Department Descriptions

  • Assets and Logistics Department
    • The Assets and Logistics Department provides a variety of services including fleet maintenance, city facilities support and all parking services.        homepage       contact us
      • Facility Management
        The Facility Management Division carries the responsibility for maintaining and repairing facilities and facility-related infrastructure systems for the City of Tampa in a cost-effective and professional manner.
      • Fleet Maintenance
        The Fleet Maintenance Division provides vehicle and equipment repair services, fueling, and fleet acquisition and disposal services for the City's 3000+ vehicles. A central motor pool is also provided for City employees working in the downtown buildings. The Division processes over 32,000 repair orders per year with an authorized budget of $8.1 million, and a staff of 74 positions operating at one central facility. The vehicle replacement budget $2.7 million.       homepage
      • Parking
        The Parking Division, with an annual budget of approximately $20 million, is responsible for the operation of all City of Tampa public parking. The Division develops parking policy and specific facility expansion plans to serve the parking demand in the central business district and adjacent commercial areas. The present parking inventory consists of 10 garages and 26 lots, comprising a total of 11,507 spaces. Additionally, the Division is responsible for on-street parking consisting of 2,468 spaces.       homepage       contact us
  • Chief of Staff
    • The Chief of Staff for the City of Tampa is Dennis Rogero. He is responsible for coordinating and integrating the efforts of all departments and agencies to implement the programs directed by the mayor and the policies developed by the City Council. He also has direct supervisory responsibility for the Human Resources, Parks & Recreation, Purchasing, and Technology & Innovation Departments, as well as the Minority Business Development Division and coordination of major events.       homepage       contact us
  • City Attorney
    • The City Attorney is responsible for the legal activities of the City. The duties and responsibilities of the City Attorney are enumerated in the Revi       homepage       contact us
  • City Clerk
    • The proceedings of every City Council meeting are recorded by the Documentation of City Records Division of the City Clerk's Office. This Division is       homepage       contact us
  • City Council
    • City Council is the legislative branch of City government and operates in accordance with the provisions of the 1974 Revised Charter of the City of Tampa. It is responsible for enacting ordinances and resolutions that the Mayor of Tampa administers as chief executive officer.        homepage       contact us
  • Contract Administration
    • The Contract Administration Department manages the preparation of City contract documents for professional and construction services and provides architectural design, civil drafting and construction inspection services for capital improvement projects. The Building Maintenance Section performs routine maintenance for more than 500 City facilities. This includes painting, roof repair and replacement, interior repairs, HVAC, mechanical, electrical and plumbing work.       homepage       contact us
  • Convention Center and Tourism
    • The major activity of the Convention Center and Tourism Department is to stimulate the local economy by providing a venue for national, regional and international conventions, trade shows and conferences that will bring the maximum number of out-of-town visitors to the area. Convention delegates, exhibitors and show managers spend money throughout the Tampa/Hillsborough County area, creating a positive economic impact.        homepage       contact us
  • Economic Opportunity
    • The Economic Opportunity Administrator reports directly to the Mayor and is responsible for the oversight of Community Redevelopment Areas.       homepage       contact us
      • Art Programs
        The mission of the Art Programs Department is to develop and facilitate free access to artistic excellence. The department works with artists to bring       homepage       contact us
      • Channel District/Downtown/Heights/Central Park
        No Description Available       homepage       contact us
      • Drew Park / West Tampa
        No Description Available       homepage       contact us
      • East Tampa
        No Description Available       homepage       contact us
      • Riverwalk
        The City of Tampa has the opportunity to reshape the waterfront for everyone to have access to and enjoy by developing a Master Plan for the Tampa Riverwalk, a continuous pedestrian walkway extending from the Channelside area to Tampa Heights along the east side of the Hillsborough River. It will incorporate pedestrian amenities, art and interpretive elements, retail and restaurant uses, parks and open space, and other urban amenities.       homepage       contact us
      • Ybor City Development Corporation
        The Ybor City Development Corporation (YCDC) is a division of the City of Tampa's Economic & Urban Development Department. YCDC facilitates the development, redevelopment, economic revitalization and general improvement of the Ybor City's Historic District, its 2 Community Redevelopment Areas (CRAs) and surrounding community.       homepage       contact us
      • Ybor CRA
        No Description Available       homepage
  • Fire and Police Pension
    • The Fire and Police Pension Fund is administered by a nine (9) member Board of Trustees who have appointed a full time Plan Administrator and administrative staff to conduct the daily operations for the effective and efficient administration of the pension plan.       homepage
  • Fire Rescue
    • The Fire Rescue Department provides essential service in the areas of fire prevention, fire protection, and emergency medical care. The department is comprised of the Operations, Rescue, Communications, Prevention, and Administrative Divisions.        homepage       contact us
      • Office of Emergency Management
        Emergency Management has taken a practical, no-nonsense approach to all-hazards emergency planning, which includes threats from hurricanes and other weather related emergencies, as well as man-made or technological events such as utility disruptions, hazardous materials spills and terrorism.       homepage       contact us
      • Public Education Office
        No Description Available       homepage
  • Human Resources
    • The Director of Human Resources is responsible for the divisions of Employee Relations, Employment Services, and Risk Management and Central Services. Duties of those divisions are as follows:        homepage       contact us
      • Employee Relations
        Employee Relations negotiates and administers collective bargaining agreements; administers disciplinary actions and labor grievance procedures. The division is responsible for salary and benefits processing, affirmative action, unemployment compensation, Equal Employment Opportunity and Americans with Disabilities Act compliance, employee training and . The Central Records Processing section is responsible for all personnel data transactions on the Human Resources Management System including pay increases, benefit enrollment and changes, and other data; life insurance claims, new employee orientation, pre-employment medical exams, City-wide personnel file maintenance and other related functions.
      • Employee Training & Development
        No Description Available
      • Employment Services
        Employment Services, a division of Human Resources, performs the personnel hiring and testing function and maintains the City's comprehensive classification plan covering approximately 600 classes of work. This division also monitors the performance evaluation process, coordinates the administration of valid medical standards, and conducts job analysis research for developing valid selection procedures.       homepage       contact us
      • Mail Room
        No Description Available
      • Risk Management
        Risk and Insurance is committed to providing comprehensive risk management, insurance, and employee benefit programs to all the City of Tampa departments, employees and retirees.
  • Internal Audit
    • The Internal Audit Department provides management with an independent appraisal of major areas of City activities in order to reduce potential risk and loss to the City. The Department reviews entities and functions for adequacy of controls, legal and contractual compliance and good business practice. The Department is responsible for performing audits as outlined in its agenda. Emphasis is on recurring audits of high risk and high dollar areas, and special requests from the Mayor and City departments.       homepage       contact us
  • Mayor's Office
    • The Mayor's Office provides services required of the executive branch of City government including administrative functions and public relations. The department is responsible for providing direction to department heads, administering ordinances and resolutions of City Council, meeting the public and providing information on matters of community concern. The Mayor, as Chief Executive Officer, provides guidance and executive approval of the annual budget and long range planning for the City.       homepage       contact us
      • Intergovernmental Relations
        Intergovernmental Relations presents the City's position with respect to regulations and legislation, and promotes its interests with the state and federal government and their agencies.       homepage       contact us
  • Minority Business Development
    • The Minority Business Development program facilitates contract opportunities in construction, professional services and goods, and non-professional services for women and minority business firms that are certified to do business with the City of Tampa.       homepage       contact us
  • Neighborhood Empowerment
    • The Department of Neighborhood Enpowerment  serves as a convenient single point of contact for citizens to access services from Community Partnerships & Neighborhood Engagement, Business Tax, Community Affairs, Mayor's Neighborhood University, Neighborhood Enhancement,. The department focuses on strengthening neighborhoods by actively engaging citizens; consequently, empowering them in civic participation to make positive contributions to their communities.       homepage       contact us
      • Business Tax
        The Business Tax Division is part of the City of Tampa's Department of Neighborhood Services Department and is responsible for the issuance and collection for all Business Tax Receipts under the authority of Chapter 24 of the City of Tampa Code.       homepage       contact us
      • Community Affairs
        A division of Neighborhood Empowerment, Community Affairs provides impartial, unbiased investigation services of discrimination complaints in the areas of employment, housing and public accommodations to any person who believes has been discriminated against on the basis of his or her race, color, religion, national origin, sex, sexual orientation, gender identity or expression, age, disability, familial status or marital status. Mediation services are also offered to both parties as a voluntary, informal and confidential way for all involved to reach an early resolution of the case. Both of these services are free of charge.       homepage       contact us
      • Community Partnerships & Neighborhood Engagement
        The Community Partnerships & Neighborhood Engagement (formerly the Neighborhood & Community Relations Office), is a division of the Neighborhood Services Department and serves as the Mayor's main liaison to the neighborhood associations and as their voice at City Hall. This division also works with all community partners and private entities to promote and build positive relationships that will showcase the City of Tampa as a desirable living and working environment       homepage       contact us
      • Neighborhood Enhancement
        No Description Available       homepage       contact us
      • Neighborhood University - Landlord / Tenant Training
        The Mayor's Neighborhood University & Landlord Tenant Training Office is a division of the Neighborhood Empowerment Department and was created directly from the "Buckhorn Plan," due to the City of Tampa's neighborhoods being one of Mayor Bob Buckhorn's top priorities.

        The mission of the Neighborhood University and Landlord Tenant Training Office is to meet the administration's goal of helping empower the residents of Tampa to have healthy and vibrant neighborhoods. Through the Mayor’s Neighborhood University, the goal is to support the development of learning solutions to help existing neighborhood leaders optimize their role as well as to help mentor emerging and future leaders by providing in depth sessions with the City of Tampa’s Administration. The Landlord & Tenant Training is based on Mayor Buckhorn's vision to help landlords on code requirements, learn techniques on property maintenance and address challenges property managers and landlords face.       homepage       contact us
  • Parks and Recreation
    • The Tampa Parks and Recreation Department manages, maintains and operates all the park and recreational facilities of the city, and develops and implements programs for cultural and recreational activities. Tampa's parks system consists of 165 parks covering of 2,286 acres, 79 playgrounds, 194 racquet and multi-purpose courts, 107 ball fields, 19 community centers, 14 pools, five art studios, four cemeteries, two marinas, and 60 miles of multi-purpose trails.        homepage       contact us
      • Office of Special Events
        The Office of Special Events is a division of the City of Tampa Parks and Recreation Department and the regulatory authority of permitting outdoor special events on public property within the City of Tampa. All reservations for special events, such as festivals, runs / walks, parades, block parties and citywide holiday celebrations that take place on public property are initiated with our office.       homepage       contact us
  • Planning and Development
    • The City of Tampa Planning and Development Department's overall function is to ensure safe and affordable housing and commercial structures that are compatible and compliant with the applicable codes and ordinances. The Department is comprised of the Historic Preservation and Urban Design, Construction Services, Housing and Community Development, Land Development Coordination, Real Estate and the Planning Division. The Department is also home to the City's Green Officer, who guides the City in programs and services as we work toward becoming a more sustainable community.       homepage       contact us
      • Construction Services Center
        Construction Services, a division of the Planning and Development Department, is a one-stop shop for all construction permit and inspection needs. The division reviews construction plans, issues permits, and performs inspections to ensure building projects are built safely and in compliance with state and local codes and regulations helping to create a vibrant, livable, and safe-built community. Whether you are remodeling a home, building your dream house, or constructing a high-rise building, we look forward to serving you.       homepage       contact us
      • Development Coordination
        Land Development Coordination (LDC) is a division of the Planning and Development Department. LDC houses the Zoning Section, Subdivision/DRI Section and Right-of-Way Mapping Section. Our mission is to efficiently and fairly administer City Codes and policies related to land development. Our goal is to be responsive to the public's need for accurate information related to the development of property.       homepage       contact us
      • Green Tampa
        City of Tampa employees are dedicated to a sustainable energy efficient future and improving the lives of our residents and making Tampa one of the best cities for people to visit. We are committed to investing in real tangible solutions to protect our natural environment for future generations.       homepage
      • Historic Preservation & Urban Design
        Architectural Review and Historic Preservation is a division of the Planning and Development Department. The Architectural Review and Historic Preservation Division identifies, preserves and promotes historically significant buildings, sites, objects and districts for the educational, cultural and economic benefit of the community, in addition to ensuring responsible new development throughout the city.       homepage       contact us
      • Housing
        Housing and Community Development is a division of the Planning and Development Department, which administers a variety of housing programs that assist eligible low and moderate-income residents purchase, rent or rehabilitate existing housing units located within the City of Tampa limits.       homepage       contact us
      • Planning and Urban Design Divsion
        The Planning Division is comprised of multiple disciplines that are directly related to current and long-range planning and development projects throughout the City of Tampa. The Division serves as the lead for six primary focus areas, which include Development Code Writing, Community Planning & Form Based Codes, Long Range & Strategic Planning, Transportation Planning, Natural Resources, and GIS.       homepage
      • Real Estate
        Real Estate is a division of the Planning and Development Department. The Real Estate Division acts as a central service organization, providing the purchase, sale, leasing and property management services of real estate for other City departments.       homepage       contact us
  • Police
    • The Tampa Police Department works to reduce crime and enhance the quality of life through a cooperative partnership with all citizens. This proactive approach to Community-Oriented Policing coupled with the department's ""Focus on Four"" philosophy has achieved steady reductions in crime each year since 2002.       homepage       contact us
  • Public Affairs
    • The Public Affairs Division works behind the scenes to develop City messaging and programs that effectively communicate the City's goals, accomplishments, and projects with a unique emphasis on the City's six strategic focus areas. The division has extensive government experience and works to bring fresh ideas and new perspectives to City initiatives and programs while providing public relations support to all City departments. Additionally, the Public Affairs Division includes Design & Publications, the city's in-house graphics team, and the Office of Cable Communication.       homepage       contact us
      • Cable Communication
        The role of the Office of Cable Communication is twofold. The first mission is to assure that the residents of Tampa are provided reliable cable television service that meets industry technical standards. The second mission is to provide cable viewers quality programming covering a broad range of government information at minimal cost,
        • Design & Publications
          No Description Available
    • Purchasing
      • The Purchasing Department, as provided for in the City Charter, is responsible for all aspects of the City's centralized procurement process. Its objective is to acquire needed goods and services as efficiently and as inexpensively as possible, while assuring fair and equal opportunity to all qualified vendors. The Purchasing Department's primary function is to assist other City Departments in their procurement efforts, securing materials and services which meet necessary standards. Concurrently, the Purchasing Department monitors all procurement to ascertain compliance with applicable laws.       homepage       contact us
    • Revenue and Finance
      • The Department of Revenue and Finance is responsible for managing the City's financial matters. Primary functions include: administration, budgeting, planning, accounting, investment, licensing, utility accounting, pension, and grant administration.       homepage       contact us
        • Accounting
          Administers the general ledger; processes payroll records; maintains accounts receivable and payable; controls reimbursements and interdepartmental billings; and is responsible for investing City funds as well as negotiating bond issues. Additionally its personnel are responsible for balancing utility accounts; providing property control and central cashiering services; producing financial reports: and administering the City's pension fund.       homepage       contact us
        • Budget Office
          Prepares revenue and expenditures projections, budget instructions and target budgets. The division controls expenditures within approved appropriations, prepares budget resolutions, adjustments, budget-related briefings and summaries, and administers the Community Development Block Grant program.       homepage       contact us
        • Pension Office
          The Pension division provides oversight and administration of the General Employees (GE) Retirement Fund (employees other than uniformed fire and police). It also assists constituents with their annual healthcare, social security, tax, and annual enrollment processes.       homepage       contact us
    • Transportation and Stormwater Services
      •  The Transportation and Stormwater Services department reports directly to the Administrator of Public Works and Utilities Services.       homepage       contact us
        • Right of Way Operations and Maintenance
          The Right of Way Operations section has an estimated annual operating budget of $11.90 million and a support team of 175 employees. The emphasis for this division is ""planned maintenance"" of transportation and stormwater infrastructure such as:
          • Stormwater Engineering
            Stormwater Engineering personnel are responsible for the planning, design, construction, operation and maintenance of Tampa's stormwater system. This system includes more than 600 miles of stormwater pipe, 250+ miles of ditches and culverts, and over 100 treatment and attenuation ponds.
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