way of

09:51:04 looking at an access, the water.

09:51:09 You look around the world.

09:51:11 There's high speed ferry service in key major metropolitan

09:51:17 areas throughout the world, whether it's South America,

09:51:20 whether it's England.

09:51:21 It's something that I think we need to look at to see if

09:51:24 it's something that we want to exploit, see whether if it is

09:51:28 more cost effective than building new lanes, new roadways.

09:51:34 We also realize that there has to be equity.

09:51:37 And this was the harsh lesson that we learned from the last

09:51:42 referendum.

09:51:43 But whatever we decide to do in the community, we have to

09:51:45 realize that the multimodal center that we need for the

09:51:49 Westshore airport area is no more important than circulator

09:51:54 buses that they want in Plant City or south county.

09:51:58 As part of this process we have been going through, I, along

09:52:02 with the other city managers, and the representatives from

09:52:06 the City of Tampa, at Hart, held a number of public meetings

09:52:13 throughout the county, just to kind of get to the initial

09:52:18 scan of what people are thinking.

09:52:20 And, you know, it wasn't a rock concert.

09:52:24 But we did get some good feedback.

09:52:28 And the thing that we learned, this is -- when you live in

09:52:32 the community you can't take things for granted and it

09:52:35 happens to all of us.

09:52:38 Be we tend to think everyone needs the same slugs.

09:52:40 Well, they don't.

09:52:41 We heard people in Plant City say just give us some

09:52:45 circulator buses.

09:52:47 We just want to go downtown and get to the stores.

09:52:50 Westshore is a different story.

09:52:52 A multimodal center there that links the airport, provides a

09:52:55 gateway to Pinellas, provides a gateway to downtown, is an

09:53:01 extremely important economic engine.

09:53:03 Atlanta realized that.

09:53:05 Miami-Dade realized it.

09:53:06 You can look around the world and find solutions.

09:53:08 It's an expensive solution, but the returns are enormous,

09:53:13 given the level of activity in that area.

09:53:17 USF area is a different story, too.

09:53:20 Because of the nature of that area, and obviously a lot of

09:53:25 students live there.

09:53:28 The opportunity to make that alive-work-play area more

09:53:31 dense, more internal kind of transportation that doesn't

09:53:34 require big solutions, could bring some major wins.

09:53:41 We also realized that no matter how much we do to use

09:53:47 existing assets like the water, intersections, no matter how

09:54:00 many premium solutions you have, there will be a funding

09:54:04 gap.

09:54:06 And in case anyone doesn't realize it, you know, right now,

09:54:13 between all of the cities and the county, we really don't

09:54:16 have any significant funding to do the transportation

09:54:20 projects that we need to do.

09:54:23 C.I.T. basically has done a lot of great projects, a lot has

09:54:31 been accomplished.

09:54:31 We at the county had to place a number of capital projects

09:54:35 in the parking lot because we didn't have funding.

09:54:38 And a lot of those projects are transportation projects.

09:54:41 So I have said to everyone that I talked to, we will do the

09:54:45 best to maximize what we have, to look at public-private

09:54:51 partnerships before he would come and ask for any additional

09:54:53 taxpayer money.

09:54:54 But people should not be confused about the fact that there

09:55:01 will be funding shortfalls.

09:55:03 We just need to figure out how to do in the an equitable

09:55:06 way, in a fair way, and that is one of the next steps here

09:55:12 The final thing is the issue of implementation.

09:55:16 And this issue has drawn a lot of interest, in terms of

09:55:24 governance.

09:55:25 But what we are talking about is, you know, who, what

09:55:29 agency, who is going to implement the transportation

09:55:31 solution.

09:55:33 And the policy group has begun gravitating towards some

09:55:38 options including revitalized engineering Hartline.

09:55:44 If you look back to 1960, what exists today at marta, the

09:55:52 Atlanta rapid transportation authority, began as a bus

09:55:55 system in the 1960s.

09:55:58 The leaders in the city realized that what was needed was a

09:56:01 more robust transportation solution, and they reinvented,

09:56:07 reengineered what is today marta to become a multimodal

09:56:11 authority.

09:56:12 So there is precedence for it.

09:56:13 There are other options, too.

09:56:17 MPO, other possible solutions.

09:56:19 But forgetting for a moment about what that agency is, there

09:56:24 has to be a clean handoff to someone who is going to

09:56:28 implement this and be accountable for it.

09:56:32 Buses, we believe, will be the foundation of the plan,

09:56:37 because it's a quick way to get transit on the ground.

09:56:42 It's a more inexpensive way to do it and more flexible,

09:56:47 because you can adjust routes as things change, technology

09:56:52 is changing.

09:56:53 But it will be more than buses.

09:56:57 It will be the intersection expansion.

09:56:59 It will be the multimodal center.

09:57:02 And the last thing you want, in my opinion, is five

09:57:08 different modes of transportation in the Westshore area that

09:57:10 have to be integrated with five different agencies doing it.

09:57:15 That's why we have a Tampa International Airport authority.

09:57:17 That's why we have a Port Authority.

09:57:19 That's why we have a Sports Authority.

09:57:21 Because you can bring together all those elements and hold

09:57:25 someone accountable and provide them the funding to make

09:57:28 sure that when someone gets off a plane, they can easily get

09:57:32 transportation to where they need to get to when they get

09:57:36 off that bus or that train or whatever it is.

09:57:38 They can get to where they are going seamlessly, because

09:57:42 what we know for sure is people will stop using -- using

09:57:47 public transit if it's not convenient, if it's not reliable,

09:57:49 and if it's not affordable.

09:57:51 And time and time again you look around the country look,

09:57:54 around the world, and there is a single agency who is

09:57:57 responsible for knitting together an integrated multimodal

09:58:03 transportation network in the community.

09:58:05 So that's going to be a very interesting conversation,

09:58:10 robust one, but it's one that probably is one of the more

09:58:14 important issues that has to be resolved.

09:58:16 So with that, let me just stop and see if you have any

09:58:21 questions.

09:58:22 >>CHARLIE MIRANDA: Any questions by council members?

09:58:24 Mrs. Mulhern?

09:58:25 >>MARY MULHERN: Thank you for that update.

09:58:27 I'm wondering if your committee is looking at climate

09:58:34 change, and all of the many ways in which that should be

09:58:41 affecting our plans for transportation as far as reducing

09:58:46 carbon output and dealing with the rising sea levels.

09:58:51 Is that part of your discussion?

09:58:54 >> It is.

09:58:55 Looking at different alternatives.

09:58:57 For example, a bus system that is primarily driven by

09:59:00 something other than fossil fuels, by promoting transit

09:59:07 solutions, might be zip cars to take you between buildings,

09:59:15 not fossil fuel primarily based.

09:59:18 So, yes, that will be a consideration.

09:59:19 >>MARY MULHERN: I think, yeah, there are so many different

09:59:22 ways that transportation can reduce that output and benefit

09:59:30 economic development.

09:59:31 And I think one of the things, the biggest things that I

09:59:35 hope you are talking about, and I'm wondering if you are, is

09:59:39 the idea of attracting, supporting and retaining local and

09:59:46 small businesses, because when you talk about economic

09:59:49 development, you know, we heard it here today about the

09:59:53 problems with the big box stores.

09:59:55 One of the problems that is well documented is that, and

10:00:02 both the city and the county are bringing those in like

10:00:06 everywhere in America is, that those actually result in a

10:00:09 net loss of jobs for us.

10:00:12 So I think when we think about economic development, the old

10:00:16 model is to think about bringing in big, you know, big box

10:00:21 stores, and the reality is that if you can retain your local

10:00:25 businesses and encourage those and help those, you create

10:00:29 more jobs.

10:00:32 And I think there are also ways in transportation that you

10:00:35 can help those small businesses, and one of those ways is

10:00:43 road diet as opposed to -- I look at your logo and I want to

10:00:46 go there and make those roads smaller and put rails in

10:00:49 between the curbs and put the bicycles on the side.

10:00:54 [ Laughter ]

10:00:56 >> Absolutely.

10:00:57 >>MARY MULHERN: And also you talked about Atlanta.

10:00:59 But you can look at some other -- probably most cities that

10:01:04 are doing well economically and see that they have gone with

10:01:11 transit and rail and bicycles and road diets and those types

10:01:17 of things.

10:01:18 So I hope that you are looking at good models for us.

10:01:22 >> I think we are.

10:01:26 And everything is on the table.

10:01:27 We have heard from a lot of different folks.

10:01:30 And really, the reason I mention about economic development

10:01:35 rather than transportation, because what you said is

10:01:37 absolutely true.

10:01:38 Need to retain good businesses.

10:01:40 We need to attract the kind of businesses that we want to

10:01:44 attract, and those that bring higher paying jobs, those that

10:01:48 can provide additional business for our existing small

10:01:52 businesses to support them.

10:01:54 So, yes, absolutely.

10:01:56 That's really what this is all about.

10:01:59 And then how you connect it.

10:02:01 And all of the solutions are on the table.

10:02:04 >>MARY MULHERN: And one other thing.

10:02:08 I'm not sure about the dollars involved here, but I know

10:02:12 that he in south Florida they got a lot of transportation

10:02:17 money for rails from the state.

10:02:19 And I hope that we are looking at the possibility of that,

10:02:25 supporting our plan with that.

10:02:29 And especially maybe with the ferry.

10:02:31 I wonder if there's a way to look at that, because that's

10:02:34 something that looks like it might actually happen.

10:02:36 >> Mike Merrill: Actually, the feds put up $30 million

10:02:44 which is not a lot of money for the entire country for

10:02:47 ferry-related projects.

10:02:49 We think we actually have a pretty good chance of possibly

10:02:52 getting about 5 to 7 million of that which would be huge.

10:02:57 We have been talking with FDOT about getting our fair share

10:03:04 of state and federal money whether for transit or for rail

10:03:08 or buses, and that's really going to be important to help us

10:03:16 at whatever funding we have on the table.

10:03:19 But we are competing for a small pot of money in Washington,

10:03:24 and we are competing with a lot of big systems that

10:03:28 typically have gotten more favorable treatment and continue

10:03:31 to get favorable treatment.

10:03:32 So we are we are going to have to band together and really

10:03:35 lobby hard and push hard in Washington to let them know that

10:03:39 we are here.

10:03:42 We are a huge economic driver.

10:03:44 And we just frankly have not done a good job of that in the

10:03:49 past.

10:03:49 >>MARY MULHERN: Thanks.

10:03:52 >>CHARLIE MIRANDA: Mr. Suarez and Mr. Cohen.

10:03:53 >>MIKE SUAREZ: Mr. Merrill, thanks for coming here.

10:03:56 I hope when you went to that meeting in Plant City you

10:03:59 explained to them that because they don't put into the Hart

10:04:01 system part of the reason they don't have commuter buses is

10:04:04 because they aren't paying any taxes to be part of it and

10:04:07 they didn't want to be part of Hart.

10:04:08 When I heard that, I thought, you hopefully someone in Plant

10:04:12 City understands that, that they are not paying into any

10:04:14 system, so they are not getting any service, which is the

10:04:17 deal that they bought into many, many, many years ago.

10:04:20 >> Yes.

10:04:22 >>MIKE SUAREZ: The other thing is you made a comment about

10:04:26 equity concerning the way that we put dollars into

10:04:30 transportation projects.

10:04:34 Myself and my colleagues, Mrs. Montelione, Mr. Cohen know as

10:04:37 part of the MPO, we have that list of different projects,

10:04:42 and it is there primarily to get kind of politics out of it,

10:04:45 to see whatever is the most important project at that

10:04:49 particular time.

10:04:50 And I think that sometimes we lose sight that there are

10:04:53 projects in the works constantly and not that, you know, we

10:04:57 are not doing anything.

10:04:58 And I think you already know.

10:05:00 That one of the questions that I had, and I think that I may

10:05:02 have mentioned it before, I think that some of what has

10:05:05 happened -- and again I apologize because I have only been

10:05:09 two of the meetings as a member of the chair of the Hart

10:05:12 board -- is that, you know, we may be looking for a solution

10:05:17 that's already there.

10:05:17 I think part of your -- I think there's a misconception that

10:05:22 there was one agency that knittings together all these

10:05:27 elements.

10:05:28 That's usually not true.

10:05:29 We are more diffuse than other places but we are not that

10:05:33 unique that we don't have a transit system or a road

10:05:37 department connected to a county or city, or, you know, an

10:05:41 MPO that might be doing the transportation planning.

10:05:45 Major metropolitan area in the country, every single transit

10:05:48 agency, every single county and city in the country has the

10:05:52 same issues.

10:05:54 The difference is this, that we have -- there is power

10:05:58 already to solve some of these problems.

10:06:01 And it's the bosses that have that power.

10:06:05 They haven't made a decision to do anything, but that's not

10:06:07 a matter of governance.

10:06:09 That's a matter of policy.

10:06:11 Once they decide to make a policy decision as to how we fund

10:06:14 some of these projects, then we can go forward.

10:06:18 We make the attempt last year to change the way referendums

10:06:24 are voted on to allow cities to vote on referendum.

10:06:28 The legislature did not allow us to do that and they still

10:06:31 won't allow us to do it.

10:06:32 So there's a lot of issues here that's part of this.

10:06:36 And I applaud the fact that we are looking at and doing a

10:06:39 deep dive on a lot of these issues.

10:06:42 But most of what we are talking about is building a car with

10:06:45 no money.

10:06:46 And it's okay to talk about let's go get a carburetor and a

10:06:51 fender and where the chassis goes.

10:06:53 But if I can't buy a carburetor, fender or chassis, it

10:06:57 doesn't matter.

10:06:58 And that's something that only the county commission can

10:07:00 actually make a decision on.

10:07:01 And that's kind of what I have said publicly at the other

10:07:04 meetings.

10:07:07 As you know I am not talking out of turn here so that's

10:07:10 something new to you, but I want people to know out there

10:07:13 that this group, although good to look at some of the

10:07:16 issues, there's a real disconnect between what has been

10:07:20 discussed and what is actually viable in terms of what needs

10:07:24 to be done.

10:07:25 Until we get to that point, you know, we are just putting

10:07:28 another study out there.

10:07:29 But thanks for coming here and bringing this up.

10:07:32 I know that we have other questions from our other members.

10:07:36 So I'll leave it at that.

10:07:37 >> Even though you have only been to a couple of meetings,

10:07:42 we appreciate that.

10:07:43 Everyone does in the group.

10:07:44 And that's important.

10:07:45 I would say even though the county commission has the

10:07:49 authority that you are describing, I think the thing that's

10:07:53 different and what makes this policy group different, and

10:07:56 really a better solution, is that they want this to be a

10:08:02 collegial and a group discussion, because the funding

10:08:07 affects everyone, your constituents are our constituents,

10:08:11 but, I mean, we don't -- the county commission does not want

10:08:16 to be the one making the unilateral decision, even though

10:08:19 ultimately they actually are the ones that -- and that's a

10:08:26 big deal for them to be able, for everyone to be able to sit

10:08:29 around the table and say, really, what is the best solution

10:08:32 here from the funding point?

10:08:34 Because you are absolutely right.

10:08:38 Till someone writes the check, we are all just spinning in

10:08:41 circles.

10:08:41 >> And I love being at the table and especially if they give

10:08:45 me a microphone.

10:08:48 thank you, chair.

10:08:52 You had hair when I first started talking.

10:08:54 The issue -- and I brought this up at the last meeting --

10:08:56 which is the -- the idea that, you know, a new governance

10:09:02 agency created is maybe a little bit premature but one thing

10:09:07 that I mentioned at that time, we are not engaging FDOT at

10:09:11 these meetings which I think is a huge mistake, because any

10:09:15 level of transportation that we provide, unfortunately,

10:09:22 D.O.T. has a huge role in that.

10:09:24 Mrs. Mulhern was mentioning about rail, without D.O.T.

10:09:28 buy-in we can't build rail.

10:09:30 Without D.O.T. buy-in we can't produce a D.O.T. system

10:09:35 that's worth a -- and without any of these entities, we are

10:09:41 which isling past the graveyard.

10:09:42 But that's all I have to say.

10:09:45 We ought to move forward.

10:09:46 I apologize, chair.

10:09:48 >>CHARLIE MIRANDA: I have got Mrs. Montelione and then Mr.

10:09:51 Cohen.

10:09:51 >>LISA MONTELIONE: Thank you, Mr. Chair.

10:09:54 Thank you, Mr. Merrill, for coming here and the chair will

10:09:56 correct me if I am wrong because he usually does.

10:09:58 But I think this is the first time that a county

10:10:01 administrator has come to City Council to brief us on an

10:10:05 issue, but thank you for your time and thank you for coming

10:10:10 here this morning.

10:10:11 You know, although he's indicated that I was a big part of

10:10:15 this group, I'm not any part of this group as all.

10:10:22 The chair sewed I was going to introduce the item.

10:10:27 I do watch it on TV and I encourage those out there to watch

10:10:30 it on TV.

10:10:31 But I have to tell you, I have great admiration and respect

10:10:33 because it is excruciating.

10:10:37 Maybe it's better live.

10:10:39 [ Laughter ]

10:10:40 Like a lot of things, you have to be there --

10:10:42 >> I wonder how people feel about that.

10:10:45 [ Laughter ]

10:10:48 >>LISA MONTELIONE: But one thing that I wondered about as I

10:10:53 watched these meetings, and I have -- more background than

10:10:59 Mr. Suarez -- but I'm not familiar with the stated mission

10:11:04 and goals of the committee, and I have not heard of there

10:11:11 being any published report coming out of this economic

10:11:17 competitiveness committee here at the city and we had a

10:11:20 published report that came out after the work that we

10:11:22 engaged in, so that's something that I wonder about.

10:11:28 And the formation of the committee, and the inclusion of the

10:11:33 mayors of the three cities, and the discussion of how we are

10:11:38 segmented and fragmented and all of the groups that are

10:11:41 working apparently on transportation, you know vice chair of

10:11:51 MPO and it almost mimics the exact makeup of the

10:11:54 transportation for economic development group.

10:11:57 So that kind of concerns me because when we are talking

10:12:02 about becoming less fragmented, we create more groups that

10:12:06 almost duplicate what other groups are doing.

10:12:08 So if you want to address those, and then I have a couple of

10:12:12 other questions.

10:12:12 >> Mike Merrill: Sure.

10:12:15 Sorry it's excruciating.

10:12:17 [ Laughter ]

10:12:18 But we have to go through a process grounded in the facts

10:12:27 and the data before we could move to have them move to a

10:12:30 place where they could start making recommendations and

10:12:34 decisions.

10:12:34 So, I mean, this is not intended to be a report that gets

10:12:38 put on the shelf.

10:12:40 What this is leading to hopefully in June, or thereabouts,

10:12:44 is some recommendations to the community on transportation

10:12:51 solutions as they relate to economic development.

10:12:54 The way this will play out, because we are getting towards

10:12:57 the end of the process, is that there will be a survey of

10:13:04 sorts that goes out to the community before the group comes

10:13:08 to recommendations.

10:13:09 And what they are going to do then, I'll sort of give you an

10:13:13 analogy here, or metaphor, I guess, but we need to have full

10:13:20 public engagement with the City Councils, with the

10:13:23 community, with all the other agencies that Mr. Suarez said,

10:13:30 so this policy group doesn't want to paint the picture in

10:13:33 its entirety.

10:13:33 But to have, we believe, an effective conversation about

10:13:39 this, someone has to set the -- someone has to choose the

10:13:44 frame in the picture.

10:13:45 Someone has to kind of pencil in the outline what the

10:13:47 picture looks like but not finish the painting because

10:13:50 otherwise it means be -- you know how it goes.

10:13:52 We can ask people, do you want buses, do you want rail?

10:13:57 The answer is, yeah, sure, I'll take one.

10:13:59 But when you start throwing it in the context of asking the

10:14:02 question differently, you get better answers.

10:14:05 So be identify the economic spaces.

10:14:12 And -- I can't get it up on the screen here but recommending

10:14:20 a menu of transportation solutions -- the economic space as

10:14:27 round the county.

10:14:30 And there they are.

10:14:32 What's competitive sites, which is an effort that all of our

10:14:36 economic development professionals, including the city and

10:14:40 EDA are going to identify.

10:14:42 Sites around the county that can become permit ready for

10:14:45 companies who want to expand or relocate to the county.

10:14:50 But there will then be a menu of projects proposed, and each

10:14:57 of those economic spaces for the community to consider.

10:15:04 And then some funding solution whether it's a referendum or

10:15:15 sales tax or whatever it happens to be, gets back to what

10:15:18 Mr. Suarez said, where the rubber meets the road, need to

10:15:21 figure out how to fund this.

10:15:23 But there will actually be a list of proposed projects, a

10:15:27 list of proposed economic spaces, and a strategy for

10:15:31 governance, and some options for funding.

10:15:35 All of that will then become a discussion for the community

10:15:38 before the elected leadership including this body and other

10:15:42 City Councils decide how we are going to move forward.

10:15:45 And so that will all be hopefully brought to completion by

10:15:51 September, October.

10:15:52 >> Okay.

10:15:55 So you had mentioned June.

10:15:56 But then September, October.

10:15:58 And that was the next question I had, was about a time line.

10:16:01 >> June is when they'll have the proposed list of projects,

10:16:08 the economic spaces.

10:16:09 And some funding options, which then will be taken out to

10:16:13 the community at large for discussion.

10:16:15 There will be organized public engagement venues.

10:16:19 And then bringing all of that intelligence and data back and

10:16:24 make a decision sometime in September, October.

10:16:26 >>LISA MONTELIONE: And the decision in September, October,

10:16:33 the decision on the funding options and the proposed list?

10:16:36 Because I guess the reason why I find the meetings a little

10:16:39 bit tough to get through is because all of this has been

10:16:41 discussed before.

10:16:46 Pretty much anybody working in the area of economic

10:16:49 development or in government knows that these economic

10:16:54 spaces have existed, and they have existed for, some of

10:16:58 them, some of the meetings go back -- I would say the newest

10:17:06 one on that list is maybe 25 or 30 years.

10:17:09 So there's no discussion on where the economic spaces were,

10:17:17 and anybody with general knowledge could probably tell us

10:17:19 that.

10:17:21 The discussion on a proposed list of projects already

10:17:25 exists.

10:17:26 The MPO votes on a proposed list of projects.

10:17:31 Now the transportation management group, Pasco and

10:17:35 Hillsborough counties, chairs and vice chairs of MPOs all

10:17:39 sit together and they discuss there's a proposed list.

10:17:42 And most of the lists that exist mirror each other, because

10:17:45 we all realize even if Pasco County and Pinellas County,

10:17:49 they realize that Tampa is where the economic development,

10:17:52 you know, enters the market.

10:17:54 And the projects that are on the list that include the other

10:17:58 counties include a lot of what's going on in and out from

10:18:03 the airport and in and out of the port and they realize

10:18:06 that's very important.

10:18:07 So coming up with a different proposed list is something

10:18:10 that confuses me, because we already have a list.

10:18:16 We seem to be replicating or duplicating a lot of the work

10:18:21 that already exists.

10:18:23 And from what I understand -- and I just found this out

10:18:25 recently, too, which I was surprised at, but there is not

10:18:30 just the one group, the leadership group, but there are also

10:18:33 committees under those groups.

10:18:35 And I learned that from watching one of those last meetings,

10:18:40 when a discussion of the managers group came up, and then

10:18:43 there's a staff or technical group that came up, and I'm

10:18:47 wondering, you know, how much -- again, I go back to

10:18:52 duplication.

10:18:53 Because a lot of the work that is being produced by staff or

10:18:56 being discussed by managers has already been vetted and

10:19:00 discussed by the MPO, or by some of the other transportation

10:19:04 groups that work, or our own transportation department here

10:19:09 at the city or your own transportation department at the

10:19:11 county.

10:19:12 So -- I guess the time line seemed a little bit long when we

10:19:19 already have all the pieces.

10:19:20 >> Mike Merrill: Let me see if I can help explain that.

10:19:26 Yes, there are projects.

10:19:27 But they were never determined based on an approach driven

10:19:31 by economic development.

10:19:32 So the list that we have may not be the right list.

10:19:39 >>LISA MONTELIONE: Well, I'm sorry, but I sit on so many of

10:19:43 these boards that they are driven by economic development.

10:19:47 I mean, the roadways and expansion of roadways and the

10:19:51 connections that are made are made because we have capacity

10:19:58 issues.

10:19:59 And the reason we have capacity issues is because we have

10:20:02 maybe a brand new employer, or maybe we have a new

10:20:05 subdivision that went in place, and we need to get the

10:20:09 people in the subdivision to the employment centers.

10:20:11 So they typically are economic development --

10:20:15 >> They are.

10:20:15 You are talking about discreet projects.

10:20:17 But we are talking about the entire network is fine,

10:20:21 connects economic development spaces.

10:20:23 So that's the piece that's missing.

10:20:26 We have all done a very good job of looking at discreet

10:20:31 needs for discreet projects, but never looked at the entire

10:20:36 scope of the need in the entire county.

10:20:39 And so that is the difference this time around.

10:20:43 Yes, we intuitively kind of knew where the key economic

10:20:49 spaces were but we didn't know what was inside of them in

10:20:52 terms of jobs and employers, what we can better do to

10:20:56 exploit those areas, how we can connect them

10:20:58 The other issue that you raise, as we have gone through this

10:21:02 before in the community, the difference, all those other

10:21:06 efforts that we have done in the past, they never started

10:21:09 with elected leaders sitting down together and really being

10:21:14 the ones to institute and lead that process.

10:21:18 It was always the other way around, where then the elected

10:21:21 folks who were at the very end didn't have buy-in, didn't

10:21:25 have ownership.

10:21:30 And that's primarily why it never succeeded.

10:21:32 So for us is the major difference.

10:21:38 Having that investment, leadership.

10:21:41 So I think it is different.

10:21:44 Perhaps many of the projects that are on the MPO's list may

10:21:46 end up being the kind of projects that support the spine of

10:21:51 the system.

10:21:54 The various groups that you talk about are all there to

10:21:57 support the leadership policy group.

10:22:00 And so we have representatives from the cities, from FDOT,

10:22:04 from the expressway authority, from Hartline at the staff

10:22:07 level helping to identify key economic spaces or projects,

10:22:11 pushing that information up together to the leadership

10:22:14 policy group.

10:22:15 We are engaged with FDOT.

10:22:17 We are engaged with the expressway authority.

10:22:19 We are engaged with TBARTA.

10:22:26 >>CHARLIE MIRANDA: Please, I have an agenda.

10:22:28 And I appreciate all the discussion, but I'm so far behind

10:22:31 it's unbelievable.

10:22:31 >> Well, then maybe we should have set this for a workshop.

10:22:36 It's an important topic and I think --

10:22:38 >> I agree with you.

10:22:39 >>LISA MONTELIONE: Transportation is one of the things that

10:22:42 everybody talks about and we don't spend a lot of time.

10:22:45 >>CHARLIE MIRANDA: So is hospital and water.

10:22:47 Everything is important.

10:22:48 And I appreciate that.

10:22:49 But I'm not trying to cut you off.

10:22:50 I'm just trying to say that I have got two more speakers.

10:22:53 And I have holly green here with another important 15-minute

10:22:58 presentation.

10:22:58 And I am just way behind.

10:23:03 I'm just telling the public what I am doing.

10:23:05 Continue, please.

10:23:06 >>LISA MONTELIONE: The school board has not been engaged --

10:23:11 and what I understand is they are undergoing right now very

10:23:16 difficult issues with their transportation system.

10:23:21 And they move during the school year more people around than

10:23:30 other transportation systems and even more than Hart.

10:23:33 So I would encourage you to, you know, include their

10:23:38 transportation system and any of the discussions, because

10:23:43 there may be some benefits to integrating the system that

10:23:47 they have, and so they may benefit from some of your

10:23:51 knowledge that you are investigating or coming up with to

10:23:56 help them solve some of their problems.

10:23:59 So that's a group that I hadn't heard mentioned before.

10:24:04 And the governance and funding, obviously I am not going to

10:24:08 have the time to get into both, but I think the funding

10:24:12 piece is the most important, because it all comes down to

10:24:18 money.

10:24:18 And I think that's what this is all about.

10:24:22 And I really think that this is all about, you know,

10:24:24 educating the public or showing the public that we are

10:24:27 spending the time when we go out and ask for a referendum,

10:24:31 because that ultimately is what we are going to come down

10:24:33 to.

10:24:33 We are going to have a referendum on the ballot at some

10:24:36 point in time.

10:24:37 I'm not sure when.

10:24:38 But, you know, I know that some of the MPOs you mentioned,

10:24:45 transportation, it's going to be 30 million for just inside

10:24:48 the city limits.

10:24:49 So it's an expensive project.

10:24:51 And, you know, when we talk about how to fund

10:24:57 transportation, there are really shrinking dollars so we

10:25:01 have to come up with some different solutions, and a

10:25:03 referendum isn't going to provide all the money we need.

10:25:06 So it's going to be some -- some alternatives methods as

10:25:11 well.

10:25:12 So -- and I would say that you mentioned that there wouldn't

10:25:18 be a published report just sit on the shelf, and that's not

10:25:22 why I was asking about a published report.

10:25:24 I was asking about a published report because that's what

10:25:26 holds people accountable. If we say these are the things,

10:25:29 we put in the writing, we put it on paper, a weaned say

10:25:32 these are the goals, this is our mission, these are the

10:25:35 projects we want to identify, and this is what we are going

10:25:38 to accomplish, and it's on paper, and it's in writing, then

10:25:42 at some point down the road, once we have a referendum

10:25:46 people can say, well, this is what you said we were going to

10:25:48 do with be my money.

10:25:49 >> Yes, absolutely.

10:25:50 >>LISA MONTELIONE: Thank you.

10:25:53 >>CHARLIE MIRANDA: Mr. Cohen then Mrs. Capin.

10:25:56 >>YVONNE CAPIN: Thank you for coming, Mr. Merrill.

10:25:57 We really do appreciate it.

10:25:59 I think it is unprecedented to have a county administrator

10:26:01 here.

10:26:02 And I think that's wonderful and does reflect this new level

10:26:05 of cooperation between the city and the county that I think

10:26:09 everyone should be proud of.

10:26:10 I am going to make two very brief points because a lot has

10:26:13 already been said.

10:26:15 It's very easy for people that don't sit on this committee,

10:26:19 and that aren't intimately involved in the process to

10:26:22 criticize the work that other people are doing clearly to

10:26:27 address a problem that is known about over 30 or 40 years.

10:26:30 This is not something that reared its head recently, and the

10:26:37 lack of any progress in recent years has certainly put us

10:26:39 further behind.

10:26:40 But there are two elements that -- I think focused on at

10:26:48 all, and I just wanted to mention very briefly.

10:26:50 The first is congestion.

10:26:52 If you listen to our public comments this morning, much of

10:27:06 deals with congestion.

10:27:07 There was discussion this morning about trader Joe's and the

10:27:13 amount of congestion caused by it.

10:27:15 And I fear that looking at economic development, without

10:27:18 necessarily looking at -- just as we maintain the quality of

10:27:23 life that we have in our neighborhood, need to be balanced

10:27:27 with one another.

10:27:28 And looking at the key economic space grouping, I have to

10:27:32 tell you, I was a little surprised.

10:27:35 I see MacDill Air Force Base on there.

10:27:37 But South Tampa is completely blank and it's the most

10:27:40 congested area day after day after day in the city.

10:27:45 The complaints that my office gets more often than not have

10:27:48 to do with congestion.

10:27:49 So that's one issue that I think in order to get buy-in from

10:27:54 the entire community is going to have to be an element of

10:27:59 the plan.

10:28:00 And the second issue, perhaps even more important, is the

10:28:04 usual you of safety.

10:28:07 We have, as everyone knows, a significant safety problem in

10:28:10 this community for bicyclists and pedestrians.

10:28:14 And I would submit to you that without solving that problem,

10:28:18 we are going to create an economic development problem for

10:28:21 ourselves.

10:28:21 Because that statistic that puts us consistently at the top

10:28:28 of the list of unsafe cities for pedestrians and bicyclists,

10:28:32 is going to impede our economic development effort if we

10:28:35 don't show a real effort in dealing with it.

10:28:38 And I brought this up at the MPO and I bring it up to you

10:28:41 today, just so that as these discussions move forward, it

10:28:44 continues to be an element of the discussion.

10:28:47 I do want to also echo that I thought Councilwoman's

10:28:52 Mulhern's comment about smart energy and understanding that

10:28:56 new types of fuel and power are going to be needed for these

10:28:59 systems is also a very important component.

10:29:02 That's all I have to say, Mr. Chair.

10:29:04 >>CHARLIE MIRANDA: Thank you, Mr. Chair. Appreciate it.

10:29:06 Mrs. Capin.

10:29:12 >>YVONNE CAPIN: What I want to know is the key economic

10:29:15 space group meeting, what is the basis for those?

10:29:21 How do these areas come about?

10:29:23 What was looked at?

10:29:25 >> Mike Merrill: What is looked at is the concentration of

10:29:28 businesses within an area, the concentration of jobs within

10:29:32 a particular area, and the potential for additional growth,

10:29:38 commerce of business in that area.

10:29:40 And then we can certainly provide you with a detailed list

10:29:44 of criteria. But there was a methodology.

10:29:46 >> And competitive sites, define that.

10:29:53 >> The thing that all of our economic development folks have

10:29:57 struggled with is that when we get interest from a company

10:30:02 that wants to relocate here, that we haven't had a good

10:30:05 inventory of sites that were ready to be developed.

10:30:09 So when a company wants to move here, their idea of moving

10:30:13 to a place is that once they make a decision on a site, they

10:30:17 can open their doors in 18 months or less.

10:30:20 Well, permitting and zoning can take half that time.

10:30:23 So identifying where some competitive sites are now, getting

10:30:28 them to a place where they can be made permit-ready, then

10:30:32 makes us a player, gives us a chance to be competitive for

10:30:36 that place.

10:30:39 >>YVONNE CAPIN: I found it interesting because as Councilman

10:30:41 Cohen said, South Tampa, but another area that's not here is

10:30:45 Ybor.

10:30:46 And I want to let you know that I was at a meeting with

10:30:52 chairman Mark Sharpe on Monday, and he had just come from a

10:30:57 meeting where he was talking to an I.T. company, and he

10:31:05 asked them, if you could locate anywhere in Hillsborough

10:31:09 County, where would you locate?

10:31:13 Ybor City.

10:31:14 And I have someone that was with me.

10:31:22 And when we look at these areas, when we are looking for

10:31:25 these companies, these high-tech companies, which is who he

10:31:28 was talking to that morning, he admittedly was taken aback.

10:31:36 I was not.

10:31:37 He mentioned it to me.

10:31:39 I was not at all taken aback.

10:31:43 It is a historic area.

10:31:44 It's very walkable.

10:31:46 Transportation in and out of there, both by car and public

10:31:53 transportation is available.

10:31:57 That being said, I just found this interesting that these

10:32:05 areas are not included, when clearly we can see that they

10:32:10 are renting more office space than retail in Ybor City, and

10:32:15 there's a reason for that.

10:32:16 >> Then what happens is that someone says we are not on the

10:32:23 map.

10:32:23 So it's a very good point.

10:32:26 I do want folks to understand this is not being exclusive.

10:32:30 So the solution is not just about the economic stations.

10:32:33 It was just a way to kind of identify where our critical

10:32:37 mass is.

10:32:38 >> All right.

10:32:40 I understand.

10:32:40 You did say this is not -- the plan is not to -- it's

10:32:46 actually -- okay.

10:32:50 Now, just one more thing.

10:32:51 And that was when it was mentioned about the D.O.T., without

10:32:56 them.

10:32:57 You wanted to answer that question.

10:33:00 Do you remember?

10:33:02 >> Yes.

10:33:03 Just to engage with FDOT.

10:33:05 We are very engaged with FDOT, and they have been very good

10:33:09 partners, and the MPO is part of the group, as is the

10:33:13 Planning Commission, expressway authority.

10:33:16 Airport authority.

10:33:17 We are all sort of doing listening together.

10:33:21 But clearly you are right.

10:33:22 FDOT has got to be back here and be willing to go to bat for

10:33:27 us on the grant money.

10:33:29 >> Thank you for your time and thank you for coming here.

10:33:36 Very much appreciated.

10:33:37 >> Have a good day.

10:33:39 >>CHARLIE MIRANDA: Thank you, Mike.

10:33:39 We really appreciate it very much.

10:33:41 Thank you for your time.

10:33:42 During one fantastic job just across the street for the

10:33:45 service of all of us in Hillsborough County.

10:33:47 We really appreciate it very much.

10:33:50 The door is open and I'll give you the cell phone in a

10:33:54 minute.

10:33:55 >> 24/7.

10:33:57 Thank you very much.

10:33:57 >> Okay.

10:33:59 Holly green, please.

10:34:02 She's going to have a presentation here with Tampa estuary

10:34:04 program.

10:34:04 >> Good morning.

10:34:12 I'm very pleased to be here today.

10:34:14 I am Holly Greening, the Executive Director of the Tampa Bay

10:34:17 estuary program.

10:34:18 And I'm here to make sure that you understand how important

10:34:23 Tampa Bay is and how much better it's getting over time.

10:34:27 And an awful lot of that has to do with the work that the

10:34:31 city is doing along with the other communities within the

10:34:36 Tampa Bay area.

10:34:38 I do have a Power Point.

10:34:43 There it is, good.

10:34:44 And I also have a handout to give you.

10:34:50 The city has been a partner in the Tampa Bay estuary program

10:34:52 for almost 25 years now so we are almost coming up on a

10:34:55 quarter century.

10:34:56 And seeing some remarkable progress during that time.

10:35:00 Some of you may remember what Tampa Bay looked like in the

10:35:03 1970s.

10:35:04 It was covered with algae.

10:35:06 This is actually right outside the door here.

10:35:10 And it was very heavily polluted.

10:35:14 In fact, it was considered a poster child for nutrient

10:35:18 pollution in the 1970s and was actually a poster child

10:35:23 identified by 60 minutes.

10:35:25 There was a 60 minute segment on nutrient pollution in Tampa

10:35:28 Bay was the centerpiece there.

10:35:32 A lot of action has occurred as a result of trying to

10:35:37 restore Tampa Bay, starting with citizen action in the late

10:35:41 1970s that resulted in state legislation, that was for

10:35:50 Tampa Bay and required wastewater treatment plants to be

10:35:52 reduce their nitrogen load very significantly within three

10:35:56 years.

10:35:57 The city's Howard Curran plant was a leader and that really

10:36:04 kicked off the recovery of Tampa Bay.

10:36:06 The Agency on Bay Management, again a regional effort

10:36:09 started in the early 1980s.

10:36:11 The Water Management District SWIM program identified Tampa

10:36:15 Bay as a priority water body in the late 1980s.

10:36:19 And then the Tampa Bay estuary program was formed in 1990.

10:36:24 Itself the City of Tampa is a founding partner of the Tampa

10:36:28 Bay estuary program, joining the city of Clearwater and

10:36:34 St. Petersburg, and the three counties, Hillsborough,

10:36:37 Manatee and Pinellas, a round Tampa Bay, as well as the

10:36:40 three regulatory agencies that have direct responsibility

10:36:42 for restoring or protecting Tampa Bay.

10:36:47 The Florida department of environmental protection, the

10:36:49 water management districts and USEPA.

10:36:54 So at our policy board table, we have sitting the six

10:36:58 entities, elected officials from the six entities, local

10:37:02 governments, and three regulatory agencies working together

10:37:05 to come up with common solutions to our long-term goals of

10:37:11 restoring and protecting Tampa Bay.

10:37:14 One of the major things that the Tampa Bay estuary program

10:37:17 does is facilitate public-private partnerships and restoring

10:37:23 and protecting Tampa Bay.

10:37:25 That public-private partnership was initiated in 1996

10:37:29 through the Tampa Bay nitrogen management consortium.

10:37:32 And since then over 300 projects have been implemented.

10:37:35 A whole series of actions that you can see here ranging from

10:37:39 industrial and wastewater treatment plant reduction,

10:37:43 improvements in air quality, which is the major part of the

10:37:46 improvement of Tampa Bay.

10:37:48 And resident action.

10:37:52 The fertilizer ordinance that the city passed a couple years

10:37:55 ago now is a very important part of that residential action.

10:38:01 And with those, we see water quality greatly improved over

10:38:05 time.

10:38:05 This graphic shows water quality starting in 1974.

10:38:10 The red indicates we were not meeting water quality standard

10:38:13 at that time for the four major segments and the green means

10:38:17 we are.

10:38:18 And as you can see, we are getting progressively better over

10:38:21 time.

10:38:22 1980, advanced wastewater treatment began.

10:38:28 It took years to really see water quality improvement but we

10:38:31 did start seeing them in about five years, stormwater

10:38:34 regulations were enacted, and then the voluntary program

10:38:38 were enacted.

10:38:40 And you can see the great improvement over time with water

10:38:43 quality.

10:38:44 And, in fact, today, Tampa Bay water quality and the clarity

10:38:49 is as good as it was in 1950, which is truly amazing.

10:38:53 Given that we have a million more people in our watershed

10:38:56 since 1990.

10:38:58 So even with this increase in population we are seeing vast

10:39:04 improvements in our water quality.

10:39:08 And sea grass recovery.

10:39:10 The underwater sea grasses are a barometer, and we see it at

10:39:17 about a thousand ache areas year which is truly amazing

10:39:19 especially here in Hillsborough bay which has very little

10:39:23 sea grass but has seen the largest increase in sea grass

10:39:26 over the last 20 years of any of the segments.

10:39:29 So very good news there.

10:39:31 Our goal is to recover sea grass to 1950s levels.

10:39:36 We are a couple thousand acres short of that.

10:39:38 But at this rate, you know, we probably will get there

10:39:41 within the next five years, which is very exciting.

10:39:44 And again, this rate of so very good news there.

10:39:55 I wanted to highlight a couple of highlights with the City

10:39:58 of Tampa.

10:40:00 Our Be Floridian residential education campaign, restricting

10:40:07 nitrogen in the summertime.

10:40:09 Again a very significant piece, overall management for Tampa

10:40:13 Bay.

10:40:15 We also developed, with the other two estuary programs,

10:40:21 Sarasota and Charlotte harbor, a regional ecosystem

10:40:24 restoration plan for delivery for the restore act.

10:40:28 And you all know that the judge has not yet decided what the

10:40:36 specific fines will be, the clean water act fines will be

10:40:39 yet.

10:40:39 But this plan that was developed with 34 different elected

10:40:44 officials from Tampa Bay through Charlotte harbor has been

10:40:49 delivered now to both the state and the federal council,

10:40:53 very well received there, and I think it bodes well in terms

10:40:57 of receiving some of those funds as it the funds begin to

10:41:04 flow into Florida.

10:41:06 The regional plan recommends the City of Tampa projects, 11

10:41:12 projects for about $96 million.

10:41:14 So we are again well positioned to be able to take a look at

10:41:21 further improvements in the environment in Tampa Bay.

10:41:32 He our bay mini grant is $67,000 awarded to the community

10:41:40 within the city, including several here that you see.

10:41:46 finally, I just wanted to point out the city has been a very

10:41:51 strong supporter over the years, currently a little less

10:41:56 than $40,000 per year, and been able to match that as about

10:42:04 $57 for every dollar provided by the city.

10:42:07 That's about 11 cents per person per year that you provide

10:42:14 to the east ware program.

10:42:15 And thank you very much for your consideration for

10:42:17 continuing that support.

10:42:21 And with that, I wanted to just thank you again, give you

10:42:24 some really good news about Tampa Bay.

10:42:26 The collaborative approach that this community has done is a

10:42:32 model for the nation.

10:42:33 And in terms of environmental restoration protection, very

10:42:36 exciting news.

10:42:37 >>MARY MULHERN: Thank you, holly.

10:42:41 Just amazing what you have done.

10:42:44 A couple things.

10:42:45 I wanted to point out.

10:42:49 I'm the city representative on this board.

10:42:51 And that $96 million from the restore plan that we applied

10:42:57 for and that we were approved by the estuary board, was a

10:43:02 lot smaller than I kept bugging our public works director

10:43:07 and our parks director to put in a lot more programs.

10:43:10 So we don't not what we are going to get.

10:43:12 But we are going to get something.

10:43:14 And I think if you hadn't let us know both here and in the

10:43:19 other counties and cities, the possibilities, we wouldn't

10:43:24 have applied for that.

10:43:25 So I think it's got to be a good thing.

10:43:28 Then the question I wanted to ask you about the city

10:43:31 investment.

10:43:36 So $40,000 over the last three years.

10:43:38 Is that what you said?

10:43:40 >> $40,000 each for the last three years.

10:43:42 >> And has that gone up from when we initially started?

10:43:47 >> It has not.

10:43:48 All of the local governments contribution are levels since

10:43:54 1998.

10:43:55 >> '98.

10:43:56 That's a long time.

10:44:00 26 years?

10:44:02 Hasn't changed?

10:44:03 Is that right?

10:44:07 16?

10:44:07 Oh, 16.

10:44:09 I'm bad with numbers.

10:44:10 So I think that especially considering the great progress we

10:44:13 are making, on our ways -- bays, I hope we will think about

10:44:20 increasing that a little bit.

10:44:21 That's an incredible return on investment as far as the

10:44:25 matching money.

10:44:27 $57 to a dollar.

10:44:32 Thank you for everything.

10:44:33 >>CHARLIE MIRANDA: I have Mr. Cohen and Mrs. Capin.

10:44:35 >>HARRY COHEN: Thank you very much, Councilwoman Mulhern,

10:44:39 for bringing this up.

10:44:40 Because it's something that all of us care about.

10:44:43 And I just wanted to -- sometimes we joke that for Tampa,

10:44:49 not Tampa Bay, but Tampa Bay truly is the jewel of Tampa and

10:44:53 is something that he would all want to protect.

10:44:58 I want to say something about the canal dredging program

10:45:00 that's going on in the city right now.

10:45:02 The City of Tampa is spending $2.8 million to dredge 14

10:45:08 canals on old Tampa Bay.

10:45:11 We are doing it for a variety of reasons.

10:45:13 We had an Environmental Protection Agency grant from the

10:45:17 federal government that was extended but we adopt opted to

10:45:20 go forward with some of this work anyway.

10:45:23 There are stormwater issues, the canals not being navigable

10:45:27 particularly during low tide.

10:45:29 But in three of the 14 canals where the work has already

10:45:35 been completed, within two days of the cranes and the

10:45:39 equipment being removed from the canals, residents are

10:45:42 reporting seeing Manatees, seeing new schools of fish,

10:45:47 moving back into the area.

10:45:49 They are seeing immediate environmental benefits to doing

10:45:52 this work.

10:45:53 And I just want to applaud the administration for going

10:45:56 forward, public works department, mayor, for going forward

10:46:01 with this, even in the face of the loss of federal money,

10:46:05 because the benefits, not just the property values, not just

10:46:07 to the stormwater discharge system, but to the environment,

10:46:11 to our esturaries, are very, very significant.

10:46:13 So it sort of proves that when you do good things, other

10:46:16 good things will follow.

10:46:19 >>CHARLIE MIRANDA: Thank you.

10:46:19 Mrs. Capin.

10:46:21 >>YVONNE CAPIN: Yes.

10:46:23 We are very much aware of how important water is, both to

10:46:27 sustaining life, keeping that economic development, and

10:46:35 definitely, what I want to say is everybody loves a winner.

10:46:39 This is a winner.

10:46:41 This is a winner.

10:46:42 And Councilwoman Mulhern took the words, talk about return

10:46:47 on investments.

10:46:49 Same thing is going to happen with the dredge of the canals.

10:46:54 We are already seeing an improvement on the stormwater

10:47:00 coming through there.

10:47:01 So this is truly a jewel for us.

10:47:07 Thank you for making -- helping make Tampa Bay so beautiful

10:47:12 again, as I remember in the 50s.

10:47:14 Thank you.

10:47:14 Any other council member that's not spoken?

10:47:17 I go to second.

10:47:18 Mrs. Mulhern.

10:47:19 >>MARY MULHERN: Sorry.

10:47:20 A couple things I forgot to say.

10:47:23 One, I would like the city and my colleagues and the

10:47:25 administration to know that through the estuary program,

10:47:32 there are Tampa Bay environmental restoration fund dollars,

10:47:36 grant dollars available for water quality, restoration and

10:47:41 education, and these grants are from 50,000 to $150,000

10:47:47 each.

10:47:47 So we should think about that.

10:47:49 I'm not sure if the dredging might qualify for that, but it

10:47:53 might.

10:47:54 And that's the other thing that I wanted to tell Councilman

10:47:57 Cohen about, the dredging on Westshore.

10:48:04 There are were proposed dollars in the restore act

10:48:06 application that were approved by the estuary board and the

10:48:09 consortium for more dredging in South Tampa, and the

10:48:15 Westshore area.

10:48:16 So pretty exciting.

10:48:21 >>CHARLIE MIRANDA: Holly, if I may ask you one thing.

10:48:23 I know that you are very understanding of these subject

10:48:25 matters, and to the whole area.

10:48:29 Our Howard Curran plant, not that you are as old as I am,

10:48:39 you are a hundred years younger, but our plant is situated

10:48:42 in a very situation where we can still grow by the ability

10:48:48 to bring in more treatment than other areas are, and

10:48:53 therefore we are set for growth.

10:48:54 And what does that have to do for the area?

10:48:58 And are we meeting our goals at the plant?

10:49:00 >> We currently are meeting our goals for the bay.

10:49:04 And an awful lot of that has to do with each one of the

10:49:09 wastewater treatment plants having approved an awful lot.

10:49:13 Currently, each wastewater plant and industrial stormwater

10:49:17 also has a cap on the amount of nitrogen that they are

10:49:20 allowed to discharge.

10:49:23 And they are below that cap but not by a lot.

10:49:29 So if the plant did want to expand, there is an opportunity

10:49:33 to transfer between, like if you are taking another entity's

10:49:40 wastewater, there is an opportunity to consider transferring

10:49:44 to enlarge that cap and reduce the cap, so there are ways to

10:49:50 do that.

10:49:50 And because everyone has that cap, we look forward to

10:49:54 continuing to be able to meet our water quality.

10:49:57 So it's very important that we stay within that.

10:49:59 But there are some ways to work within that cap.

10:50:02 >>CHARLIE MIRANDA: And two additional ways would be the use

10:50:04 of reclaimed water and reduced water use.

10:50:09 I appreciate it very much.

10:50:10 Thank you very much for spending your time with us this

10:50:12 morning.

10:50:12 It's been very informative.

10:50:14 We appreciate it very much.

10:50:14 >> Thank you.

10:50:16 And I wanted to end up with how important the partnership is

10:50:20 of all the local cities and counties and making the bay

10:50:22 better.

10:50:23 It's clearly been remarkable.

10:50:25 Thank you.

10:50:26 >>CHARLIE MIRANDA: Thank you.

10:50:29 You

10:50:36 I appreciate it very much.

10:50:37 We have two items on the agenda than I think are very

10:50:39 important.

10:50:40 We are going to go to them at the present time.

10:50:44 I have had some outstanding individuals from the Tampa

10:50:46 Police Department out there waiting for some time, and

10:50:49 that's item number 10.

10:50:51 Mr. Frank Reddick's consent order.

10:50:53 And we have item number 30 under Mr. Cohen, approval of

10:50:57 solid waste director.

10:50:58 So if I may, I am going to take item 30 first.

10:51:02 I believe it will be a little shorter than -- and I am doing

10:51:05 this to put these people back to work.

10:51:07 >>LISA MONTELIONE: I'm sorry, I'm confused.

10:51:10 I thought that 9 and 10 are consent agenda items and that we

10:51:14 would just go through the consent agenda.

10:51:17 >>CHARLIE MIRANDA: Well, they are consent agenda items.

10:51:19 >>LISA MONTELIONE: It hasn't been pulled, right?

10:51:21 >>CHARLIE MIRANDA: It hasn't been pulled but I know what's

10:51:22 going to happen.

10:51:23 Do you want me to tray it your way?

10:51:29 >> I move for 30 and 10.

10:51:32 >>CHARLIE MIRANDA: I have an item to pull 30 and 10 so we

10:51:34 can be directly within the law.

10:51:36 Seconded by Mrs. Capin.

10:51:37 Second of the motion.

10:51:38 All in favor? Opposed?

10:51:39 The ayes have it unanimously.

10:51:45 Thank you very much.

10:51:46 Item number 30 first.

10:51:49 Which I think is the shortest one between 30 and 10.

10:51:58 Any discussion?

10:51:59 We receive very scrutinized statements in the paper and

10:52:01 throughout the community.

10:52:02 And I want to make sure everybody has the chance to hear

10:52:04 what we have to say.

10:52:05 Item number 30.

10:52:06 >>FRANK REDDICK: Move the resolution.

10:52:10 >> Second.

10:52:12 >>CHARLIE MIRANDA: Seconded by Mrs. Montelione.

10:52:14 All in favor of the motion please say aye.

10:52:17 Opposed nay. Item passed unanimously.

10:52:19 Item number 10.

10:52:22 Let's see what happens here, chief.

10:52:23 >> Chief Castor: I'm here to answer any questions you have

10:52:33 on the contract renewal with the red light camera program

10:52:36 which clearly we see as a benefit and a value to the

10:52:40 community in reducing accidents, and as I spoke with each of

10:52:44 you previously, we have reduced the number of citations and

10:52:49 the number of crashes, and thereby reducing associated

10:52:53 injuries and property damage.

10:52:55 It's a very valuable program.

10:52:57 And we want to be see it continued.

10:53:01 >>CHARLIE MIRANDA: Council members, any discussion of this

10:53:02 item, item number 10?

10:53:04 >>FRANK REDDICK: Mr. Chair.

10:53:10 Thank you, chief.

10:53:12 And I read the information that you presented to me, and my

10:53:24 position always has been I'm not against the red light

10:53:29 cameras, and the reason for my not voting for it before was

10:53:38 not because I didn't support it.

10:53:40 It basically, my dissent was all about the stubbornness of

10:53:45 the administration not willing to put aside a small

10:53:51 percentage to go for infrastructure.

10:53:55 That was what my dissent was all about.

10:53:58 I requested that the last time we discussed this, that I

10:54:02 think -- and I had suggested 25% of the revenues should be

10:54:07 utilized for infrastructure needs in the areas where we have

10:54:11 these cameras.

10:54:13 The administration has not responded to that.

10:54:17 And I am going to ask the question, because I understand

10:54:22 that citations are down, accidents are down, but I read

10:54:32 somewhere that the city contributed over a million dollar to

10:54:41 a facility?

10:54:42 >> We didn't.

10:54:43 At this time $1.1 million of the fines, as you know, a

10:54:48 portion comes to the city, and a portion goes to the state,

10:54:51 and out of the state's portion, some of that money is

10:54:56 directed towards the trauma fund.

10:54:58 And it's been $1.4 million from the citations that we have

10:55:02 written in the City of Tampa.

10:55:03 >>FRANK REDDICK: Okay.

10:55:07 So that's the share that the city receives?

10:55:10 >> No, sir, that's the share of the state.

10:55:12 >>FRANK REDDICK: Okay.

10:55:15 And this is a question you may not be able to answer.

10:55:20 I don't know if anybody from administration is here.

10:55:22 But I'm wondering why the city never responded to a request,

10:55:29 and I think more than just me have expressed it, is that

10:55:34 some of those funds be utilized for infrastructure

10:55:36 improvements in the areas where the cameras are located.

10:55:41 And, you know, when I think about it more now, I think if we

10:55:50 had 25% improvement, going toward infrastructure

10:55:59 improvement, in areas we could be working with D.O.T.,

10:56:05 working with county government, with county roads, and we

10:56:07 won't have the situation where we are dealing with right

10:56:10 now, where we have a young lady who is brain dead sitting in

10:56:14 the hospital because she was hit by an automobile on

10:56:17 Hillsborough Avenue, and this is the fourth time in two and

10:56:22 a half years that a child has been hit on Hillsborough

10:56:25 Avenue, and I think if we had used some of those dollars,

10:56:31 the 25%, I think we could work with D.O.T., work with

10:56:38 Hillsborough County, since Hillsborough is a State Road,

10:56:40 where we could have put some funds, or some type of flashing

10:56:47 lights or something, to improve that area.

10:56:52 So I'm disappointed because I haven't gotten a response from

10:56:56 administration.

10:56:58 I'm disappointed that 25% is a small percent.

10:57:02 I didn't care what the city did with the other 75, even

10:57:05 though I disagree with it going into general revenue fund.

10:57:09 But since we didn't get a response from the city,

10:57:14 administration -- and I don't know if there's anyone here to

10:57:17 speak to this -- it's difficult for me to support renewing

10:57:22 the contract.

10:57:23 Thank you, chair.

10:57:24 >>CHARLIE MIRANDA: Thank you.

10:57:24 Anyone else?

10:57:25 Let me say, Ms. Montelione.

10:57:29 >>LISA MONTELIONE: I have to say that a discussion of this

10:57:32 item took me a little bit by surprised.

10:57:34 The next time I am going to take my political advice from

10:57:37 Chief Castor because she had a feeling it was going to be

10:57:40 discussed.

10:57:41 And that really disappoints me on a couple levels, speaking

10:57:46 of being disappointed, because at the MPO which we talked

10:57:50 about on our previous item, we have study upon study upon

10:57:55 study of titles under this subject of crash mitigation.

10:57:59 Had I known that we were going to discuss this item and not

10:58:03 have it on consent for an up or down vote, then I would have

10:58:06 brought those studies with me, and I would have been able to

10:58:09 quote from those studies.

10:58:10 But it wasn't pulled in advance.

10:58:13 It wasn't mentioned.

10:58:15 It wasn't put under staff reports.

10:58:17 It was a consent item.

10:58:22 Having an inkling, I did call last anytime over to the MPO

10:58:28 and spoke to a couple of people including the woman who does

10:58:32 all of the crash mitigation studies, or analyzes the crash

10:58:36 mitigation studies, and the issue of whether or not red

10:58:44 light cameras are serving the purpose that I feel they were

10:58:49 put there for, to change behaviors, and drop crash rates,

10:58:55 happened.

10:58:56 Crashes have gone down.

10:58:58 I travel Busch Boulevard every single day.

10:59:01 And it is just like Hillsborough Avenue.

10:59:03 You have got people crossing wherever they want to cross.

10:59:08 And we had instituted -- not we.

10:59:11 It's a State Road.

10:59:13 The Department of Transportation put in a mid-block

10:59:16 crossing.

10:59:17 It's only the second one in the entire state.

10:59:19 The other one, I believe, is in Miami-Dade county.

10:59:24 On a State Road, FDOT put in that mid block crossing.

10:59:30 Does it get used?

10:59:31 Yes.

10:59:32 Do people still go ten feet or 20 feet or 30 feet from where

10:59:37 that mid block crossing is and cross there any way?

10:59:40 Because it's not in front of the gas station or convenience

10:59:45 store that people want to get to?

10:59:47 We have to put a mid block crossing every 20 feet in order

10:59:50 to get everybody to cross at a crosswalk.

10:59:52 And that's not gonna happen.

10:59:55 What's going to happen is drivers have to change their

10:59:57 behavior.

10:59:58 They have to stop doing 70 miles per hour in a 40

11:00:02 mile-per-hour, 45 mile-per-hour zone which people do on

11:00:04 Busch Boulevard continuously.

11:00:06 They do it on Hillsborough Avenue.

11:00:08 They make left and right turns without looking both ways to

11:00:11 see if somebody is in the crosswalk to cross, or a bicyclist

11:00:15 is there.

11:00:16 We are talking about behavior change.

11:00:18 This is not about the money.

11:00:20 And whether or not the money gets put into a fund to fund

11:00:26 improvements at intersections or whether it's put into the

11:00:29 general fund, we have transportation dollars, we have bike

11:00:32 plans, our transportation division -- transportation

11:00:36 division does a lot of work to make our roads safer.

11:00:41 It's the first time in history that the Florida Department

11:00:42 of Transportation is recognizing that people walk in the

11:00:46 roads.

11:00:46 And I attended a safety summit two weeks ago.

11:00:51 It's the only safety summit that FDOT puts on in the entire

11:00:56 state.

11:00:57 And it's here in our district.

11:00:59 District 7 transportation.

11:01:00 Not my district 7.

11:01:02 FDOT's district 7.

11:01:04 We are working in transportation safety.

11:01:09 A police car is parked in the parking lot waiting for people

11:01:12 to not stop at that mid block crossing.

11:01:14 They do it randomly so people don't get used to it.

11:01:19 Oh, they are going to be waiting for me.

11:01:21 When people talk about not doing things, again, this is Mr.

11:01:27 Suarez said earlier, we it irritates me when people talk

11:01:32 about us not doing things because then the public thinks we

11:01:34 are sitting on our hands and letting people die on our

11:01:38 roadways.

11:01:38 And we are not.

11:01:39 We are very active.

11:01:40 We are very proactive.

11:01:41 And money is being put into the safety features, not just by

11:01:47 the City of Tampa, by Florida Department of Transportation,

11:01:50 and Hillsborough County. So I'm in favor of the red light

11:01:55 cameras.

11:01:56 I have always been in favor of the red light cameras.

11:01:58 And I have been in favor of it.

11:02:01 It stops people from going through a red light.

11:02:04 Thank you.

11:02:06 >>CHARLIE MIRANDA: I have Mrs. Capin.

11:02:08 Excuse me, I have Mr. Cohen and Mrs. Capin.

11:02:13 No?

11:02:13 All right.

11:02:14 I have Mrs. Capin.

11:02:16 >>YVONNE CAPIN: Okay.

11:02:21 >>CHARLIE MIRANDA: And Mr. Suarez comes after Mrs. Capin.

11:02:26 >>YVONNE CAPIN: There's one thing.

11:02:28 I am not camera shy.

11:02:33 We are on camera everywhere.

11:02:35 As a matter of fact, one of the things I look at, I think

11:02:39 the citation amount could be raised.

11:02:45 I think you run a red light.

11:02:48 Make it to where you really feel that pain.

11:02:51 I'm serious about that.

11:02:54 I did the not vote for it the first time for the same

11:02:57 reason.

11:02:59 Unfortunately there is in a response from the

11:03:00 administration.

11:03:02 This is the only avenue we have to send a message to the

11:03:07 administration.

11:03:08 When we talk about the 1.1 million that goes to trauma, is

11:03:12 that 1.1 million from the state, from everything, from the

11:03:16 growth that is collected by the state?

11:03:18 Or is that --

11:03:20 >> No.

11:03:21 That is the revenue from the citations that we have written.

11:03:27 >>YVONNE CAPIN: And 25% of this comes to about $410,000.

11:03:31 And, yes, we are doing a lot of things.

11:03:34 But we could do more.

11:03:36 And there's no reason not to.

11:03:37 We have the highest mortality, if not one of the highest, in

11:03:41 the country on fatalities, bicycle and pedestrians.

11:03:48 We have areas where there are schools, and children are

11:03:52 walking where there's in a sidewalks.

11:03:53 And I know for a fact, I went to school in west -- there's a

11:03:57 school in West Tampa that had to -- I was not a council

11:04:00 member at the time -- had to call in and ask to have a

11:04:03 sidewalk put in there.

11:04:04 And it was done.

11:04:06 So we do have -- and it's not a school safety.

11:04:12 And what Councilman Reddick said, if we were to look at, and

11:04:18 say, you know, here we have $410,000 to offer, to help

11:04:27 D.O.T. with the streets that the mayor says we have no

11:04:31 control over, we do have control over Waters Avenue and

11:04:33 Armenia which is a very problematic crossing.

11:04:39 I want to ask you, an editorial this morning, Chief Castor,

11:04:44 in here it quotes you as saying that crashes dropped 33%

11:04:51 last year in 13 intersections.

11:04:55 Was that 33% from the beginning?

11:04:57 Is that --

11:05:01 >> Yes.

11:05:03 Actually it's 14 intersections, Lois and Hillsborough has

11:05:07 been understood construction for quite some time, so that we

11:05:10 can have the consistent statistics, the comparison of the

11:05:14 original 14.

11:05:15 As you all know, we have 21 intersections currently that

11:05:19 have cameras in them.

11:05:21 And our analysis, our crash data analysis, we track the 40

11:05:26 highest accident intersections in our city, and that's where

11:05:31 we intend to put cameras, and that's where we have the 21

11:05:35 intersections covered.

11:05:37 Out of the 19 that aren't covered, accidents have increased

11:05:41 during that period by almost 20%.

11:05:44 So while we have reduced them in the red light intersections

11:05:48 they have increased in those other high accident

11:05:52 intersections where there is no red light camera coverage.

11:05:54 >> So you say it is changing the behavior, and there's

11:05:58 numbers here from 69 that you citations dropping to 60,000

11:06:03 last year.

11:06:05 And then it quotes you as saying, I don't think that what

11:06:08 happened in St. Petersburg where there were not -- was not

11:06:13 sustainable because it had dropped so much, that that would

11:06:16 not be the case here, because number of red light runners in

11:06:20 Tampa will continue at a pace that will pay for the program.

11:06:23 >> Right.

11:06:27 When he asked me about that, our contract is cost neutral.

11:06:32 That means that it will never cost the City of Tampa to

11:06:34 operate these cameras.

11:06:36 And the hope is that everyone stops running red lights but I

11:06:43 don't know that that's going to be the case.

11:06:45 But it has changed behavior.

11:06:47 And anyone that drives on the city streets of Tampa can see

11:06:50 a marked improvement in red light violations.

11:06:54 >> I'm going to leave it with this, that I didn't support it

11:07:00 the first time.

11:07:01 I won't be supporting it this time.

11:07:03 But -- but I would be -- I would be amiable to bringing it

11:07:12 back, have the administration detail where this money is

11:07:18 going, and I would be willing -- as I said, I think the

11:07:26 fines are low.

11:07:28 Thank you.

11:07:30 >>CHARLIE MIRANDA: Thank you.

11:07:30 I have Mr. Suarez and Mrs. Mulhern.

11:07:32 >>MIKE SUAREZ: Thanks for peering today.

11:07:36 Thanks for the discussion we had on Monday concerning some

11:07:39 of the statistics.

11:07:39 There was an article that was on television I believe

11:07:44 yesterday concerning the 100 yards from the intersection

11:07:48 discussion.

11:07:48 We contained of touched on it on Monday, but we didn't

11:07:51 really get in-depth on it.

11:07:53 And the implication, although I have not seen any of the

11:07:57 numbers, I assume you have not either, because it sounded

11:08:00 like they pulled public records to try to figure out how

11:08:02 many, you know, accidents were mid block or 100 yards back

11:08:07 from an intersection, have you seen any studies to show that

11:08:12 there are more accidents because of the 100 yards distance

11:08:17 versus any other?

11:08:19 >> Chief Castor: As you are aware, we analyze everything in

11:08:23 the Tampa Police Department, and we pulled all of the

11:08:26 accident reports.

11:08:28 And if you go back 25 feet, which is what we measure, and

11:08:32 have measured consistently since the beginning, to show that

11:08:35 decrease in accidents, 25 feet from an intersection, you can

11:08:40 say definitively that that intersection played a part in

11:08:43 that accident.

11:08:45 In the example I believe I used was one of the council

11:08:48 members is that if you go by the intersection when that

11:08:53 comes out as a data retrieval, a batch data retrieval, if

11:08:59 you have an intersection or an accident that says it

11:09:02 occurred at Kennedy and Dale Mabry, it could be someone

11:09:04 making a left into the village INN that was hit, but it's

11:09:08 attributed to that intersection.

11:09:10 So we analyze them individually to show that that

11:09:14 intersection played a part in that accident.

11:09:17 And those are the ones that we use to correlate our data on

11:09:21 the reduction.

11:09:22 >>MIKE SUAREZ: The second question I had is concerning the

11:09:26 amount that goes to the state.

11:09:27 I may be wrong about B this.

11:09:29 Hopefully you will correct me because I know you will -- is

11:09:32 that when it comes to tickets, these type of traffic

11:09:36 violations, we have been putting into these fund, I believe

11:09:40 before -- this is not a new program which we all of a sudden

11:09:45 because we have red light cameras are now putting into the

11:09:47 trauma fund, this is a percentage that has always been part

11:09:50 of our citations, correct?

11:09:53 >> Yes.

11:09:53 That's true.

11:09:54 >> And so I think that sometimes when we look at this, we

11:09:57 are limited by what we can do because of what state law says

11:10:00 in terms of where our dollars go, what we do a citation, we

11:10:05 always keep a portion of it, not the whole thing.

11:10:07 So the argument that was made last time when we first

11:10:11 started talking about red light cameras was that this was a

11:10:14 money grab.

11:10:15 We always have safety in mind at first and always.

11:10:20 And I think people missed the discussion that these dollars

11:10:26 are going to go to the state anyway, regardless of if

11:10:29 there's a police officer there or not, whether we have a

11:10:32 camera or not.

11:10:34 You know, the dollars that are going to go to the state are

11:10:36 going to go to the state because they have that requirement

11:10:39 and our dollars that come here are going to come back to us

11:10:42 based on that formula that we have to follow with the state.

11:10:45 >> Yes, sir.

11:10:45 And we have implemented this from the beginning as a safety

11:10:48 issue.

11:10:49 When we first put the red light cameras in, said I didn't

11:10:54 want the funding to come to the police department because I

11:10:56 didn't want it to look lake we were trying to profit from

11:11:00 this.

11:11:00 We also ensured that the yellow lights were synced to the

11:11:05 national standard part of turning those cameras on.

11:11:07 And we also, the red right on red, we put it at the highest

11:11:13 minimum threshold.

11:11:14 You have to be making a right on red at 18 miles per hour in

11:11:17 order to get a citation.

11:11:18 And 18 mile-an-hour right on green and see how fast that is.

11:11:26 You have no intention of stopping.

11:11:28 As you all know, we have a lot of pedestrian accidents where

11:11:31 people are in the crosswalk, and they are making the right

11:11:35 on red.

11:11:36 And just to comment on Councilman Reddick, on your comments

11:11:43 about the pedestrian accidents that we have had, it's very

11:11:46 unfortunate, and it occurs on a lot of the main

11:11:49 thoroughfares, MLK, Hillsborough, Busch and Fowler when we

11:11:54 have a lot of pedestrian crossing in the middle of the

11:11:57 intersections, and we have done a great deal from the

11:12:00 educational part on that.

11:12:03 We have presented programs by the school resource officers

11:12:07 and all of our high school, middle schools about the impact

11:12:11 of these accidents and the need for students to use

11:12:14 crosswalks.

11:12:15 And we are currently doing that again.

11:12:19 I sent out an e-mail to all of our school resource offices

11:12:23 and they will be presenting those programs at every high

11:12:25 school and middle school using photographs of the kids that

11:12:29 unfortunately have lost their lives in these accidents,

11:12:31 because we all know anybody that has teenagers, they are

11:12:34 invincible, nothing bad can ever happen to them, and if be

11:12:38 they see that someone they knew or someone from their high

11:12:41 school was in one of these horrific accidents then maybe

11:12:44 they'll think about using these crosswalks and a bidding by

11:12:47 the law.

11:12:48 >>MIKE SUAREZ: Thank you, chief.

11:12:50 Thank you, chair.

11:12:51 >>CHARLIE MIRANDA: Thank you very much.

11:12:52 I have Mrs. Mulhern, Mr. Cohen, and Mrs. Montelione for the

11:12:56 second round.

11:12:56 >>MARY MULHERN: Thank you, Mr. Chairman.

11:12:59 Thank you, chief, for all this information.

11:13:05 I think I supported the red light cameras at least the last

11:13:08 time if not both times.

11:13:09 And I think the last time because you did have the data

11:13:12 showing -- and it's even better this time showing that it

11:13:18 has reduced crashes, and also that the citations have gone

11:13:22 down.

11:13:23 And it sound like TPD is handling this really responsibly,

11:13:28 and looking at the video to make sure that the people

11:13:33 actually are breaking the law before they issue the

11:13:37 citation.

11:13:37 I did have concerns the first month, because I was going

11:13:41 through the same yellow light that seemed to be very short.

11:13:45 But in the time since we have had the camera, how many years

11:13:50 has it been?

11:13:52 >> 2011.

11:13:56 >> Three years on that intersection the timing has been good

11:13:58 since that first month.

11:14:00 So I give you that first month for adjusting the timing.

11:14:03 And I know that there's a lot of questions nationwide, and

11:14:07 in Florida about these cameras.

11:14:09 But it sound like Tampa is operating that very well.

11:14:14 That being said, I agree with my colleagues that we have

11:14:20 additional revenue coming in.

11:14:22 And even though we are seeing this particular contract

11:14:30 reducing some accidents, we have this additional revenue,

11:14:34 and this council, we hear from our citizens all the time

11:14:43 about the dangers of our roadways, especially to

11:14:46 pedestrians.

11:14:47 So I believe that responsibly the city should take some of

11:14:51 that revenue and use it for increasing safety even more.

11:14:59 It only makes sense to do that.

11:15:01 And I don't understand why we can't do that.

11:15:05 I'm not saying that we shouldn't have these.

11:15:07 I think that they are working.

11:15:09 But I think that, you know, we owe it to our citizens to try

11:15:15 to make the streets even safer.

11:15:17 I commend what you are doing with education.

11:15:18 It's very important.

11:15:20 But I think we can do more if we have more resources

11:15:23 committed to it.

11:15:24 So that's what I would like to see happen.

11:15:28 And I would like to say that I don't believe that because

11:15:31 some of these are county roads that it's the -- if the

11:15:36 cities can commit some more dollars toward improvement the

11:15:39 state will work with us and put even more money into that.

11:15:42 The more resources we have to put towards safety, the more

11:15:45 we can do.

11:15:46 And I can see some of that money going for education.

11:15:49 But I think working with the state is really important,

11:15:52 especially because the problem, as I believe Councilwoman

11:15:57 Montelione said it, I believe Councilman Reddick, a lot of

11:16:01 it -- maybe we can with -- we have some skin in the game.

11:16:08 We can work with the state to maybe reduce the speed, too.

11:16:11 So there's a lot that we can do and I would like to see us

11:16:14 work together on that.

11:16:15 >>CHARLIE MIRANDA: Thank you very much.

11:16:15 Mr. Cohen.

11:16:16 >>HARRY COHEN: Thank you very much, Mr. Chair.

11:16:20 It seems to me from what I'm hearing up here that there is a

11:16:25 broad consensus around the statement that this has been a

11:16:32 successful program, and that this has reduced the number of

11:16:36 red light crashes.

11:16:37 And I would go so far as to say reduce the number of

11:16:40 fatalities, because these are serious crashes when they

11:16:43 happen.

11:16:44 And one of our most important and sacred responsibilities,

11:16:48 of course, is public safety.

11:16:50 And anything that we can do to continue a program that has

11:16:53 made our roads safer, in my view, we should do.

11:16:56 I want to address this issue of the revenue for a minute to

11:17:00 the intersections.

11:17:01 Because this program has been so successful that the amount

11:17:07 of money that the city is taking in has been dwindling over

11:17:11 the course of the program.

11:17:13 And my sense is that I think it was Councilman Reddick that

11:17:20 asked a very good question in the newspaper the other day,

11:17:23 what would happen if we actually were on the opposite side,

11:17:25 if we actually started losing money on the program?

11:17:28 And I believe that your answer was that the contractor would

11:17:31 pick up the slack.

11:17:35 My sense of it is that the amount of money that the city is

11:17:38 actually generating has narrowed considerably.

11:17:42 And I'm not sure, given what a small dollar amount that is

11:17:47 at this point relative to our entire budget, that this

11:17:53 amount of money isn't already going into intersection

11:17:55 improvements.

11:17:59 In so of these areas.

11:18:00 It would have been very helpful had the administration

11:18:04 provided that material to us, because then we could have

11:18:06 actually looked at it and compared the two.

11:18:09 But not withstanding that, I think that the overall success

11:18:16 of this program is a public safety tool.

11:18:20 In the second case it's being renewed.

11:18:23 We can certainly look down the road at safety improvements

11:18:27 at the intersections.

11:18:28 And I would say that, you know, some of the issues involved

11:18:31 involve the intersection.

11:18:32 But this may not be a popular thing to say but I have to say

11:18:36 it.

11:18:37 People have to get off their phones and stop texting in the

11:18:40 cars and pay attention when driving.

11:18:42 When I was on my way here this morning, I witnessed all

11:18:44 sorts of people wandering out into the middle of the street,

11:18:47 crossing streets where there weren't crosswalks, and taking

11:18:50 the risks that someone who was on their telephone was going

11:18:54 to notice them in the middle of the street, and not run them

11:18:58 over.

11:18:58 So I think there's a variety of different causes that play

11:19:04 into these things.

11:19:05 And we talked about some of this before.

11:19:08 I just want to say that I'm for this because I truly believe

11:19:14 that if you don't want to get a red light ticket, you

11:19:17 shouldn't run the red light.

11:19:21 >>CHARLIE MIRANDA: Thank you very much, Mr. Cohen.

11:19:21 We go second round, Mrs. Montelione, Mrs. Capin, and Mr.

11:19:26 Reddick.

11:19:27 >>LISA MONTELIONE: Thank you, Mr. Chair.

11:19:30 I want to say two things.

11:19:35 Shall a free program, it's put together by the center for

11:19:39 urban transportation research out of USF, and they will

11:19:46 speak to anybody.

11:19:47 It's free.

11:19:47 Your group Get that presentation.

11:19:49 And there's another one called safe routes to school.

11:19:53 And also will be given free of charge by the group that puts

11:19:59 on the save routes to school program.

11:20:03 And there's another one called the walking ...

11:20:09 We have to educate people.

11:20:10 Oh, how do you teach somebody to cross the street?

11:20:13 As I said, Busch Boulevard.

11:20:15 Last night, I was on my way home from here.

11:20:18 It was still daylight.

11:20:20 It was a quarter to eight or 7:30.

11:20:23 Still daylight.

11:20:23 There was a woman standing on the median, which is only

11:20:27 about maybe eight or ten inches wide, with a four or

11:20:31 five-year-old child crossing in the middle of the street,

11:20:38 when the crosswalk was ten feet away.

11:20:42 I almost -- if I could have stopped my car in the left lane

11:20:45 and talked to her and said, please use the crosswalk.

11:20:49 Children learn from their parents.

11:20:51 And when we teach responsible behavior to our children about

11:20:54 everything else, we don't teach them, because we are

11:20:57 crossing the street wherever we feel like it.

11:21:00 And that's how they learn.

11:21:01 And all these programs that we have, the walkwise Tampa Bay

11:21:07 program, it's not the children, it's for adults.

11:21:11 When I was at the district 7 traffic safety summit, I talked

11:21:15 to a few people because talking to new venues, how do we

11:21:19 reach these people?

11:21:20 And the court system mandated programs when individuals

11:21:23 engage in a divorce proceeding and they have children, and

11:21:27 they have to attend partnering classes.

11:21:31 Or other hospitals or other places where there are

11:21:34 partnering programs, I think that the walkwise Tampa Bay

11:21:36 program should be there.

11:21:38 Because children learn.

11:21:40 You can talk to all the high school students you want and

11:21:43 show them all the gory pictures you want but they learn from

11:21:46 the time 3, 4, 5 years old from their parents that they can

11:21:50 cross wherever they want because that's what the parents

11:21:52 taught them.

11:21:53 So that's the one thing I want to say.

11:21:58 And again, as far as support of this program, it works.

11:22:06 And I think that the opportunities for us to discuss where

11:22:11 the money is going that we receive, we engaged in budget

11:22:17 discussions for the first time ever.

11:22:19 We had two sessions where we discussed our budget

11:22:23 priorities.

11:22:25 Intersection improvement is one of those priorities.

11:22:27 That is the time to talk about it.

11:22:29 And we said that we would put a list together of our top

11:22:32 priorities, and send them to the administration.

11:22:36 I think that's the venue and that's the time.

11:22:38 So make it a priority.

11:22:41 Discuss it during our budgets cycle.

11:22:44 And see if we can get some money directed there if that's

11:22:48 what the council chooses.

11:22:49 >> Thank you very much.

11:22:50 Mrs. Capin and Mr. Reddick.

11:22:53 >>YVONNE CAPIN: Thank you, Mr. Chair.

11:22:54 I am going to go back to the editorial, because chairman

11:22:57 Miranda was quoted, and a question that I had -- the

11:23:03 administrative cost on contested tickets.

11:23:07 And that number we don't have.

11:23:11 We don't have any of the information as -- and it's not like

11:23:15 it's brand new to the administration.

11:23:16 It's not like the administration did not have that message.

11:23:20 You know, what are we doing?

11:23:22 And if it's education, we can have a safe crossing campaign.

11:23:29 Remember keep America beautiful?

11:23:31 And, you know, stop the littering, out the windows of the

11:23:39 cars.

11:23:39 Education, if that's where it's supposed to be.

11:23:42 But one of the things a council member said was that it's

11:23:47 unfortunate that we didn't have that information or it

11:23:51 wasn't brought to us.

11:23:57 Where these dollars are being spent.

11:23:59 >> Chief Castor: If I can say, the City of Tampa as you

11:24:06 know puts a great deal of money into transportation, and

11:24:09 there's a great deal of money that goes into the department

11:24:12 of public works that maintains intersections, puts in

11:24:15 sidewalks, and as several council members have said, this is

11:24:19 a very effective program that is affecting our safety,

11:24:25 public safety in a very positive way.

11:24:27 So I don't see the logic of --

11:24:32 >>YVONNE CAPIN: Okay, here is my logic.

11:24:34 >> The program that just because the money isn't steered in

11:24:37 a particular direction.

11:24:38 However, I know that the city puts a great deal of money

11:24:41 into it.

11:24:42 And we look at with traffic enforcement.

11:24:47 We call it the three E's.

11:24:50 It's education, evening nearing, and enforcement.

11:24:53 And we do put a great deal of effort.

11:24:55 We get a lot of federal grants for aggressive driving.

11:25:00 We get a lot of federal grant money for education.

11:25:02 We do a lot of public service announcements, both for the

11:25:06 driving public, intoxicated drivers, pedestrians, to try to

11:25:10 reach the public, and engineering as well, looking at how we

11:25:15 can change the intersection so they can be a lot less

11:25:18 dangerous for the driving public.

11:25:21 >>YVONNE CAPIN: As I said before, I was raised -- I would

11:25:25 raise the amount of that ticket so it would be painful.

11:25:29 At the same time, this isn't the first time, it isn't the

11:25:33 second time, it's the third time.

11:25:37 It's not like the administration did not get the message.

11:25:40 It's not like we didn't hear it from the administration as

11:25:45 to -- and the public just put it out there.

11:25:52 What is it being spent on?

11:25:54 And if it is indeed all of it going into public safety?

11:26:00 And that is the crux of the issue.

11:26:04 And the only recourse we have here to send a message to the

11:26:09 administration was this vote, because it has not gotten

11:26:15 through.

11:26:17 At least not to me.

11:26:18 And I'm sure other council members.

11:26:22 Thank you.

11:26:22 That's all I have.

11:26:23 >>CHARLIE MIRANDA: Thank you very much.

11:26:24 Mr. Reddick.

11:26:24 >>FRANK REDDICK: Thank you, Mr. Chair.

11:26:27 I just want to make a final brief comment about this.

11:26:40 Being the chair of the Public Safety Committee is advocating

11:26:43 for public safety and I will always do that.

11:26:45 But to answer the question where the fund are going, and

11:26:49 this was raised the last time this contract for renewal, on

11:26:55 the fund according to the finance office, going to the

11:26:59 general fund.

11:27:00 And they would not give us an outline outside the general

11:27:08 fund where the new dollars were being provided for

11:27:11 transportation or anything else.

11:27:12 And that's whereby my request came in, asking the

11:27:14 administration to at lowest set aside a certain percentage

11:27:18 for that purpose.

11:27:19 And that hasn't happened.

11:27:20 But let me say, because listening to some of my colleagues

11:27:26 up here I get the impression that some of them should be

11:27:29 sitting on the school board instead of this City Council

11:27:31 here.

11:27:38 That seems to be what they are advocating for.

11:27:40 You have kids, 7:15, 8 in the morning trying to walk from

11:27:47 their neighborhood to a school.

11:27:51 And you go the route of Hillsborough and you see where the

11:27:55 crosswalks are located, and you see where the school is

11:27:57 located,

11:28:00 You can't sit here and tell me or tell these parents you

11:28:07 need owe educate your child about a crosswalk.

11:28:09 I mean, how dumb is that?

11:28:13 To sit here and make these comments.

11:28:17 When people are out here at 7:15 to 7:30 in the morning.

11:28:21 It's pitch dark out there.

11:28:23 And you have got very limited streetlights.

11:28:28 That is a big issue.

11:28:29 I don't know about some of your neighborhood but that's a

11:28:33 big issue in my neighborhood.

11:28:34 Street lighting.

11:28:35 And when you got that many kids walking out there that time

11:28:38 of the morning and you make judgment to be educated and the

11:28:42 parents to educate them because they should learn how to

11:28:44 walk on a crosswalk, that is not the problem.

11:28:49 But two and a half years, four kids on one street are hit or

11:29:02 killed, and for the Department of Transportation, for the

11:29:05 City of Tampa, for them not to stand firm and stand up and

11:29:09 say we need to do something about this road for these kids,

11:29:14 and that's what we are advocating about the percentage of

11:29:19 fund, how can you sit here and not feel the pain of these

11:29:26 families who suffer, and how can you sit here and not feel

11:29:32 the pain of that mother and father who are sitting in a

11:29:35 hospital when the doctor tells them there's nothing they can

11:29:38 do for your child.

11:29:39 >> Chief Castor: I agree with you, sir.

11:29:45 >> That is the problem.

11:29:46 And for us to sit here and say to all this education and to

11:29:52 say about we need to be responsible, violating the law --

11:30:04 but we talk about responsible behavior.

11:30:05 The problem is something needs to be done.

11:30:08 We have an opportunity with this administration to utilize

11:30:14 funds for infrastructure improvements, and it's not being

11:30:18 done.

11:30:19 And I stated to you before, I never had a problem with the

11:30:22 county.

11:30:25 And I agree with your assessment they are doing good. My

11:30:30 only concern and reservation is why we cannot get some

11:30:30 infrastructure dollars set aside for this cause.

11:30:37 And I would like somebody to go and visit these people in

11:30:44 the hospital and tell the parents, you need to tell your

11:30:48 child how to walk the crosswalks.

11:30:50 Thank you.

11:30:52 >> Actually, we do deal with those families and it is very

11:30:54 tragic.

11:30:55 And the officer who has to investigate those accidents are

11:30:58 deeply affected by it, as is the 17 year old driver that was

11:31:02 involved in that accident.

11:31:04 She didn't do anything wrong, but that will change her life

11:31:07 forever, that tragic accident.

11:31:10 Clearly it's changed the lives of the young girls that were

11:31:14 injured.

11:31:14 But I do have to respectfully disagree with you about the

11:31:17 education, because there's nothing you can do to that street

11:31:21 if someone is walking through and walks out in front of a

11:31:24 vehicle.

11:31:26 If they go to the crosswalk, and get the green light to walk

11:31:30 across that intersection, they are going to be safe and they

11:31:33 can avoid those types of accidents.

11:31:35 And I don't know of any engineering that's going to stop

11:31:38 that.

11:31:39 Another program that we have, are the bicycle lights.

11:31:44 Anybody that goes along those main thoroughfares that I

11:31:46 mentioned earlier, at night you see everyone riding bicycles

11:31:49 in the street, across the street, in the past they had no

11:31:54 lights.

11:31:55 We partnered with WalMart and target, and they gave us free

11:31:58 lights so we would stop -- actually installed all of those

11:32:03 lights on the bicycles.

11:32:04 And now just about every bike you see at night in the City

11:32:07 of Tampa, they have got the bike lights on it them.

11:32:10 That's been very effective in the safety program as well.

11:32:14 >>CHARLIE MIRANDA: Let me just say this.

11:32:15 And I'm very appreciative of this conversation.

11:32:17 That's what this country is all about, dialogue and

11:32:19 understanding what we do and what we don't do.

11:32:22 I have always supported the police department.

11:32:25 I've always supported lights, red light cameras.

11:32:29 I have never voted against them other than one time.

11:32:33 And I appreciate everything you have done.

11:32:34 I'm sorry to hear -- if you want to come back and the

11:32:39 administration gives you a contract I'll vote for it.

11:32:44 That's how much I think of the chief and the police

11:32:47 officers.

11:32:47 But we have a culture problem here and it started way back.

11:32:51 Air conditioning.

11:32:53 Cell phones.

11:32:53 Texting.

11:32:56 Coming your hair if you have hair.

11:33:01 Cologne, spraying, anything you want to do.

11:33:03 But when I signed this contract for myself, you have to

11:33:07 answer that question first before you answer as a public

11:33:11 official.

11:33:11 This contract calls for a division of money to be divided

11:33:14 into three parts, and the legal department can correct me

11:33:19 anytime I get off key here.

11:33:21 However, in one area, there's a partnership.

11:33:25 You are omitted the other two third of that contract.

11:33:28 If you go to court, anybody challenge you, guess what

11:33:31 happens to the partnership.

11:33:35 Only the city pays.

11:33:37 Am I right?

11:33:39 Legal department?

11:33:39 >>JULIA MANDELL: City attorney.

11:33:45 Yes, that is an accurate reflection of how this contract

11:33:47 works.

11:33:48 So I would agree with that.

11:33:49 I do have to make additional comments.

11:33:51 >>CHARLIE MIRANDA: All right.

11:33:53 You will be given ample time.

11:33:55 Secondly, if you get a ticket for violating the law -- and

11:33:58 you should, especially an intersection light, no matter

11:34:04 where it's at, with or without a camera.

11:34:07 And you are right, I believe Mrs. Capin stated the penalty

11:34:10 should be higher.

11:34:10 If you pay it, legal department, what happens? Do you get

11:34:14 points?

11:34:14 >> You don't get points off of the red light camera

11:34:19 citation.

11:34:20 You get points if a police officer witnesses, the fine is

11:34:24 higher.

11:34:24 >> But if the camera catches you, there are no points.

11:34:27 >> That's correct.

11:34:28 >>CHARLIE MIRANDA: So I feel as a taxpayer that there is an

11:34:32 inequity in the law.

11:34:34 Everybody should get points if you violate the law.

11:34:37 That's just my feeling.

11:34:40 Let's go to the intersection lights.

11:34:43 And I challenge all of you, including those in the media, to

11:34:46 drive day or night when you are approaching an intersection

11:34:50 you see a little thing that's got 50% of it with a hand like

11:34:55 this and you have got a 6 in a 16 and with glasses I got

11:35:00 20-20 vision and I can't tell if it's 6 or 16.

11:35:04 I can't tell if it's 13 or 3.

11:35:07 I can't tell if it's 12 or 2.

11:35:10 Because it's red and black.

11:35:12 And that has glare.

11:35:14 I've seen and been in other countries where they are three

11:35:17 times as large, and they have different colors so you can

11:35:20 see them for a way distance.

11:35:22 That doesn't mean you are going to solve the problem.

11:35:24 But we haven't addressed the intersection.

11:35:26 And that's what some of us are saying.

11:35:29 The system of it also has to be changed.

11:35:33 We think subconsciously -- and I will give you two examples.

11:35:37 Right now, I challenge you to do the same thing government

11:35:40 to any intersection in the city and you see 4, 3, 2, 1 and

11:35:46 it changes.

11:35:46 Stop.

11:35:47 The light comes on.

11:35:48 The hand comes on.

11:35:50 If you goat another intersection you get 4, 3, 2, 1, and the

11:35:53 light is the still green for five to seven seconds.

11:35:56 It doesn't -- they are not all the same.

11:35:59 So subconsciously we may be thinking, oh, I got five or six

11:36:03 seconds.

11:36:03 You don't.

11:36:09 The contract is the one that bothers me the most.

11:36:11 The system bothers me the most.

11:36:14 If we are not changing the basic tools that we should have

11:36:16 to address the changing of the intersections, where

11:36:21 possibly -- and I use that word very cautiously -- where

11:36:24 possibly we may save a life.

11:36:29 Yes, we collect the moneys.

11:36:30 And we don't put anything back, in addition to what we are

11:36:34 doing now.

11:36:35 I'm not saying we are aren't we doing anything, to enhance

11:36:38 the possible saving of a life, or a tragedy.

11:36:45 If I go into the doctor, to the dentist, said I have a

11:36:49 toothache, and they say take off your shoe and pull your

11:36:53 nail, how is your tooth?

11:36:54 Well, it hasn't changed.

11:36:56 The intersection hasn't changed.

11:36:57 Nothing has changed other than what we have to do that.

11:37:02 And you are right.

11:37:03 If I remember, the collections were 1.9 million.

11:37:06 They are down to 1.6 million.

11:37:08 And you have done an extraordinary job, all of you, in

11:37:11 getting this done.

11:37:14 Then I guess you answered that.

11:37:18 What if the moneys collected were a minus where we had to

11:37:21 pay?

11:37:22 Is this program going to continue?

11:37:24 I would hope so.

11:37:25 Because we set the policy.

11:37:27 Said no matter what it costs, we are going to continue.

11:37:31 I don't know about the slack in the system where the vendor

11:37:34 is going to pay, because the vendor ain't paying anything

11:37:38 for us to go to court.

11:37:39 They don't pay -- no one gets a point.

11:37:44 However, if you go to court, I don't know how many have gone

11:37:49 to court, but we pay.

11:37:52 That means the general population is paying our attorney

11:37:56 fees for some idiot who wants to debate something that he's

11:38:03 got in black and white that he or she did something.

11:38:09 I don't know.

11:38:11 I wish I had an answer for you.

11:38:12 I don't.

11:38:13 But the only answer I can give you is a no vote, not because

11:38:17 I want to, but because I have to on what I just explained.

11:38:21 The contract is bad.

11:38:23 Intersection hasn't changed.

11:38:25 Nothing has changed here.

11:38:27 And we continue saying we are happy, we are reducing -- and

11:38:31 I applaud you for that.

11:38:32 I really do.

11:38:33 You and every other police officer in this city.

11:38:35 You have done a marvelous job of solving this problem.

11:38:39 But what we have through many years -- it wasn't yesterday.

11:38:45 It wasn't yesterday.

11:38:48 Speed.

11:38:49 I challenge all of you on another thing.

11:38:51 How many of you can tell me right now what your speedometer

11:38:57 reads on your car.

11:38:58 How fast can it go?

11:39:01 And do you do 120?

11:39:04 >> No, I don't.

11:39:05 >> And it can't speed.

11:39:06 Mine says 180.

11:39:08 I have never seen a 4 cylinder Volkswagen do 180 unless it's

11:39:15 being chased by a tornado.

11:39:16 It doesn't work.

11:39:17 So we enhance the speed.

11:39:18 When you look at television and you see commercials on

11:39:21 automobiles, what do you see?

11:39:23 A car going over a cliff landing on the other side.

11:39:25 Oh, we do that every day, that's a normal thing.

11:39:28 Car making around in circles saying now we got five.

11:39:32 Give me a break.

11:39:33 We are working on the subconscious mind of the American

11:39:35 citizens to get you to buy that product, because you are

11:39:39 seeing something that you aren't going to recognize at the

11:39:41 time you make the purchase.

11:39:43 And it's sad about life.

11:39:46 Doesn't tell but the car safety.

11:39:47 Nobody cares if you have a five point safety or three point

11:39:51 safety.

11:39:52 If the car goes 200 miles per hour which you can't drive

11:39:56 anywhere at 200 miles per hour.

11:39:57 So it's sad on how we do things but that's the way the

11:40:00 system is, based on one thing, money.

11:40:02 And that's what it's all about.

11:40:04 So, anyway, I appreciate it.

11:40:06 And I appreciate all the comments of council members.

11:40:09 I really do.

11:40:10 And I think it's time to vote this thing up or down.

11:40:13 >> Chief Castor: I think the city attorney wants to make a

11:40:20 comment.

11:40:20 >>CHARLIE MIRANDA: Yes, ma'am.

11:40:21 >>JULIA MANDELL: It has been pulled so I don't know that

11:40:25 many members of the administration were prepared to make

11:40:27 additional comments on this item.

11:40:29 I was able to talk to a couple of the administrative folks

11:40:32 including Sonya Little.

11:40:36 None of us with are called there was never a request made

11:40:39 from council for the administration to report back as

11:40:41 related to how the revenue was being spent.

11:40:43 >>CHARLIE MIRANDA: I am going to ask you a common sense

11:40:45 question.

11:40:46 Common sense question.

11:40:46 You many to tell me that you and the mayor and the rest of

11:40:50 the administration didn't realize -- you mean we had six

11:40:58 police officers outside for nothing?

11:40:59 You mean to tell me that you thought that we had five

11:41:02 cameras here, that this was not going to be discussed?

11:41:05 Give me a break!

11:41:09 >>JULIA MANDELL: What I meant was, yes, Chief Castor was

11:41:12 here, if you had questions about the agreement.

11:41:14 But as relates to the question of the revenue and how the

11:41:16 revenue is spent, and whether or not the administration has

11:41:20 been responsive to council on that issue, what I have been

11:41:22 able to do is find out that I don't believe there was ever

11:41:25 an official motion --

11:41:27 >>CHARLIE MIRANDA: I am not going to debate you or the mayor

11:41:29 or the administration, but there was a statement sent to

11:41:31 this council by the chief on a four or five-page item that

11:41:37 stated everything that's happened and very well done by the

11:41:40 chief, and I really appreciate that.

11:41:41 So what I am saying is, if we have all the information, and

11:41:44 the public has the information, and it was brought up during

11:41:52 the 30-minute conversation by at least one person, so what

11:41:56 am I saying?

11:41:58 You mean to tell me -- you expected this thing -- no,.

11:42:01 No you started this, I didn't.

11:42:03 You many to tell me you expected this thing to be passed and

11:42:07 that's it?

11:42:08 >>JULIA MANDELL: I think it was misunderstood what I was

11:42:15 trying to say.

11:42:15 My concern was that there have been statements made by

11:42:18 council members that they have not received information from

11:42:21 the administration or not received a report from the

11:42:24 administration as it relates to where the money was being

11:42:27 spent and how the money was being spent, and what I was

11:42:29 trying to identify to the council members is that we can't

11:42:33 find any evidence that that was ever a request made to the

11:42:38 administration.

11:42:40 All I was trying to say -- and maybe it came out the wrong

11:42:43 way so I apologize --

11:42:45 >>CHARLIE MIRANDA: I apologize if I have insulted anybody

11:42:48 but I am just trying to say one thing.

11:42:50 When something of this magnitude comes, what do you want me

11:42:55 to do, hide under here?

11:42:56 I'm talking to myself.

11:42:57 Dough you want me to hide understood here and say, oh, let

11:43:00 it go.

11:43:01 Can't do that.

11:43:02 >>JULIA MANDELL: No, sir, that is not what I am suggesting.

11:43:06 It was brought up and I'm just trying to point out that if I

11:43:09 could find a request had been made, I certainly would be the

11:43:13 first person standing up here saying maybe we should

11:43:16 consider at least consider continuing this.

11:43:18 What I am saying is we can't find any evidence of that

11:43:20 request being made to the administration.

11:43:22 And if that is a request that council wants to make of the

11:43:25 administration, the best approach would be to make a motion

11:43:29 and we can come back and give you that report.

11:43:30 But that's the only issue that I was trying to raise.

11:43:33 That particular issue as it relates to the requests made of

11:43:36 the administration, to identify 25% being spent on

11:43:41 intersections.

11:43:42 I know that that conversation has been out there, but I

11:43:44 can't find any evidence there was a request made.

11:43:48 And that was simply all I was trying to point out to

11:43:50 council.

11:43:50 >>FRANK REDDICK: Mr. Chiaramonte month I have the floor.

11:43:55 >>CHARLIE MIRANDA: All right, I'll give you the floor.

11:43:57 Mrs. Montelione.

11:43:57 >>LISA MONTELIONE: Thank you.

11:43:59 We have procedures here.

11:44:01 And one of the things I was told when we went through

11:44:04 orientation, we had strategic planning session, was that if

11:44:07 you want to pull an item, please pull it 24 hours before or

11:44:12 at least by the end of the day on a Wednesday.

11:44:15 Because that would give you the administration

11:44:18 time ---having worked at Hillsborough County, having been on

11:44:21 the other side of the fence, we have televisions in the

11:44:24 office so that we can watch when the Board of County

11:44:26 Commissioners would be talking about something and we come

11:44:29 down, which is what happened today.

11:44:31 They were watching.

11:44:32 They were in their offices.

11:44:33 They heard this conversation.

11:44:35 They came here.

11:44:36 That's a practice.

11:44:37 But if something is pulled, as I mentioned before, if I

11:44:41 would have known this was going to be pulled, I would have

11:44:43 had reports from the MPO, from the crash mitigation study, I

11:44:46 would have had information from the district 7 safety summit

11:44:49 on how the numbers have been reduced and public safety.

11:44:52 I would have been prepared as a council member, I would have

11:44:56 been prepared, and that this was going to be pulled during

11:44:59 the meeting, not even on the agenda.

11:45:03 I was out in the hallway and I mentioned to Chief Castor,

11:45:06 it's still on consent.

11:45:07 It's an up or down vote.

11:45:09 Right? Didn't I say that?

11:45:11 So this is to berate the staff for them not knowing that

11:45:16 this is going to be pulled and discussed, then I'm a

11:45:22 creature of rules, and the written word, and it was not --

11:45:30 you can laugh.

11:45:31 >>CHARLIE MIRANDA: I'm not laughing.

11:45:31 >>LISA MONTELIONE: The more you laugh the more upset I get.

11:45:35 >>CHARLIE MIRANDA: I'm not laughing.

11:45:36 I'm smiling.

11:45:36 >>LISA MONTELIONE: I don't break rules.

11:45:40 I follow rules.

11:45:43 Things pulled from the agenda, I expect them to be on the

11:45:46 agenda.

11:45:47 I have done it maybe 8:00 at night.

11:45:49 But it's been the night before.

11:45:53 And that's how I think it should be done.

11:45:55 Staff and council members need to be able to have the time

11:45:58 to be prepared.

11:46:01 >>CHARLIE MIRANDA: I pulled this and I'm responsible for

11:46:02 doing what I did.

11:46:03 And I did it in the interest of the public so they can

11:46:06 understand what it's doing.

11:46:09 However, whatever time I got left as chairman -- and it may

11:46:13 be only a couple of weeks -- I will never ever allow another

11:46:17 council member to pull anything unless it's according to the

11:46:20 rules.

11:46:21 And at least 50% of the time, all of us have pulled without

11:46:27 the rules.

11:46:27 If you want that enforced and you want the five minute rule

11:46:30 enforced, I'll enforce them all.

11:46:36 Including tardiness.

11:46:37 >>FRANK REDDICK: Mr. Chair, I call for the question.

11:46:42 >> That's what I was going to do.

11:46:44 >>FRANK REDDICK: And I want to say to legal that the

11:46:46 statement is note true, and I'm not going to debate it but

11:46:50 you can go back and check the record because I did question

11:46:54 when we discussed this before, I did question the 25%, and

11:46:58 asked the administration and haven't gotten a response.

11:47:01 So I just want to go on record saying that it's speaking to

11:47:07 that point of the 25% and maybe staff will go back and

11:47:10 review the records, but I'm not going to debate it.

11:47:15 But I call for the question.

11:47:16 >>CHARLIE MIRANDA: We have a call for the question on this

11:47:18 item.

11:47:18 And who wants to move it?

11:47:22 >>LISA MONTELIONE: Move the item.

11:47:30 >>CHARLIE MIRANDA: Motion by Mrs. Montelione.

11:47:32 Second by Mr. Suarez.

11:47:33 Further discussion on this usual you? All in favor say aye

11:47:37 for approval of this item. Opposed nay.

11:47:45 Voice vote.

11:47:46 I want to make sure the public understands.

11:47:48 >>MIKE SUAREZ: Yes.

11:47:52 >>YVONNE CAPIN: No.

11:47:53 >>FRANK REDDICK: No.

11:47:58 >> No.

11:47:59 >>HARRY COHEN: Yes.

11:48:00 >>LISA MONTELIONE: Yes.

11:48:03 >>CHARLIE MIRANDA: No.

11:48:03 >>THE CLERK: (off microphone).

11:48:16 >>CHARLIE MIRANDA: Thank you very much.

11:48:21 All right.

11:48:22 We go now to item number 3.

11:48:26 Staff report and unfinished business.

11:49:00 >> Rubin Delgado, Tampa Police Department here to give you

11:49:03 an update on TPD and what we are doing with our offices as

11:49:07 far as training to work with the code enforcement issues day

11:49:10 to day.

11:49:11 What I just passed out was a directive that came from the

11:49:15 chief's office.

11:49:16 Just over a month ago, and basically formalized what we were

11:49:21 doing, every day kind of thing.

11:49:23 What we are doing now is that every personnel, TPD sworn in

11:49:27 and each our support staff, drives through the city, if they

11:49:32 see a house that is potential code issues, or obviously a

11:49:35 vacant house that has trouble, or working on a house from

11:49:40 the police, criminal side, that is abandoned and vacant, now

11:49:45 we are formally recording those things through an e-mail to

11:49:49 corporal Petree, the executive officer at the chief's

11:49:53 office.

11:49:53 He then is creating -- he's documenting all these houses and

11:49:58 all the addresses we have through the customer service

11:50:01 center, and we are working hand in hand with code

11:50:04 enforcement now and I checked with Kevin this morning and we

11:50:06 have over three dozen addresses in the customer service

11:50:10 center just for the tracking and accountability.

11:50:15 We are not reporting the same addresses.

11:50:18 The day shift, night shift, sometimes repeat addresses so

11:50:23 sometimes Kevin puts them through -- send the addresses to

11:50:26 the customer service center.

11:50:28 I can tell you through personal experience, every week we

11:50:31 have meetings with Chief Castor and analyze our crimes and

11:50:37 everything pretty thoroughly.

11:50:38 And we talk about problems in our areas, and what's helping

11:50:45 crime rates and what's hurting our crime rates and the

11:50:49 captain meets with Chief Castor about our areas and what we

11:50:52 are doing in our areas and some of the issues.

11:50:55 And when we have our monthly meetings,.

11:50:59 What we talk about when we talk about vacant homes, we talk

11:51:02 about people hanging out in areas that maybe have code

11:51:05 issues.

11:51:05 We work hand in hand with them regularly.

11:51:07 And I think I probably call Sal once or twice a week to give

11:51:13 him some updates.

11:51:15 So we have this in place.

11:51:18 As I said a month ago we put them in place on paper as far

11:51:20 as them documenting the addresses and not just telling us

11:51:24 over the phone, check it out, use customer service centers.

11:51:29 It seems to be working well.

11:51:31 We captured most of the addresses, at least in certain areas

11:51:34 where get a lot of neighborhoods, neighborhood watches.

11:51:38 And we will in turn move it to the tracking center to keep

11:51:44 track of it.

11:51:45 >>MARY MULHERN: This is great.

11:51:47 I wanted to ask if anybody you could add one more thing to

11:51:51 your list of things understood what you would be looking

11:51:55 for.

11:51:56 And that would be if it looks to you like there is illegal

11:52:02 rental units, or a place that looks like it should be

11:52:09 single-family or apartments operating as a rooming house,

11:52:17 and the problem for code enforcement is if they suspect this

11:52:21 sort of thing, they can't enter the property.

11:52:24 So if they get a report of that from TPD, then, you know,

11:52:32 they can -- I think that would allow them.

11:52:35 Maybe you can tell me this, Mr. Slater -- to be able to

11:52:39 enter a building where --

11:52:43 >> We have probable cause to go to the house.

11:52:46 I can't just walk in someone's house.

11:52:48 >> But a lot of times that's what happens, is these sorts of

11:52:51 properties are where the police department is getting calls,

11:52:55 and is having to go in.

11:52:58 Where it happens for code enforcement they want don't get a

11:53:00 call and they are not able to go in.

11:53:02 So if you could somehow coordinate that and Mr. Slater could

11:53:06 help.

11:53:06 >> Yes, and off the top of my head, those ones about six

11:53:11 months -- if the officers go to a call, they see personally

11:53:18 maybe there's some violations.

11:53:20 That is included.

11:53:21 It may not be listed here but they do it.

11:53:28 It's almost like a boarding home, but maybe wasn't zoned

11:53:31 properly,.

11:53:35 >> So if you get that call, then that can alert you.

11:53:40 Is that going to be a practice maybe if you are not already

11:53:42 doing it?

11:53:46 If you get a call to go out, I don't know if you are going

11:53:49 to be able to find the code enforcement person to go with

11:53:51 you, but that would be great if you could do that.

11:53:54 Get them to actually go on a call with you.

11:53:57 But if you can't do that, then at least make a report to

11:53:59 them that you have suspicion about it.

11:54:04 Thank you.

11:54:06 >>CHARLIE MIRANDA: Thank you.

11:54:06 Anyone else?

11:54:09 Ms. Capin?

11:54:12 >>YVONNE CAPIN: Thank you for this.

11:54:13 And I'm very glad to see the extra eyes on the streets and

11:54:18 making it formal.

11:54:22 This is a policy with the Tampa Police Department.

11:54:27 Because you are called to some of the areas most affected

11:54:32 with the dumping and the -- so along with the high rent

11:54:40 district which gets things done.

11:54:42 But anyway, I applaud the TPD for doing this.

11:54:45 And bringing the extra eyes to the code enforcement.

11:54:49 And I think that's what was needed.

11:54:51 I went through a neighborhood association meeting on

11:54:56 Tuesday.

11:54:58 My days run into each other.

11:55:01 I think it was Tuesday evening.

11:55:03 That was one of the things thatch we talked about.

11:55:06 We need to change the culture of our city, and this is

11:55:11 everyone's city.

11:55:12 Everyone sees.

11:55:14 Everyone can call.

11:55:15 Everyone can look out for our city to be better.

11:55:19 And those eyes on the street.

11:55:22 And I appreciate very much taking this formally.

11:55:25 Thank you.

11:55:29 >>CHARLIE MIRANDA: Mr. Reddick.

11:55:30 >>FRANK REDDICK: Thank you, Mr. Chair.

11:55:32 Thank you for moving forward in this direction, number one.

11:55:37 Mr. Slater, once you receive this information, what is your

11:55:41 time line for responding?

11:55:44 Absolute slate city Tampa neighborhood administrator.

11:55:48 Councilman, we have a policy once we hear from Tampa PD, the

11:55:54 next day.

11:55:56 The next day we are out there looking into the situation.

11:55:58 >>FRANK REDDICK: Thank you.

11:56:00 I think it's a great step moving forward.

11:56:02 I appreciate that.

11:56:07 >>CHARLIE MIRANDA: Anyone else?

11:56:08 Thank you.

11:56:08 You are an asset to the police department, to the citizens

11:56:11 of the city and thank you very much for that report.

11:56:13 Appreciate it very much.

11:56:14 Okay.

11:56:14 Anyone else from solid waste want to speak on this?

11:56:18 Item part A on number 3.

11:56:20 >> Mark Woodruff, City of Tampa.

11:56:25 >> I guess your first report.

11:56:27 How about that?

11:56:28 >> Director of solid waste.

11:56:29 And before we get started let me apologize for the protocol.

11:56:33 I'm still a rookie.

11:56:37 [ Laughter ]

11:56:41 >>CHARLIE MIRANDA: You are skating on thin ice.

11:56:43 [ Laughter ]

11:56:43 >> Thank you.

11:56:45 We'll share some brief information with you this morning.

11:56:47 I know the hour is drawing near.

11:56:51 Just to give you an overview of what we do as far as code

11:56:53 enforcement within the City of Tampa solid waste department.

11:57:01 We can didn't the Power Point presentation.

11:57:04 I apologize for the delay.

11:57:06 >>HARRY COHEN: Before you start maybe we should make a

11:57:14 motion for an additional 30 minutes.

11:57:17 >>CHARLIE MIRANDA: I have a motion by Mr. Cohen.

11:57:19 Second by Mrs. Mulhern.

11:57:20 All in favor of the motion? Opposed?

11:57:22 The ayes have it unanimously.

11:57:23 Thank you very much.

11:57:23 I'm sorry.

11:57:24 >> Thank you.

11:57:35 Again, Mark Wilfork, solid waste department.

11:57:46 Working with Jake Slater and work we are going to do to

11:57:49 continue the issue associated with illegal dumping and

11:57:53 debris on the right-of-way.

11:58:05 Many people don't realize within our department we actually

11:58:07 have five code enforcement officers within the solid waste

11:58:10 department that are dedicated to addressing items associated

11:58:13 with solid waste violations.

11:58:16 Illegal dumping on the right-of-way, accumulation on the

11:58:20 right-of-way for folks' property.

11:58:22 Those officers are responsible for covering approximately 87

11:58:25 square miles of the City of Tampa, which is basically Fowler

11:58:29 Avenue down to MacDill Air Force Base, East Tampa city

11:58:34 limits over to the West Tampa city limits.

11:58:43 Our primary responsibilities revolve around 14 items

11:58:49 associated with chapter 26.

11:58:51 In chapter 26 you can see in the handout, it addresses

11:58:54 everything in solid waste management from hazardous debris

11:58:58 that may be on the right-of-way, loose debris that may be

11:59:02 out there, as well as right-of-way violations, and the key

11:59:05 is right-of-way violations.

11:59:06 We also have about 136 different call types that we try to

11:59:12 respond to within 24 hours, and that could be anything from

11:59:15 missed pickup to customers leaving their carts out.

11:59:31 We actually separate the type of violations we have in

11:59:33 different categories.

11:59:34 There's residential and commercial violations.

11:59:37 Here let's focus on the commercial violations for a moment.

11:59:40 We average about 8100 cases per year.

11:59:43 Currently, our code says we allow the residents seven days

11:59:47 to bring that into compliance.

11:59:49 But I want to really drive home the fact that we want to

11:59:52 reduce that so we actually have a proposal on the table now

11:59:54 to reduce that from seven days to five days.

11:59:57 That's where it doesn't sit out in the neighborhood as long

12:00:00 and we can take more swift action as far as bringing the

12:00:02 resolution to the situation.

12:00:07 If a violation has been issued by our code enforcement

12:00:09 officers and the residents have not complied, we will

12:00:13 perform a special pickup and any charges or fees associated

12:00:16 with that service will be added to the utility bill.

12:00:19 >>HARRY COHEN: Let me interrupt you for a moment.

12:00:21 Councilwoman Capin has a question.

12:00:25 >>YVONNE CAPIN: (off microphone).

12:00:29 >> Okay.

12:00:29 Hopefully we can answer.

12:00:33 Again, we also have commercial violations, for commercial

12:00:38 businesses and establishments throughout the city.

12:00:41 We have about 4300 cases per year.

12:00:44 The caveat and the time lines are a little different with

12:00:47 commercial businesses.

12:00:48 We allow them 72 hours to bring whatever violations they

12:00:51 have into compliance.

12:00:56 To mitigate any compromises that may exist.

12:01:00 Failure to comply.

12:01:01 Again, we will perform the service, and apply any fines or

12:01:06 fees associated to the utility bill.

12:01:10 The extra caveat we have with commercial violators is if the

12:01:13 code enforcement officers notices violations more than throw

12:01:16 times, three or more times within a 30-day period, they have

12:01:20 the authority to go ahead and mandatorily increase their

12:01:24 rate of service or the frequency of service for the size

12:01:27 container that they have on the property.

12:01:32 Now, I am going to ask Sal Rogero to come up and talk about

12:01:42 collaborative work working with the police department.

12:01:47 >> Good morning.

12:01:48 Sal Rogero, operations manager for neighborhood empowerment.

12:01:52 What we have in place right now is to address the illegal

12:01:57 dumping, that we have selected impound effort between solid

12:02:02 waste, TPD and our division, five locations within the city

12:02:07 that are constantly, you know, victims of illegal dumping.

12:02:11 And we have installed cameras in these areas.

12:02:15 And the way the cameras work, it's set up to where we can

12:02:21 try to catch one in progress.

12:02:23 And these cameras, they operate on motion, and a as soon as

12:02:27 they pick up motion, the signal gets transmitted to the TPD

12:02:33 communications, where the supervisor, it's a 24/7 monitored

12:02:41 screen, they can start looking at the situation, and

12:02:45 decide -- if it picks up on motion it could be an animal but

12:02:49 it's a vehicle dumping, then they can dispatch a unit to the

12:02:53 area.

12:02:53 To try to catch one in progress.

12:02:59 Like I say, we have five locations in the city, and it's

12:03:02 operational right now.

12:03:03 >>HARRY COHEN: You may find you have some additional

12:03:08 cameras at your disposal.

12:03:11 [ Laughter ]

12:03:11 >>FRANK REDDICK: Are these cameras remote cameras?

12:03:16 Are they moving around?

12:03:18 Are you just leaving them in one location?

12:03:20 >> They are remote, sir.

12:03:22 And we selected five spots.

12:03:25 In our opinion, the most used by you will legal dumpers.

12:03:30 And we are going to give sought time and find what yield out

12:03:34 of these locations.

12:03:35 >>FRANK REDDICK: If you had to select areas in the City of

12:03:37 Tampa to have shown some improvement with illegal dumping,

12:03:41 what would be the area?

12:03:42 >> The area right now I would say would be Sulphur Springs.

12:03:48 >>FRANK REDDICK: Sulphur Springs?

12:03:50 >> Yes, sir.

12:03:50 >>HARRY COHEN: Go ahead.

12:03:55 Councilwoman Capin, did you want to --

12:04:04 >>YVONNE CAPIN: (off microphone)

12:04:27 ... cross training with unions.

12:04:29 I wanted to ask, if solid waste have a policy like the ones

12:04:37 that the law enforcement has where you are riding along

12:04:41 twice a week up and down the streets of Tampa, do they

12:04:44 report it?

12:04:46 Is there a system where it's being reported?

12:04:49 >> Yes.

12:04:49 We are actually working towards educating all of our

12:04:54 employees to take on that, and you are right.

12:04:59 We traverse the neighborhoods more than any department in

12:05:01 the city, two or three times per week.

12:05:04 So we are going to adopt somewhat of a campaign, and

12:05:10 consider see something, say something, so as we are going

12:05:12 up --

12:05:13 >> I like that.

12:05:13 >> Yes. Well, they already got that.

12:05:17 >>YVONNE CAPIN: They -- that's creative.

12:05:21 >> Yes, and what you will notice is that our drivers, our

12:05:25 route drivers, they will become more aggressive in noticing

12:05:28 these violations as they are out on the right-of-way, and

12:05:32 call them to our attention and dispatch a unit so that we

12:05:34 can take a little bit more swift action, more appropriate.

12:05:40 You see it out there for a number of days, we have a process

12:05:43 that we have the go through, and again we are working on

12:05:45 trying to reduce that time line associated with removing

12:05:49 that debris.

12:05:54 >>YVONNE CAPIN: Do you see as an issue with the cross

12:05:56 training, would that be an issue with the union?

12:06:03 >> We have a representative with us every step of the way.

12:06:15 We just have a few more slides.

12:06:18 >>HARRY COHEN: Before you continue, Councilwoman

12:06:20 Montelione.

12:06:21 >>LISA MONTELIONE: You didn't know that your first meeting

12:06:23 was going to be --

12:06:25 >> I have come to expect the unexpected.

12:06:28 [ Laughter ]

12:06:32 >>LISA MONTELIONE: Smart fellow.

12:06:34 We talked a little bit yesterday about this.

12:06:37 And my question is, if the illegal dumping, when we talked

12:06:42 about it, we talk about it in the right-of-way.

12:06:46 If illegal dumping is on private property, then what?

12:06:50 >> There is a process for that, if it is on private

12:06:53 property.

12:06:53 We like to hold the property owner responsible as much as

12:06:55 possible.

12:06:56 >> But if it's illegal dumping, I would assume it's not the

12:07:01 property owner that's dumping on his own property, because,

12:07:04 I mean, I have been the victim of that.

12:07:06 I had a lot, it's got to be more than 10, 15 years ago, and

12:07:10 somebody decided to dump everything they owned on the lot

12:07:14 that I owned, I called TPD, and reported it and all of that.

12:07:19 But I was responsible for taking it off the property myself.

12:07:25 The apartment wee complex we talked about yesterday where

12:07:28 they have a dumpster and it's kind of in a hidden location.

12:07:31 So other people are dumping next to their dumpster.

12:07:36 And it's not them.

12:07:37 >> Right.

12:07:38 And what we'll do is we will definitely intensify the

12:07:41 efforts of our code enforcement officers to try to traverse

12:07:45 that area more frequently.

12:07:46 But we also have to educate that property owner kind of like

12:07:49 you said, it's unfortunate the way the code is written now,

12:07:52 if it's your property you are responsible for what's on it

12:07:55 so we try to have a degree of leniency and understand we are

12:07:59 dealing with a property owner.

12:08:01 But what we are really trying to do is combat the whole

12:08:05 process of illegal dumping.

12:08:07 So to figure out ways that we can mitigate the process by

12:08:11 preventing it from happening in the first place.

12:08:13 >> Right.

12:08:14 And that was something we talked about, too.

12:08:15 Because I had a former legislative aid that I said went to

12:08:20 Miami but they pick it up.

12:08:22 I know it's different situation.

12:08:23 The contract that they have for their late management.

12:08:26 But, you know, she didn't know there was such a thing as

12:08:30 illegal dumping.

12:08:30 She wasn't familiar with the term until she came here, and

12:08:34 the City of Tampa and started living here, and just get rid

12:08:40 of it.

12:08:41 We have this whole investigative process which I think I

12:08:44 said before that it's never going to go away.

12:08:49 We have got to figure out a better way to deal with it.

12:08:51 >> Absolutely.

12:08:52 And we will be addressing that as well.

12:09:01 Oh, talking about cross training a couple minutes ago.

12:09:06 Worry engaging right now with cross training with Jake.

12:09:11 As I mentioned earlier we are primarily responsible for

12:09:15 enforcing chapter 26.

12:09:17 The chapters that you see something before, 27, 14, 21, 22

12:09:23 and 25.

12:09:24 Our code enforcement officers are beginning to take on that

12:09:27 process.

12:09:31 We have already begun with chapter 19 and our code

12:09:34 enforcement officers went out with our department, have a

12:09:36 pretty good understanding that chapter and executive order

12:09:39 has been signed so they are already utilizing components for

12:09:43 chapter 19.

12:09:52 Just a quick time line of where we are.

12:09:54 We started training in about October 2013.

12:09:59 The first phase of our code enforcement officers within our

12:10:03 department cover chapters 19, executive order was signed by

12:10:08 the mayor, our code enforcement officers are currently using

12:10:11 that chapter, and as they learned, and we will continue

12:10:17 training with Sal and Jake's group.

12:10:20 And then hopefully by the end of the year 2013, we will have

12:10:23 covered all of the other chapters that we just mentioned in

12:10:26 the previous slide.

12:10:32 Any questions?

12:10:37 >>CHARLIE MIRANDA: Any questions by council members?

12:10:39 We really appreciate it very much and the effort that you

12:10:41 made and the administration has made a change like you said

12:10:46 in this area.

12:10:46 We really appreciate it.

12:10:47 >> Mark Wilfork: I want to recognize our staff.

12:10:53 It's not just me.

12:10:55 >> I understand.

12:10:58 Thank you.

12:11:06 >>MARK WILFORK: Mark Wilfork.

12:11:10 >> City attorney's office.

12:11:17 There are basically two departments here for this issue that

12:11:26 I want to bring forward.

12:11:28 Both construction services and neighborhood enhancement.

12:11:31 Maybe we'll start with neighborhood enhance it first.

12:11:35 These are generally primarily policy questions.

12:11:38 So hopefully respect speak on that and then answer some

12:11:42 questions afterwards.

12:11:43 >>JAKE SLATER: City of Tampa neighborhood empowerment.

12:11:51 I am a veteran here.

12:11:53 >>CHARLIE MIRANDA: Thank you.

12:11:53 You look young.

12:11:54 >>JAKE SLATER: I was asked to address item number 4.

12:12:01 I believe it's A, B and C concerning contact with the

12:12:07 Hillsborough County property appraiser's office.

12:12:08 We have been in contact with them several times over the

12:12:11 last several months.

12:12:13 And worry asking that you are help in any way they can give

12:12:17 us.

12:12:18 Currently there's no proceed that would automatically send a

12:12:21 notice to the City of Tampa when a homesteaded property

12:12:26 within the city limits has lost its homestead exemption.

12:12:29 We receive a weekly file.

12:12:32 It's a huge file of all the parcels within Hillsborough

12:12:35 County.

12:12:36 But they do not break it down into homesteaded property and

12:12:41 not homesteaded property.

12:12:42 So we have to pull that data out.

12:12:46 The last couple days we were able to test it out and to try

12:12:49 to experiment in ways to actually pull that data out.

12:12:54 Approximately about 85,000 single-family residences in the

12:12:59 City of Tampa.

12:13:00 Currently, we estimate that about 50 to 55 thousand have

12:13:05 the homestead exemption.

12:13:08 So that's about 30,000 that are out there like in limbo.

12:13:13 On our tax rolls we have about 12 that you to 13,000 on our

12:13:19 rental inspection program.

12:13:21 So there is a bunch out there that are not homesteaded.

12:13:24 But that doesn't necessarily mean in that direction, rental

12:13:30 type of properties.

12:13:30 There's a whole lots of other things.

12:13:32 They could be living with relatives.

12:13:34 They could be vacant properties.

12:13:36 So we are actually looking at ways to try to better address

12:13:41 that.

12:13:42 It's not an easy task, though.

12:13:43 I have got three dedicated inspectors to the rental

12:13:48 inspection program.

12:13:49 I'm excited about some changes coming up hopefully in the

12:13:52 near future with the ordinance change, with the new software

12:13:56 coming onboard over the summer.

12:13:58 But it's a huge task.

12:14:00 And I woke up Saturday morning, and in the paper, this

12:14:06 headline.

12:14:10 More rentals, less property owners.

12:14:13 That's a nationwide trend.

12:14:16 I think that I always shared, this in just Hillsborough

12:14:21 County over 50% of the population lives in some type of

12:14:24 rental properties.

12:14:25 So the inspection process is huge for us, and we are trying

12:14:31 to come up with better ways to handle that.

12:14:34 The property appraiser's office I think is actually willing

12:14:38 to help us but it's not an easy fix because they don't have

12:14:42 the data easily there for us.

12:14:45 We have to pull it out and then we have to go out and knock

12:14:48 on the doors.

12:14:54 Any questions I can answer?

12:14:58 >>CHAIRMAN: I find that hard to believe that the property

12:14:59 appraiser doesn't have a field in their data, in their

12:15:02 program, whether it's homesteaded or not.

12:15:07 >>JAKE SLATER: No, they don't.

12:15:09 Whether it's home -- yes, they do have it.

12:15:11 >>MARY MULHERN: Oh, but they don't have weather -- okay, at

12:15:15 this time difference between whether it's rental or not.

12:15:18 >> Yes.

12:15:19 They don't have that.

12:15:20 >>CHAIRMAN: Identified as rental.

12:15:21 So they can pull out the 30,000 then?

12:15:26 >> Yes.

12:15:26 Just to let you know, I actually talked to the lady who is

12:15:29 in charge of that yesterday.

12:15:30 She's the manager of exemption of like appliance for

12:15:35 Hillsborough County.

12:15:36 She has a staff of two and a half people.

12:15:39 >>MARY MULHERN: I get it.

12:15:41 >> Two and a half people.

12:15:42 >>MARY MULHERN: I just thought you said the whole batch.

12:15:45 >>CHARLIE MIRANDA: I hate to be that half.

12:15:47 Mrs. Montelione.

12:15:48 >> Any other questions?

12:15:52 >>LISA MONTELIONE: Yes, Mr. Slater.

12:15:54 You know, I know that you go back and review the records

12:15:58 from the property appraiser on what is homesteaded and what

12:16:02 is not would be a colossal task.

12:16:05 But one of the things that I had inquired about, and maybe,

12:16:10 I think you might already do this, is when a property, the

12:16:16 homestead exemption is not renewed, when the property

12:16:20 changes hands, and it's sold, or someone gives up their

12:16:27 homestead exemption, maybe they bought another house and

12:16:31 they moved the homestead exemption to the new house, at that

12:16:36 time, can we get a report that shows that, and go out and la

12:16:41 at the property?

12:16:42 Because that might be a more manageable task, a more

12:16:45 manageable --

12:16:46 >> Hillsborough County does not have a list like that.

12:16:48 They do not send us a list.

12:16:49 >>LISA MONTELIONE: So how is it when my significant other

12:16:55 moved out of his house and he kept the house, he removed the

12:17:01 homestead exemption, we got a letter in the mail asking if

12:17:07 this is a rental property, and advising me about a rental

12:17:11 certificate?

12:17:12 >> Hillsborough County sends out two letters I guess when

12:17:15 that type of situation comes up.

12:17:17 One is a questionnaire.

12:17:18 The other is a letter to the owner asking them to answer

12:17:26 various type questions.

12:17:30 We don't receive this unless we call and ask for it.

12:17:34 >>LISA MONTELIONE: We mentioned earlier, in the spirit of

12:17:38 cooperation between us and Hillsborough County, that we

12:17:42 don't set up some kind of trigger, especially now that

12:17:47 everything with the ERP program -- I don't know,

12:17:51 Hillsborough County records, where they are in the process,

12:17:55 but we should be able to share information more readily now

12:18:00 because of the technology we have.

12:18:01 Whether or not --

12:18:03 >> They are not part of it.

12:18:05 >>LISA MONTELIONE: They aren't?

12:18:07 But we should be able, with current technology, be able to

12:18:10 share information more readily than we have in the past.

12:18:13 So I'm sorry she's only two and a half staff members.

12:18:21 But if Beck work with her over the property appraiser, I

12:18:27 think work a way where we could get that information.

12:18:32 >> I'm looking forward to actually doing it.

12:18:34 Every time that I call over there, very helpful over there.

12:18:39 They are great working relationship.

12:18:41 >>LISA MONTELIONE: Maybe you can keep us apprised of the

12:18:45 conversations, and in the future set up a program whereby B

12:18:53 we can share information.

12:18:53 >> I'll be happy to report back to you.

12:18:57 >>LISA MONTELIONE: Thank you, Mr. Slater.

12:18:59 >>CHARLIE MIRANDA: Mrs. Mulhern brought a point up earlier

12:19:01 during the discussion in a previous item.

12:19:06 There are many homes that are subdivided and have no rent

12:19:16 certificate and the wrong zoning because they made them into

12:19:18 apartments.

12:19:19 In apartments you have to have zoning in a residential area.

12:19:23 What if anything are we doing about those?

12:19:24 >> My colleague here Mr. Thom Snelling is here to address

12:19:35 that.

12:19:39 We work with Thom on a regular basis.

12:19:42 >>THOM SNELLING: Close to a clean getaway.

12:19:45 Thom Snelling, planning director, City of Tampa.

12:19:47 Actually, Councilman, my part in this motion was to address,

12:19:56 to talk about that issue.

12:19:59 I have always been in touch with Mr. Enriquez over at the

12:20:02 property appraiser's office because one of the questions

12:20:04 that came up was how does that happen?

12:20:06 How does somebody go from single-family house, things are

12:20:09 going along, and then somebody complains, they go out, and

12:20:12 we go out and all of a sudden we have a multifamily family,

12:20:16 split up and there's in a permits, we don't know how it

12:20:18 happened, when it happened, who is at fault.

12:20:21 The person who owns the house, purchased it went through

12:20:23 title even, is went through the bank, did everything that he

12:20:26 thought, he or she thought they were supposed to do, to do

12:20:29 that.

12:20:30 Now all of a sudden, I send Jake and his crew out there,

12:20:34 issue a citation, because the last thing I have on the

12:20:36 records is a single-family home and now it's clearly a

12:20:40 multifamily home.

12:20:40 One of the things I did talk to Mr. Enriquez about, I asked

12:20:44 what type of archives history that he has going back, and by

12:20:50 statute he's supposed to keep property records for quite

12:20:55 awhile.

12:20:56 We are going to get together with Mr. Enriquez and he's

12:20:59 going to show it and the thought being that, for example,

12:21:02 and this is just an anecdotal example, if they have a

12:21:05 property appraisal record for 2008 and it shows a little

12:21:09 line drawn that you see on the property appraiser, how big

12:21:12 the house is, what it actually looks like as a footprint,

12:21:15 and then you come back, and you look at the appraisal record

12:21:18 from 2012, 2013, whatever, and you see that some addition

12:21:23 had occurred to that, but as we are doing our investigation

12:21:27 into that permitting permit record, we found no record of

12:21:30 any permits being issued between 2008 and 2013 when this

12:21:34 addition showed up, which could have resulted in the

12:21:37 multifamily split.

12:21:39 So what we have now is we have no permit itself.

12:21:43 We have verified at one point it was 12,000 square feet, and

12:21:49 the appraiser's records show it to be 13,000 square feet so

12:21:53 he added feet and then split it up to multifamily.

12:22:00 In my conversations with the property appraiser's office,

12:22:04 with Mr. Enriquez, we can find that out.

12:22:07 We can pun point where that is based on some of the records

12:22:09 that they have and comparing it to us.

12:22:11 And when we get a complaint, we go out and do that, we will

12:22:15 use that as part of our investigative tools.

12:22:18 What I have for you today and will continue to work with our

12:22:23 legal department is what happens when we do discover that

12:22:26 because I'm a fairly good judge of character of people.

12:22:31 And I have gone to these houses where I am talking, and

12:22:38 they'll explain to me what happened and where they got to,

12:22:43 and they say, well, I didn't know, it was like that when I

12:22:46 bought it, and I believe them.

12:22:50 It's like he was kind of an innocent person here.

12:22:52 And I believe him.

12:22:54 I have also been to places where I don't believe them.

12:22:56 My problem, the city's problem, and I think germane to some

12:23:01 of the questions here, is that do I have a legal mechanism

12:23:05 to teach the person who I believe or I have investigated and

12:23:09 found them to be truthful or whatever, do I have a legal

12:23:12 mechanism to treat them differently than the scofflaw who I

12:23:16 don't believe, and I have way more evidence to say, no, you

12:23:21 did this, you need add permit, we are going to double fine

12:23:23 you, whatever.

12:23:24 I don't have a way to do that legally.

12:23:29 And that's where the additional conversations I have.

12:23:34 Ernie and I have been talking about that last week and we

12:23:36 have to work on that.

12:23:37 Because it's difficult to fine somebody who is in clear

12:23:42 violation based on the evidence from the property

12:23:44 appraiser's office, going back to my example from 2008 to

12:23:47 2013, and what our evidence shows of what was legally

12:23:51 permitted and built and approved.

12:23:54 It demonstrates that there's a violation.

12:23:56 And how do I treat that person differently or not?

12:23:58 Because I do know with Tampa's population that migrant and

12:24:07 immigrants come from all over the Caribbean.

12:24:10 Their laws are different.

12:24:12 They honestly don't know that this is a problem.

12:24:14 And they are just doing what they have always done and very

12:24:18 innocently.

12:24:20 We have to figure out a way that we can address that in

12:24:23 legal fashion.

12:24:25 Right now the only thing I can do is double or triple fine

12:24:28 them for a permit, and if their setbacks are in violation,

12:24:31 go to the code board or Variance Review Board and get that

12:24:34 taken care of.

12:24:35 It's a several-month process.

12:24:38 And it could result in thousands of dollars.

12:24:40 Let alone if they get it approved, for me to allow them to

12:24:45 keep that structure, to keep that additional unit or

12:24:48 whatever, I have no way to know to now say to the guys, the

12:24:55 way to get out of that is you go hire a structural engineer,

12:24:59 and do whatever they are going to do and they meet Florida

12:25:04 building code, I am going to put my engineering seal on it.

12:25:07 I can do that.

12:25:07 The other option is I can go into their house.

12:25:10 They can do some deconstruction, exposing the wiring,

12:25:15 exposing the joints.

12:25:19 And use the correct number of nails or the correct rebar or

12:25:23 the proper gauge of wiring or switch or what have you, it's

12:25:28 good.

12:25:29 Now put it back up and spend more money.

12:25:34 There's no straight line there.

12:25:37 And that's our challenge.

12:25:38 My challenge and the legal department's challenge, to find

12:25:43 where we can go back to what we talked about before.

12:25:46 It's about getting people to compliance.

12:25:48 And not necessarily being punitive.

12:25:51 We need to try to figure out what is the best legal

12:25:54 mechanism to get people compliant that is not necessarily

12:25:59 punitive.

12:25:59 And that's kind of the goal.

12:26:01 And I kind of got off base a little bit but that's how we

12:26:04 interpret some of the things.

12:26:07 The other part of my presentation, we have a number of

12:26:10 policies and procedures in place.

12:26:12 And I will hand these out for you, about what we do with

12:26:17 working without a permit.

12:26:20 Complaints about how we monitor various procedures for

12:26:22 construction.

12:26:24 The process that we use for citations, for work without

12:26:29 permits, as well as work with unlicensed contractors.

12:26:34 I have these for you to look at.

12:26:36 These are the things that we follow and have followed for

12:26:38 several years.

12:26:53 In terms of our relationship with the property appraiser's

12:26:55 office, on a monthly bases, we send over all of our permits,

12:26:59 our final COs, our final permits, and war they use that

12:27:03 information for is they will receive that information.

12:27:08 They'll look at it.

12:27:10 And when they are loading it into their system or doing

12:27:13 whatever, however they deal with that data, when they find a

12:27:18 parcel that has previously been vacant, and now what I

12:27:21 September them over was the final CO for single-family house

12:27:24 or multifamily, commercial, they will use that information,

12:27:28 load into their system, and now identify a new property

12:27:30 value, that is not improved property that could include

12:27:35 single-family, multifamily, commercial or what have you.

12:27:37 So they use our data for that.

12:27:40 And like Jacob said before, they'll look for anyway that

12:27:49 they can.

12:27:50 We are not part of the same ERP.

12:27:53 We have different systems, different software, so there's no

12:27:56 easy software, electronic.

12:28:01 All your stuff will come to me and my stuff will go to you.

12:28:06 You know, there's compatibility issues that I can't speak

12:28:09 about.

12:28:11 Now that there aren't a lot of things I don't know how.

12:28:14 But there is the old school way of just sitting down and

12:28:17 talking to somebody.

12:28:19 We started that dialogue with the property appraiser's

12:28:21 office and Jake.

12:28:23 So hopefully in the very near future, you know, we'll come

12:28:27 back in some way to be compassionate and not punitive and

12:28:30 get them into compliance.

12:28:31 And then the ones that we determine are scofflaws, just

12:28:37 hammer the tar out of them.

12:28:42 >>CHARLIE MIRANDA: I haven't heard that in awhile.

12:28:44 Mrs. Montelione.

12:28:44 >>LISA MONTELIONE: The mayor institute add couple of

12:28:49 landlord training programs.

12:28:52 The greater association of realtors, I know when I worked at

12:28:57 the county, I did what I used to call triage, and anybody

12:29:02 who came into the zoning office had to see me or another

12:29:05 gentleman first and get counseled on what process they need

12:29:11 to go through.

12:29:12 And people would come in and want to apply for a permit, you

12:29:15 know, or put an addition on their house, and I tell them,

12:29:20 I'm sorry but you can't do that because that addition would

12:29:23 then be an encroachment in your setback and send them

12:29:27 through the variance process.

12:29:29 But what I often heard was that, well, the realtor knew that

12:29:33 I was going to buy the house to put an addition on because

12:29:39 the only way it meets my needs is if I add a bath ram or

12:29:43 bedroom or whatever the case was.

12:29:45 So perhaps we can engage not just in a landlord training

12:29:49 program, but with the association of realtors.

12:29:54 There are some who specialize in the City of Tampa

12:29:56 properties.

12:29:57 Maybe we start with them, and say, if you have a

12:30:00 transaction, you need to know about our zoning code, and

12:30:07 this is an area of the city that's multifamily, and just

12:30:12 basic zoning 101.

12:30:14 Because although I have a lot of friends who are realtors, I

12:30:17 respect a great many of them, and they are usually up on the

12:30:24 issues, but there are those that are not.

12:30:26 And I know it's reaching the ones that are not is the

12:30:30 hardest demographic to reach.

12:30:33 So maybe there's some video training or something.

12:30:38 >> We currently have a very good relationship with the

12:30:41 association and I know on Kennedy.

12:30:48 But we have done the ABC zoning, if you will, for greater

12:30:52 Tampa association of realtors, and the Tampa Bay association

12:30:54 of builders association.

12:30:57 We try to do those on a quasi regular basis.

12:31:00 But that's not a bad idea.

12:31:02 That's something that's a little bit more proactive.

12:31:05 You get out there and put the knowledge.

12:31:08 I does eliminate the, gee, I didn't know, aspect.

12:31:11 We give them as much information as possible and that will

12:31:15 improve some -- I'll just give my opinion about other

12:31:20 things.

12:31:21 But that's certainly a possibility.

12:31:23 Something we have done in the past.

12:31:26 So that is certainly something we could reengage.

12:31:33 >>CHARLIE MIRANDA: Any other questions by council members?

12:31:38 Thank you very much.

12:31:39 I would like to do the staff reports if possible so that the

12:31:42 citizens that came for 4 and others and the staff.

12:31:48 Need annal additional 30 minutes.

12:31:52 If we would like to leave at 1:00 or come back, that's

12:31:54 feign.

12:31:55 I have a motion by Mr. Cohen.

12:31:56 Second by Mrs. Capin.

12:31:58 All in favor of that motion?

12:32:00 The ayes have it unanimously.

12:32:01 Thank you very much.

12:32:03 We go to item number 4.

12:32:05 >> Jean Duncan, transportation division.

12:32:26 I would like to provide a handout for your reference.

12:32:42 There was a motion made last week or so that the

12:32:45 transportation division take a look at the report that was

12:32:47 done on behalf of WalMart that was required in order for

12:32:54 WalMart to get an approval for a traffic signal on

12:32:58 Hillsborough Avenue related to their site development.

12:33:02 So on the handout I provided you, on the top, just to kind

12:33:06 of reorient you to the location we are talking about, as I

12:33:10 know you are aware, there's a proposed WalMart on

12:33:13 Hillsborough Avenue.

12:33:14 It's located between 15th street and 19th street,

12:33:18 which you can see on your map is an existing traffic signal

12:33:22 at 15th street.

12:33:24 And the traffic study that was done was to document that the

12:33:30 proposed traffic signal at 19th street would meet the

12:33:34 D.O.T. criteria being that Hillsborough Avenue is a State

12:33:37 Road.

12:33:38 Also just for your information, the site plan proposes a

12:33:44 driveway on 19th street at the location of the Mohawk

12:33:49 Avenue.

12:33:51 Vacated street.

12:33:52 That's going to be exclusively for trucks.

12:33:56 So that traffic will be separated from the retail traffic.

12:34:01 There's another driveway proposed north of that location on

12:34:04 19th street, which would be for the retail traffic.

12:34:09 On Hillsborough Avenue between 15th and 19th street,

12:34:14 there are two proposed driveways going in, which will be

12:34:18 called a right in, right out.

12:34:20 The benefit of those is you don't have the left out coming

12:34:24 out of the locations which will eliminate conflicts for

12:34:28 vehicles and pedestrians at those locations.

12:34:32 And the last access proposal on the site plan is on 15th

12:34:37 street at Mohawk.

12:34:39 There's a driveway proposed at that location for traffic to

12:34:44 access on the west side of the site.

12:34:49 So we have made a copy of this traffic study that was done

12:34:52 by Kimley-Horn, the traffic engineering company, and

12:34:58 reviewed the models that were used and the traffic inputs

12:35:02 that were put into that model.

12:35:03 We reviewed the assumptions that were made about the

12:35:06 traffic.

12:35:08 And based on existing traffic counts, the studies showing

12:35:13 that there's what we call a level of service B on 15th

12:35:18 street between Hillsborough Avenue and Mohawk.

12:35:25 In the transportation jargon, it's a very good level of

12:35:30 service.

12:35:31 Most you are our streets as you drive around the city you

12:35:33 are probably experiencing level service EOF particularly in

12:35:37 the PM peak.

12:35:41 So Kimley-Horn did a look at the p.m. peak which is the T

12:35:46 worst time of day and certainly the case for these

12:35:49 intersections.

12:35:50 So based on the projections from the model, Kimley-Horn also

12:35:56 gave what we felt was a very conservative explanation of the

12:36:01 distribution of traffic.

12:36:03 As I mentioned there's multiple sites to access the site.

12:36:07 They placed a 38% distribution at 15th and Hillsborough.

12:36:14 They were saying of all the traffic access points that could

12:36:17 be used they are going to put 38% of the total traffic at

12:36:21 that location.

12:36:22 We felt that was a conservative percentage to use.

12:36:27 Using that percentage distribution, they reran the proposed

12:36:32 conditions, and their numbers were indicating that the -- if

12:36:38 you were to count the cars, there would be -- give me a

12:36:43 moment to find my note here -- there would be 156 additional

12:36:47 vehicles in the p.m. peak once the WalMart is constructed.

12:36:52 With that additional traffic loading at that location, that

12:36:58 would still allow that roadway to operate at what we call

12:37:01 level of service B.

12:37:03 We did also note that they are going to be making some

12:37:07 improvements on Mohawk.

12:37:09 They are going to be putting in enhanced crosswalk.

12:37:12 They are going to be putting in a right and left turn, which

12:37:17 will better delineate where the vehicles need to be driving.

12:37:20 And there's also going to be additional street lighting

12:37:24 going in at 19th street.

12:37:26 And 19th even though it's a legal crossing now it's

12:37:33 going to have pedestrian upgrades as well.

12:37:35 So those folks that are using that intersection now are

12:37:38 going to be able to have a pedestrian stage to use the cross

12:37:44 over Hillsborough Avenue.

12:37:45 So our review of this study, our conclusion was that it is

12:37:51 not going to have a significant traffic impact on 15th

12:37:56 street based on the data that we reviewed, and we do believe

12:38:01 that there are going to be some improvements in terms of

12:38:05 pedestrian upgrades with sidewalks, a couple swats going in

12:38:10 as well, street lighting going in, and the multiple access

12:38:16 points, for traffic around the site as well.

12:38:22 That was our conclusion of the review.

12:38:24 >>CHARLIE MIRANDA: Council members?

12:38:26 Mrs. Mulhern.

12:38:26 >>MARY MULHERN: Thank you.

12:38:33 What we have been hearing from residents -- and hopefully

12:38:35 you heard the public comment this morning.

12:38:37 >> Yes.

12:38:39 >>MARY MULHERN: -- is that the traffic study done was only

12:38:43 of Hillsborough Avenue?

12:38:46 >> That's correct.

12:38:48 The purpose of the study was to document and get approval

12:38:53 from the Department of Transportation for the access on

12:39:01 Hillsborough Avenue, the D.O.T. decision on Hillsborough

12:39:07 Avenue.

12:39:08 >>MARY MULHERN: There's something wrong with this picture

12:39:10 as far as the city when we approve these rezonings, not

12:39:17 looking at our local roads, not requiring the developer,

12:39:22 especially in the case of WalMart, but I just looked up the

12:39:30 Walton family has more wealth combined 42% of Americans.

12:39:37 So if we are getting a rezoning request for a WalMart, for a

12:39:43 big project, and looking at this map, it's four city blocks

12:39:46 east and west, two city blocks north and south.

12:39:53 This whole development is huge.

12:39:54 They should be paying for local traffic studies and for any

12:39:58 improvements that we need.

12:39:59 So I just think we have to fix this process, and just today,

12:40:07 you were quoted in the story about trader Joe's, which is

12:40:10 another case where these huge impacts on neighborhoods are

12:40:17 not having a public hearing, where they often and always

12:40:24 generate these kinds of questions and give us some

12:40:26 opportunity and leverage to get the developer to pay for

12:40:35 their impact.

12:40:36 So there's something really wrong with this process.

12:40:39 If we cannot get this developer, WalMart, to work with the

12:40:44 community and to pay for the studies, and the planning that

12:40:50 they need to make this accessible and workable, and it

12:40:54 doesn't make any sense for us in the case of this or other

12:40:57 developments like Trader Joe's, why do you wait until after

12:41:02 the impact?

12:41:03 This is the time to do the planning and anticipate the

12:41:07 adverse effects, is when it comes for rezoning.

12:41:10 >> I can tell you in the case of WalMart, my understanding

12:41:15 was this was not a rezoning.

12:41:16 The site was already --

12:41:20 >> Right.

12:41:21 I'm sorry.

12:41:22 Not rezoning.

12:41:23 Bull when it comes to the city, transportation planning --

12:41:28 >> Well, the transportation planning for commercial site

12:41:32 plan review.

12:41:35 It doesn't go to transportation division because at that

12:41:41 point there's not a transportation requirement of the

12:41:44 developer other than to provide adequate access for the

12:41:49 site.

12:41:51 So there's not a legal or process --

12:41:56 >> We need --

12:41:57 >> Requirement.

12:41:59 The same thing with trader Joe's.

12:42:01 That's a commercial development.

12:42:03 They already have the zoning.

12:42:04 They come in to construction services center.

12:42:08 They have the site plan reviewed.

12:42:10 And the access is approved through that --

12:42:14 >>MARY MULHERN: So the process isn't evaluating whether the

12:42:17 access is appropriate and what the effects are going to be.

12:42:20 So we need to change that.

12:42:24 It makes no sense.

12:42:25 Because we end up with -- you know, the developer is

12:42:30 supposed to pay for itself, and our responsibility is to

12:42:36 make them do that.

12:42:37 We are either going to get stuck with the bill for fixing

12:42:40 these things, or we are not going to be able to fix them.

12:42:44 So --

12:42:47 >> Well, if you recall, a few years ago, we did a review of

12:42:51 what we call the transportation concurrency exception area.

12:42:56 And basically, we made it more customized to where if a

12:43:02 development is within a certain area of our city, such as

12:43:06 downtown, Westshore, some of the USF area, or around what we

12:43:12 call the primary transit corridor, which -- and all those

12:43:15 are identified in the procedure -- then the developments

12:43:20 going in those areas do not have any onerous transportation

12:43:25 or otherwise review.

12:43:27 Basically they pay their impact fees and they go.

12:43:30 You come in off of South Westshore, for example, such as

12:43:35 Georgetown is an example.

12:43:37 There's going to be a more onerous transportation and other

12:43:40 type of review to make sure that project fits in

12:43:43 appropriately with the surrounding area.

12:43:46 So those are what our current processes are, and

12:43:50 transportation, we are just here tore try to be as

12:43:52 supportive as we can when these developments come along to

12:43:56 make adjustments accordingly to make things flow as smoothly

12:44:01 as they can.

12:44:01 But based upon the current procedures we have with no front

12:44:05 end screening such as you are suggesting --

12:44:07 >>MARY MULHERN: What I am saying is there's a real problem

12:44:09 with this and we are seeing it again and again, you know, in

12:44:13 South Tampa and now up in this neighborhood, and I'm sure we

12:44:16 have seen it other places.

12:44:18 But just because you are zoned one way doesn't mean that

12:44:26 your impact -- because we have that concurrency exception,

12:44:29 it covers all the city, doesn't it?

12:44:30 >> It doesn't cover the whole city in terms of -- I guess

12:44:35 the effort west way to explain it is to show you the map.

12:44:38 >>MARY MULHERN: Right, nature corridors.

12:44:44 That's the problem where these high impact developments are

12:44:46 going.

12:44:48 So, you know, I think we need to get ahead of these

12:44:52 problems.

12:44:52 And I'm not sure how to do that, but maybe I'll make a

12:44:55 motion that we have maybe have a workshop or we have some

12:45:00 kind of staff report to address these, you know, big

12:45:08 commercial developments that are not required to -- you

12:45:13 know, how we can make them pay for those traffic impacts

12:45:16 that are obviously going to happen.

12:45:17 >>FRANK REDDICK: I want to remind you that I don't know

12:45:28 from a workshop or staff report to come back with those

12:45:32 pertaining to these problems and getting away from them.

12:45:41 >>MARY MULHERN: So maybe, I don't know when that is, so

12:45:43 we'll look it up and maybe in our next meeting, to add

12:45:52 transportation impact.

12:45:53 >>HARRY COHEN: I'm not clear that there's a motion on the

12:45:59 floor.

12:45:59 >>MARY MULHERN: I don't know when that is.

12:46:02 I'll look it up.

12:46:04 Maybe I can find it.

12:46:05 Thank you.

12:46:05 >>HARRY COHEN: Mr. Reddick.

12:46:09 >>FRANK REDDICK: Thank you, Mr. Chair.

12:46:15 Did you get a chance to see the presentation?

12:46:18 One of the guys from Seminole Heights, he was passing out

12:46:25 the flyers, making copies.

12:46:29 >> I saw some of that under public comments this morning.

12:46:32 >>FRANK REDDICK: Yes.

12:46:33 And one, one in particular you can see backup traffic at

12:46:54 that time of day and 15th street from Mohawk towards

12:46:59 Hillsborough, 6:00 p.m.

12:47:03 Tried to back up at this time.

12:47:28 Did you all get a chance to see what it looks like during

12:47:31 evening hours?

12:47:31 >> I saw some pictures this morning P.

12:47:33 We don't have any documented complains on 15th street in

12:47:36 terms of congestion, such as he was pointing out with the

12:47:40 pictures.

12:47:40 But we reviewed the information that was provided to make

12:47:43 the decision about the site access of WalMart and we are not

12:47:51 saying that there is not a problem such as the photos are

12:47:54 suggesting.

12:47:55 >>FRANK REDDICK: Okay.

12:47:57 Was any consideration given?

12:48:00 We also had a picture shown where they were suggesting that

12:48:05 instead of having that light at, I believe, at 19, instead

12:48:12 of 19th, on Hillsborough Avenue.

12:48:22 A drive-in on Hillsborough Avenue through WalMart.

12:48:25 >> Yes.

12:48:29 >>FRANK REDDICK: Do you know whether any consideration was

12:48:31 given to that?

12:48:32 >> No, sir.

12:48:32 The report that we received to review was of a result of

12:48:43 between WalMart and the state on access they were requesting

12:48:46 for this site.

12:48:47 I do know -- not know if there was discussion with D.O.T. on

12:48:51 putting in a mid block signal such as was being suggested

12:48:57 this morning.

12:48:58 That would certainly be something that the state would have

12:49:00 to weigh in on as to whether they would approve that or not.

12:49:04 I don't know if that was part of the discussion between

12:49:07 WalMart and the dot or not.

12:49:09 It doesn't appear so from the information we have.

12:49:13 That would be something that would have to be determined by

12:49:16 the D.O.T. as to whether they would be supportive of that.

12:49:20 We certainly would be willing to assist in that conversation

12:49:24 if you like.

12:49:26 But it doesn't appear that was part of the site planning.

12:49:30 It certainly wasn't approved.

12:49:31 >>FRANK REDDICK: Let me ask you this question as far as the

12:49:35 public is concerned.

12:49:37 Is it still feasible for any changes to be made in the

12:49:45 traffic pattern, for the traffic pattern with 19th

12:49:52 street or 15th street adjacent to WalMart with D.O.T.?

12:49:57 >> Is it feasible to change?

12:50:00 >> Yes.

12:50:00 Is it too late?

12:50:02 That's the bottom line.

12:50:03 The suggestions that we are getting, is it too late to go to

12:50:09 D.O.T. and say we want to see some recommended changes?

12:50:13 >> I would say that's a matter of the development and not

12:50:15 the D.O.T.

12:50:16 The D.O.T. doesn't really have a vested interest.

12:50:19 They just want to make sure whatever the development's plans

12:50:22 are needs those criteria for the access.

12:50:28 Really the developer decides to go back and change how his

12:50:31 site plan is laid out and then the D.O.T. would certainly

12:50:34 react to any changes he wants to make.

12:50:36 >> So when you saying the developer you are speaking of

12:50:39 WalMart?

12:50:39 >> Right.

12:50:39 >>FRANK REDDICK: Well, respond to that letter.

12:50:46 We don't get no response.

12:50:48 Okay.

12:50:50 So it lies with the developers, and a chance to the traffic

12:50:58 pattern with WalMart.

12:50:59 >> Yes, sir.

12:51:00 >> Okay.

12:51:01 And last question I have is -- and I know I had this

12:51:05 discussion with you -- if need be, and it's down the road,

12:51:14 if concerns are raised by some citizens in Seminole Heights,

12:51:18 that the bus stop on 15th is need be and it causes

12:51:25 traffic congestion, that consideration be given going to

12:51:29 Hart and asking them to move that bus stop?

12:51:32 And I'm saying community residents that were hear are gone,

12:51:36 and I am only raising these questions to you, that

12:51:39 consideration be given to go to Hart and ask them to move

12:51:43 that bus stop further north on Mohawk?

12:51:50 >> Yes.

12:51:50 If it appears that's creating a queueing issue with we can

12:51:53 certainly talk to Hart about having that shifted. In

12:51:56 reviewing this report, we did realize there is an

12:52:00 encouragement by one of the businesses of rite and we are

12:52:05 going to work out with coordination and see if we can get

12:52:08 that changed to put in a sidewalk along 15th street on

12:52:11 that east side that would serve that bus stop.

12:52:14 But if that does seem to be a problem, we'll certainly reach

12:52:17 out to Hart and see if we can make that adjustment.

12:52:19 >>FRANK REDDICK: Thank you.

12:52:22 >>CHARLIE MIRANDA: I have, I believe, Mrs. Montelione and

12:52:24 Mr. Suarez.

12:52:25 >>LISA MONTELIONE: Thank you for coming Ms. Duncan.

12:52:33 I had mentioned briefly to Mr. Snelling about the reviewers

12:52:38 that do traffic reviews when a construction permit is

12:52:44 requested.

12:52:47 Is there someone in the city, when a construction permit is

12:52:52 pulled, that reviews that site plan and construction permit

12:52:56 for transportation?

12:53:03 >>JEAN DUNCAN: I would say typically, no. Not from the

12:53:07 transportation division. But through reorganization a

12:53:07 couple years ago, under the ECC effort, there was staff

12:53:13 reallocated to the planning division.

12:53:15 We stay in very close contact and are very supportive of

12:53:19 those staff members.

12:53:20 And so we are always there as a resource, if someone wants

12:53:23 another opinion, or wants a review.

12:53:26 But I believe as a matter of process, if a commercial site

12:53:32 plan comes in, for site plan review, that is handled by the

12:53:37 construction services center, with probably support by the

12:53:43 planning division.

12:53:44 >>LISA MONTELIONE: Would there be benefit in your eyes to

12:53:46 having construction permits reviewed by transportation staff

12:53:50 so that when a potential issue is present as far as whether

12:53:58 it be for congestion purposes that Mr. Cohen talks about,

12:54:02 South Tampa, or whether it be for pedestrian safety purposes

12:54:06 on larger roads or in neighborhoods, or around a business

12:54:12 locating themselves, a large business locating a round a

12:54:16 school, that they would be -- there would be benefit to a

12:54:20 transportation review at a construction permit process?

12:54:23 >> Well, I think that was part of the decision to have more

12:54:29 of a one-stop so shopping opportunity for a developer, if

12:54:33 resources were centralized to the department that is on the

12:54:38 front lines of reviewing those.

12:54:39 >> but it's not part of the process now?

12:54:41 >> It is not.

12:54:42 However, if there is something which appears to be above and

12:54:47 beyond the norm, we have a close working relationship with

12:54:51 the planning department, the planning division, and where

12:54:55 there is a resource.

12:54:56 But again it's not a process.

12:54:57 >>LISA MONTELIONE: And we are talking about individuals who

12:55:03 were here earlier couldn't stay, but is it the traffic study

12:55:06 on a State Road was done obviously by the Florida Department

12:55:10 of Transportation because it's a State Road, but the two

12:55:14 other streets that will be impacted are city streets.

12:55:18 They are local roads.

12:55:20 But yet we didn't do any analysis of the impact to those

12:55:26 local roads, and the entrance and exists to the parking lot

12:55:29 on those local roads.

12:55:31 So it would seem obvious that if you are directing traffic

12:55:37 in and out of a location that's a local road, that we would

12:55:41 have someone from transportation, no matter where their

12:55:45 office is, whether it's in this building or another

12:55:47 building, take a look at that to evaluate the impacts to the

12:55:55 local roads.

12:55:56 So when everyone is finished I'll make a motion that we

12:56:02 receive a staff report, or maybe a workshop, because we are

12:56:07 time limited in staff reports, as we found this morning, and

12:56:09 some things maybe should be set for workshops to address

12:56:15 this system or mechanism we could put in place when a large

12:56:21 big box store -- and trader joe's isn't even a large bug box

12:56:28 store, but I have to find at what point that trying worry

12:56:31 happen, but a construction permit process would then trigger

12:56:34 a transportation review.

12:56:37 Thank you.

12:56:40 >>CHARLIE MIRANDA: Mr. Suarez?

12:56:40 >>MIKE SUAREZ: Thank you, chair. I think the comment by

12:56:43 Mr. Reddick, Mrs. Montelione, Mrs. Mulhern, are along the

12:56:48 lines before you.

12:56:49 And one of the things -- and I think that you as

12:56:53 transportation professional, you know what D.O.T. is

12:56:56 actually going to do in terms of some of these projects.

12:56:59 And I don't mean specifically, but you know what, they don't

12:57:04 like to have, you know, a light in the middle of the road,

12:57:07 because of certain criteria.

12:57:10 But we don't have any power to change that particular rule.

12:57:15 We can ask them.

12:57:16 We can berate them.

12:57:18 We can say whatever we want.

12:57:19 But they still have the right to overrule us on things we

12:57:24 are doing.

12:57:24 What Mrs. Mulhern was bringing up, which I think is a very

12:57:27 good point, which is there's an over arching public safety,

12:57:31 and impact that we have to deal with by virtue of the

12:57:35 decisions that are made by other people that we have in a

12:57:37 control over, and your two examples are exactly right which

12:57:42 is the trader Joe's example and this one, and I don't think

12:57:45 it has anything to do with -- and I think Mrs. Montelione

12:57:48 figured that out, too -- has nothing to do with being a big

12:57:51 box.

12:57:51 It has to do with the way those properties, because they are

12:57:54 zoned, have a right to access certain roads.

12:58:00 And unfortunately we have seen this in some of our zonings.

12:58:03 When a state decision is that they will not allow it to be

12:58:07 accessed to the State Road, it's going to go on our access

12:58:12 and arterial roads.

12:58:13 So we are stuck.

12:58:14 We are having to deal with that situation.

12:58:16 We are stuck as council having to deal with the questions

12:58:20 and the comments from our citizens.

12:58:23 And I think that a lot of times what happens with us is that

12:58:26 we don't have the answers, because we are not involved in

12:58:29 the rule and you are not either.

12:58:32 We are kind of stuck here.

12:58:33 Now, a couple of questions that I did have, Mr. Reddick

12:58:36 mentioned about the Hart bus.

12:58:41 Typically Hart will purchase to do bus bays or stops or

12:58:47 something like that, and this was probably provided to us

12:58:50 for free from the developer.

12:58:52 In your experience, is that discussion just between Hart and

12:58:56 the developer?

12:58:57 Or is it between D.O.T., Hart and the developer?

12:59:00 >> Well, my understanding about the bus bay, which is on

12:59:05 Hillsborough Avenue, was that would have been a Hart

12:59:08 developer D.O.T. conversation of getting the three parties

12:59:13 agreeing on that location.

12:59:14 I believe the bus stop that Mr. Reddick was talking about is

12:59:18 the one that's actually on 15th street, just south of

12:59:21 Mohawk, which is actually just a sign, not an actual bus

12:59:26 stop nor is it a bus bay.

12:59:28 >> And I think part of what happens is we layer things upon

12:59:31 things upon things, and there's a lot of did you have people

12:59:33 talking.

12:59:34 But it doesn't come to our level in terms of making policy

12:59:37 decisions.

12:59:39 The policy decision that was brought up by my colleagues is

12:59:42 important because, is there any overarching way that we can

12:59:47 control from a public safety position -- and I know you are

12:59:52 not public safety but you are transportation -- you make

12:59:54 these recommendations based on public safety -- that we can

12:59:59 change a pattern of direction for development that is not

01:00:03 zoned, if you follow what I am saying? Meaning we don't

01:00:06 have the power to tell them how to rezone it or whatever.

01:00:09 But we find that the impact is so great on a safety concern,

01:00:13 can we change it?

01:00:14 >> Being a State Road you mean?

01:00:19 >> Or any kind of transportation, whether state or whatever.

01:00:21 And I see Rebecca Kert coming up which means that I said

01:00:25 something -- which is fine.

01:00:28 I always like her to come up and talk to us.

01:00:30 But you understand what I am saying.

01:00:31 >> Yes.

01:00:32 >> We are not talking zoning.

01:00:33 We are not trying to change the zoning because they are by

01:00:35 right able to build that facility.

01:00:38 But when we see a particular project, it's so great of an

01:00:44 impact on our traffic patterns that we have to make a

01:00:46 decision, do we have any power to change that?

01:00:50 >> Well, we have certain amounts of opportunity to give our

01:00:54 technical recommendation.

01:00:56 There are some things that we can approve or not approve in

01:00:59 terms of access.

01:01:01 I guess it kind of depends on the situation.

01:01:03 But Rebecca is probably standing there ready to say the

01:01:07 property owner does have a right to build at a certain point

01:01:11 and does have a right to access as well, even if that is a

01:01:16 State Road.

01:01:17 In some cases that supersedes something that the state may

01:01:20 be saying.

01:01:21 Again it depends --

01:01:23 >>MIKE SUAREZ: And that's my point.

01:01:25 There is a point where public safety becomes our one and

01:01:27 only concern with a particular area.

01:01:30 It may not ever get to that point.

01:01:32 But I was just curious as to what that is.

01:01:35 Because we obviously cannot change the project itself.

01:01:40 D.O.T. does not see fit to put a light between 19th and

01:01:45 15th street in my mind which makes more sense and have

01:01:50 less of an impact on the neighborhood.

01:01:52 And I don't know if that's a fight that we can still try and

01:01:56 push forward with D.O.T.

01:01:58 But again, you know, if we have no real leverage, it's kind

01:02:02 of tough to try to tell them to change the way that they do

01:02:05 things.

01:02:06 Thank you.

01:02:06 That's all I had, chair.

01:02:08 >>CHARLIE MIRANDA: Anyone else?

01:02:10 Mr. Cohen?

01:02:10 >>HARRY COHEN: Just very briefly, because of the hour is

01:02:14 late and we are still on item number 4.

01:02:18 You know, I think where everyone is going here is we have

01:02:22 had these situations that come up a number of times where

01:02:25 something is zoned a certain way, and the development

01:02:28 happens, and council never gets a chance, and as a result,

01:02:33 never gets the chance to weigh in on the plan.

01:02:35 And, you know, with due respect to developers, we cannot

01:02:42 change the rules on that in the middle of the game.

01:02:45 We have to make sure that the rules are standard for

01:02:47 everyone.

01:02:47 We can't go back and undo something that's already been

01:02:50 done.

01:02:51 But time and again, we see projects where they were zoned a

01:02:57 certain way several years ago and circumstances in the

01:02:59 neighborhood have changed.

01:03:00 Whether it's public safety and traffic that Mr. Suarez is

01:03:04 referring to, whether it's parking requirements that all of

01:03:09 a sudden now because of other development around it needs

01:03:13 more stringent, whether like in my neighborhood on Palm

01:03:15 Drive and Howard Avenue, where an assistive living facility

01:03:21 went in in a formally approved PD, the neighborhood would

01:03:24 have appreciated a chance to weigh in on where some of the

01:03:27 curb cuts were going to be because things have changed in

01:03:29 the overall traffic pattern of the neighborhood.

01:03:33 So when the motion gets made, as I assume Councilwoman

01:03:37 Mulhern is going to make it, I would like to see us really

01:03:40 zero in on how we can -- not necessarily -- we don't have to

01:03:46 necessarily have the ability to change the zoning on

01:03:48 something, to be able to weigh in on some of the details of

01:03:52 the project, because oftentimes it's these small fixes.

01:03:57 It's not about being for or against the development.

01:03:59 It's about making sure that the development fits in with the

01:04:04 neighborhood traffic pattern which changed.

01:04:07 They evolve over time.

01:04:09 Where the trader Joe's is going, when it was originally

01:04:12 zoned that way, L.A. Fitness wasn't right across the street

01:04:16 feeding into the same two-lane intersection.

01:04:20 So I'm in support of it and I think it needs to be a broad

01:04:25 discussion about overall policy.

01:04:29 >>CHARLIE MIRANDA: Okay.

01:04:29 Now I have a little problem.

01:04:30 It's past by two extensions.

01:04:33 What is it that this council wants to do?

01:04:39 >>YVONNE CAPIN: Chairman, my late husband's mother is now my

01:04:43 responsibility, and her eye appointment is every three

01:04:45 months.

01:04:46 I have the last appointment of the day I have made.

01:04:50 I can't come back.

01:04:53 I can't stay past like 2:45.

01:04:56 >>CHARLIE MIRANDA: I don't mind staying.

01:04:57 I haven't et eaten since Wednesday.

01:05:03 >>HARRY COHEN: I think we can finish quickly.

01:05:05 I'll make a motion for another 20 minutes.

01:05:08 >>CHARLIE MIRANDA: Give me 30.

01:05:10 I have a motion by Mr. Cohen for 30 minutes.

01:05:13 I am going to yield to Mrs. Capin.

01:05:16 I appreciate it very much.

01:05:17 All in favor of the motion please indicate by saying aye.

01:05:20 Opposed nays. The ayes have it unanimously.

01:05:24 Continue.

01:05:25 Thank you very much.

01:05:25 Any other questions?

01:05:34 I had a motion here, I believe.

01:05:35 Mrs. Mulhern?

01:05:37 >>MARY MULHERN: I am going to make my motion.

01:05:38 I'm looking at where we thought it might fit in.

01:05:41 Councilman Reddick suggested it's talking about the special

01:05:45 use 1 and special use 2 process which is something

01:05:48 different.

01:05:49 And this is similar but there's too much on there.

01:05:53 So what I think we should do is come back as a staff report.

01:06:05 What's the next regular meeting?

01:06:09 Maybe May 1st.

01:06:10 A staff report.

01:06:13 Addressing -- do you want to give me some direction first?

01:06:19 >>REBECCA KERT: Legal department.

01:06:20 I think first of all that something -- administration side

01:06:24 and legal side need a workshop and I think what would be

01:06:29 most helpful, what I have heard the discussion is, to start

01:06:35 with a request for a full explanation of exactly what the

01:06:42 transportation review is, but it's being conducted, writs

01:06:46 happening in the process, what it's triggered, an

01:06:49 explanation of the last round of changes that you made,

01:06:51 because a lot of things, there were decisions made about

01:06:57 public safety, and at what point it's going to rise to a

01:07:00 level of X review or Y review and you may want to be

01:07:03 reconsidering some of those.

01:07:04 But until you have an understanding of exactly what the

01:07:07 triggers are exactly what the state law says, what you can

01:07:11 or cannot do, I think it's going to be difficult to focus

01:07:14 it.

01:07:14 And after you hear that I think you will be better prepared

01:07:17 to say this is where we would like to see some policy

01:07:20 changes.

01:07:20 So I would recommend a workshop.

01:07:29 I think transportation review occur in rezoning and

01:07:33 development permit process.

01:07:34 >>MARY MULHERN: Oh, I didn't see that.

01:07:38 So a workshop -- what you just said.

01:07:42 April 24th.

01:07:44 >>HARRY COHEN: 9 a.m.

01:07:46 >>MARY MULHERN: 9 a.m.

01:07:47 >>CHARLIE MIRANDA: I have a motion on this item that was

01:07:49 stated earlier by Mrs. Mulhern.

01:07:52 Seconded by Mr. Reddick.

01:07:53 Further discussion on this?

01:07:56 At 9 a.m.

01:07:57 >>MARY MULHERN: I am just going to address some of my

01:08:01 specific concerns and you can come back and probably other

01:08:04 council people will, too.

01:08:06 >>CHARLIE MIRANDA: All in favor of the motion?

01:08:07 Opposed?

01:08:09 The ayes have it unanimously.

01:08:10 >>FRANK REDDICK: Mr. Chairman.

01:08:17 I move 5 through 8124 we are going to do 5 through 8 right

01:08:21 now and hopefully finish the agenda.

01:08:24 Item number 5.

01:08:24 >>FRANK REDDICK: Move the resolution.

01:08:28 >>CHARLIE MIRANDA: I have a motion by Mr. Reddick to move

01:08:30 the resolution, a second by Mrs. Capin.

01:08:32 Further discussion by council members?

01:08:33 All in favor of the motion indicate by saying aye.

01:08:35 Opposed nay.

01:08:36 The ayes have it unanimously.

01:08:37 Item number 6.

01:08:38 >> Move the resolution.

01:08:40 >> Motion by Mr. Reddick to move the resolution.

01:08:42 Second by Mrs. Capin on item number 6.

01:08:45 All in favor of the motion please indicate by saying aye.

01:08:48 Opposed nay. Motion passed unanimously.

01:08:50 Item number 7.

01:08:51 >>FRANK REDDICK: Move the resolution.

01:08:55 >>CHARLIE MIRANDA: Second by Mr. Cohen.

01:08:56 All in favor of the resolution? Opposed?

01:09:00 Motion passed unanimously.

01:09:01 Item number 8.

01:09:01 >>FRANK REDDICK: Move the resolution.

01:09:05 >>CHARLIE MIRANDA: By Mr. Reddick.

01:09:06 Second by Mrs. Montelione on a close vote with Mrs. Capin.

01:09:11 Motion passed unanimously.

01:09:15 Doing a good job.

01:09:16 Public Safety Committee chair, Mr. Frank Reddick.

01:09:19 >>FRANK REDDICK: Move item number 9.

01:09:23 >>CHARLIE MIRANDA: I have a motion by Mr. Reddick on item 9.

01:09:26 Second by Mr. Cohen.

01:09:27 The ayes have it unanimously.

01:09:29 Parks, Recreation, Culture Committee chair, Mrs. Mary

01:09:32 Mulhern.

01:09:33 >>MARY MULHERN: I move items 11 through 15.

01:09:37 >>CHARLIE MIRANDA: Motion by Mrs. Mulhern, a second by Mr.

01:09:40 Suarez on a close vote with Mr. Cohen.

01:09:43 All in favor? The ayes have it unanimously.

01:09:46 Public Works Committee chair, Mr. Mike.

01:09:47 >>MIKE SUAREZ: Suarez I move items 16 through 24.

01:09:50 >> Motion by Mr. Suarez.

01:09:52 I have a second by Mr. Cohen.

01:09:53 All in favor of the motion please indicate by saying aye.

01:09:56 Opposed nay.

01:09:57 The ayes have it unanimously.

01:09:58 Finance chair committee, Mr. Harry Cohen.

01:10:00 >>HARRY COHEN: I move items number 25 through 29, and

01:10:04 number 31 and 32.

01:10:08 >>CHARLIE MIRANDA: I have a motion by Mr. Cohen, second by

01:10:10 Mr. Suarez.

01:10:11 All in fair of the motion please indicate by saying aye.

01:10:13 Opposed nay.

01:10:14 The ayes have it unanimously.

01:10:15 Building zoning, preservation committee chair, Mrs. Lisa

01:10:19 Montelione.

01:10:19 >> Move item 33 through 42.

01:10:22 >> Second.

01:10:23 >>CHARLIE MIRANDA: I have a second by Mr. Cohen.

01:10:24 Further discussion by council members?

01:10:25 All in favor of the motion?

01:10:27 Opposed?

01:10:28 The ayes have it unanimously.

01:10:29 Transportation committee chair, Mrs. Yvonne Yolie Capin.

01:10:34 >>YVONNE CAPIN: I will move item 43 and 44.

01:10:37 >> I have a motion by Mrs. Capin, a second by Mr. Suarez.

01:10:41 Further discussion by council members?

01:10:42 All in favor of the motion?

01:10:43 Opposed?

01:10:44 The ayes have it unanimously.

01:10:46 Now, item number 45.

01:10:48 >> Move the resolution.

01:10:51 >>CHARLIE MIRANDA: Wait a minute.

01:10:52 This resolution is for April 24.

01:10:54 I would like to have it changed so we don't have to come in

01:10:57 for one item to make it for May 8th at -- May 8th at

01:11:05 5:01 meeting.

01:11:07 Rezoning.

01:11:08 >>HARRY COHEN: I will absolutely amend to the ask that that

01:11:12 resolution be set for May 8th at 5:01 p.m.

01:11:24 That's not the one set for the end of March already that we

01:11:28 have the same issue on.

01:11:29 We may want to bring that up right now.

01:11:32 We have one set for March 27th in the evening.

01:11:41 It was only put on the calendar a couple of weeks ago.

01:11:46 All I'm saying is I know I am not going to be here because I

01:11:49 am going to be traveling and there's only one item set for

01:11:52 March 27th and I'm wondering if we can move that one to

01:11:54 the April evening meeting.

01:11:56 >>CHARLIE MIRANDA: Let me say this.

01:11:57 Any legal problem with moving this?

01:12:01 >>MARTIN SHELBY: It's advertised noticewise for the area

01:12:04 rezoning?

01:12:08 >>CHARLIE MIRANDA: I don't want to do anything that violates

01:12:10 the spirit of the law.

01:12:12 >>GLORIA MOREDA: Land development.

01:12:12 It's noticed public hearing so it would have to be opened

01:12:18 and continued.

01:12:20 >>MARTIN SHELBY: You need a quorum to show up to continue

01:12:25 it.

01:12:27 >>CHARLIE MIRANDA: Let's have volunteers.

01:12:28 I'll show up.

01:12:32 I need four volunteers.

01:12:35 Courage to do battle.

01:12:40 >>GLORIA MOREDA: I do want to say that there could be the

01:12:41 public here.

01:12:45 >>CHARLIE MIRANDA: All right.

01:12:46 We'll leave it the way it is.

01:12:47 >>MARTIN SHELBY: I will tray to work with staff to avoid

01:12:51 having just one item set for an evening meeting.

01:12:53 >>HARRY COHEN: That was really the thing we wanted to point

01:12:56 out.

01:12:56 We set the second evening meeting of the month as an

01:12:58 overflow.

01:12:59 And our first evening meetings of the month have not been

01:13:03 going full time these days.

01:13:04 So that was really all I was trying to bring up and point

01:13:07 out.

01:13:07 >>MARTIN SHELBY: May 8th, the evening session I believe

01:13:12 has a maximum now, I believe, of eight rezonings.

01:13:17 >>HARRY COHEN: So back to the original motion to move item

01:13:23 number 45 on May 8th at 5:01 p.m.

01:13:27 >>CHARLIE MIRANDA: I have that motion.

01:13:28 I have a second by Mr. Suarez originally.

01:13:32 All in favor of that motion please indicate by saying aye.

01:13:35 Opposed nay.

01:13:35 The ayes have it unanimously.

01:13:37 Thank you very much.

01:13:38 Now we go to public hearings for second reading.

01:13:40 These are quasi-judicial. Anyone that's going to speak on

01:13:43 these items, which are set for 46 and 47, please be sworn

01:13:48 in.

01:13:49 Also item 48 is a quasi-judicial.

01:13:52 So 46, 47, 48.

01:13:54 (Oath administered by Clerk)

01:14:04 These are public hearings that are open.

01:14:06 Item number 46 for second reading.

01:14:08 Yes, ma'am.

01:14:08 >>BARBARA LYNCH: Land development coordination.

01:14:11 I'm here if you have any questions.

01:14:16 >>CHARLIE MIRANDA: Anyone in the public care to speak on

01:14:18 item 46?

01:14:19 46?

01:14:19 Please come forward.

01:14:20 I see no one.

01:14:21 I need a motion to close.

01:14:23 Motion to close by Mr. Cohen.

01:14:24 Second by Mrs. Mulhern.

01:14:26 All in favor of the motion to close please indicate by

01:14:28 saying aye.

01:14:29 Opposed nay.

01:14:29 The ayes have it unanimously.

01:14:30 We go from left to right on item number 46.

01:14:37 This is second reading.

01:14:38 Mrs. Montelione, would you kindly take item number 46?

01:14:41 >>LISA MONTELIONE: I move an ordinance being presented for

01:14:49 second reading and adoption, ordinance vacating, closing,

01:14:51 discontinuing, abandoning an alleyway located in the south

01:14:56 of Palm Avenue north of 9th Avenue east of 13th

01:14:59 street and west of Avenida Republica de Cuba in Seivers map

01:15:06 of Ybor City subdivision Hillsborough County Florida the

01:15:10 same being more particularly described in section 1 hereof

01:15:14 subject to certain easements reservations covenants

01:15:17 conditions and restrictions more particularly set forth

01:15:20 herein providing an effective date.

01:15:21 >>CHARLIE MIRANDA: I have a second by Mr. Suarez.

01:15:23 This is a roll call vote.

01:15:24 Vote and record.

01:15:29 >>THE CLERK: Motion carried.

01:15:36 >>CHARLIE MIRANDA: Item number 46.

01:15:37 >>BARBARA LYNCH: Land Development Coordination.

01:15:39 I'm here if you have any questions.

01:15:41 >>CHARLIE MIRANDA: Anyone in the public care to speak on

01:15:42 item number 47?

01:15:43 47?

01:15:44 Please come forward.

01:15:45 I see no one coming forward.

01:15:47 Motion to close by Mr. Reddick.

01:15:48 Second by Mr. Cohen.

01:15:49 All in favor of the motion to close?

01:15:51 Opposed?

01:15:52 The ayes have it unanimously.

01:15:53 Mr. Cohen, would you kindly take number 47, please?

01:15:56 >>HARRY COHEN: I move an ordinance being presented for

01:15:58 second reading and adoption, an ordinance vacating, closing,

01:16:00 discontinuing, abandoning an unnamed right-of-way lying east

01:16:04 of rushing street, west of Ward Street, north of lemon

01:16:07 street, south of Cypress Street, in Bates Tampania

01:16:11 subdivisions, subdivisions in the City of Tampa,

01:16:13 Hillsborough County Florida the same being more fully

01:16:17 described in section 1 hereof subject to certain easement

01:16:20 reservations, covenants, conditions and restrictions more

01:16:23 particularly set forth herein providing an effective date.

01:16:26 >>CHARLIE MIRANDA: I have a second by Mr. Reddick on a close

01:16:28 vote with Mr. Suarez.

01:16:28 This is a roll call vote.

01:16:30 Vote and record.

01:16:36 >>THE CLERK: Motion carried unanimously.

01:16:43 >>CHARLIE MIRANDA: Item number 48.

01:16:45 48.

01:16:50 >>GLORIA MOREDA: Land development.

01:16:53 The petition is AB 2-14-08, located at 10910 north 30th

01:17:03 street, unit number 101 of the shopping center.

01:17:06 The property is currently zoned CG, and they are requesting

01:17:11 for small venue, beer wine liquor package sales for

01:17:14 consumption on premises only.

01:17:17 The unit size is 1082 square feet inside area only.

01:17:24 There is no outside area proposed for the sales area.

01:17:29 28 parking spaces and the sales hours listed on the site

01:17:32 plan from 10 a.m. to 3 a.m. Monday through Saturday and

01:17:38 Sunday from 12 p.m. to 12 a.m.

01:17:42 They are requesting waivers for the distance separation from

01:17:48 1,000 feet to zero from other establishments and 1,000 fate,

01:17:58 36 feet to the nearest residential.

01:18:00 They are also requesting a waiver of parking of 51 spaces to

01:18:04 28 spaces.

01:18:06 The property is located on 30th street.

01:18:13 Just north of 109th Avenue.

01:18:22 There is an apartment complex, residential to the west.

01:18:28 This is a closer view of the shopping center.

01:18:30 It is an existing shopping center on the property, about

01:18:34 9,720 square feet.

01:18:36 The proposed AB sales area is unit number 101 which is at

01:18:41 the very corner.

01:18:45 1082 square feet in area.

01:18:46 The proposed retail store itself does not trigger complains

01:18:50 with off-street parking requirements.

01:18:53 However, there is a unit.

01:18:56 It's unit 104.

01:18:59 I have photographs of the shopping center.

01:19:03 This is the proposed location.

01:19:06 101 for the package store.

01:19:10 There is a use in the shopping center that's been determined

01:19:13 that requires change of use.

01:19:16 It's a recreational commercial use.

01:19:18 And as a result of that, the parking and requirements come

01:19:23 in to play.

01:19:24 Reducing the site plan parking number to 28.

01:19:30 I have other photographs of the rest of the shopping center.

01:19:36 Across the street.

01:19:38 An old brewery.

01:19:41 Gas station on the north side.

01:19:44 A view looking north on 30th street.

01:19:49 Looking south on 30th street.

01:19:52 And this is the residential directly behind the shopping

01:19:57 center.

01:19:59 Staff is concerned about the distance reduction from the

01:20:04 other AB establishment as well as the residential distance.

01:20:09 And as well as the parking reduction for the transportation

01:20:13 is also finding it inconsistent.

01:20:16 There are site plans revisions that are required.

01:20:22 If council is inclined to proceed.

01:20:25 There is the Hartline route number 18 runs along 30th

01:20:31 street.

01:20:35 Pickup from 5:30 a.m. to 10:30 at night, generally speaking.

01:20:39 And weekends from 6:30 to 8:30.

01:20:44 In the evening.

01:20:47 I'm here if council has any questions.

01:20:52 >>CHARLIE MIRANDA: This is a public hearing.

01:20:53 Anyone in the public care to speak?

01:20:55 >> Officer Don Miller, City of Tampa police department.

01:20:57 Police department has no objections.

01:20:59 >>CHARLIE MIRANDA: Anyone else in the public on this item,

01:21:01 item number 48?

01:21:02 48?

01:21:03 Who wants to speak, please come forward.

01:21:05 Petitioner want to say anything?

01:21:12 I have a motion to close by Mr. Reddick.

01:21:14 Second by Mrs. Capin on 48.

01:21:17 All in favor of the motion to close, please signify by

01:21:20 saying aye.

01:21:21 Opposed nay.

01:21:21 The ayes have it unanimously.

01:21:23 Who wants to read this for first reading?

01:21:24 This is first reading.

01:21:28 Mr. Suarez?

01:21:29 >>MIKE SUAREZ: I present an ordinance for first reading

01:21:33 consideration, an ordinance approving a special use permit

01:21:35 S-2 for alcoholic beverage sales, small venue, package

01:21:39 sales, offpremises consumption only, and making lawful the

01:21:42 sale of beverages regardless of alcoholic content, beer,

01:21:45 wine and liquor, at or from that certain lot, plot or tract

01:21:48 of land located at 10910 north 30th street, unit number

01:21:54 101, Tampa, Florida, as more particularly described in

01:21:57 section 2, that all ordinances or parts of ordinances in

01:22:03 conflict are repealed, providing an effective date.

01:22:06 >>CHARLIE MIRANDA: I have a motion by Mr. Suarez.

01:22:07 I have a second by Mrs. Mulhern on a close vote with Mr.

01:22:12 Reddick.

01:22:13 I understand there's something between first and second

01:22:15 reading?

01:22:17 >>MIKE SUAREZ: Including the recommend by staff between

01:22:22 first and second reading.

01:22:24 >>CHARLIE MIRANDA: All in favor?

01:22:25 Opposed?

01:22:26 All right.

01:22:27 Voice vote.

01:22:27 >> Capin and Cohen no.

01:22:33 Second reading will be held on April 3rd, 2014 at

01:22:39 9:30 a.m.

01:22:41 >>CHARLIE MIRANDA: Okay.

01:22:41 We go to information reports I believe.

01:22:45 The agenda is completed.

01:22:47 We go to information reports from council members from right

01:22:49 to left.

01:22:50 Mr. Suarez.

01:22:50 >>MIKE SUAREZ: I move that the council present a

01:22:53 commendation to Charles "Buddy" Evans, maintenance

01:22:58 operations supervisor retired from the transportation

01:23:00 division on January 17th, 2014, after 44 years of

01:23:05 service, and that's to be presented on April 3rd, 2014

01:23:08 at 9:00 a.m.

01:23:11 >>CHARLIE MIRANDA: Motion by Mr. Suarez.

01:23:12 Second by Mrs. Capin.

01:23:13 Further discussion by council members?

01:23:15 All in favor indicate by saying aye.

01:23:18 Opposed? The ayes have it unanimously.

01:23:19 >>MIKE SUAREZ: Also, I ask that the council approve a

01:23:23 commendation for presentation to Richard Carter, the

01:23:27 department of public works right-of-way operations and

01:23:30 maintenance manager for his 40 years of service to be

01:23:33 presented on May 15th, 2014 at 9:00 a.m.

01:23:38 >>HARRY COHEN: Second.

01:23:40 >>CHARLIE MIRANDA: Further discussion by council members?

01:23:41 All in favor of the motion? Opposed?

01:23:43 The ayes have it unanimously.

01:23:45 Anything else?

01:23:47 Mrs. Capin?

01:23:48 >>YVONNE CAPIN: Yes, I have a couple of items.

01:23:50 I would like to move that we have Art Keeble come to make a

01:23:57 five minute presentation on the Power To Give program on

01:24:00 April 17th at 9:00 a.m.

01:24:03 >>CHARLIE MIRANDA: Motion by Mrs. Capin.

01:24:05 Second by Mrs. Montelione on a close vote with Mr. Suarez.

01:24:08 All in favor?

01:24:10 The ayes have it unanimously.

01:24:12 >>YVONNE CAPIN: Also that the Citizens Advisory Committee on

01:24:13 Economic Impact and Cultural Assets give their scheduled

01:24:17 report to council on May 8th at 5:30.

01:24:21 >>HARRY COHEN: Second.

01:24:24 >>CHARLIE MIRANDA: I have a motion by Mrs. Capin, seconded

01:24:26 by Mr. Cohen.

01:24:27 Further discussion by council members?

01:24:28 All in favor of the motion? Opposed?

01:24:30 The ayes have it unanimously.

01:24:33 >>YVONNE CAPIN: I would like to remind everyone that the

01:24:35 Cuban sandwich festival is this Saturday from 10 a.m. to

01:24:39 6:00 p.m. in Ybor City.

01:24:41 And I also want to promote the Web site on Visit Tampa Bay.

01:24:48 It says Cuban sandwich festival, Ybor's signature sandwich.

01:24:54 And we have a proclamation here that the City Council passed

01:24:58 that it is the historic Tampa Bay Cuban sandwich, Tampa's

01:25:03 signature sandwich.

01:25:06 I also want to point out that the media this morning, early

01:25:10 in the morning, 6:00 in the morning, I'm listening and they

01:25:12 are playing up the Cuban sandwich festival and how important

01:25:16 it was that the mayor proclaimed the month of March cube and

01:25:20 sapped witch month, but forgot to mention that City Council

01:25:24 two years ago passed a resolution making it Tampa's official

01:25:29 historic sandwich.

01:25:30 So just want to remind everyone, correct the history.

01:25:35 >>CHARLIE MIRANDA: Thank you very much.

01:25:35 And I will also say this.

01:25:38 A band from Cuba is going to perform.

01:25:42 They are really great and listen to them.

01:25:44 You are going to dance your life away.

01:25:47 They are going to be at the Cuban sandwich festival which I

01:25:50 cannot attend because I'm working. But I'm sorry.

01:25:57 Anything else?

01:25:57 Mr. Reddick?

01:25:59 >>FRANK REDDICK: Thank you, Mr. Chair.

01:26:02 I want to request a commendation for Lenior Russell retiring

01:26:07 at the end of this month for 31 years of service to the City

01:26:09 of Tampa, March 27th, 9:00, 2014.

01:26:15 >>CHARLIE MIRANDA: I have a motion by Mr. Reddick, second by

01:26:17 Mr. Cohen.

01:26:17 All in favor? Opposed?

01:26:20 The ayes are getting weaker but they passed.

01:26:22 >>FRANK REDDICK: I also want to make a motion to set a

01:26:26 workshop on April 24th, 2014, to discuss section 27-60

01:26:32 of the city code, land development and legal department, the

01:26:36 criteria to grant exceptions.

01:26:42 >> Second.

01:26:43 >>CHARLIE MIRANDA: I have a motion by Mr. Reddick, second by

01:26:45 Mr. Cohen on a close vote with Mrs. Mulhern.

01:26:49 The ayes have it unanimously.

01:26:51 Thank you.

01:26:52 Mrs. Mulhern.

01:26:52 >>MARY MULHERN: I have nothing.

01:26:58 >>HARRY COHEN: No.

01:27:00 >>CHARLIE MIRANDA: Mrs. Montelione?

01:27:04 >>LISA MONTELIONE: This is a public service announcement.

01:27:06 My legislative aide has a film that will be showing tomorrow

01:27:11 as part of the Gasparilla music -- film festival on the

01:27:17 model, secure violence, been working on for quite some time

01:27:24 in his work with gang members, and using them to mentor

01:27:29 other children to stay out of the life.

01:27:34 The area he worked in, the university area, is one of the 25

01:27:37 most violent areas in the nation.

01:27:41 And I would encourage everyone who has an interest in curing

01:27:48 the violence in our community to attend the screening at

01:27:54 Muvico tomorrow night.

01:27:55 >> Need a motion to receive and file.

01:27:57 So moved by Mr. Cohen.

01:27:58 Seconded by Mr. Reddick to receive and file.

01:28:00 All in favor of the motion? Opposed?

01:28:02 The ayes have it unanimously.

01:28:03 General public information, all you 502?

01:28:06 No one wants to come up.

01:28:08 Anything else to come before this council?

01:28:11 Anything else, clerk?

01:28:13 We stand adjourned.



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