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Tampa City Council CRA

Thursday, May 8, 2014

9:00 a.m.


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08:47:14 >>FRANK REDDICK: Good morning.

09:04:47 We will call this CRA meeting to order and I turn it over to

09:04:51 Lisa Montelione for the invocation.

09:04:53 >> This morning we have with us Ed Rosenthal, the Executive

09:04:57 Director and campus rabbi of Hillels at USF campus Jewish

09:05:03 center.

09:05:04 Before coming to work there, he was a congressional rabbi in

09:05:08 Auckland, New Zealand -- how exotic -- and Brownsville,

09:05:14 Texas. Not very exotic.

09:05:15 He was working with college students and came to the

09:05:17 Suncoast after serving as the Executive Director at Cornell

09:05:23 university in Ithaca, New York for eight years.

09:05:25 Before that, he was the campus rabbi at Emory university in

09:05:30 Atlanta for two years.

09:05:31 Welcome, rabbi.

09:05:32 Everyone rise and remain standing for the pledge of

09:05:34 allegiance.

09:05:35 >> Council, members, ladies and gentlemen, thank you for the

09:05:40 opportunity to be with you today.

09:05:42 In light of the recent Supreme Court ruling of the town of

09:05:45 Greece, New York, versus Galloway, I will choose my words

09:05:49 very carefully and promise not to go more than ten minutes.

09:05:52 Kidding.

09:05:54 Let us pray.

09:05:57 Lord, we ask your blessings upon our City Council members

09:05:59 and all of our elected officials.

09:06:02 Those in whom we put our trust and confidence.

09:06:04 Be with them and guide them.

09:06:06 Grants them wisdom as they lead our city and inspire them

09:06:09 with compassion as they care for the needs of our citizens.

09:06:12 Let this great city and all its inhabitants banish hatred

09:06:17 and bigotry from the hearts of our citizens and may those of

09:06:20 every race and creed forge a common bond in true harmony to

09:06:24 ensure the greatness of Tampa.

09:06:26 Be with our police officers and firefighters and protect

09:06:28 them, Lord.

09:06:30 Guard them, please, and keep them safe.

09:06:32 Inspire us all, city officials and citizens alike, to strife

09:06:36 to the best of our ability to make Tampa a beacon of

09:06:40 success, prosperity and fellowship to the rest of our

09:06:42 nation.

09:06:43 Amen.

09:06:47 [ Pledge of Allegiance ]

09:07:16 >>CHARLIE MIRANDA: Roll call.

09:07:16 >>MIKE SUAREZ: Here.

09:07:18 >>YVONNE CAPIN: Present.

09:07:19 >>CHARLIE MIRANDA: Here.

09:07:21 >>HARRY COHEN: Here.

09:07:23 >>LISA MONTELIONE: Here.

09:07:24 >>FRANK REDDICK: Here.

09:07:24 >>BOB McDONAUGH: Economic development.

09:07:33 As is our custom, we start with a resident of one of the

09:07:37 CECs -- CACs to talk about things going on in our

09:07:42 district and I'm pleased to announce Walter AYE with Ybor

09:07:48 City to talk about things going on in Ybor.

09:07:50 >> Walter AYE: Thank you, Bob.

09:07:53 I'm not sure what the goings on.

09:07:58 Good morning all.

09:07:59 Happy to be with all of you again today.

09:08:04 The goings on in Ybor are pretty good.

09:08:06 Ybor is growing.

09:08:08 It's growing in a good way.

09:08:10 We are having a lot of new commercial activity.

09:08:13 We have some new development purchases down there, 7th

09:08:19 and off.

09:08:21 A couple of developers, I believe, are here today.

09:08:26 We have a great deal of business expansions.

09:08:28 If you go down there you see construction going on in

09:08:31 different buildings up and down 7th Avenue and behind.

09:08:35 We had a couple of openings of new businesses down there.

09:08:39 So everything is going pretty well, and particularly I would

09:08:43 like to add in technology.

09:08:46 And we have had a number of new businesses come into Ybor

09:08:49 and opening in the technological sphere.

09:08:51 This includes on the smaller end, but on the larger end some

09:08:57 very sophisticated software designers, one that linked up

09:09:04 with a New York company but still staying here, thank

09:09:07 goodness.

09:09:07 Theory great company.

09:09:08 There are a couple other companies which just moved in, same

09:09:11 development, organizational development software.

09:09:17 And we recently began an initiative down in Ybor City to

09:09:22 begin attracting technology companies for a couple of

09:09:26 reasons.

09:09:28 I'll digress and tell you a little bit how we got to that.

09:09:33 Technology is one of the greatest impediments of employees.

09:09:38 They get employees down here, train them, and they are kind

09:09:40 of like veterans, they wander off to Seattle or

09:09:44 San Francisco or New York and then they don't come back here

09:09:46 because what they heard about Tampa or Ybor City in terms of

09:09:53 technology and coolness.

09:09:55 We were surprised that a company about 25 people is leaving

09:09:59 Atlanta because Atlanta is no longer cool, but they think

09:10:01 that Ybor City is cool.

09:10:03 We have a lot of texture, we are walkable, we have gathering

09:10:07 spots, coffee shops, this sort of thing.

09:10:09 And we also have migration downtown Westshore which are not

09:10:14 cool areas, by the way.

09:10:15 They are spread out and this sort of thing.

09:10:17 So people want to come to Ybor.

09:10:19 We happen to have the perfect footprint for them.

09:10:22 We have the great texture, the smaller buildings, and as I

09:10:25 mentioned the walkability factor, which is attracting a

09:10:28 great deal of interest there.

09:10:29 And of course as that pans out then the technology workers

09:10:33 who do leave when they go out to places say, well, you came

09:10:37 from Ybor City, I came from Tampa, came from Tampa Bay, and

09:10:40 they will of course encourage people and some of these guys

09:10:43 to migrate back down here and some of the other companies to

09:10:46 migrate here.

09:10:47 So it's a great part of our economic development plan, part

09:10:51 of the economic reality, which is already occurring in Ybor

09:10:54 City.

09:10:58 With respect to something we all know about, the events, our

09:11:03 events are going on.

09:11:04 They have been successful.

09:11:05 We do have a little bit of a problem with the costs and we

09:11:12 are trying to work on.

09:11:13 That we have a committee which is investigating surrounding

09:11:15 areas, most notably St. Petersburg.

09:11:19 They seem to operate events at less cost and less burden of

09:11:23 some of the manpower needs, some of the event expenses and

09:11:27 fees and that sort of stuff.

09:11:29 But so far, I think some of you were down at festive

09:11:35 Italiana.

09:11:36 And down there at the YCDC for the bocci tournaments.

09:11:42 >> I'm practicing, Walter, practicing.

09:11:45 >> So glad to have you down there cheering us on.

09:11:49 The parking, we are still having a problem.

09:11:52 I think the whole city has a problem with parking, as places

09:11:56 grow and the unexpected happens, you need more.

09:12:00 But we are working very cooperatively with the city parking

09:12:03 to try to work things out, make it very cooperative so, we

09:12:06 are trying to solve that problem.

09:12:08 But the overall picture, we are growing.

09:12:12 Things are going well.

09:12:13 We are growing good businesses.

09:12:16 It's not shady businesses, not overnight businesses, not

09:12:20 troubled businesses.

09:12:21 Our history of having problems and things like that seems to

09:12:28 be fairly well common under control.

09:12:33 The other businesses, the ones we want are going to grow,

09:12:35 and as they grow then we are going to have residential

09:12:38 growth.

09:12:39 A number of these employees are all going to want to work

09:12:41 and live in Ybor City, so the community down there will

09:12:44 become more stable and broader based economically.

09:12:48 We have provided you also companies of our proposed budgets.

09:12:53 They should be in a packet which you have.

09:12:57 It shows the total budget of the CRA, it's about 1.192

09:13:02 million.

09:13:03 Very, very modest increase of a little less than 3%, which

09:13:08 considering, you know, normal growth, together with a little

09:13:12 bit of inflation that's going on, is a pretty good number

09:13:16 for us to come in with, less than 3%.

09:13:18 The same is true for CRA, too, which is a little over

09:13:22 98,000.

09:13:23 Again, they are a little more than 3%, well within range of,

09:13:30 I think, economic financial accountability and stability.

09:13:35 If you have any questions, I'll be happy to answer them.

09:13:39 I think that most of them have been provided in your packet.

09:13:45 I would add that one of the numbers that's on here which

09:13:47 shows district landscaping, streetscape and signage really

09:13:51 understates what's really included.

09:13:53 And we have included the Ybor City project report for both

09:13:57 CRAs which shows what it really is.

09:14:00 It's everything from bike racks to landscaping to safety

09:14:04 markings and changes to the street name.

09:14:07 These are the maintenance costs of operating the CRAs, and

09:14:12 frankly those numbers are pretty good, too.

09:14:15 $100,000 marked down for the year, which is more than

09:14:19 reasonable in a district our size.

09:14:21 >>FRANK REDDICK: All right.

09:14:26 Do we have any questions?

09:14:27 >> Thank you very much.

09:14:30 >>FRANK REDDICK: Thank you.

09:14:31 >>BOB McDONAUGH: Just to comment on some of the activities

09:14:41 that happen at various CRAs, we have a new word in our

09:14:46 lexicon, damaste.

09:14:50 We talked about people.

09:14:52 People from tech, and our business forum during the

09:14:55 Bollywood week, went very well.

09:14:58 We had a lot of attendees that came and talked about the

09:15:00 businesses that we have here, and businesses might look at

09:15:05 our marketplace.

09:15:06 So we are hoping, and we will follow that to see what

09:15:08 happens as an end result.

09:15:10 Again, expanding our brand.

09:15:13 We have some openings coming up soon.

09:15:17 The LE Meridian is scheduled to open June 5th and they

09:15:21 are working feverishly on that.

09:15:25 Just a lot of work to do.

09:15:26 But if you go on the star woods Web site, opening June

09:15:30 2nd.

09:15:32 That's right.

09:15:34 And I think that is a success story that we have putting a

09:15:39 vacant building, having someone invest $25 million in it,

09:15:44 providing jobs, and saving an important structure in the

09:15:47 marketplace.

09:15:49 The Loft downtown is scheduled to open July 4th.

09:15:53 And contrary to what Mr. Aye says, it will be considered

09:15:59 gold.

09:16:00 This Saturday we have our festival in Curtis Hixon park,

09:16:04 followed up by the Ybor tropical heat wave in Ybor.

09:16:08 So we have a little something for everybody going on this

09:16:10 weekend.

09:16:11 And as far as construction, if you haven't been there, in

09:16:15 the Drew Park area, Grady Avenue is now complete.

09:16:18 Landscaping is in place.

09:16:20 Streetscape park.

09:16:21 It's interesting to look at.

09:16:22 We still have a fair amount of work to go on with our other

09:16:25 large and they are making considerable progress with that

09:16:30 and hopefully by midsummer time, late summer, we will be

09:16:34 completed with that project.

09:16:35 Growing pains with that.

09:16:37 It's an extensive and intrusive project but will bear good

09:16:43 results.

09:16:43 Again, no longer having the open ditches and some of the

09:16:46 flooding issues that that neighborhood has had for a very

09:16:48 long time.

09:16:52 Any questions?

09:16:52 >>FRANK REDDICK: Any questions of Mr. McDonaugh?

09:16:58 All right, sir.

09:16:59 >>BOB McDONAUGH: We have our quarterly financials, TIF

09:17:03 financial report, which is in your package, and that's to be

09:17:06 received and filed.

09:17:08 If anybody has any questions I would be happy to answer.

09:17:12 >> Motion to receive and file.

09:17:18 >>FRANK REDDICK: Motion by Mr Miranda. Second by Mr.

09:17:22 Suarez. All in favor?

09:17:24 So moved.

09:17:24 >>BOB McDONAUGH: And we have an open discussion plan.

09:17:28 And the chairs of each of our CRAs are in attendance.

09:17:32 And people are available if you would like to discuss -- and

09:17:36 I think this was brought up about maybe some of the

09:17:38 priorities that the CRAs have for each of these in coming

09:17:42 years.

09:17:43 Just to divert for a second is that this has always been a

09:17:47 part of the process is that I think one of the most exciting

09:17:51 things about the process that we have is that the people in

09:17:55 the various CACs talk with their friends and neighbors and

09:17:59 businesses in their communities and come to a consensus

09:18:03 about how the tax dollars that were raised in that CRA are

09:18:06 spent.

09:18:08 And so we are now in the budgeting process right now.

09:18:11 Each of the CRAs sat down with their members, and are now

09:18:15 working out a budget, several of which have been sent to

09:18:19 council, and they will be finalized later.

09:18:22 As you know, we don't get a time tax roll until June, but

09:18:25 the actual dollar amount will vary somewhat.

09:18:27 The property appraiser has given us a guesstimation of

09:18:32 somewhere between 3% and 5% of increases and I think that

09:18:36 will vary by CRA.

09:18:37 I think the downtown and Channel District might see

09:18:39 considerably more than that, and some of the other ones will

09:18:42 have a more modest amount.

09:18:44 So, again, we have all of the chairs here in attendance.

09:18:48 And perhaps what I would like to do is call them one by one

09:18:51 and have a little conversation with the board, if that

09:18:53 pleases you.

09:18:54 >>FRANK REDDICK: Each one that wishes to speak, give each

09:19:02 one of them three minutes to come up and give their

09:19:05 presentation.

09:19:06 >>BOB McDONAUGH: And I believe that Mr. AYE has spoken

09:19:10 about Ybor City unless you want to hear more from Mr. Aye.

09:19:15 >>FRANK REDDICK: We heard it.

09:19:16 >> Adam, if you would, please.

09:19:24 >> Good morning, council.

09:19:32 My name is Adam, recently have taken over the chair for the

09:19:38 downtown CRA.

09:19:41 Excuse me, I'm a little nervous but I'll get through this.

09:19:44 Anyway, I lived downtown for four years, and as a resident,

09:19:50 every weekend, I see more and more things going on downtown.

09:19:57 But having friends in town, and living in Tampa for about 12

09:20:01 years, and coming to downtown quite often, I'm proud of what

09:20:07 everybody in this room has done to make downtown prosper.

09:20:14 Some of the events that we funded last year in the downtown

09:20:22 CRA included many events that were held at Curtis Hixon

09:20:29 park.

09:20:33 The fourth annual VEG fest, the downtown on ice, tree

09:20:38 lighting, the Santa fest, Gasparilla music festival, Tampa

09:20:43 Bay fashion week, and funk fest, and the Gasparilla

09:20:46 international film fest, and this year we have funded again

09:20:51 the Gasparilla music festival.

09:20:52 And I don't know if you guys are aware, but they expanded

09:20:58 their program to two days this year.

09:21:00 Previously it was just Saturday.

09:21:01 Now they are doing Saturday and Sunday.

09:21:05 So we had a discussion at the last CRA meeting, and I think

09:21:09 our focus this year is to try to get connectivity between

09:21:12 Ybor City and other areas, and kind of have a focus on not

09:21:18 only focusing on downtown Tampa, but having some kind of

09:21:21 common them or connectivity so people can come down and

09:21:25 spend the weekend tore day in different areas, and

09:21:28 experience some of the different things in the area.

09:21:32 So I think that's going to be our focus.

09:21:34 Again we are excited that the convention center will give us

09:21:40 more flexibility, and give us some options, and hopefully

09:21:44 some improvements downtown as well.

09:21:45 So if anybody has any questions.

09:21:47 >>FRANK REDDICK: Any questions?

09:21:50 >>MIKE SUAREZ: I have one question.

09:21:51 You just mentioned about spreading out to South Tampa or

09:21:53 other areas.

09:21:54 Can you elaborate a little more on what you were talking

09:21:57 about, what the idea is?

09:21:59 >> I think it's -- one of the other things to contribute to

09:22:05 the streetcar, and I think we all think the streetcar is a

09:22:09 valuable asset to downtown, and the streetcar line or just

09:22:15 some kind of increased public transportation.

09:22:19 I don't know what the different options are out there.

09:22:22 But having flexibility for people to conveniently get

09:22:26 around.

09:22:27 >>MIKE SUAREZ: Primarily on the transportation side?

09:22:31 >> Right.

09:22:31 We talked about the common decor that's incorporated in the

09:22:37 different areas to kind of aesthetically connect areas as

09:22:40 well.

09:22:40 >>MIKE SUAREZ: Thank you, chair.

09:22:43 >>LISA MONTELIONE: I just have one question.

09:22:48 That is about priorities.

09:22:49 And every CRA meeting we hear about what's ongoing and

09:22:54 what's been completed.

09:22:55 But not a lot about the priorities of the CAC.

09:23:03 So you talked a lot about funding of festivals which brings

09:23:09 a lot of people downtown.

09:23:10 And I was going to ask the same thing Mr. Suarez did, so

09:23:13 thank you very much for that.

09:23:14 But what other priorities besides the connectivity does --

09:23:20 >> We talked about matching funding, people coming in and

09:23:26 investing whether it's a dollar for dollar match, along

09:23:30 different streets downtown.

09:23:32 Again, just to kind of clean up some of the areas and

09:23:37 encourage other people, too relocate downtown, businesses.

09:23:42 >> Then there are those that are not so, so something that I

09:23:50 noticed, I'm glad somebody is looking into that.

09:23:53 Thank you.

09:23:53 >>FRANK REDDICK: Let me say, I want to thank you for your

09:23:57 previous support for film fest.

09:23:59 We appreciate that.

09:24:01 But we are replacing funds this year that Tampa Bay, that

09:24:11 will be held at Curtis Hixon in October.

09:24:14 So I would hope that you give great consideration -- I'm

09:24:18 telling you in advance -- that you all give due

09:24:21 consideration.

09:24:22 Thank you.

09:24:22 >> We are going to have funk and soul or just soul now?

09:24:28 We have the delineate between the two.

09:24:29 >>FRANK REDDICK: A little funk in it.

09:24:32 >>MIKE SUAREZ: A little funk in it?

09:24:35 Okay.

09:24:36 [ Laughter ]

09:24:39 I thought I would put you on the spot.

09:24:41 [ Laughter ]

09:24:45 >>LISA MONTELIONE: And next year maybe calling it Motown.

09:24:49 >> Well, we'll definitely have been MoTown in October so we

09:24:54 are looking at that.

09:24:55 Thank you.

09:24:55 >> Good morning, board members.

09:24:57 Jeanette Fenton, Drew Park CRA manager.

09:25:01 It is my honor this morning to introduce my board chair,

09:25:05 Bert Garcia.

09:25:06 And Berthas the distinction of wearing three different hats

09:25:10 in terms of who he represents.

09:25:12 He is a long-time property owner in Drew Park, a long-time

09:25:17 business owner in Drew Park, and is also a long-time

09:25:20 resident in Drew Park.

09:25:21 So I think he's the first and only one we have had that

09:25:24 represents all three constituencies.

09:25:27 And I'm delighted to have him as my committee chair, and I

09:25:31 just want to thank him publicly for all his wise council in

09:25:34 the time that he and other committee members give to the

09:25:37 Drew Park CRA.

09:25:38 And I'll turn it over now to our chair Bert Garcia.

09:25:42 >> Good morning.

09:25:54 I'm supposed to talk about priorities.

09:25:57 Pretty much our priorities are indicated in our budget.

09:26:01 We want to get this Drew Park, Lois street done.

09:26:09 We want to make sure that the adult enforcement continues

09:26:17 and that the facade program that seems to be getting

09:26:20 momentum continues.

09:26:22 Other than that, I don't have anything to say.

09:26:26 >>FRANK REDDICK: Quick and sweet.

09:26:31 Any questions?

09:26:34 All right.

09:26:34 We thank you very much.

09:26:40 >> Good morning.

09:26:41 Michael Hatchett, manager for the Channel District downtown,

09:26:45 Tampa Heights riverfront CRA.

09:26:48 It's my pleasure to introduce you to Abbye Ahern, the

09:26:51 chairperson for the Channel District community redevelopment

09:26:53 area.

09:26:54 And she has been a great asset to the committee.

09:26:59 She was just recently elected to her second term as

09:27:02 chairwoman.

09:27:03 So it's my honor to ask Abbye to come up and address you.

09:27:13 >>FRANK REDDICK: Congratulations.

09:27:14 >> Good morning. Thank you.

09:27:15 Abby Dohr Ahern.

09:27:23 I will too keep it brief.

09:27:25 I would like to again reiterate the sentiments of Adam

09:27:29 regarding the streetcar.

09:27:31 We are very excited about some of the opportunities that

09:27:33 will hopefully present themselves this coming year for that.

09:27:36 We had our meeting last night, and we have some great

09:27:40 updates.

09:27:41 We are sponsoring the fireworks, summer fireworks series, in

09:27:45 Channelside Bay Plaza.

09:27:47 Big event, 14 events in fact, every Saturday night during

09:27:50 the summer.

09:27:51 And we are mostly just super proud of the property owners

09:27:56 and the people that are investing in the neighborhood to put

09:27:58 that together, and we want to support them the best we can.

09:28:01 So that's our way to assist.

09:28:05 We also met last week and did a walk-in tour of the Channel

09:28:08 District to identify some things that we oh could work on

09:28:11 this next coming year, so the budget, the proposed budget,

09:28:14 you will see capital improvements, a little over $2 million,

09:28:19 and we really hope to do sidewalks and landscaping.

09:28:23 So there are quite a few sidewalks that are not contiguous

09:28:26 and would like to further that even if they are considered

09:28:29 temporary.

09:28:30 So thank you very much.

09:28:31 If you have any questions for me.

09:28:32 >>FRANK REDDICK: Any questions?

09:28:34 Mrs. Montelione?

09:28:36 >>LISA MONTELIONE: I am glad to hear about the sidewalks,

09:28:38 because I know that in the Channel District getting across

09:28:42 some of the streets is challenging.

09:28:44 And sidewalks are great.

09:28:46 But thinking about the crosswalks and the pedestrian and the

09:28:51 bicycle safety improvements, I want to see some more of that

09:28:57 as I'm sure you would, too.

09:28:59 So has there been any discussion with the city, the county,

09:29:03 and even FDOT about some of those pedestrian or bicycle

09:29:08 improvements and roadways?

09:29:10 >> They have definitely happened.

09:29:13 I don't know the word for it.

09:29:15 >>BOB McDONAUGH: Talking about that, a couple of years ago,

09:29:24 the Channel District CRA actually built a save median on

09:29:27 Kennedy Boulevard crosswalk between Channelside Drive and

09:29:31 Meridian for safe passages.

09:29:33 And since that time, D.O.T. now is getting involved in

09:29:37 making additional improvements on that specific crosswalk,

09:29:40 adding some lights and other things because there is so much

09:29:44 activity back and forth.

09:29:45 So we are having active conversations with the other

09:29:47 parties.

09:29:49 >>LISA MONTELIONE: Down at the Times Forum they close the

09:29:56 streets down so it's easy to get across especially over to

09:29:58 the streetcar, when you are coming out of the forum, you are

09:30:01 on the same side of the road.

09:30:02 But if you want to cross to get on the streetcar, that cross

09:30:07 can be a little intimidating.

09:30:09 I know even just driving out the driveway of the forum, it's

09:30:13 pretty challenging the way the road curves, and pulling out,

09:30:17 and I think some safety improvements can be done because I

09:30:22 like to be proactive before something bad happens.

09:30:27 >>BOB McDONAUGH: We are working with the transportation

09:30:28 department looking at that street grid in a that entire

09:30:31 neighborhood around the forum, because again the changes,

09:30:35 it's obviously different than it once was.

09:30:37 And what we are looking at is reestablishing a more

09:30:41 traditional street grid, which does not now exist.

09:30:45 And that is a long-term plan that we have actually started

09:30:49 working on now.

09:30:50 >> It's the pedestrian movement, the bicycle movement that

09:30:55 draws people who live in Channelside to be in downtown so

09:30:59 they don't have to use their car.

09:31:01 Thank you.

09:31:01 >> Bike lanes and bike share on the top of our list, three

09:31:07 to five years.

09:31:11 Thank you.

09:31:11 >> Michael Hatchett, manager Tampa Heights riverfront, CRA.

09:31:18 I would like to ask Matthew may, chairman for the Tampa

09:31:21 Heights riverfront CAC, to come up and speak with you.

09:31:28 Matt is truly a pioneer in the CRA.

09:31:33 He's one of the four or five residents that actually live in

09:31:35 the CRA.

09:31:36 He recently built a house for he and his family on Ross

09:31:40 Avenue, and has been an active part of the CAC, now on his

09:31:44 second term.

09:31:45 He was just recently elected as the committee chairman.

09:31:49 >> Good morning.

09:31:55 Matt May, Tampa Heights riverfront, CAC chair.

09:32:01 Obviously in Tampa Heights we are a little different than

09:32:03 some of the other CRAs in that we have the large

09:32:06 development coming to our area, and the development

09:32:10 agreement with that will obviously earmark a lot of our

09:32:17 future funds.

09:32:18 We don't have a lot of current funds to put towards

09:32:21 programming or events like some of the other CRAs do at

09:32:24 this point.

09:32:25 Really our main goal is to make sure that the development in

09:32:28 our area gets up and going.

09:32:30 Part of that is extending the time line of the CRA to make

09:32:33 sure that there is sufficient resources there for the

09:32:40 infrastructure, so we are looking to do everything we can to

09:32:42 get that development going and ensure that that development

09:32:44 is compatible with the neighborhood and a livable, walkable,

09:32:48 you know, that offers just the top quality of life for the

09:32:51 people in our area.

09:32:54 Even though we don't have a lot of funds to put towards new

09:33:01 items now we are constantly in conversation during our

09:33:04 meetings how do we work with the parks and rec or

09:33:08 transportation department to make sure there's parking for

09:33:10 the new restaurant and park, how did K we make sure that

09:33:13 meshes well with the river, you know, what can we do to

09:33:17 encourage the city to continue with investment in our area?

09:33:22 How do we improve the quality of life around our CRA so we

09:33:25 can ensure that there's more economic development there?

09:33:28 So I'll answer any questions that I can, but we are

09:33:31 constantly working.

09:33:32 We are not just there talking about budget items.

09:33:34 We are there every month trying to work with the city to

09:33:37 ensure that the residents are heard, and that we can really

09:33:41 make new neighborhoods in Tampa that everyone is proud of

09:33:45 and is really an example for how we should develop other

09:33:48 vacant lands and redevelop other portions of the city.

09:33:51 >>LISA MONTELIONE: Thank you, Mr. May.

09:33:56 I believe it was last year, maybe January, four of us

09:34:00 attended a meeting at your request to discuss the population

09:34:06 of homeless and some of the strategies than we could do, and

09:34:11 I just want to follow up with you on how that effort is

09:34:14 going.

09:34:15 >> It's actually a conversation as well within our group.

09:34:18 You know, could we possibly use CRA funds to bring in an

09:34:22 outside consultant, to help us with the homeless issue, or

09:34:26 work with the police department to make sure that, you know,

09:34:29 there are patrols, adequate training to deal with the

09:34:32 homeless, you know, social workers riding along with the

09:34:36 police to make sure that they impact the homelessness on the

09:34:40 local businesses and residents are minimized, and it's to

09:34:45 really find a solution going forward.

09:34:47 Since that time, we have had ongoing conversations pretty

09:34:50 much every month, and at this point, we are sitting and

09:34:53 waiting, you know, hoping that the homeless initiative plan

09:34:59 that's hopefully coming later this year will address some of

09:35:03 the issues that we are facing.

09:35:04 We see incremental improvement, but we still heard from many

09:35:07 of the business owners that, hey, we can't recruit top toll

09:35:12 talent, we can't keep top talent because quite frankly there

09:35:16 are people who see the homelessness, people living in the

09:35:19 streets, and honestly, I think it still is a major issue for

09:35:24 not necessarily just the CRA but that north Frankland

09:35:30 corridor to our east.

09:35:31 >> And conditions in McCarthy park, has it improved.

09:35:35 >> I would say there has been incremental improvement there.

09:35:37 It's still an issue.

09:35:39 Last Saturday I was doing yard work and I counted six

09:35:43 different public seatings in that park, one after the other

09:35:46 after the other, obviously an inefficient use of resources.

09:35:52 I feel like they are doing a good thing but it's still a

09:35:54 major problem for our community.

09:35:56 And we hope that as the year moves on we can address that in

09:35:59 partnership with the homeless initiative, and in view as

09:36:03 well to find ways that we can really minimize that issue and

09:36:06 improve the quality of life and, you know, hopefully

09:36:10 continue to bring more new business to that area.

09:36:12 >>LISA MONTELIONE: Thank you.

09:36:21 >>YVONNE CAPIN: You mentioned consultant in ways that the

09:36:27 committee has tried to come up with more than what is just

09:36:30 being done right now.

09:36:31 So when you say you are having conversations and you are

09:36:36 looking forward to the homeless initiative later on this

09:36:39 year, and it is a major issue, so what exactly are you

09:36:46 saying to us?

09:36:47 >> I think in general, people in Tampa Heights have become

09:36:55 frustrated that there just hasn't been much progress on the

09:36:58 homeless issue.

09:36:59 And we have an extremely high concentration of social

09:37:02 service providers for the that deal with the homeless

09:37:05 population in our area.

09:37:07 Really we are just looking to get some movement.

09:37:09 And our mechanism to bring the city and the county together

09:37:11 and move that forward, we have the idea of possibly using

09:37:15 some of our CRA funding combined with some other funding to

09:37:19 bring an outside consultant in, and since that time, we have

09:37:23 gone through and read the recent HUD opportunities grant,

09:37:30 their findings, and then worked with the homeless

09:37:33 initiative, and I would say kind of changed gears to what

09:37:39 they are doing, we are hopeful we can still have a

09:37:41 collaborative effort and trying to find some solutions.

09:37:44 It's going to be very different things to get that done,

09:37:47 including, I think, one of our priorities is street feedings

09:37:54 that leave behind trash and bring populations of homeless to

09:37:57 one area again and again and again.

09:38:00 For those to be regulated in some way.

09:38:03 You know, hopefully, there's a statutory piece to it.

09:38:07 There is new programs modifying existing programs, and

09:38:11 really bringing the way that the county and the city address

09:38:14 homelessness into the 21st century with proven methods

09:38:20 that can be measured and show that our investment in the

09:38:25 problem is beneficial, and we really think that will help on

09:38:30 the economic development side as well.

09:38:32 >>YVONNE CAPIN: So in all of that, have you seen any

09:38:38 measurable improvement since January?

09:38:43 >> I would say it's been incremental.

09:38:45 I believe the park is a little bit better than what it was

09:38:48 last year when law firms were hiring security guards,

09:38:51 walking their employees to cars after work.

09:38:53 I think there has been some improvement.

09:38:57 By no means is where it needs to be.

09:39:04 Would my wife walk our three-year-old son down to the river

09:39:08 in the evening?

09:39:09 No.

09:39:09 And the investment that the city is making in that area, we

09:39:14 hope going forward we can find some solutions to address the

09:39:16 issue comprehensively and not just make a bunch of rules and

09:39:19 regulations that address our area and push a problem into

09:39:22 the neighborhood or somewhere else.

09:39:24 So, again, we are hoping for the cooperative effort between

09:39:28 the city and the county as we look at the number of police

09:39:31 calls and fire calls and that Morris Franklin corridor in

09:39:34 the Tampa Heights area.

09:39:35 The city is putting a lot of money into police and fire, not

09:39:39 to mention the medical bills and everything else going on.

09:39:41 So we would love to see some 24-hour program elsewhere in

09:39:46 the city that has comprehensive mental health, substance

09:39:49 abuse, one-stop shops for the homeless population to

09:39:54 hopefully get some traction on that issue.

09:39:58 >> In your conversation you think that's a possibility?

09:40:00 >> We are hopeful.

09:40:01 You know, at this point, we tried to step back from bringing

09:40:06 an outside consultant as an homeless initiative changing

09:40:09 gears and working with some other consultants in doing this,

09:40:13 and we are very anxious to hear what their new plans are and

09:40:15 to see how the organization of our neighborhood may fit into

09:40:19 that, and see how it all progresses.

09:40:21 But at this point we are working in good faith with them to

09:40:24 keep the conversation going, and working with you, and

09:40:27 hopefully we can, you know, address some of the issues, like

09:40:31 the public feeding.

09:40:33 I think there's some national kind of con -- consensus of

09:40:40 best practices.

09:40:41 And I think that would go a long way in helping some of our

09:40:44 businesses and homeowners.

09:40:48 >>YVONNE CAPIN: Thank you for that.

09:40:49 I appreciate you clarifying that for me.

09:40:51 Thank you.

09:40:52 >>FRANK REDDICK: What is your current relationship with the

09:40:57 Salvation Army?

09:40:58 >> We have talked to them.

09:40:59 Their new leadership seems to be much more responsive to

09:41:03 community concerns.

09:41:06 CRA members, local neighborhood associations.

09:41:08 So dialogue continues there.

09:41:11 I don't want to speak for them by any means.

09:41:14 But the lines of conversation have improved there, and I'm

09:41:20 hoping to see them update their program, modify their

09:41:25 facility, you know, find a new location, something to change

09:41:31 what they have been doing there for a long time.

09:41:34 But really, I think the comprehensive plan needs to be in

09:41:36 place countywide to really make a difference there.

09:41:41 >>HARRY COHEN: One thing I think we should all be keeping

09:41:47 our eye on in the next few months is this on orient road,

09:41:57 perhaps in conjunction with Metropolitan Ministries.

09:42:01 There is, you know, that would be a tremendous step forward

09:42:05 in terms of the type of one-stop-shop that you are

09:42:11 describing.

09:42:12 And we'll see, you know.

09:42:15 That's something that's been discussed for a while.

09:42:17 But for the first time in a long time, there's actually a

09:42:20 facility that has been identified, and that's a big step in

09:42:24 the right direction, I think.

09:42:25 >>FRANK REDDICK: Anybody else want to speak?

09:42:31 >>MARY MULHERN: Yes, I'm glad to hear that, because we have

09:42:37 been suggesting that.

09:42:42 I remember meeting with the sheriff, I guess, four years ago

09:42:45 to recommend that.

09:42:50 And thank you for letting us know that.

09:42:59 >>YVONNE CAPIN: Thank you, Mary, for that.

09:43:01 I glanced over when Councilman Cohen said it, and we looked

09:43:05 at each other because in 2010, it was a very upfront

09:43:11 suggestion, and it's four years down the road, and a little

09:43:16 bit closer.

09:43:18 So there you go.

09:43:18 My fingers are crossed for you, too.

09:43:21 >>FRANK REDDICK: Thank you.

09:43:28 >> Ed Johnson, the manager for the very cool and hip East

09:43:36 Tampa CRA.

09:43:39 And it gives me great pleasure this morning to introduce our

09:43:42 chairman of our advisory committee, Mr. Essie Simms.

09:43:46 Before Essie is comes to the mike I want to make sure that

09:43:50 all of you understand that easy is has probably the toughest

09:43:54 role of all of our CRA advisory committee chairs, because he

09:43:59 is actually representing 14 different neighborhood

09:44:02 associations.

09:44:05 In addition to that he has a 13-member advisory committee

09:44:08 that has seven subcommittees that he personally chairs each

09:44:14 one of those subcommittees when they meet.

09:44:16 So it gives me great pleasure to introduce the hardworking

09:44:20 Essie Simms.

09:44:26 >> Good morning, Essie Simms.

09:44:35 It's a pleasure always to come stand before this agency,

09:44:38 this board, in reference to the updates and things that are

09:44:40 going on in East Tampa.

09:44:43 I have the distinct pleasure as Ed said to be blessed to

09:44:46 have a 13-member group that is very hard working.

09:44:51 They bring a lot of initiatives to the table.

09:44:53 That helps me and the jobs that I try to do for East Tampa

09:44:57 partnership to be very easy.

09:44:59 We like to thank Ed Johnson and economic development office

09:45:03 as well for their continuous wisdom and guidance and some of

09:45:07 the initiatives that we do bring forward.

09:45:11 I believe if the wheel is not broken don't try to fix it.

09:45:14 And we thank ed for all his wisdom throughout the last

09:45:18 couple of years

09:45:19 I heard prior years just recently, received the budget that

09:45:22 we proposed to this CRA group in reference to the East Tampa

09:45:26 partnership.

09:45:27 We continually look to infrastructure.

09:45:31 How do we improve the infrastructure issues in our

09:45:37 community, as far as road improvement, 30th street,

09:45:40 drainage initiatives and stuff like that.

09:45:42 We continue to use our small business assistance program

09:45:45 which are Jennifer Biles, and for the county as well with

09:45:51 their assistance in helping our residents that have that

09:45:53 entrepreneurship attitude to come forward and get involved

09:45:57 in the process.

09:45:58 Continually pushing off the side program to get businesses

09:46:01 in our community to do a face lift on businesses, and I

09:46:05 think that has been working very well.

09:46:07 Initiatives, priorities, also, will be starting in June.

09:46:10 We continue to put money towards that budget to help our

09:46:13 youth get employed.

09:46:15 So we have 36 youth employed this summer, as well as in the

09:46:19 past few years.

09:46:20 We continue to fight the illegal dumping issue.

09:46:24 We have Officer Miles with the illegal dumping initiative.

09:46:28 We have allocated some additional funding in the budget to

09:46:32 put on -- put in effect three new cameras to help them fight

09:46:37 against that.

09:46:41 We have no money, but what we have been doing, we have been

09:46:44 very prudent in the dollars that we have and how we

09:46:47 reallocate them for fiscal year 2015.

09:46:50 But I'm a pastor.

09:46:53 The Bible tells me that you have none, you have none.

09:46:58 Now, if you have $5 million we can put it to use real good

09:47:01 over in East Tampa.

09:47:04 We have got some dollars back from our 30th street

09:47:07 projects as I stated and our 22nd street project that we

09:47:10 reallocated to some various projects.

09:47:14 I think I allocated $500 that you towards repaving, and we

09:47:17 have already identified some areas in our East Tampa

09:47:20 corridor as to what we want to do as far as repaving in

09:47:23 those areas.

09:47:28 Used to be pretty green.

09:47:31 Now we are making good headway into solving some of the

09:47:33 issues in East Tampa.

09:47:36 We recently had 65 homes repaired for elderly, no long very

09:47:43 to look up in the stars overnight through some funding

09:47:45 dollars that we had in our housing initiative and we are

09:47:48 very pleased to the outcome, the different parties that oh

09:47:53 work with us to make that come to fruition.

09:47:56 I would like to thank Councilman Reddick and Suarez and ed

09:47:59 Johnson and many who came out to our second business

09:48:02 symposium as well as the mayor, and Lisa Montelione, I can't

09:48:06 forget you.

09:48:06 It was a very successful day.

09:48:09 Again, we had residents and business owners that came out to

09:48:13 get some of the tools that were necessary to enhance your

09:48:16 business or be able to start one.

09:48:19 Again, I'll throw it out to you.

09:48:22 Summer 2014 is around the corner.

09:48:24 June 7th, got two commitments already.

09:48:26 And if you still plan to come, 12 p.m. show time.

09:48:30 We would like to have you all up on the stage to showcase

09:48:33 you to our community, if you choose the desire to do so

09:48:36 We are also putting on the disaster readiness program over

09:48:39 in East Tampa in July.

09:48:41 We are partnering with the city, the Red Cross, to inform

09:48:44 our residents in case there's an emergency.

09:48:47 In case there's a disaster, what to do, when to do it and

09:48:50 how to do it.

09:48:51 So we will be doing some things of that nature.

09:48:56 Mike taught me a lot about baby bungalow, partnering with

09:49:01 the head start coalition, City of Tampa and some other

09:49:05 agencies to help deal with the illiteracy issue going

09:49:11 forward with young youth, starting early, how to get the

09:49:13 parents and children bonding together as they continue to

09:49:16 grow in education, that we can stamp out some of the

09:49:19 illiteracy issues that we face in Tampa.

09:49:22 Always looking to leverage funding with not only the parks

09:49:25 and recreation but other groups that come to East Tampa to

09:49:29 have the desire, whether in business or improvements in our

09:49:34 community and so forth and so on.

09:49:35 Again, I say I am thankful for the different chairs that

09:49:39 share the different subcommittees of East Tampa partnership.

09:49:41 Without them, I think I would be scratching my Hoad all day.

09:49:46 But I'm grateful to them.

09:49:47 Thank you.

09:49:48 If there are any questions.

09:49:48 >>FRANK REDDICK: Let me just make a comment.

09:49:56 I would like for East Tampa partnerships, you are chair, to

09:50:01 go back and have a little discussion how the education

09:50:07 component that you spoke of tie into economic development

09:50:11 for East Tampa.

09:50:13 >> Well, one of the things, Councilman Reddick, since you

09:50:18 asked that question, chair, is that when you look at the

09:50:21 strategic plan for the East Tampa partnership, stamp out

09:50:26 blight and illegal dumping, education, we have a committee,

09:50:31 health education social services.

09:50:35 We direct services through that committee and that component

09:50:38 fits that component.

09:50:40 >> So we will have discussion, but we'll have discussion on

09:50:48 that.

09:50:48 Any other questions?

09:50:49 Thank you, sir.

09:50:50 >>BOB McDONAUGH: As you see, we have a very wide variety of

09:51:00 skill base in our chairs, and fortunate to have people

09:51:03 involved.

09:51:04 Yes, ma'am?

09:51:09 >> Central Park.

09:51:11 >> Central Park is on hiatus right now as you will recall.

09:51:14 Again, waiting for probably later this year or early next

09:51:18 year when we have more residents, and they again start a

09:51:21 neighborhood group.

09:51:27 A couple of the building openings have been put back, and we

09:51:30 should have more residents, a core of people that will be

09:51:33 willing to be involved later this year.

09:51:36 >>YVONNE CAPIN: There are some residents there.

09:51:37 >> There are some residents, yes, ma'am.

09:51:41 >>YVONNE CAPIN: (off microphone)

09:51:43 Aren't they included in residents?

09:51:45 >> They are.

09:51:46 >>YVONNE CAPIN: Well, I am looking at the border and it's

09:51:48 Nuccio parkway and there's a bunch of residents there.

09:51:51 Those are included?

09:51:52 >> Yes, ma'am.

09:51:58 >>YVONNE CAPIN: So we have a -- it goes all the way up to

09:52:03 Nebraska, 275, there's residents in there.

09:52:07 How many residents does it take to come out of hiatus?

09:52:12 >> I will remind the board that on three occasions, we set

09:52:16 out to get volunteers to participate, and were unsuccessful.

09:52:23 >>YVONNE CAPIN: Okay.

09:52:23 >>BOB McDONAUGH: So the decision was made until we can get

09:52:27 more people actively involved, although we do meet with them

09:52:30 regularly, I know Ed recently had a neighborhood meeting

09:52:33 there to talk about the kind of developments we would like

09:52:37 to see in that brownsfield that was done.

09:52:39 So there is active conversations with the neighborhood.

09:52:42 But we have not, to date, had active participation when we

09:52:47 have reached out to the community for people to participate.

09:52:50 And that was why the decision was made to wait until perhaps

09:52:54 a couple more of these buildings are open and we have more

09:52:56 people that perhaps we could get some more residents that

09:53:00 would be willing to participate in this.

09:53:02 >>YVONNE CAPIN: How were they reached out to?

09:53:07 How were the residents -- how did this come about?

09:53:11 >>BOB McDONAUGH: We advertised on the city Web site.

09:53:13 And I know that there have been conversations with the

09:53:15 Housing Authority who has probably the lions share of

09:53:19 residents.

09:53:20 There's also a person from the county that's involved and

09:53:26 reached out to the county as well.

09:53:30 >>YVONNE CAPIN: Thank you.

09:53:30 >>BOB McDONAUGH: Each of you has a packet of information

09:53:40 concerning the different legal arrangements that we have.

09:53:45 There is the service agreement between the CRA, the City of

09:53:48 Tampa.

09:53:50 There is a history of the agreements that we have with

09:53:55 Hillsborough County as far as revenue sharing, and there is

09:53:58 information in there about the CAC obligation.

09:54:04 All of those are contained in the handbook that each of you

09:54:09 received when you became a City Council person.

09:54:11 We have not talked about them again recently.

09:54:15 The service agreement comes up on an annual basis.

09:54:18 And if you would like, I would be more than happy to

09:54:21 schedule a workshop.

09:54:23 Now that you have had this and had a little time to digest

09:54:26 it we could sit and talk about perhaps what changes that you

09:54:30 think might be applicable to them.

09:54:31 >>LISA MONTELIONE: Thank you, Mr. Chair.

09:54:35 I had asked for the documents to be provided to us.

09:54:41 They were provided in our official board member reference

09:54:46 manual, but some -- this is 2011 when we took office, but

09:54:52 some of the agreements have been modified, as you said, you

09:54:54 know, they get amended from time to time, some of them on an

09:54:59 annual basis.

09:55:00 So thank you for the updated version.

09:55:03 I appreciate that.

09:55:04 A couple of things, reasons why I asked for this, because it

09:55:09 seemed to be some confusion or some misunderstanding of the

09:55:15 role of each of us, and we discussed this yesterday.

09:55:18 So thank you very much for bringing the staff and getting

09:55:23 with me for as long as you did yesterday.

09:55:25 I greatly appreciate your time.

09:55:27 I know sometimes it's not fun to sit with council members.

09:55:31 But it may be wise for us to have a workshop to discuss

09:55:38 these agreements and to go through them.

09:55:40 There are a couple of things that jump out at me.

09:55:45 And we didn't talk so much about these yesterday.

09:55:47 But one was the services agreement.

09:55:52 And it's clear, I think, in the services agreement, I'm sure

09:55:56 as elsewhere in our documents, but it's about referencing

09:56:00 acquisition of real property.

09:56:05 That's number one under the redevelopment services and

09:56:09 public improvement, page 42.

09:56:11 And then it jumps out again at me on page 43.

09:56:15 It's the agency that causes demolition, clearance or

09:56:18 building structures or other improvements within

09:56:19 redevelopment areas which are owned or acquired by the

09:56:21 agency.

09:56:22 But I don't know that we own any -- am I wrong?

09:56:29 Do we own any property as the agency?

09:56:31 >> We just bought some last week for a park.

09:56:35 >> By the CRA or owned by the city?

09:56:37 >> Generally what happens, in the case of a park, the CRA

09:56:40 will buy it, and once the park is developed, we will

09:56:43 transfer ownership into the city.

09:56:47 Because parks and recreation then takes responsibility.

09:56:51 Probably the East Tampa CRA probably has more property than

09:56:56 any of the other CRAs.

09:56:58 They have new CRA money to purchase property.

09:57:00 There is the property along 22nd street that's been

09:57:03 assembled for a grocery store, which is owned by the CRA.

09:57:05 >> Owned by the CRA or by the city?

09:57:10 >>BOB McDONAUGH: CRA.

09:57:11 There is the former honky-tonk bar which I believe we just

09:57:14 had a transfer of ownership for the community center for the

09:57:18 Rainbow Heights.

09:57:20 That was CRA land and the adjacent property was bought and

09:57:22 assembled by the CRA.

09:57:24 So there are probably more.

09:57:29 Again, we come forward with properties that are owned by the

09:57:32 City of Tampa that are in the CRA, but probably more of them

09:57:35 are owned by the City of Tampa than by the CRA proper.

09:57:38 >> I guess I asked my question because I know we had some

09:57:41 discussion as part of the conferences that I have attended

09:57:46 where they bring in speakers from other states, and they

09:57:49 talk about how they are clearing out blight, and they are

09:57:53 going through and purchasing property.

09:57:55 But here in the State of Florida, we have a little bit

09:57:59 different property rights rules on the book.

09:58:04 So I'm asked all the time, why don't we just buy those

09:58:07 properties and get rid of those unsightly, whether they are

09:58:12 homes or commercial buildings or what have you, and a lot of

09:58:15 times, I have to explain, well, we can't just go in and take

09:58:18 a property, because it's considered unsightly.

09:58:23 And throws a very lengthy legal process.

09:58:25 So I wanted to talk a little bit about that, because in

09:58:31 areas in Sulphur Springs, for example, where there is not a

09:58:33 CRA, we have purchased some property, taken the houses down.

09:58:37 As a matter of fact, I think the mayor is doing a ribbon

09:58:39 cutting this week or next week.

09:58:41 >> Correct.

09:58:42 Next week.

09:58:44 >>LISA MONTELIONE: On some of the new houses that have been

09:58:46 put in place of the ones we tore down.

09:58:47 >>BOB McDONAUGH: Most of the properties that we own in

09:58:51 Sulphur Springs are properties that have been given to the

09:58:56 City of Tampa.

09:58:57 And five of them were delivered to us by -- they were

09:59:01 foreclosures.

09:59:01 So some of the banks have done that, assisting the city in

09:59:05 helping to redevelop that neighborhood.

09:59:06 >> So just to clarify for the citizens, we are not going in

09:59:10 and taking these properties.

09:59:12 >> Absolutely not.

09:59:13 >>LISA MONTELIONE: Because I get asked that question, why

09:59:15 don't we just buy those properties and why don't we just

09:59:17 take those properties and do something with them, because

09:59:20 they are causing such, you know, a broken window type of

09:59:24 scenario in some of the neighborhoods.

09:59:26 >> Eminent domain in the State of Florida is a fairly

09:59:29 cumbersome process.

09:59:31 I think we found that out.

09:59:32 We were doing 40th Street.

09:59:34 And it's much less expensive for us to go out and purchase

09:59:38 property than it is to use eminent domain.

09:59:41 The courts have really changed the amount of latitude that

09:59:43 municipalities and states have when it comes to eminent

09:59:46 domain.

09:59:46 >>LISA MONTELIONE: Thank you.

09:59:48 And that's the point I was just trying to bring forward.

09:59:51 Because I get asked that a lot.

09:59:55 Thank you.

09:59:55 >>BOB McDONAUGH: Any questions about the documents that

10:00:01 were delivered or desire to have further conversation?

10:00:06 >>MIKE SUAREZ: Thank you, chair.

10:00:08 I like your suggestion about having a workshop because

10:00:10 there's a lot of different issues that we need to discuss

10:00:13 both as the city and as a CRA.

10:00:16 Partly, and most disturbingly to me, which has always been

10:00:21 my contention, which is that the agreement that was made in

10:00:24 March of 2003 by previous councils and previous CRAs,

10:00:29 gives up our right to create any new community redevelopment

10:00:34 areas under our authority.

10:00:36 I believe that that's illegal.

10:00:38 I believe that the statute itself gives us the power to

10:00:42 retain that, because the county was not a home rule county

10:00:46 at the time that we were a city.

10:00:48 So I think we need to discuss some of these issues, because

10:00:51 if you look at the document, it says that we have total

10:00:55 responsibility both as a CRA and as a city for the

10:01:01 management and execution of the can CRA areas but we do not

10:01:05 have the right to create any new ones within the county.

10:01:08 Now, you know, I had to live with my parents for a long time

10:01:12 so I don't need to ask my mother and father for permission

10:01:15 to do some things and I don't think we should have to ask

10:01:18 permission of the county to do certain things.

10:01:20 Now that is separate and I want to make sure everyone

10:01:23 understands it is separate from the agreement from the tax

10:01:25 revenue that's generated as a result of a community

10:01:27 redevelopment area.

10:01:28 That is still a negotiable instrument under the statute

10:01:32 between us and the county.

10:01:34 And, you know, again that's a completely different issue,

10:01:38 and I think we need to discern and separate those two and

10:01:41 talk about our authority first, and then whether or not we

10:01:44 want to continue that particular agreement. And then

10:01:48 secondly, because if you read the agreement, it says that

10:01:51 the only way that we can get out of the agreement is to

10:01:54 disband all the CRAs, which I think is, you know,

10:01:59 unconscionable by the people that created this agreement.

10:02:03 I mean, that gives undue leverage to the county.

10:02:07 And again it has nothing to do with this council, this CRA,

10:02:11 or this county commission.

10:02:12 It has to do with the right of the CRA as a body to exercise

10:02:18 those rights.

10:02:19 And I don't think that we have the capability of exercising

10:02:21 those rights at this moment.

10:02:24 Now, I am going to ask Mr. Territo a quick question.

10:02:28 In terms of workshops we typically do under City Council,

10:02:32 can we do a workshop specifically for this understood our

10:02:36 CRA?

10:02:42 >>SAL TERRITO: (off microphone) some of them to give you an

10:02:46 entree of the workshop but you do have authority to create a

10:02:49 workshop that is not necessarily City Council's --

10:02:55 >> I want to ask a question about the negotiations between

10:02:59 ourselves and the county concerning the reauthorization of

10:03:01 the downtown CRA.

10:03:03 Where are we at in terms of the time frame, if anyone knows?

10:03:08 >>BOB McDONAUGH: The last document that I am aware of is I

10:03:14 had prepared an educated estimate of what the revenue stream

10:03:19 would be like for the proximate next seven or eight years.

10:03:23 I forward that to the county.

10:03:25 And I have not had subsequent conversation.

10:03:28 But I think that part of the question was, well, how much

10:03:31 are we talking about, and what are we talking about?

10:03:33 And so I looked at our current tax roll and what projects

10:03:39 were on the books for the next few years and what kind of

10:03:41 dollars they would produce, and produce a guesstimate for

10:03:44 the -- excuse me, estimate.

10:03:50 >>MIKE SUAREZ: So the time frame right now we are still

10:03:52 working through the numbers and we haven't come up with any

10:03:54 kind of draft agreement as yet.

10:03:57 We are still kind of working on it.

10:04:00 >> That would be correct.

10:04:01 >>MIKE SUAREZ: I would like to ask that we have a workshop

10:04:04 session.

10:04:05 And I think we can have a workshop session the same day that

10:04:08 we have our regular CRA meeting, and then we can just go

10:04:11 into workshop session.

10:04:12 Is that correct, Mr. Territo?

10:04:15 >> That's correct.

10:04:15 >> I would like a workshop session for CRA specifically on

10:04:19 June 12th, immediately following the CRA regular session on

10:04:26 that day.

10:04:30 >>YVONNE CAPIN: I second that and I am going to ask one more

10:04:32 thing.

10:04:33 >> I have more motion.

10:04:34 I may answer one of your questions.

10:04:35 If not --

10:04:41 >> (off microphone).

10:04:46 >>MIKE SUAREZ: I just have a couple more things.

10:04:48 >> It's a long motion.

10:04:51 >> We finished the motion.

10:04:52 I will clear it up with another motion.

10:04:55 Mr. Chair, if you want to take the vote on that one.

10:04:57 >>FRANK REDDICK: Question on the motion?

10:05:02 >>YVONNE CAPIN: Yes.

10:05:03 I seconded it, but this is a workshop on the discussion of

10:05:07 the authority of the CRA?

10:05:10 >> Correct.

10:05:11 >> That was definitely something that I brought up on March

10:05:16 13th because that whole workshop came about because of

10:05:18 the conversation of the $100 million that is going to be

10:05:28 ending in October of '15.

10:05:30 So I definitely would second that workshop on the authority.

10:05:37 And at that workshop, I was looking through this, and need

10:05:43 to know, the CRA at the time signed off on this agreement?

10:05:51 Or was this just the city and the county?

10:05:53 It was the CRA also agreed to this?

10:05:56 >> Yes.

10:05:57 >>YVONNE CAPIN: Okay.

10:05:58 That's what I wanted.

10:05:59 >>SAL TERRITO: (off microphone)

10:06:03 If you want to continue those to the next workshop, or if

10:06:10 you want to do that today.

10:06:11 You have four items on there that we haven't discussed.

10:06:15 If you want to continue those as well.

10:06:17 It's your decision.

10:06:19 I can probably clarify some of the issues today, give you a

10:06:22 little bit of a briefing, and then may have been already

10:06:26 answered.

10:06:26 >> The maker of the motion, what is his position?

10:06:33 >>MIKE SUAREZ: There are a couple other issues that are not

10:06:35 being discussed at this moment that are not -- that have to

10:06:40 be discussed and ferreted out before our next session.

10:06:44 Okay?

10:06:45 And those issues cannot be talked about publicly right now

10:06:50 under some legal issues that are being talked about, that we

10:06:54 cannot discuss on a public forum.

10:06:55 At that time, I hope that we can discuss those at a public

10:06:59 forum.

10:06:59 So until that point they've got more information, I want to

10:07:02 do it as a workshop thing because right now all we are going

10:07:05 to do is reiterate some of the issues that I have, that I

10:07:09 can't ask questions on now, because the other issues have

10:07:11 not been resolved by the legal department.

10:07:14 Until that time, I would like to push it forward to June.

10:07:18 That's the reason I want to push it forward.

10:07:22 >>YVONNE CAPIN: And my second is, and you believe those

10:07:24 issues will be resolved by June 12th?

10:07:28 >>MIKE SUAREZ: I'm not sure about that, but I will ask that

10:07:33 the legal department, and Mr. Territo will probably do it.

10:07:37 I can't do it publicly because the issues themselves can't

10:07:41 be aired right now.

10:07:43 I apologize for that.

10:07:44 >>LISA MONTELIONE: Thank you.

10:07:51 I would like to have Mr. Territo discuss some of these

10:07:55 issues, because when I made this motion, back whenever I

10:07:59 made this motion -- what was that date? -- that was my

10:08:05 intention.

10:08:05 I mean, my intention was to go through these agreements, and

10:08:08 that's why I met with Mr. McDonaugh and the staff yesterday

10:08:11 to go through some of the reasoning and some of the

10:08:16 discussion over why this was coming forward today.

10:08:22 And, you know, looking over all the documents, being

10:08:26 prepared to discuss this today, and having my meeting with

10:08:31 them yesterday, if there is something that we can't talk

10:08:36 about now, I am not aware of it.

10:08:38 >>MIKE SUAREZ: I will withdraw the motion to have a

10:08:41 workshop.

10:08:41 Let's go ahead and continues with this discussion, and then

10:08:45 we'll go from there.

10:08:46 I apologize.

10:08:47 >>LISA MONTELIONE: And if there are issues that we can't

10:08:52 talk about, maybe we need to do it in the shade, because we

10:08:55 have done that on City Council.

10:08:56 >>SAL TERRITO: Under CRA rules -- I apologize.

10:09:02 >>LISA MONTELIONE: I don't know what the issue even is.

10:09:06 So if it's something that affects the CRA, I think that

10:09:09 somebody needs to brief each of us about what the issues

10:09:12 are.

10:09:12 >>MIKE SUAREZ: Chair, one more time, if I could.

10:09:16 The reason why I cannot say publicly -- and I just

10:09:18 discovered this this week -- so the discussion itself has

10:09:21 not been clarified, so for me to bring it forward now in a

10:09:25 public forum would be unfair to the person that had

10:09:28 conversation with me because the legal issue is not

10:09:30 resolved.

10:09:31 So I can't do it publicly.

10:09:32 We can't go into executive session and meet with the legal

10:09:35 department altogether under CRA rules.

10:09:37 So in order to do it, I want to push it to the workshop.

10:09:41 I have withdrawn that motion.

10:09:42 We can continue with our discussion.

10:09:43 >>LISA MONTELIONE: Maybe that's a rule knee need to look at

10:09:46 changing that we can meet in the shade just like we do at

10:09:49 City Council.

10:09:49 >> Can't meet in the shade.

10:09:56 Only local government cannot even the city government can

10:10:01 unless there's litigation involved.

10:10:02 >>LISA MONTELIONE: It sounded to me like there was.

10:10:05 >> I'm not aware of any litigation. If there were

10:10:08 litigation then we can make that decision.

10:10:10 >>FRANK REDDICK: The motion has been withdrawn.

10:10:15 I am going to turn it back to Bob.

10:10:17 >>BOB McDONAUGH: Just to answer Ms. Capin's question, all

10:10:23 of those documents were signed by the mayor of the City of

10:10:24 Tampa and also by Ms. Alvarez who at the time was chair of

10:10:29 the CRA.

10:10:30 >> I'll ask it later.

10:10:39 >> Bob.

10:10:42 >>BOB McDONAUGH: I think Mr. Territo is next on the agenda.

10:10:45 >>SAL TERRITO: Legal department.

10:11:17 You have got four tens on the agenda that you wanted me to

10:11:19 two through.

10:11:20 What I am trying to do is give you some where we are.

10:11:22 This is a status report, not where we are moving toward.

10:11:25 The first item on there, the agreement has already come up

10:11:29 this morning.

10:11:30 We have an agreement between the city, the CRA, and

10:11:33 Hillsborough County which we entered into in 2003.

10:11:36 In that agreement, we basically delegated to the county some

10:11:39 authority that the CRA has.

10:11:42 The three things that we delegated to them, we would not

10:11:44 create any new CRAs, we would not expand the geographical

10:11:48 area of any existing CRA, nor would we extend the duration

10:11:53 of any existing CRA without consultation with the county.

10:11:58 That's how the agreement stands today.

10:11:59 It's been amended four times.

10:12:01 It was amended to add new CRA areas to the discussion.

10:12:07 And again for your purposes, since you already not and I

10:12:11 think for the public's purpose as well, I want to make a

10:12:14 distinction between the CRA which is you and CRA areas.

10:12:17 And the reason that becomes important is that we only have

10:12:22 one -- I'm sorry, Mr. Chairman, did you want to say

10:12:24 something?

10:12:26 >> Mrs. Mulhern has a question.

10:12:28 >>MARY MULHERN: You I don't have a question.

10:12:31 You can finish.

10:12:32 I do have a question but go ahead and finish.

10:12:35 [ Laughter ]

10:12:35 >>SAL TERRITO: The reason that becomes important is because

10:12:40 in 1984 the Florida statute changed, which would have

10:12:43 allowed charter counties to take over the city's CRAs.

10:12:48 We were fortunate at that time to get the statute amended to

10:12:52 say any CRA, again, CRA you, not CRA area, any CRA that

10:12:57 existed prior to the county becoming a charter county, which

10:13:00 was us, because the county was not a charter county at the

10:13:03 time, are grandfathered in.

10:13:05 So we were grandfathered in.

10:13:08 Our authority was autonomous.

10:13:11 In 2003 there was a challenge.

10:13:12 The county was arguing that, no, it's each CRA area that we

10:13:17 are talking about that can't be changed, the counties have

10:13:20 authority over those.

10:13:20 And that's a CRA.

10:13:23 I was not involved in the negotiations.

10:13:24 I was not here at the time.

10:13:26 But a discussion was held between the county and decided an

10:13:31 interlocal agreement and that's how that particular

10:13:33 interlocal agreement in 2003 came about.

10:13:35 The amendments we have had since then were to add areas of

10:13:39 the CRA that came online as the new areas came online,

10:13:42 because at that time all of the CRAs areas that you have

10:13:45 now were not part of that agreement.

10:13:47 That's where we stand today.

10:13:49 The three items that we have to consult with the county,

10:13:52 again I'll say it one more time, the duration of the CRAs

10:13:56 expanding their geographical area or creating new CRAs.

10:14:00 The last time we got involved with that was really for the

10:14:03 East Tampa one, which we added to the agreement that you

10:14:07 have before you.

10:14:08 So again, that's the status.

10:14:09 I just want to give you what the status was.

10:14:11 If there are any questions on those -- then I will go to the

10:14:15 next step.

10:14:15 >>MARY MULHERN: It sounds to me -- and I know from my

10:14:19 experience here, we have expanded boundaries and made

10:14:22 changes, and I'm sure that we abode, abided by the

10:14:32 consultation with the county that's within the interlocal

10:14:36 agreement.

10:14:37 Correct?

10:14:38 >> That's correct.

10:14:38 >> It says consultation, though.

10:14:40 It doesn't --

10:14:41 >> Well, I am using -- they have to agree.

10:14:44 It's not simply consultation.

10:14:46 They have to agree to make those changes.

10:14:48 >> So what exactly is that language?

10:14:54 I.

10:15:08 >>SAL TERRITO: Section 3 deals with current CRAs, current

10:15:12 in 2003.

10:15:12 The parties agree that the following is existing CRAs,

10:15:15 including but not limited to the community redevelopment

10:15:18 plan, TIF, increment financing, properly established and

10:15:23 properly operating.

10:15:24 Those are -- again it gets confusing.

10:15:28 We have one downtown CRA.

10:15:29 We expanded it in 1988.

10:15:31 We did not create a new one.

10:15:33 That was -- basically saying those are existing.

10:15:36 Those are okay.

10:15:37 >> But that's not my question.

10:15:38 My question is, can you read me the language that reads 3-C

10:15:46 that refers to the agreement or consultation with the

10:15:51 county?

10:15:51 >> 3-C basically says the city and the agency agree that

10:15:56 except as stated below we are agreeing because the county

10:15:58 asked us for this.

10:15:59 This is what we are giving up.

10:16:00 The city and the agency, which is you, agree that except as

10:16:04 stated below they will not modify said existing CRAs, to

10:16:10 increase the boundaries or duration thereof without the

10:16:12 approval of the county.

10:16:13 And then we go below that.

10:16:16 And that's basically -- so the existing CRAs may not be

10:16:20 expanded.

10:16:20 Then there's language as new ones came on.

10:16:23 They may not be created without the authority of the county.

10:16:25 >>MARY MULHERN: Well, can you refer me to that?

10:16:31 The new -- creating new ones?

10:16:36 >>SAL TERRITO: Uh-huh.

10:16:38 Where it gets confusing, it's put in many locations in the

10:16:42 documents.

10:16:43 Because you are dealing with existing new ones, how the new

10:16:47 ones are going to be treated, what the split is going to be,

10:16:50 the county, in return for allowing to us create new CRAs

10:16:54 was going to diminish their contribution to those CRAs.

10:16:59 That's why if you look at the contributions we have today,

10:17:01 they are not all 100%.

10:17:03 Downtown is 100%.

10:17:04 All the others with the exception of Ybor 1 and Central Park

10:17:07 are 80%.

10:17:09 Those two are 70%.

10:17:11 And again I'm not trying to say it's located in five or six

10:17:15 different locations within this agreement.

10:17:17 The agreement taken as a whole puts those restriction on it

10:17:20 because it's laid it out.

10:17:21 The existing ones have these authorities.

10:17:24 New one versus to be done this way.

10:17:25 Expanding has to be done this way.

10:17:27 Extending the duration as has to be done this way so it's

10:17:30 located in four or five different locations in the

10:17:32 agreement.

10:17:32 I can go back and spell out and do an outline for you at

10:17:35 some point.

10:17:36 But it's located in a lot of locations.

10:17:39 That's all I am trying to say.

10:17:40 It's not one spot.

10:17:41 It's dealing with each eventuality.

10:17:44 >> All right.

10:17:45 Well, it doesn't sound to me at all as if the county has

10:17:49 veto power.

10:17:50 It sounds like we, as a CRA, would need to negotiate and

10:17:59 work something out.

10:18:00 And in the case either of an expansion or creating new ones.

10:18:04 So that's my take on it.

10:18:08 But it would help if you come up with that outline.

10:18:12 But I'll go through and read it.

10:18:16 Just to see what I think.

10:18:17 Thank you.

10:18:17 >>LISA MONTELIONE: I think what Mr. Territo was referring

10:18:23 to when he said throughout the document, there are two

10:18:26 specific whereas clauses.

10:18:28 It's the third and the fourth one.

10:18:29 The third one states that whereas the county is of the

10:18:33 belief and position that neither the city nor the agency

10:18:36 legally may creator designate any new community

10:18:40 redevelopment area without first obtaining from the county a

10:18:46 delegation of power under section 163.410 of the act, and --

10:18:51 and this is the fourth whereas clause -- the city and the

10:18:53 agency are of the belief that the position, that the city

10:18:57 has the power and authority legally to create and designate

10:19:01 any new community redevelopment area within the city without

10:19:05 first obtaining from the county any approval or delegation

10:19:09 of power under 163 .410 of the act.

10:19:14 Then it goes on.

10:19:15 Again in section 7, it says exclusive authority of the city

10:19:19 and the agency to operate the CRA, except as expressly

10:19:25 provided in the agreement the city and the agencies shall

10:19:28 have the exclusive decision making authority for all CRAs

10:19:32 and the TIFs in the city and be authorized to exercise any

10:19:38 and all authorities in the act without approval from the

10:19:40 county.

10:19:41 So to create any new ones, we need approval.

10:19:43 To operate the existing ones, we don't need approval.

10:19:48 So that's where a lot of the different lies.

10:19:51 Then it specifically says that the Ybor boundaries, the

10:19:56 existing Ybor CRAs are extended duration, this is 3-D,

10:20:04 makes duration of the TIF thereafter beyond the calendar

10:20:07 year 2015, and the modification provides that while the

10:20:10 increments of the Ybor City approval, then sets out how much

10:20:15 the approval is, because it's different.

10:20:18 And in the beginning, it was 100%.

10:20:20 And then it changed to only being 30% retained by the

10:20:26 county, and -- I'm sorry -- actually it looks like a typo --

10:20:34 the split is 70/30.

10:20:36 And actually on page 3 it says county 70, 30 retained by the

10:20:40 county.

10:20:40 So I hope that was correct in the amendment version.

10:20:45 But, so that's, from what I see, where the crux.

10:20:52 Issue comes in.

10:20:53 Because as we are talking about adding CRAs, as we are

10:20:58 talking about extending CRAs as they come to the end of

10:21:03 their natural life, we do have to have approval from the

10:21:07 county.

10:21:08 But in our daily operations we do not.

10:21:12 So that's --

10:21:14 >> And where the confusion comes in is that the two, the

10:21:18 first one is the county's position, the second is the city's

10:21:21 position, just to spell out our territory.

10:21:23 And they are wee we are saying here is how we are going to

10:21:27 deal with those issues.

10:21:28 Once the CRA is there you operate it, they are not going to

10:21:31 interfere with that but you can't create new ones or expand

10:21:36 old ones.

10:21:37 That's what the agreement in essence spells out.

10:21:40 Okay?

10:21:42 >>YVONNE CAPIN: That's exactly what I was heading for.

10:21:44 These were the recitals and these are the positions that the

10:21:47 county held and the position that the city held, and the

10:21:50 rest of it is where, full, the compromise or the agreement

10:21:56 came forth.

10:21:58 >> That's correct.

10:22:00 >>YVONNE CAPIN: And that's where the city and the CRA turned

10:22:11 over the authority that they had at that time to the county.

10:22:17 Thank you.

10:22:18 >>HARRY COHEN: I just wanted to point out that regardless

10:22:27 of what the agreements are in terms of changing the

10:22:30 boundaries or making any changes to the CRA, under the state

10:22:35 statute, if you change the boundaries, you reset the test.

10:22:44 >> It's more.

10:22:48 If you extend the CRA plan.

10:22:49 Right in and out the CRA plans have a 30 year duration.

10:22:52 The TIF, when we set our CRA up, we set our CRA up in 1983.

10:22:57 The law changed later in 2002.

10:23:00 In 1983 when the CRAs were created -- and CRAs are

10:23:05 perpetual, they go on forever -- it's the ability to fund

10:23:09 CRA through TIF that has a duration.

10:23:12 The duration is 30 years, or 30 years from the amended date.

10:23:15 If you amend it every ten years but no longer than 60 years

10:23:19 that dealt with that, the 2002 change said any CRAs created

10:23:25 after that date can only go for 40 years with the TIF.

10:23:28 Again the CRAs are perpetual.

10:23:30 And that was important, until a few years ago.

10:23:34 It's less important now because mostly with the TIF that

10:23:37 CRAs have, the question came up about eminent domain as an

10:23:41 example.

10:23:41 Until the state's Constitution changed a few years ago

10:23:45 because of the U.S. Supreme Court case, until that time, we

10:23:48 could take private property and resell it for private use at

10:23:54 fair value.

10:23:55 We could buy property and sell to someone if it met our

10:24:01 plan.

10:24:02 That's no longer a loud.

10:24:03 You are no longer a loud to use eminent domain to take

10:24:07 property for another entity.

10:24:08 These how development used to occur. We would condemn

10:24:11 property, take it, and then get rehabilitated by some other

10:24:14 economic entity.

10:24:15 We can no longer do that.

10:24:16 That was a very important power which would have continued

10:24:19 beyond the 60 year ability to fund it.

10:24:22 But since that is no longer there the 60 years for all

10:24:25 intents and purposes is what the CRA's authority is.

10:24:28 Why would you go beyond 60 years if you can't fund anything?

10:24:31 That's again a decision you have to make.

10:24:32 >>FRANK REDDICK: Mr. Suarez.

10:24:39 Then we can draw a conclusion and wrap it up.

10:24:41 Mr. Suarez.

10:24:42 >>MIKE SUAREZ: Under the original agreement we have section

10:24:44 17 which is effective execution.

10:24:47 I'll read it to you and see if you can give me some

10:24:51 clarification of what it means, not withstanding any

10:24:53 provision of this agreement.

10:24:54 Each of the parties to this agreement reserves its

10:24:57 respective position concerning the authority of the city to

10:25:00 exercise the powers enumerated in the act.

10:25:03 And the execution of this agreement by parties hereto shall

10:25:06 not be construed as a concession that such party's position

10:25:10 is incorrect.

10:25:11 I'm curious as to what that actually means.

10:25:15 I have got some sense, but I would like to get your opinion

10:25:18 what it means.

10:25:18 >>SAL TERRITO: Generally the way the statute is set up you

10:25:22 can create a CRA.

10:25:23 CRAs again are dependent special districts of the city.

10:25:28 You are independent when you sit as a board, but they are

10:25:31 dependent special districts because the city created them.

10:25:33 So as part of the city structure, even though governance is

10:25:40 done independently.

10:25:41 >> And as a CRA, to say we want to create a CRA in

10:25:45 Riverview.

10:25:47 We don't have that power because the city has in a power.

10:25:50 >>SAL TERRITO: You have the authority given to you by the

10:25:53 statute, and may be restricted by the city.

10:25:55 The city doesn't have to delegate to you bonding authority.

10:25:59 The city kept that authority.

10:26:01 For bonding purposes it is city's authority to issue bonds

10:26:04 for the CRA.

10:26:05 And when this was done, again the statute gives you two

10:26:08 options for the creation of the CRA board.

10:26:12 City Council sitting as a board or independent body.

10:26:17 Mayor Poe at the time decided he did not want to have an

10:26:20 independent body doing that.

10:26:21 He wanted City Council to do that.

10:26:22 So that was established that way when these things got

10:26:25 started.

10:26:26 So that's how that came about.

10:26:28 It was under Martinez that that happened.

10:26:30 But with Poe prior to that time saying my preference is you

10:26:36 have City Council.

10:26:37 I don't want to have an independent making these decisions.

10:26:40 I think it should be kept in-house.

10:26:41 And that's why you became the CRA.

10:26:43 But there are powers in the statute to address it more

10:26:48 succinctly, there are powers in the statute that have been

10:26:51 retained by the city.

10:26:53 This does not affect those.

10:26:55 >>MIKE SUAREZ: And another testament to bill Poes foresight

10:26:59 that he would have the City Council eight as a CRA as

10:27:02 opposed to an independent body, which I think was a good

10:27:04 idea, and I think this discussion proves it.

10:27:08 One of the things, when we are talking about the recitals,

10:27:12 and at the beginning of the agreement concerning

10:27:14 specifically that the reason why this agreement was put into

10:27:17 place is because there was a discussion, and a disagreement

10:27:20 between the county and the city at the time as to whether or

10:27:24 not new CRAs could be created.

10:27:26 And one of the problems I absolutely have about this

10:27:29 agreement from the very beginning is that a city Luke any

10:27:35 other governmental entity may ebb and flow.

10:27:40 We don't know where the next part of the city is going to be

10:27:43 in need of a CRA.

10:27:44 We have very large ones now, and yes, there may be times

10:27:46 where our future council may annex a piece of the county or

10:27:50 may want to create another CRA in that part of the new piece

10:27:55 of the city limits.

10:27:56 It may be that we want to create other CRAs in other

10:28:00 blighted areas of the city in order to go forward and use

10:28:03 the power of the CRA and the city in order to improve the

10:28:06 lives of those people in that area.

10:28:09 Because of this, we are stuck with a decision of a body that

10:28:14 may not think that the city is required or should have to

10:28:19 have that power to go forward.

10:28:21 And I think that's a big issue for me.

10:28:24 Right now, there's discussion going on that the county says

10:28:27 that at any place, even within the city.

10:28:33 There's some discussion of that, that the county can do that

10:28:35 independently.

10:28:36 I know that there's some people that have some legal ideas

10:28:39 that that may be happening, okay.

10:28:40 That takes it out of the CRA.

10:28:42 Now, it's a different thing, because as I assume that the

10:28:45 statute creates some conditions --

10:28:49 >> Creating a CRA within the city?

10:28:53 >>MIKE SUAREZ: Excuse me, not CRA but a TIF district.

10:28:56 >> If that were so, and it can be so, but they cannot have

10:29:01 our participation in supplying taxes to them without our

10:29:04 concurrence.

10:29:04 >>MIKE SUAREZ: Again, that's a different aspect of it,

10:29:08 which is it's sort of the backwards part of this.

10:29:12 Now one of the things I do know what we might want to call

10:29:15 this, and I think there's a better name for it, is that we

10:29:17 are kind of sharecropping right now, okay?

10:29:20 We work -- we have the responsibility to do things within

10:29:23 the CRA, because we create it and we have that

10:29:27 responsibility as a CRA board.

10:29:28 But we do not have the power to create any new ones in order

10:29:32 for us to go off on our own and say, now what?

10:29:35 I think this section of the city should have an area that is

10:29:38 new.

10:29:39 Only the county can allow us to do that, you know.

10:29:42 The powers between the CRA and the city are more of a

10:29:46 dovetail in terms of what happens.

10:29:48 You explained it very eloquently, which is we can create a

10:29:51 CRA.

10:29:52 Those dollars, when there's no dollars there, we borrow from

10:29:55 the city, and then hopefully as the CRA becomes greater and

10:29:59 produces tax revenue, we can then independently have those

10:30:03 dollars in order to continue to improve that area.

10:30:06 The problem is that this county commission or any county

10:30:09 commission can say, we don't want you to create that,

10:30:12 because we don't want you to have that tax base.

10:30:15 We don't want you to have any additional tax dollars.

10:30:19 To improve that particular area.

10:30:20 It may be because those county commissioners don't get votes

10:30:23 in that particular area.

10:30:24 Maybe that area doesn't vote.

10:30:25 Maybe it's an area that no one thinks about.

10:30:27 But we have to think about it as a city council and as a

10:30:30 CRA, and because of that, we have our hands tied, because of

10:30:33 one decision made by one administration, one City Council,

10:30:37 and one CRA, in collusion with the county commission.

10:30:42 And to me I think there is a lot of legal issues that are

10:30:45 unresolved that we need to explore.

10:30:47 And I think that one of the reasons why I had originally

10:30:50 proposed a workshop is that there are lots of issues.

10:30:53 We still need to discuss that have nothing to do with this

10:30:55 specific presentation.

10:30:57 I appreciate what you have done because you actually have a

10:30:59 very good knowledge of this.

10:31:02 And again, you know, when we are talking about litigation,

10:31:04 and whether or not there was a threat of litigation by the

10:31:07 county at that time, I don't think that that should bind us

10:31:11 as a new council and a new CRA and a new administration as

10:31:14 to what we want to do going forward with this particular

10:31:16 city.

10:31:17 Anyway, I have nothing further, Mr. Chair.

10:31:20 Thank you, Mr. Territo.

10:31:21 I appreciate all the time.

10:31:22 >>SAL TERRITO: Let me explain one thing for the public and

10:31:25 not for your benefit.

10:31:26 The reason that there may somebody pushback by the county is

10:31:29 that they have to put their tax funds above a certain base

10:31:34 into this as well.

10:31:35 That's not to say -- let me go back -- there's nothing to

10:31:38 stop the city from creating any number of CRAs they want

10:31:42 so long as they don't ask the county's participation.

10:31:45 And I'm not trying to construct what you are saying.

10:31:47 It's a subtlety that may be the public is not aware of.

10:31:51 They don't want to participate financially, so they have

10:31:54 basically given themselves, the city and the CRA agreed,

10:31:59 saying, we are not going to participate in expansion or

10:32:02 creation of new CRAs if we have to participate

10:32:05 financially.

10:32:06 That's the crux of the issue.

10:32:07 >>MIKE SUAREZ: I agree.

10:32:09 And Mr. Territo, just one last thing, and this is for public

10:32:13 consumption also.

10:32:13 We pay into the county government that we receive no

10:32:17 services on.

10:32:18 So, I mean, regardless it's all of our tax dollars, okay?

10:32:22 When they elect us here, we are using tax dollars that

10:32:26 county residents give both to the county for no services

10:32:29 received, and they give to us for the services we have to

10:32:32 provide.

10:32:33 So split government.

10:32:36 I'll challenge anyone here in this room, anyone out in the

10:32:40 public, look at your property taxes and see how much goes to

10:32:44 the city and per relation to the county, and you are going

10:32:48 to find you probably pay more in county taxes than do you in

10:32:51 city taxes, and we provide the services.

10:32:53 That's all I have, Mr. Chair.

10:32:54 >> Mr. Territo, do you have another topic?

10:33:01 >>SAL TERRITO: Yes, this one dealing with the agreement

10:33:04 that the city and CRA have with each other.

10:33:06 Every year we do a local agreement because you are sitting

10:33:08 as a separate body with CRA that spells out what it is the

10:33:11 CRA wants from the city.

10:33:13 As you know, when this got established back in the early

10:33:17 80s, the only CRA area we had was downtown.

10:33:19 And the money was already spent, being used for the

10:33:22 convention center.

10:33:23 So there was no necessity of anything else being established

10:33:27 at that particular time.

10:33:28 The city provided the services because the only money that

10:33:30 we had available at that time was the money coming out of

10:33:33 the tax increment financing, which at that time wasn't

10:33:37 sufficient to pay for those funds.

10:33:38 Utility taxes was paying most of it.

10:33:40 So as more CRA areas were created, the discussion was had,

10:33:45 who is going to provide those services?

10:33:47 Where is the staff going to come from?

10:33:49 And it was decided at that time that the most efficient way

10:33:51 of having that operate is having the existing city staff

10:33:54 already getting paid to do this role or the expertise.

10:34:01 You don't have to set up a personnel department, you don't

10:34:03 have to set up a purchasing department, you don't have to

10:34:05 hire managers.

10:34:06 You will then hire the city to provide those services for

10:34:08 you.

10:34:09 That wasn't a delegation of your decision-making process.

10:34:13 That was a delegation of work.

10:34:14 Who is going to perform the services for you?

10:34:17 The decision on what gets done is still your decision.

10:34:21 The staff, when they are operating as your staff, are

10:34:24 operating under your role, and under your guidance.

10:34:28 Once you get that money from the city, it is yours to do

10:34:31 with as you please.

10:34:32 Prior to that time, it's not because you don't have it.

10:34:36 But once the funds are turned over to you, you have total

10:34:38 discretion of how that money is being spent and you tell the

10:34:41 staff how you want that money spent.

10:34:42 The way that happens, they meet with the advisory

10:34:45 committees, they get their guidance, and they make their

10:34:47 decision, they get input from all the other departments of

10:34:51 work that needs to be done and that's brought to you at

10:34:54 least once a year during your annual budget of how the money

10:34:57 will be spent.

10:34:57 And throughout the year as things change, it will come to

10:35:00 you with other provisions.

10:35:01 That's how the facade program got started and how parks were

10:35:05 created and so forth.

10:35:07 Really that's how that works.

10:35:09 and that's the reason for that agreement is to have you

10:35:11 provide it with staff rather than having to pay for that

10:35:14 yourself.

10:35:14 >>FRANK REDDICK: Final questions?

10:35:23 All right.

10:35:23 Next.

10:35:23 >> Off question on the citizens advisory committees.

10:35:26 You set those up for exactly the reason I just stated.

10:35:29 You wanted input from the communities.

10:35:31 You wanted to know what their thoughts were.

10:35:33 And you do not generally -- it may have happened

10:35:35 occasionally, but generally you do not make any

10:35:37 appropriation for any project until you have the staff to

10:35:40 find out what from the advisory committee, or someone from

10:35:44 the advisory committee has come forward and said, yes, we

10:35:47 have reviewed that and we are okay it with.

10:35:49 That doesn't mean you have delegated that authority.

10:35:52 If they want something done that you don't want done, or you

10:35:54 want something done that they don't want done, it is still

10:35:57 your decision.

10:35:59 But you haven't done in the a vacuum.

10:36:01 You have had input from the advisory committee and from the

10:36:03 staff working for you under that agreement.

10:36:05 >>FRANK REDDICK: Any questions?

10:36:08 All right.

10:36:08 >>LISA MONTELIONE: I have one question on the agreement for

10:36:16 services on page 42.

10:36:20 >>SAL TERRITO: There are big numbers.

10:36:22 It's not a 42-page document.

10:36:24 I is a you that and thought, wait a minute.

10:36:26 I don't know how that happened.

10:36:27 I think it was part of a bigger document at one time.

10:36:29 >>LISA MONTELIONE: I think it probably should be page 1 and

10:36:33 2 and the 4 is a typo.

10:36:36 But just for folks -- for what you handed us, that's what it

10:36:41 says on the page.

10:36:43 Directs the city to involve the 7-member tax increment

10:36:45 revenue subcommittee on east Tampa revitalization

10:36:48 partnership which is what we, I think, just discussed.

10:36:51 But why are they oh only ones who have that and not

10:36:55 everybody else?

10:36:56 >> They are the only ones that have that because the

10:36:58 community redevelopment plan for East Tampa required that to

10:37:01 be.

10:37:01 I guess when the East Tampa was being created, there was a

10:37:05 discussion had at that particular time who we are going to

10:37:08 have involved.

10:37:09 So the CRA plan requires that.

10:37:11 That's why it's put in the agreement, because the plan

10:37:13 requires that.

10:37:13 >>LISA MONTELIONE: There was some discussion awhile back

10:37:17 when we were meeting as City Council, and during an

10:37:20 application for a rezoning, that the East Tampa community

10:37:31 wasn't briefed.

10:37:31 Is that part of this conversation?

10:37:34 Because when it says top projects and monitoring of the

10:37:37 implementation of plans.

10:37:38 >>SAL TERRITO: No, it's the CRA plan.

10:37:41 Again, for the public's purpose, because I think you all

10:37:43 know what happens here, the CRA plan --

10:37:46 >> Sometimes we have questions we already know the answers

10:37:48 to.

10:37:48 >> I understand that.

10:37:49 The CRA plan has to be in conformance with the comprehensive

10:37:52 plan.

10:37:54 So if the CRA plan is not in conformance with the

10:37:57 comprehensive plan, the CRA plan can be changed to do.

10:38:00 That when you are dealing with zoning that is not part of

10:38:02 the CRA's function.

10:38:03 Zoning is strictly a city function.

10:38:05 That doesn't mean you can't involve them as the city.

10:38:08 But it's not a requirement for the CRA to involve them when

10:38:12 there's a zoning issue that comes up.

10:38:13 Because it is strictly a city function.

10:38:15 CRAs have no zoning authority.

10:38:17 >> And if the other CRAs would like to have this same

10:38:24 consideration that East Tampa has, would that be within

10:38:27 their right to ask as a citizens advisory committee to be --

10:38:32 to have this be part of the agreement?

10:38:35 >>SAL TERRITO: Again, we may be mixing two things.

10:38:39 If you as a board wanted to do that, the agreement is not

10:38:42 the place to put it.

10:38:43 The place to put is in your policies that you want to have

10:38:46 that participation.

10:38:47 The only reason it's in this agreement now, because the CRA

10:38:49 plan required it.

10:38:51 There's nothing to say you can't require that on your own to

10:38:53 include that as part of your policies.

10:38:57 If you wanted to do that, they could ask for that, and you

10:39:00 could decide among yourselves if you want to do that.

10:39:02 >>LISA MONTELIONE: Thank you.

10:39:06 >>YVONNE CAPIN: Real quick back to Central Park.

10:39:09 Therefore, because there is not a committee, an advisory

10:39:16 committee, no action can be taken on Central Park?

10:39:21 >>SAL TERRITO: No, sorry.

10:39:22 That means you are not going to get any advice from anybody

10:39:25 in Central Park, any formal setting.

10:39:28 I'm assuming the staff is keeping up on that.

10:39:30 But you don't have the CRA advisory committee to ask them,

10:39:33 do we want to do this or not?

10:39:35 Have you had a vote on this?

10:39:36 Have you discussed it?

10:39:37 Doesn't mean you can't take action.

10:39:39 You don't need advisory committees.

10:39:41 You have decided as a board you want advisory committees.

10:39:47 >>YVONNE CAPIN: That brings me back to why is it on hiatus?

10:39:50 I know we voted on it.

10:39:52 But we really don't -- we really can move forward without

10:39:58 the advisory committee and look at Central Park and --

10:40:03 >>SAL TERRITO: I'm not sure if you are asking me if you

10:40:05 want to go forward without going to them?

10:40:07 Or do you want --

10:40:09 >>YVONNE CAPIN: I want to make it clear that we did put to

10:40:11 put it -- vote to put in the hiatus, but what I wanted to

10:40:15 make clear was that we did vote on it but we really didn't

10:40:19 have to do that.

10:40:21 We can bring it back and say, we want to move forward, and

10:40:24 we want to look at Central Park, and we want to work on it.

10:40:30 >>SAL TERRITO: Absolutely.

10:40:32 You can do that in any area but you have chose with the

10:40:34 others not to.

10:40:35 You can move forward.

10:40:36 It's not an impediment not having it if that's what you are

10:40:39 asking me.

10:40:40 >>YVONNE CAPIN: Okay.

10:40:41 Thank you.

10:40:41 >>FRANK REDDICK: Anything else?

10:40:43 >>SAL TERRITO: The last one is the financial policies.

10:40:45 You have a very short financial policy that basically spells

10:40:48 out how the funding goes.

10:40:52 If the CRA has undertaken a project, for example, that it

10:40:55 didn't have the funding for, and the city funded it for you,

10:40:59 then you have agreed to pay them back.

10:41:00 It's that kind of an item.

10:41:02 You pay expenses, but you don't pay the city's portion of

10:41:05 the expenses.

10:41:06 It's a fairly simple -- I shouldn't say simple -- it's a

10:41:09 fairly straightforward policy, very brief, on how your

10:41:12 finances are handled for staffing purposes and for

10:41:15 reimbursement purposes.

10:41:16 But the city spends a lot of money downtown on improving

10:41:21 Curtis Hixon.

10:41:22 And the park and so forth.

10:41:24 Before the CRA had the funding for that.

10:41:26 So it undertook it and basically you did a loan from them,

10:41:31 you take that and then reimburse them.

10:41:33 That's what the financial policy spells out for you.

10:41:35 >>FRANK REDDICK: Thank you.

10:41:38 Where are we at, number 6?

10:41:40 >> I think we were on number 6.

10:41:47 7, I think.

10:41:48 >>SAL TERRITO: Okay, you can do what you need to do there.

10:41:56 And I think that the East Tampa groups that have their own

10:41:59 by-laws allows them to choose their chair, vice chair and so

10:42:02 on for a two-year term.

10:42:04 So what happens if you choose somebody for a two-year term

10:42:06 but their term runs out in one year, which is what the

10:42:09 situation we are dealing with here?

10:42:10 Under your poses, you have the discretion to extend that for

10:42:14 the additional year to accommodate a person's two-year term,

10:42:17 even though he or she might have been termed out under the

10:42:20 bylaws.

10:42:21 That's within your authority to do that, if that's what you

10:42:24 wish to do.

10:42:24 >>FRANK REDDICK: So we are now where the community group

10:42:31 decided to grant that extension to the chairman, vice

10:42:36 chairman in East Tampa, now we have --

10:42:41 >>SAL TERRITO: I think you want as a collegial body --

10:42:43 basically, you are waving the restriction on the one-year

10:42:46 term.

10:42:46 You are allowing them to have the chairman stay on for two

10:42:50 years.

10:42:50 And that will be done by a vote.

10:42:52 >>FRANK REDDICK: Do we have a motion?

10:42:53 >> So moved.

10:42:55 >>FRANK REDDICK: Moved by Mr. Miranda, seconded by Mr.

10:43:02 Cohen.

10:43:02 All in favor?

10:43:02 Opposed?

10:43:04 Ms. Capin.

10:43:05 >>YVONNE CAPIN: I would like to make a motion that we move

10:43:07 Central Park out of hiatus and discuss that area and have a

10:43:13 report come in on what is happening, because there is some

10:43:19 very important properties in there and I think we need to

10:43:21 have that active.

10:43:23 >>BOB McDONAUGH: One other point that I did not clarify

10:43:29 during questions earlier.

10:43:33 Part of the lack of enthusiasm for participating is the fact

10:43:39 that in the last four years, on accumulative basis, $19,000,

10:43:44 so the Central Park area did not have any funds to spend.

10:43:48 And that was part of the rationale, was that until there was

10:43:52 more funds available for actually people to participate and

10:43:56 decide how it was spent, that was one of the driving forces

10:43:59 behind the hiatus.

10:44:01 >>HARRY COHEN: Do you want to bring something back to our

10:44:10 CRA meeting on June 12 to have a discussion about it?

10:44:14 Is that what you are asking?

10:44:17 >>YVONNE CAPIN: I would like to move it to come back.

10:44:19 But if you want to have a discussion and talk about that,

10:44:22 that's fine with me.

10:44:24 But I think we need to stay on top of Central Park.

10:44:29 >>LISA MONTELIONE: Well, the CRAs are driven by the

10:44:39 community, what their desires are, what that you are visions

10:44:43 are for the area, what their priorities are, which is what

10:44:45 we heard from each one of them today.

10:44:48 And having an engaged group of citizens is the crux of

10:44:52 having a successful CRA.

10:44:54 So the point that whether or not they have money to be me

10:44:58 isn't the do or die of having a CRA committee in Central

10:45:05 Park, because with the future years, and the possible plans,

10:45:14 and development that may or will happen in the future, the

10:45:20 money will come.

10:45:22 So having the participation of the citizens is more of,

10:45:29 well, what do you want to see out of your neighborhood?

10:45:35 Now, on the other side, again, it takes citizens who are

10:45:39 engaged, informed, and willing to spend their time as part

10:45:44 of a citizens advisory committee.

10:45:46 So unless we do some of the, you know, good old-fashioned

10:45:50 groundwork organizing, community organizing, to reach out to

10:45:56 those people who live in the area currently, I don't know

10:46:02 how we can form a citizens advisory committee.

10:46:05 We can't rope them into do doing it.

10:46:09 We can't pee pay people to do it.

10:46:11 We can't force them to show up.

10:46:13 And I think Mr. Hatchett has before -- I think it was Mr.

10:46:17 Hatchett -- has advised us before that they try to get

10:46:22 people involved, and Mr. McDonaugh said it today, but nobody

10:46:25 was interested.

10:46:26 So, you know, there are some philosophies, grassroots

10:46:33 movements and how to go about organizing a community.

10:46:35 And I'm not so sure that we have done that, the folks that

10:46:41 are there are, you know, I don't know if staff is going to

10:46:47 go knocking on doors and go door to door and try to get that

10:46:50 participation.

10:46:51 So I'm open to suggestions as to how we get people motivated

10:46:56 and how we get them organized and how we get them informed.

10:47:03 I mean, my aide is doing that in parts of my district right

10:47:06 now, but it's being done in conjunction with a whole bunch

10:47:10 of interns from USF in a project that he's designed and is

10:47:14 executing himself.

10:47:16 So I don't know how it's going to happen unless you have

10:47:23 somebody out there actually physically doing it.

10:47:25 >>MARY MULHERN: Thank you.

10:47:31 I just want to follow up on that.

10:47:32 I agree with Councilwoman Montelione that the low amount of

10:47:42 TIF revenue isn't a reason not to get the community

10:47:44 involved.

10:47:45 And I also agree that by getting this community involved and

10:47:49 reforming this advisory committee, that will help us to

10:47:53 learn how they want to grow and they can contribute to ways

10:47:59 that we can make it a place where the revenue is going up,

10:48:05 and that's getting redeveloped.

10:48:08 But I would like to say that because there are not that many

10:48:11 residents, it seems to me that a flyer that goes to, you

10:48:18 know, the new residents into the residents that live in

10:48:25 along Nuccio, might get people there.

10:48:29 I mean, that's a very simple thing.

10:48:31 And I would like to ask that you do that, that you do a

10:48:35 flyer saying that we are looking for volunteers.

10:48:40 And I would also just like to suggest that we think about --

10:48:48 I know that East Tampa over the years, the CRA, has had so

10:48:54 much involvement with USF, and with different departments

10:48:59 that had ongoing projects where they contributed.

10:49:05 So it might be a thing whereby we could go to USF and ask

10:49:10 for students, graduate students and professors that might

10:49:14 want to volunteer to work in that district.

10:49:18 And I think maybe also rely on some of our activists from

10:49:24 the other CRAs, you can see someone sitting in the

10:49:28 audience right now that might be able to help.

10:49:31 We have got Tampa Heights.

10:49:32 We have got downtown.

10:49:33 We have got Channel District.

10:49:36 Ybor City, all within striking distance to Central Park.

10:49:41 So I think that I would like to ask the CRA, the economic

10:49:49 development, CRA staff, to help us with that.

10:49:52 And maybe we are going to hear from the public on that, too.

10:49:57 >>YVONNE CAPIN: Yes, I want to call the question.

10:49:59 But before just say that those points are very well taken.

10:50:03 And that is exactly my feeling, that if we keep it dormant,

10:50:09 you know, we need to be proactive in getting this off the

10:50:13 ground.

10:50:13 So I agree with both my fellow council members.

10:50:16 But I would like to call the question.

10:50:18 >>FRANK REDDICK: Before you call the question, let me ask

10:50:21 Mr. McDonough a question.

10:50:25 The first unit at the Encore project --

10:50:30 >>BOB McDONAUGH: Yes, sir, senior housing.

10:50:32 >>FRANK REDDICK: For senior citizens.

10:50:34 The second unit you are close to completing over there, will

10:50:38 it be a mix of demographics?

10:50:41 Agewise?

10:50:43 >>BOB McDONAUGH: Yes, they should have some families, they

10:50:46 should have some different incomes.

10:50:48 If I could --

10:50:49 >>FRANK REDDICK: And let me just say, Nuccio apartments

10:50:54 that has been mentioned here, most of those are young people

10:50:58 that are living in there, and because of the young people,

10:51:05 from the age, demographic, 21 and up, probably not have

10:51:13 strong interest in serving in an advisory capacity on the

10:51:17 CRA board.

10:51:22 Two, the senior citizens probably will not have a strong

10:51:25 interest in serving in that capacity.

10:51:29 You are going to generate that interest from when you get

10:51:32 that Trio unit up there where you are going to have the

10:51:37 mixed demographic with the younger and middle-aged people

10:51:42 and forming most likely that advisory board.

10:51:47 Because if you look at the boundaries of the Central Park,

10:51:50 CRAs, if you look at it, there's not many complexes around

10:51:55 there.

10:51:56 There's not.

10:51:57 I mean, you have the Tampa park plaza. You have Nuccio.

10:52:02 And you have the Encore coming up.

10:52:03 Just about everything else around there is mostly commercial

10:52:08 buildings.

10:52:09 So I just want to say -- and warn my colleagues here -- that

10:52:17 you are grasping for something that don't have a fundamental

10:52:22 base there for moving forward.

10:52:24 >> One of the things --

10:52:27 >>YVONNE CAPIN: Point of order.

10:52:28 I called the question.

10:52:29 Point of order.

10:52:29 I called the question.

10:52:30 >> You didn't have a second.

10:52:36 >>YVONNE CAPIN: Yes, she did.

10:52:37 Mulhern seconded it.

10:52:39 >> Under the rules you have to take a vote on the call of

10:52:42 the question.

10:52:44 >>FRANK REDDICK: Right.

10:52:47 But it didn't get a second.

10:52:52 >>YVONNE CAPIN: Yes, you are right.

10:52:53 >>FRANK REDDICK:

10:53:01 >> Call for the question.

10:53:02 >> You just did it now.

10:53:03 Not originally.

10:53:05 We didn't get a second.

10:53:06 So that's why.

10:53:12 >>CHARLIE MIRANDA: I don't know, you asked --

10:53:16 >>SAL TERRITO: Take a vote on the called question.

10:53:19 >>FRANK REDDICK: All those in favor of calling the

10:53:23 question, say "yes" or "no."

10:53:31 Can we get a roll call?

10:53:33 Suarez, not present.

10:53:40 >>YVONNE CAPIN: Aye.

10:53:40 >>FRANK REDDICK: No.

10:53:42 >>CHARLIE MIRANDA: No.

10:53:43 >>MARY MULHERN: Aye.

10:53:47 >>HARRY COHEN: Aye.

10:53:49 >>LISA MONTELIONE: No.

10:53:50 >>FRANK REDDICK: All right.

10:53:55 Mr.

10:53:55 >>CHARLIE MIRANDA: Miranda the reason I voted no is because

10:53:57 I haven't spoken.

10:53:59 It would be like having a CRA without a board.

10:54:03 I need an explanation on the system of setting up the CRAs.

10:54:11 Do you have to have a board without revenues, or do you have

10:54:18 to have the revenue without a board?

10:54:20 How do they ¯ how do they progress?

10:54:22 Because I have heard rumors that certainly other areas are

10:54:26 very much interested or CRA like the areas in the Westshore

10:54:28 Boulevard.

10:54:29 And I don't know either but that's another question for

10:54:33 another day.

10:54:34 If you can explain to me so I can vote on this thing, when

10:54:39 don't have one at the present location that we are talking

10:54:42 about, because of why?

10:54:45 >>BOB McDONAUGH: We do not have an advisory board at the

10:54:48 time.

10:54:49 We were having difficulty getting community participation,

10:54:53 because one of the things that energy energizes the

10:54:57 community, and to participate in this is to decide where

10:55:00 their tax dollars go.

10:55:01 And with an annual income of around 4, 000, $4500 a year,

10:55:07 there was not a whole lot of money to --

10:55:11 >>CHARLIE MIRANDA: The interest wasn't there.

10:55:14 >>BOB McDONAUGH: But one of the things we did talk to the

10:55:15 board about is that, although the CAC was on hiatis, we are

10:55:22 not going to abandon the neighborhood.

10:55:23 We were not going to continues to not find out.

10:55:25 I would like for a moment to ask Ed Johnson to come up,

10:55:29 because he did run a neighborhood meeting, not very long

10:55:33 ago, about -- he's running a browns field and part of the

10:55:37 requirement is to have a neighborhood meeting and to find

10:55:39 out exactly the kind of things that the neighborhood would

10:55:41 like.

10:55:42 And again just to the point that we have promised there was

10:55:48 not an active CAC because of the hiatus.

10:55:53 We were not going to continues to engage the neighborhood in

10:55:55 what they wanted to do.

10:55:56 >> Ed Johnson, East Tampa CRA manager.

10:56:03 Yes, one of my other responsibilities is managing the

10:56:07 brownsfield program for the City of Tampa.

10:56:10 And we have a current grant on a piece of property that's

10:56:13 located directly across the street from the Encore project

10:56:18 at 1103 north Nebraska.

10:56:21 And the requirement of the grants was that we would assess

10:56:25 the property -- use the federal EPA dollars to assess the

10:56:29 property, determine if there is any contamination on the

10:56:34 property, cleaning it up, and then place the property up for

10:56:40 redevelopment purposes to an RFP process.

10:56:43 We have already conducted the assessment of the property,

10:56:48 and it was determined the there were some contaminants on

10:56:51 the property itself that had to do with underground gas tank

10:56:56 that was found, a fuel tank, which was also removed.

10:57:02 Further, assessment took place on the property, and has been

10:57:05 determined that the property is cleaned as a result of

10:57:08 moving the tank.

10:57:11 One of the additional requirements that EPA has in its grant

10:57:14 is that we must conduct a community assessment to determine

10:57:19 the best use of that property based on what the surrounding

10:57:25 community says.

10:57:27 So we undertook through a consultant to be go out, and we

10:57:31 also utilized four students from the University of South

10:57:33 Florida, also part of the survey team, and they surveyed

10:57:38 over 250 residents that live in the Central Park area and

10:57:45 gathered information as to what they felt, the community

10:57:48 felt, what it is best use of this property going forward.

10:57:52 That tabulation is being undertaken as we speak, and we will

10:57:56 have a formal report as a result of those surveys, and we

10:58:00 will conduct an additional public meeting to make the

10:58:04 community aware of what those findings were

10:58:06 So what I am really saying is that there are engaged

10:58:11 residents in that community that are actively taking part as

10:58:15 to what they feel and desire needs to happen in their

10:58:18 community without having a community advisory committee

10:58:21 established.

10:58:21 So there is work going on there.

10:58:23 We will take that information once it's completed, and we

10:58:27 will pass that on to Mr. Hatchett for his use in the Central

10:58:32 Park CRA, and that can either utilize some of those folks,

10:58:38 and they can actually go after them, see if they are

10:58:40 interested in serving, but there are people who are actively

10:58:43 engaged on issues that are pertinent to them in their

10:58:47 community.

10:58:49 Are.

10:58:49 >>FRANK REDDICK: We have a question from Mrs. Montelione.

10:58:51 >>LISA MONTELIONE: Mr. Johnson, what is your public

10:58:55 engagement session due to come to a conclusion?

10:58:59 >> I would say probably by the end of June, we will have all

10:59:05 of that information from the survey, and conduct another

10:59:09 final meeting with the community.

10:59:11 But the initial meeting that took place was held at the

10:59:15 Encore site, in the seniors community room there at the

10:59:20 Encore site, and we had over 75 participants that

10:59:27 participated, and they came not only from the residents of

10:59:31 Encore but they also came from the surrounding Tampa park

10:59:34 apartments and other residents that live in the area.

10:59:36 >>LISA MONTELIONE: I know from having my vision plan

10:59:42 meetings out in north Tampa that we grew momentum, where the

10:59:50 first meeting we had, you know, maybe 35 people, and to the

10:59:54 last meeting where we had over 100, and it took us, you

10:59:58 know, meeting every month over a year to get to that

11:00:03 momentum.

11:00:04 But even that 100 people wouldn't commit to joining a civic

11:00:11 association, they wouldn't commit to joining a neighborhood

11:00:15 watch group, because they don't want to go to meetings every

11:00:18 month.

11:00:20 And, you know, so having learned that, we have to, you know,

11:00:28 employ different strategies for engaging the public.

11:00:33 And that's one of the things to establish individuals.

11:00:40 And I also know from seeing that group grow from 35 to over

11:00:44 100 is that you still are not reaching those who, I guess in

11:00:53 New York terms, would consider themselves mayors of the

11:00:55 block.

11:00:56 You know, I go out and I talk to residents on any given

11:00:59 street, like I Friday after the storm, and there's a lot of

11:01:03 people who are passionate about their neighborhood or

11:01:06 passionate about just maybe their street or the next street

11:01:10 over.

11:01:10 But they don't want to be involved in any kind of organized

11:01:14 meeting, and they don't want to go to monthly meetings.

11:01:17 So that's the first thing.

11:01:19 The second thing I would suggest is that since you are

11:01:24 projecting the end of June, that maybe in July, while they

11:01:30 are still fresh, and they are still on that engagement, you

11:01:33 know, in that engagement mode, that recruitment processes

11:01:40 start for that CAC.

11:01:41 And I guess because of that time line, what was the date

11:01:46 that was suggested?

11:01:47 June?

11:01:51 >> Well, June or July.

11:01:55 >>LISA MONTELIONE: That's what I was suggesting maybe move

11:01:58 it back a month to get a handle on folks that in your

11:02:01 process, Michael can reach out to them or someone can reach

11:02:03 out to them, maybe the same students who are being utilized

11:02:06 from USF can reach out to them to try and engage them in the

11:02:11 CAC process.

11:02:11 >>FRANK REDDICK: I have Mrs. Capin and Mr. Cohen.

11:02:17 >>YVONNE CAPIN: I want to mach perfectly clear, there is in

11:02:19 a reason not to leave the Central Park CRA dormant, whether

11:02:31 it's advisory or not.

11:02:32 I feel that if it is, it would be more proactive -- and when

11:02:39 you talk about money, the Heights didn't have any money, and

11:02:44 they kept going.

11:02:46 They had a citizens advisory.

11:02:47 We did vote it.

11:02:48 We need to look at that.

11:02:49 And we also need to engage the Housing Authority to help

11:02:55 with that.

11:02:58 They are right now, you know, when we talk about senior

11:03:04 citizens not being involved, they are the most involved.

11:03:07 When you look at the voting record, that's the people who

11:03:10 pay attention.

11:03:12 So I would suggest -- I do agree that the advisory committee

11:03:18 is very important, but it's not why we should stop or leave

11:03:25 it dormant.

11:03:25 I really don't.

11:03:26 I think that that would even help to get this -- you know,

11:03:33 we just need to follow up some more, and ask the Housing

11:03:37 Authority who is the big leasing agency there to help us

11:03:46 with this.

11:03:46 >>FRANK REDDICK: Mr. Cohen?

11:03:49 >>HARRY COHEN: I would like to mach a suggestion, because

11:03:52 I'm listening to everybody on this issue here, and it seems

11:03:56 to me that if we allow Mr. Johnson to complete his work, in

11:04:03 July we are going to have a lot of information in his

11:04:06 report.

11:04:07 We are also, I think, going to be in a position to know how

11:04:11 many more people are living in the area now than when we

11:04:18 suspended the CRA to begin with particularly in the Encore

11:04:20 development.

11:04:21 And it seems like with those two things, it should be pretty

11:04:23 clear to us whether or not we think there's sufficient

11:04:27 interest to reactivate the citizens advisory committee.

11:04:32 So I'm not sure -- is there a motion on the floor right now?

11:04:36 Can I make -- maybe ask for an amendment, a friendly

11:04:42 amendment to the motion that you schedule a discussion for

11:04:46 July 24th, that includes a copy of the reports that Mr.

11:04:51 Johnson was referencing from his community meetings, as well

11:04:56 as a report from staff on the actual number of people living

11:05:01 in the CRA district versus the number of people that were

11:05:05 living there at the time we agreed to go on hiatus, with the

11:05:09 idea that if the information makes sense to us, we'll move

11:05:13 forward on reconnaissance substituting the committee.

11:05:16 >>FRANK REDDICK: Including the amendment?

11:05:24 >>YVONNE CAPIN: It was very long, but here is the thing.

11:05:26 One is oranges and apples, and yet you do need -- we do want

11:05:33 the citizens advisory committee.

11:05:34 But why wait for that in order to move forward?

11:05:45 >>HARRY COHEN: Are you asking me?

11:05:47 >>YVONNE CAPIN: No, that I don't see the purpose of that.

11:05:51 I mean, I understand the purpose of the report, but why

11:05:56 should it stop this board from moving forward and

11:06:03 reactivating, regardless?

11:06:06 We are going to listen to it anyway in July.

11:06:09 We can move forward today.

11:06:11 And it's not any different.

11:06:13 It's just being more proactive.

11:06:15 We are kicking the can down the road, in my estimation.

11:06:18 Those reports are going to come to us anyway.

11:06:20 We can ask for them in July, make sure we have all that

11:06:24 information.

11:06:26 But with the purposes that in order to -- the citizens

11:06:35 advisory committee is exactly that, advisory.

11:06:39 We are the board.

11:06:40 We make the decisions.

11:06:42 Therefore, I feel that it's just kicking the can down the

11:06:48 road.

11:06:48 And it should be -- it should be activated.

11:06:52 And we will listen to it in July and keep moving it forward.

11:06:55 >>HARRY COHEN: I want to be clear what I am saying and it's

11:07:08 up to you whether to accept or not.

11:07:10 We advertise three times for people to serve on this

11:07:14 committee, and I just -- I would like to find out

11:07:20 objectively what's different now so that we don't send out

11:07:23 staff to advertise again and not get responses.

11:07:26 That's all I'm --

11:07:29 >>YVONNE CAPIN: I understand, but why is that going to stop

11:07:31 us from activating it now?

11:07:33 Why would that stop -- if it's going to go forward, we don't

11:07:38 necessarily have to tell staff to advertise it again and

11:07:42 wait for the July.

11:07:43 But there's in a reason not to reactivate it.

11:07:46 There's in a reason other than --

11:07:55 >>LISA MONTELIONE: I have a question, though, activate

11:07:57 what?

11:07:57 I mean, staff is still working on the CRA, correct?

11:08:00 >>BOB McDONAUGH: Correct.

11:08:01 The only thing that was suspended was an active CAC.

11:08:04 >>LISA MONTELIONE: So if the only thing that was suspended

11:08:09 was an active CAC and we are looking at maybe having

11:08:12 recruits out of Mr. Johnson's work in the brownsfield grant

11:08:17 area, then I think that we are activating -- we are talking

11:08:22 about activating nothing right now because we don't have

11:08:25 anything to activate.

11:08:27 Does that make sense?

11:08:28 >>FRANK REDDICK: All right.

11:08:30 We have a motion.

11:08:33 We have a motion on the floor from Mrs. Capin and I think

11:08:37 seconded by Mrs. Mulhern, and that is to move forward by

11:08:40 activating the CRA citizens committee.

11:08:46 Is that right?

11:08:47 >>YVONNE CAPIN: Yes.

11:08:47 >>FRANK REDDICK: All those in favor of the motion say aye.

11:08:51 Those opposed?

11:08:52 No.

11:09:07 So 4-3

11:09:09 Next up.

11:09:09 >>BOB McDONAUGH: Sir, we were requested to bring the folks

11:09:12 from the SBIC to give an update, an annual report and talk

11:09:16 about some of the deliverables and the actual things.

11:09:20 So Mr. Johnson, please.

11:09:23 >> Ed Johnson, East Tampa CRA manager again.

11:09:29 It gives me great pleasure again to introduce to you

11:09:35 representatives from the small business information center,

11:09:38 now known as the small business development center for

11:09:42 Hillsborough County, Ms. Lynn Shultz.

11:09:46 Lynn has been our partner in delivering small business

11:09:51 information to the East Tampa community now since 2010.

11:09:55 It's been a very successful program.

11:09:57 And I know you will enjoy hearing from Lynn and the results

11:10:02 of what has taken place here in the last several years.

11:10:05 So Lynn, please.

11:10:09 >> Good morning, council.

11:10:11 Lynn Shultz, Hillsborough County economic development.

11:10:13 A and as mentioned we are the SBDC of Hillsborough County

11:10:17 and today we are going to provide an update on the East

11:10:19 Tampa business assistance program launched in 2011.

11:10:23 We are in our third year now.

11:10:25 Before we get started, I would like to introduce the

11:10:28 consultant that is the one pounding the ground knocking on

11:10:30 the doors and building the relationships with the businesses

11:10:33 in East Tampa.

11:10:34 She's on her way out to do another presentation at the

11:10:38 chamber bury wanted you to see her face.

11:10:40 She's been working with them consistently, helping create

11:10:43 jobs, helping them start their business, helping them create

11:10:46 their business plans, and grow their business overall.

11:10:49 So this is Jennifer biles, business consultant.

11:10:53 >> Good morning.

11:10:54 Nice to meet you.

11:10:57 Thanks for be here.

11:10:59 >> We have a new team member that will be joining the East

11:11:02 Tampa redevelopment area, Carol Johns.

11:11:04 She'll be bringing financial expertise to the table and out

11:11:08 in the community meeting businesses throughout East Tampa.

11:11:10 At this time I will go ahead and start my Power Point

11:11:12 presentation.

11:11:13 I know you all know who we are and what we do.

11:11:18 But as we teach our businesses in the marketing class the

11:11:21 more you hear about us the more you will remember and retain

11:11:24 the information out in the community.

11:11:26 Our mission is to support economic development by assisting

11:11:29 entrepreneurs in the creation or expansion of their small

11:11:32 none north women and veteran-owned businesses in the City of

11:11:38 Tampa and in the county.

11:11:39 We have two components.

11:11:40 The first one being the Florida SBDC of Hillsborough County.

11:11:44 Through this component, we are first of all a provider under

11:11:48 Florida State statute as the official business technical

11:11:51 assistance provider in the State of Florida.

11:11:54 Also under the Florida SBDC, consulting but also workshops

11:12:05 than we provide within the City of Tampa, and all the way to

11:12:08 town and country, New Tampa.

11:12:10 We hit all areas of the county.

11:12:12 We do have satellite offices as well.

11:12:14 Of course, the East Tampa redevelopment office satellite

11:12:17 program, which is the one I'm speaking about primarily

11:12:19 today, our newest tradition, the South Tampa chamber.

11:12:23 We are there now once a week as well as providing one

11:12:26 workshop per month to the businesses in that area.

11:12:32 The Chamber of Commerce and also the south shore Chamber of

11:12:35 Commerce.

11:12:36 These are all contractual agreements.

11:12:39 We are there on a weekly basis and again providing a monthly

11:12:42 workshop at these locations.

11:12:44 Additionally, we do visit other chambers throughout the

11:12:46 county.

11:12:47 Also, we just established a partnership with the Ybor City

11:12:49 Chamber of Commerce.

11:12:51 We will be there within Monday each month and also providing

11:12:54 quarterly workshops in that area.

11:12:56 We are also at the greater Tampa Chamber of Commerce here in

11:12:59 downtown Tampa, upper Tampa Bay, Seffner and Plant City, and

11:13:03 we continue to build those relationships with the chambers

11:13:06 to better serve our community.

11:13:08 The other component is the enterprise zone, another thing

11:13:11 that you are probably very familiar with, providing

11:13:12 incentives to the businesses that are located within the

11:13:15 enterprise zone.

11:13:16 Most of the City of Tampa is an enterprise zone.

11:13:20 And through our services, through our contacts, also with

11:13:23 Jennifer being in East Tampa primarily, we are out providing

11:13:26 the information so they can take advantage of the

11:13:29 incentives, the job tax credit, business equipment, business

11:13:33 material, property tax credit, as well as the daycare

11:13:35 incentive.

11:13:38 Hillsborough County recently expanded our enterprise zone so

11:13:41 now we have close to 16 square miles.

11:13:44 Originally we were at 3.1.

11:13:45 And now includes Palm River, Gibsonton, some of Riverview,

11:13:49 around the 56th street area, and all these areas back up

11:13:52 to the City of Tampa enterprise zone.

11:13:55 This has now created a greater pool for businesses to

11:13:59 identify qualified and skilled labor so they can take

11:14:02 advantage of the incentives with the job tax credit.

11:14:08 Our partners, we do continue to collaborate and build

11:14:10 partnerships as I mentioned to Bert serve the community.

11:14:13 This is a list.

11:14:14 We will continue to build this list as we move forward.

11:14:17 City of Tampa, are listed here.

11:14:24 Just to give you an idea of the history of the SBIC.

11:14:34 The year 2005 was around 15,000 and now in the most current

11:14:37 year 2013 we have more than doubled that.

11:14:43 Our service, the East Tampa satellite office, we have been

11:14:46 providing services there since April of 2011.

11:14:49 Jennifer has been the primary business consultant that has

11:14:52 been there.

11:14:52 She's there two days a week on Tuesdays and Thursdays from

11:14:55 8:30 to 5:00.

11:14:56 She sees grants within the office whereby she provides that

11:14:59 one on one confidential con summiting as well as goes out

11:15:02 into the community if she does not have an appointment and

11:15:04 visits with the businesses and provides them the resources

11:15:07 they need to start, grow, whatever the enterprise zone,

11:15:11 whatever information that they need assistance with.

11:15:14 Additionally, we do have the eight workshops that we conduct

11:15:16 on an annual basis.

11:15:24 >>LISA MONTELIONE: I have a quick question.

11:15:25 First I want to compliment you.

11:15:27 We had a little incidents up here, and you did not miss a

11:15:31 beat.

11:15:32 So I was very impressed.

11:15:36 Jennifer's location in East Tampa is great.

11:15:43 And you mentioned she's a business consultant.

11:15:46 Is she an employee of Hillsborough County?

11:15:48 Or is she a consultant, paid specifically for this project?

11:15:53 >> Just a little history, some information on that.

11:15:56 She is a certified business consultant through the Florida

11:15:58 SBDC of Hillsborough County.

11:16:01 She is a Hillsborough County employee.

11:16:02 Our business consultants go through a very straight criteria

11:16:07 and has to be certified through the SBDC and this is again

11:16:10 through the State of Florida all the way up.

11:16:12 And they go through modular training, very intense training,

11:16:15 as well as professional development that they are required

11:16:17 to.

11:16:18 >> Thank you.

11:16:19 The use of the word consultant, I wanted --

11:16:22 >> Yes, four certified business consultants who have Don

11:16:25 gone up there that instruct program through the SBDC.

11:16:28 >>LISA MONTELIONE: Thank you very much.

11:16:29 >> Okay.

11:16:30 Now I'm off track.

11:16:32 Some of the services we do provide as we are out in the

11:16:35 community and through our consulting sessions.

11:16:37 I am not going to list every one of them.

11:16:39 It will take up time and I do have some success stories to

11:16:42 share with you as well but this is some of the services,.

11:16:45 One things that's not listed here is the East Tampa business

11:16:48 symposium.

11:16:49 We have a great partnership with the East Tampa office,.

11:16:56 They did a great job planning that event.

11:16:58 We collaborated with all the partners, finance providers,

11:17:00 and we have been able to identify clients within those

11:17:04 business symposiums who are now seeking our assistance and

11:17:07 are continuing to start to grow their business.

11:17:09 So thank you for continuing that great event.

11:17:15 Some of the statistics -- and you have seen these, because

11:17:17 this is since 2007, we have provided over 200 hours to 413

11:17:23 business owners and also provided over 6 it 49 points of a

11:17:27 assistance by providing resources to businesses in East

11:17:29 Tampa.

11:17:30 Letting them know of our services.

11:17:32 And then finally, 24 workshops, a total of 183 attendees.

11:17:37 So what does this mean?

11:17:38 We are doing a great job out there but we are also creating

11:17:40 impact.

11:17:42 Based on surveys that we have conducted -- and these are the

11:17:45 businesses who have respond to the survey, there are others

11:17:48 out there that we don't always have the opportunity to

11:17:50 identify.

11:17:51 We do our best through our surveys.

11:17:53 We have created 44 businesses, 72 jobs have been created and

11:17:57 retained, 5 businesses --

11:17:59 >> Excuse me for a second.

11:18:01 Let me interrupt you again.

11:18:02 >>MIKE SUAREZ: I apologize again.

11:18:05 And I reiterate what Mrs. Montelione said about your grace

11:18:08 under pressure.

11:18:10 I see the statistics that you have here.

11:18:12 When you say five businesses received funding, is that Small

11:18:15 Business Administration loans?

11:18:17 You know, what is it?

11:18:18 Or is it a combination of lots?

11:18:19 >> It's a combination of loans, enterprise zone incentives,

11:18:23 grant funding, those kind of things.

11:18:25 >> What have you found in terms of when they do come and you

11:18:29 do -- we are doing an assessment of your business and stuff.

11:18:33 Is the government loan program an impediment?

11:18:37 Is it something that's good?

11:18:38 I'm looking at the number of business starts versus the

11:18:40 number of funding that went through, and I'm wondering, is

11:18:45 there a disconnect in terms of what Washington requires in

11:18:50 terms of the small business loans?

11:18:52 Or is there something else that you think might be

11:18:53 happening?

11:18:54 >> Unfortunately due to the state of the past economy and as

11:18:57 we get better the loans were just not available.

11:18:59 They were not -- unfortunately, businesses were not

11:19:02 bankable.

11:19:03 They were not able to obtain loans through normal resources.

11:19:06 They might be able to get it through microloan resources and

11:19:09 those type of funding sources and up there the enterprise

11:19:12 zone but other than that it's been startups on that you are

11:19:15 own personal investment in businesses that they have

11:19:19 started.

11:19:20 >> A lot of times they'll look at the personal track record,

11:19:23 and if you have gone through the bad economy that we all

11:19:26 went through, chances are the document has the best credit

11:19:29 score and everything else.

11:19:30 >> Exactly.

11:19:31 And it's something we have helped with as well is mach them

11:19:34 aware of their credit.

11:19:35 We will often talk a business out of starting because their

11:19:38 credit is not in order, and their savings, homes everything

11:19:44 into that business and they may think they have a great idea

11:19:48 and we are saying, no, you don't.

11:19:50 Wait until the economy gets a little better, let's build a

11:19:52 strong business plan and then move forward.

11:19:54 So funding has been an issue, unfortunately, a cross the

11:19:57 board, not just in East Tampa.

11:19:58 >>MIKE SUAREZ: Thank you, chair.

11:20:00 >> Okay.

11:20:02 And back to the Power Point.

11:20:04 Overall, this is through the Hillsborough County business

11:20:08 tax office.

11:20:10 This is the number of businesses that have obtained their

11:20:13 business tax received through Hillsborough County.

11:20:16 At this time, since 2011, 643 new businesses opened in East

11:20:22 Tampa.

11:20:23 And they reported the creation of over 1300 jobs.

11:20:27 This does include home-based businesses.

11:20:30 And I do want to do a disclaimer here.

11:20:32 As often sometimes they do pull their business tax receipt,

11:20:35 they get excited, they report more employees than they

11:20:38 really are going to have.

11:20:39 So these numbers are not exact.

11:20:40 But this is how the businesses are reporting that you are

11:20:43 employees and the jobs created

11:20:47 Now, the best part of the whole presentation is some of our

11:20:49 successes.

11:20:50 We are required through the Florida SBDC to report so many

11:20:56 success stories.

11:20:56 We need to provide four to six success stories.

11:20:59 However, these figures is just a touch of some of the

11:21:02 successes that we have had within the City of Tampa.

11:21:05 A couple of them here, Ella's Americana Folk Art Cafe.

11:21:10 We are going to see a video on hers as well.

11:21:13 She's gone from 20 to 52 employees since 2011.

11:21:16 We provided her business plan assistance, and she

11:21:18 consistently is utilizing the enterprise zone when she hires

11:21:21 the employees.

11:21:22 She's hiring from the enterprise zone community, and

11:21:25 specifically East Tampa.

11:21:28 A quote here.

11:21:28 I tell everyone about the services available.

11:21:30 I wish more businesses would take advantage of it.

11:21:33 They are great.

11:21:34 Lina Sandwiches, another one specific to East Tampa.

11:21:38 We provided them business plan assistance.

11:21:39 This is a small mom and pop show who proudly announced last

11:21:44 week they are going to be able to hire an employee.

11:21:46 So great achievement for them because it's just been the two

11:21:48 of them running the operation.

11:21:51 "we had the great pleasure of meeting Jennifer.

11:21:53 She provided us all the information we needed to start our

11:21:55 business and provided us the tools to help understand the

11:21:57 entire business plan and help us grow to hire an employee."

11:22:04 A couple more slides.

11:22:05 And I won't read each of them because you have the Power

11:22:08 Points in front of you.

11:22:10 Fast Lane clothing.

11:22:11 Southern Brewing.

11:22:13 Then our neighbors to the west of us, we have figure 8 arts

11:22:16 supply located in Seminole Heights.

11:22:18 Although they are not in East Tampa, they received the

11:22:21 services from the East Tampa redevelopment office, and can

11:22:24 potentially hire are from East Tampa community.

11:22:28 Julie, who owns the great arts supply, started with us back

11:22:30 in 2010, took advantage of every class that she could,

11:22:33 sometimes more than once, and then opened her shop closer to

11:22:37 Ybor City, expanded so quickly, she outgrew her space within

11:22:41 three months and moved to Seminole Heights and doubled her

11:22:44 space where now she hosts not only a retail shop, but she

11:22:48 has art classes there as well

11:22:50 Tampa Street cafe, I am going to show you a short video on

11:22:53 them.

11:22:54 They again are another business that started with us from

11:22:56 day one, started with our workshops, went on to consulting,

11:23:00 and launched their business with us holding their hands all

11:23:02 the way.

11:23:04 Now, I am not sure how we can play the video here.

11:23:10 I don't have that ability.

11:23:11 But in honor of SBA's national small business week, next

11:23:15 week, May 12-16, I have two videos here to show you, as well

11:23:20 as a binder provided to you with several success stories

11:23:23 throughout the City of Tampa, not just East Tampa.

11:23:26 Again, this is just a sampling, because we do have been to

11:23:29 receive permission from each of the businesses to Schauer

11:23:32 their information because of our confidential consulting

11:23:35 agreement.

11:23:35 >>LISA MONTELIONE: We have a I think for anybody watching,

11:23:45 Ella's Americana folk art cafe is actually in Seminole

11:23:50 Heights.

11:23:56 Before we get e-mails to say to make that correction, we

11:23:59 already know that.

11:23:59 >>HARRY COHEN: Great work.

11:24:02 Congratulations.

11:24:10 >>MARY MULHERN: Just a question, since you are doing the --

11:24:12 is it a monthly meeting with the different chambers?

11:24:16 >> Monthly or by consulting.

11:24:18 >> Does the South Tampa chamber have an office base?

11:24:21 >> They are actually building a space for us.

11:24:24 They are going to undergo some minor construction within.

11:24:28 Right now what we are using is the back room of the South

11:24:30 Tampa chamber, and primarily going to the business owner's

11:24:33 place of business.

11:24:34 >>MARY MULHERN: Where is that, their office?

11:24:37 >> It's on south Dale Mabry.

11:24:38 >>MARY MULHERN: Thank you.

11:24:41 >> Well, that's okay.

11:24:46 The two videos you would have seen if they were able to

11:24:49 work, Ellas, and she does state she's in East Tampa.

11:24:54 So she does get the services.

11:24:58 She talks about the great services that we provided,

11:25:00 testimonial and everything that she's done and how she's

11:25:03 grown her business and how she continuously use it is

11:25:05 enterprise zone.

11:25:06 Through the video she also talks about initially she had

11:25:09 used an independent contractor and was paying them until one

11:25:13 of her outreach consultants visited her location to inform

11:25:16 her of the free services.

11:25:19 Now the independent contractor is not doing everything for

11:25:21 her anymore, as she with is able to do a lot of it through

11:25:25 our hand holding.

11:25:27 The next video was Tampa Street cafe.

11:25:29 They were mentioned in the pointer.

11:25:30 I'll just read her quote real quick, Barbara Detreich, the

11:25:34 owner.

11:25:35 SBDC is a big plus in Hillsborough County and if they ever

11:25:38 got rid of it there would be somebody very upset people.

11:25:41 I don't November what we would have done without them.

11:25:43 Also, I would like to recognize something they are very

11:25:45 proud of.

11:25:46 They have a Cuban sandwich and they were told by Jeff

11:25:51 Hawkins of Tampa Tribune that they have the best Cuban

11:25:54 sandwich in Tampa Bay.

11:26:01 And with that, that will conclude my presentation.

11:26:07 I will be glad to e-mail the videos, or Ed has the videos

11:26:12 and he can share them.

11:26:14 Something we are quite proud of, the Florida SBDC of

11:26:18 Hillsborough County.

11:26:20 >>FRANK REDDICK: Thank you for your presentation.

11:26:22 Questions?

11:26:23 Thank you very much.

11:26:23 All right.

11:26:24 We have got public comments.

11:26:25 Anybody would like to come forward with public comments.

11:26:30 Please state your name and address and you have three

11:26:34 minutes.

11:26:35 >> Good morning.

11:26:37 Carol Joseph Marshall, member of economic development.

11:26:44 We recently completed our second symposium in March, which

11:26:49 we were able to reach needs of small businesses in our area,

11:26:58 and also were able to identify and help some of them to

11:27:04 grow.

11:27:10 The opportunities to open a network with people of every

11:27:13 sector of business.

11:27:14 We have a group of partners, namely Gregory Hart and Tawanda

11:27:21 Anthony, Lynn Schultz, E.J. McCorkle, representing City of

11:27:24 Tampa, Hillsborough County, and TEDCO.

11:27:29 Our committee members agreed to assist the businesses by

11:27:33 educating them on the availability of programs and

11:27:37 identifying ways to help them achieve sustainability for

11:27:48 local residents.

11:27:49 The group is already generating top quality content for

11:27:52 business, access different resources, and them -- help them

11:28:00 grow their business.

11:28:01 We have spent over two years can communicating with numerous

11:28:04 small businesses and addressing some of their needs by

11:28:07 referring them to the small business development sector.

11:28:12 And also other agencies, and then turning around and follow

11:28:16 up with them to make sure that their needs are addressed.

11:28:21 Some are getting more customers.

11:28:23 Some are able to complete certification classes with various

11:28:26 agencies, and some are updating their business plan, thus

11:28:31 identifying their mission and vision enabling them to grow.

11:28:37 We are also working on ways to create interest for

11:28:40 businesses, and so to increase the tourism industry in the

11:28:46 area.

11:28:47 With a blessing on the East Tampa partnership we have been

11:28:50 working on plans for outdoor market.

11:28:52 We are not just trying to start an outdoor market, but we

11:28:57 are working on the idea of making something happen

11:29:03 economically.

11:29:07 The community has to be ready for it.

11:29:09 The vendors have to be ready to supply it.

11:29:12 This outdoor market will draw shoppers to the neighborhood

11:29:18 and can offer benefits to establish businesses, and will

11:29:22 also provide economic benefits in the area.

11:29:27 The market will help bring shoppers in the area who will

11:29:30 return to visit on the days that the market is not open.

11:29:35 As a group, we are continuously seeking ways to help

11:29:41 businesses succeed in the East Tampa area.

11:29:44 Thank you.

11:29:44 (Bell sounds).

11:29:46 >>FRANK REDDICK: Thank you.

11:29:47 Next.

11:29:57 >> Mr. Chairman and other members of the committee, the

11:30:00 redevelopment agency, I'm going to reserve my time to the

11:30:07 next time.

11:30:11 But I would like to put on the floor some matters that may

11:30:16 be worthy of consideration.

11:30:31 You raised some interesting comments, questions and

11:30:33 observations.

11:30:35 One of the things that I'm curious about is the matter

11:30:41 related to the convention center, as to whether or not this

11:30:45 agency is involved or not, and the other aspect of it is the

11:30:55 Encore development.

11:31:00 I hear the term implication used in association with that.

11:31:05 I don't know if that's a proper term or not, or what

11:31:10 significance it has, but like I say, I'll reserve my time.

11:31:18 But would you clarify one thing?

11:31:20 Is this agency going to have a workshop?

11:31:28 I thought I did hear something like that.

11:31:30 >>FRANK REDDICK: We discussed it but we didn't decide to

11:31:33 move forward it with.

11:31:34 >> So there isn't going to be a workshop?

11:31:39 >>FRANK REDDICK: No, sir.

11:31:42 That's a blessing [ Laughter ]

11:31:44 >> I recommend that you do have one because that's a form of

11:31:48 public meeting, and you have an opportunity, you know, to

11:31:51 kick off your shoes and unbutton your shirt and maybe be

11:31:54 able to speak and talk more informally.

11:31:59 But we'll be back.

11:32:00 Thank you, Mr. Chairman.

11:32:01 >>FRANK REDDICK: Thank you.

11:32:04 >> I'm Ed, Ed Tillou, Sulphur Springs, which doesn't have a

11:32:16 CRA, maybe should have one.

11:32:18 In any case doesn't have a harbor club anymore.

11:32:23 What I try to identify is things of the Community

11:32:27 Redevelopment Agencies have in common oh, and one of the

11:32:34 things covered in the newspaper yesterday was actually given

11:32:36 a lot of coverage, and I'm trying to get you in the spirit

11:32:39 of this.

11:32:40 You should get this -- it's maybe last week, but this may

11:32:47 get you in the mood.

11:32:48 But downtown Tampa Heights, Ybor City, Channelside, Drew

11:32:53 Park, they are all in danger of flooding.

11:32:55 Sulphur Springs had a flood last week.

11:32:58 About the only places it might not might be east and West

11:33:01 Tampa.

11:33:03 East Tampa does have a flooding problem potentially, but I

11:33:06 don't think it's in the CRA.

11:33:08 The CRA is to the south of the river.

11:33:11 And the river would be the source point of a lot of

11:33:13 flooding.

11:33:16 When Constantino spoke yesterday at the county commission,

11:33:20 he said that Tampa is way down the list of the 100 cities of

11:33:26 the places to live.

11:33:27 And the thing is, I had hoped you would talk about this

11:33:31 technology card idea that he got me interested in, because

11:33:35 I'm focused on aviation.

11:33:36 It's actually a spin-off of the graduate work I'm inclining

11:33:42 toward on biofuels.

11:33:43 But the thing is that the funding for that is largely coming

11:33:47 from the Air Force and aviation fuel.

11:33:51 Aviation fuel has the biggest potential in that area.

11:33:54 But, in any case, the thing is you do have this potential

11:33:58 flooding problem that was addressed yesterday in the press,

11:34:03 and I think they low-balled it.

11:34:06 They said 3 to 4 feet elevation in sea level by about 2100.

11:34:10 I think it would be 9 or 12, but maybe five centuries for

11:34:14 the Greenland ice sheet to knelt.

11:34:17 But the thing is buildings being built today have to

11:34:20 consider that.

11:34:21 And I had a run-in with the executive officers, years ago

11:34:27 and ended up with him telling me to mind my own business.

11:34:30 I was a civil engineer member and I thought it was my

11:34:33 business.

11:34:33 They were saying it's going to be a millimeter a year or

11:34:37 something.

11:34:37 But this very much impacts on things being built today.

11:34:42 Now, finally, north Lois did get fixed but it took about two

11:34:45 or three years.

11:34:46 This isn't the way the environment works.

11:34:48 You can't deal with a problem, oh, it's going to be a

11:34:51 problem in 50 or 60 years so we'll deal with it in 50 or 60

11:34:55 years.

11:34:55 The environment, the earth, nature works differently.

11:34:58 The things being done today are going to have impact

11:35:01 tomorrow.

11:35:01 And that's got to be absorbed.

11:35:04 And maybe going to see NOAA would help with that.

11:35:08 I passed something around.

11:35:09 There really was something.

11:35:11 They think in 56 BC, some people think 74 BC, some of the

11:35:16 scientists.

11:35:17 (Bell sounds).

11:35:20 >>FRANK REDDICK: Thank you.

11:35:21 >> But something really did happen.

11:35:22 >>FRANK REDDICK: Thank you.

11:35:26 All right.

11:35:27 Number 8, Mr. McDonaugh.

11:35:31 >>BOB McDONAUGH: We have some required approvals.

11:35:34 Number 8 is the contract STANTEC.

11:35:45 >> So moved.

11:35:46 >> Second.

11:35:49 >>BOB McDONAUGH: Number 9 --

11:35:51 >>FRANK REDDICK: Whoa, whoa, whoa.

11:35:53 We have a motion from Mr. Suarez, I think seconded by Mrs.

11:35:56 Mulhern on a close vote with Mr. Miranda.

11:36:01 All those in favor say aye.

11:36:03 Those opposed? Okay.

11:36:05 Number 9.

11:36:06 >>BOB McDONAUGH: We have the facade grant application.

11:36:17 Lake and 34th.

11:36:36 We have an application for that with matching funds with

11:36:39 CRA.

11:36:41 >>FRANK REDDICK: Motion by Mr. Miranda, second by Mr.

11:36:44 Cohen.

11:36:44 All in favor?

11:36:45 Motion carried.

11:36:46 Number 10.

11:36:46 >>BOB McDONAUGH: Number 10 is a facade improvement for

11:36:53 Demmi's market in Ybor City.

11:36:56 >>FRANK REDDICK: Motion by Mr. Miranda.

11:36:57 Second by Mr. Cohen.

11:36:59 Discussion on the motion?

11:37:00 All in favor?

11:37:01 Opposed? Motion carried.

11:37:02 Number 11.

11:37:03 >>BOB McDONAUGH: We have a replacement for the YCDC board,

11:37:09 Mr. Ariel Guterra.

11:37:11 He is here.

11:37:12 He obviously wants very much to be on the board because he

11:37:14 sat through our meeting.

11:37:15 >> Ariel Quantalla.

11:37:29 I would be honored to be on the board.

11:37:31 >>FRANK REDDICK: That's it?

11:37:33 There's a motion by Mr. Miranda.

11:37:35 Seconded by Mrs. Capin.

11:37:36 Further discussion on the motion?

11:37:37 All those in favor say aye.

11:37:39 Opposed?

11:37:40 Thank you, sir.

11:37:40 Congratulations.

11:37:41 Number 12.

11:37:42 >>BOB McDONAUGH: Just as a note.

11:37:49 Brothers bought some property in Ybor, a strategic location

11:37:51 and are looking for highest and best use, which does not

11:37:54 include bar and nightclub.

11:37:56 So important investors in our community.

11:37:59 And last is a request for a reallocation of funds within the

11:38:05 Ybor 1 CRA, please.

11:38:08 >> So moved.

11:38:11 >> Second.

11:38:11 >>FRANK REDDICK: Moved by Mr. Suarez.

11:38:13 Seconded by Mr. Miranda.

11:38:14 Further discussion on the motion?

11:38:16 All in favor of the motion?

11:38:17 Opposed?

11:38:18 Motion carried.

11:38:21 That's it.

11:38:21 >>BOB McDONAUGH: That concludes my presentation.

11:38:27 >>YVONNE CAPIN: Mr. McDonaugh, what I want to ask you, again

11:38:33 I am going back to Central Park.

11:38:38 Suns it's been in hiatus, how many times has the initiative

11:38:50 to implement and bring people aboard?

11:38:53 I know it was advertised three times.

11:38:56 Is it continuously advertised?

11:38:58 >> We have not continuously advertised since it's been on

11:39:02 hiatus.

11:39:03 But think Ed described something that he has done.

11:39:07 I have been meeting actually with some commercial developers

11:39:09 to try to entice them to build into the -- as well as my

11:39:15 zoning staff to go within the Encore project and have

11:39:19 meetings with the Tampa Housing Authority, again to move

11:39:22 forward with their plan.

11:39:25 >>YVONNE CAPIN: And that was exactly my point, was it did go

11:39:28 into hiatus and there was no act tuft, no initiatives to

11:39:34 bring this on board, so that was why I thought we needed to

11:39:38 move forward.

11:39:38 But here is the thing.

11:39:43 To Councilman Cohen's point on July 24th, if you want to

11:39:49 mach the motion I'll second it or I'll make the motion, that

11:39:52 because it was not put into a motion to bring forth that

11:39:56 information.

11:39:56 So that you requested.

11:39:59 >>HARRY COHEN: I was just going to ask for an item on the

11:40:03 July 24th CRA to give us an update on the results of Mr.

11:40:09 Johnson's work with neighborhood engagement, which my

11:40:13 understanding was would be finished by then, and then also

11:40:17 just give us some demographics of the number of people that

11:40:20 have moved into the district with the opening of the Encore

11:40:24 since the time we wept on hey it us.

11:40:26 That was really it.

11:40:28 >>BOB McDONAUGH: I will also give you updates on exactly

11:40:32 the schedule for future projects.

11:40:36 >>YVONNE CAPIN: If that's your motion, then I second it.

11:40:38 Thank you.

11:40:39 >>FRANK REDDICK: All right.

11:40:40 We go backwards and we go forward.

11:40:44 Moved by Mr. Cohen.

11:40:45 Seconded by Mrs. Capin --

11:40:50 >>YVONNE CAPIN: Thank you.

11:40:50 It's just that he had brought it up and I felt it that it

11:40:53 would be appropriate for him to make the motion.

11:40:57 >>FRANK REDDICK: Further discussion on the motion?

11:40:58 All those in favor? Those opposed?

11:41:01 Motion carried.

11:41:02 And motion to receive and file.

11:41:04 >> So moved.

11:41:05 >> Second.

11:41:05 >>FRANK REDDICK: Moved by Mr. Miranda.

11:41:08 Seconded by Mr. Cohen.

11:41:09 All those in favor?

11:41:13 All right.

11:41:18 New business.

11:41:22 Mrs. Montelione.

11:41:23 >>LISA MONTELIONE: No new business.

11:41:25 >>HARRY COHEN: No new business, sir.

11:41:30 >>MARY MULHERN: Yes.

11:41:32 First I want to ask, when is our next, within the CRA

11:41:35 community meeting that we have?

11:41:42 >>BOB McDONAUGH: We will have one of our staff find out the

11:41:44 best time for it and we'll begin immediately scheduling.

11:41:47 >>MARY MULHERN: I would like to make a motion or

11:41:50 suggestion.

11:41:51 I don't know if it needs to be a motion, that we have our

11:41:54 next meeting at the Encore Development, if they have a

11:41:58 community room --

11:42:05 >>BOB McDONAUGH: I'll talk to arrange a room.

11:42:07 >>FRANK REDDICK: That's the motion?

11:42:09 Motion by Mrs. Mulhern, seconded by Mrs. Capin.

11:42:12 Discussion on the motion?

11:42:14 >>MARY MULHERN: Just that you come back at our next meeting

11:42:16 with a proposed date.

11:42:18 >>FRANK REDDICK: All in favor?

11:42:21 Opposed?

11:42:23 Mr. Miranda.

11:42:23 >>CHARLIE MIRANDA: Nothing.

11:42:25 >>YVONNE CAPIN: No.

11:42:26 I have done enough today.

11:42:27 [ Laughter ]

11:42:28 >>HARRY COHEN: We have a night meeting.

11:42:32 >>FRANK REDDICK: We all agree.

11:42:35 Mr. Suarez.

11:42:36 >>MIKE SUAREZ: Just one thing.

11:42:39 It was mentioned by Mr. Territo earlier, Mr. Bill Poe passed

11:42:42 away after our City Council meeting of last week.

11:42:46 I know that all of us either communicated to the family or

11:42:49 been to the other events in terms of his funeral, and he was

11:42:53 a great mayor, and if you didn't know him, you don't know

11:42:57 what a wonderful guy he was.

11:42:58 And I know that chair Miranda probably had the closest

11:43:01 relationship of all of us on this dais to him.

11:43:04 I got to know him a little bit later in his life.

11:43:07 But he was a terrific guy, and a great man, and somebody who

11:43:10 was very humble, and really had a lot of vision and

11:43:15 foresight as we talked about earlier in discussion.

11:43:19 So our thoughts and prayers are with his family.

11:43:21 >> I can tell you this.

11:43:26 You I have worked with a variety of mayors, different

11:43:30 personalities.

11:43:30 He was an outstanding individual, a very good leader, great

11:43:34 vision.

11:43:36 He knew what he wanted to do.

11:43:38 He didn't do it with a lot of flair and glamour.

11:43:42 He didn't cut too many ribbons.

11:43:44 But he touched a lot of people and he made grade strides for

11:43:46 the city.

11:43:47 If it wasn't for him, I wouldn't be the guy I am today.

11:43:51 >>FRANK REDDICK: Anyone else?

11:43:55 All right.

11:43:56 We stand adjourned.

11:44:04 (The CRA meeting adjourned.)



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