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306 E Jackson Street - Tampa, Florida 33602

Phone: (813) 274-8211

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Department Contact Information

  • City Clerk
    •   City Clerk       homepage       contact us
        315 East Kennedy Boulevard - Tampa, FL 33602
        Phone: 813-274-8396
        Fax: 813-274-8306
        Shirley Foxx-Knowles, City Clerk
      Sandra Marshall, Deputy City Clerk
      Stephanie Thomas, Deputy City Clerk

  • Convention Center and Tourism
    •   Convention Center and Tourism       homepage       contact us
        333 South Franklin Street - Tampa, FL 33602
        Phone: 813-274-5624
        Rick Hamilton, Director
      • Administrative and Fiscal
               Administrative and Fiscal
               Phone: 813-274-7754
               Fax: 813-274-8918
               Fred Ervin, Manager
      • Convention Facilities
               Convention Facilities
               Phone: 813-274-8511
               Fax: 813-274-7430
               Robert Rose, Director
      • Facility Operations
               Facility Operations
               Phone: 813-274-8425
               Fax: 813-274-8951
               Brian Hunter, Manager
      • Guest Services
               Guest Services
               Phone: 813-274-8312
               Fax: 813-274-7430
               Una Garvey, Manager
      • Sales and Marketing
               Sales and Marketing
               Phone: 813-274-7773
               Fax: 813-274-7776
               Eric Blanc, Manager
  • Purchasing
    •   Purchasing       homepage       contact us
        306 East Jackson Street - Tampa, FL 33602
        Phone: 813-274-8353
        Fax: 813-274-8355
        Gregory Spearman, Director
      Kevin Frye, Goods & Services Manager
      Vacant, Purchasing System Manager
  • Technology and Innovation
    •   Technology and Innovation       homepage       contact us
        411 North Franklin Street - Tampa, FL 33602
        7th Floor
        Phone: 813-274-8155
        Fax: 813-274-7302
        Russell Haupert, Director and Chief Information Officer
      • Business Applications
               Business Applications
               Phone: 813-274-8292
               Fax: 813-274-7302
               Vacant, Manager
      • Enterprise Application Integration
               Enterprise Application Integration
               Phone: 813-274-5541
               Fax: 813-274-7302
               Robert Austin, Manager
      • Enterprise Change Management
               Enterprise Change Management
               Phone: 813-274-7437
               Fax: 813-274-7302
               Diane Jamai, Manager
      • Information Security Office
               Information Security Office
               Phone: 813-274-8547
               Fax: 813-274-7302
               Martin Zinaich, Information Security Officer
      • Infrastructure Services
               Infrastructure Services
               Phone: 813-274-8548
               Fax: 813-274-7302
               Eric Hayden, Manager
      • Web Site Administrator
               Web Site Administrator       contact us
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